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What is TapInfluence?

TapInfluence from the company of the same name in Boulder, Colorado is an influencer marketing platform used for locating influencers and initiating dialogue and content co-creation, with search tools, calendaring, and tasking features. Founded in 2009, TapInfluence (formerly BlogFrog) has received…

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What is TapInfluence?

TapInfluence from the company of the same name in Boulder, Colorado is an influencer marketing platform used for locating influencers and initiating dialogue and content co-creation, with search tools, calendaring, and tasking features. Founded in 2009, TapInfluence (formerly BlogFrog) has…

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What is TapInfluence?

TapInfluence Video

TapInfluence offers a platform brands need to create the social content consumers actually want. Combining the leading marketplace of talented and influential content creators with end-to-end workflow, TapInfluence streamlines comprehensive influencer marketing. Create it, dis...
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Bart Kogan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TapInfluence is a great influencer marketing software as it helps find influencers on an online platform which is simultaneously embedded with a very easily searchable database that helps facilitate in developing connections with influencers who are suitable for us and who will be willing to do marketing campaigns with us. TapInfluence just outreaches functionalities in the most professional way out there which also depends on certain factors such as negotiation and so on.
  • TapInfluence has been used by my company for a really long time now and we have been using it religiously for influencer discovery and analysis.
  • TapInfluence has many advantages for all users like its searchable database is just mind-blowing.
  • It really easily and efficiently filters out the most relevant influencers needed by a business according to the business portfolio.
  • It is also crucial to understand the cons associated with TapInfluence so that the overall software can be improved in a much better way. In my opinion, TapInfluence should give a considerable amount of attention to their customer support service as it needs to get a lot better.
  • Software like TapInfluence should be very easy to use due to its intuitive interface but I feel that here it is difficult to use especially for beginners.
TapInfluence is a great influencer marketing tool that has made lives so much easier and therefore I would recommend it to everyone to use it because of its great database search function which makes it an optimal option for users. It should work towards their customer service support so that all users do not have to go through any problem. If you are ready to get hands-on the functions then the only condition is that you have to be willing to pay the hefty price too which I feel is a little outrageous.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TapInfluence is used by my company for influencer discovery and analysis. With discovery you get a complete view of the talent so you can find the best match in terms of demographic, socio-economic, and geographic, age, gender, language, and income. Also, it's very useful to manage influencer marketing campaigns and projects. It allows us to create and manage multiple campaigns.
  • Influencer Discovery
  • Campaign tracking
  • Campaign reporting
  • Links tracking
  • IG stories tracking
  • Talent demographics
TapInfluence is a good solution when you need to track multiple campaigns and projects together with multi-user usage in a team. It allows you to define content and campaign requirements, insert tracking links, content briefing, and guidelines. It also allows third-party integrations. The platform is useful to optimize budgets with bid thresholds by matching the brand bids with creator targeting.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TapInfluence helps us find influencers online with an easily searchable database and helps assist in connecting with influencers for us to be able to do marketing campaigns with them.
  • TapInfluence searchable database is awesome.
  • Connecting with influencers is made easy.
  • Saves us time for searching manually which is far more difficult.
  • Negotiating and creating contracts could be better by having more of this functionality built into the site.
  • When you initially use the site it can definitely be a bit hard to use.
  • Customer support could be better.
If you do influencer marketing at all, [TapInfluence] is a tool that could definitely assist you. Especially if you do it for clients or in large quantities.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TapInfluence is being used to search and find influencers and connect with these influencers for marketing campaigns. We primarily use it for research in determining who clients may be able to work with, but we also use this tool for our own brand to find influencers who are within our niche.
  • Makes identifying influencers easy.
  • Search functionality is awesome.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Price is definitely a bit high.
  • Sometimes finding lower and more niche influencers is tough.
TapInfluence is well suited for any business who works a lot with influencers. If you do not, it is probably not worth the price.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TapInfluence for its influencer searching and outreach functionalities. Our team can easily search through their database of influencers depending on certain factors and then reach out to these influencers to negotiate rates and start services, etc.
  • The analytics on the platform is super helpful and the stats can help you to see if there is any ROI from the campaigns.
  • The campaign management portion is also super helpful as it gives you a single platform to be able to take care of all these things.
  • You get great ROI with these campaigns.
  • The cost of the platform itself is very high it could definitely be cheaper.
  • I wish the platform did more to connect and help with contracts and negotiations.
It is well suited for any company that deals with a lot of influencers and influencer marketing.
Jessica Alvarez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TapInfluence is that Marketing service that every company would like to have, since it offers the possibility of connecting directly with a large number of influencers and thus being able to expand the positioning of a company. TapInfluence is present in our company, it is managed by the Executive sector where the company bosses and founders are present. I was the person who made the decision and made the purchase of TapInfluence, and I am happy to say that I have had very good results since this service was integrated into the general operation of our company. TapInfluence has helped us connect directly with many influencers, we have been able to communicate with them and offer them a sponsorship in exchange for them to advertise real estate services and our company as a whole. TapInfluence recommends us to the influencers most associated with our company, connects us with influencers from the real estate sector and thus we can get in touch with them for sponsorship and to make extensive publicity of the services that are developed in our company.

TapInfluence has achieved that our company can be better known in each of the corners of Mexico, with this service we have been able to have total control of the influencers who work for us with sponsorship, in addition, we can have an online display of the advertising that has done each of the influencers. It is fantastic to be able to consult all that information on TapInfluence, I am very happy with this service because it has made my company more recognized nationally.
  • I love the automation in this influencer connection service. TapInfluence has an automated process in which it recommends influencers who can do very good publicity for my business sector. This feature is very important to me since in this way the advertising will reach people who will really take that information into account because it is of interest to them.
  • The main panel of TapInfluence has divisions where I can see all the influencers who are working for me, in addition, in this individual panel I can know all the advertising that each of the influencers has done and see what traffic that advertising has generated, I can know the views that advertising has had and the clicks it has obtained. It is very important to be able to consult all this data from the main panel, so I can know what performance each influencer is giving me.
  • TapInfluence offers me a very stable communication service, where I can constantly converse with each of the influencers who work for me and with the influencers that appear in my "recommended" window.
  • TapInfluence does not provide me with functions to contract with the influencers. Currently, it only allows me to communicate with them and I must contract them with a third-party service, since TapInfluence does not provide me with functions to be able to carry out the contract on the same platform. TapInfluence allows me to add the influencers that work for me, in order to have a synchronization of the advertising data that each influencer does, however, the contract process I cannot do.
  • It is software with very high prices. The prices offered by TapInfluence may be lower, the functions it offers are completely basic and are not so advanced that it has such high prices. The functions of TapInfluence include the influencer advertising monitoring service and the direct contact and recommendations of influencers for each business sector, I do not understand why the prices are so high.
TapInfluence is the perfect software for small and medium businesses. I consider that it is not an appropriate software for small companies because the prices are a bit high and this can cause the company to take longer to obtain a significant ROI. For us, the prices seem a bit high but we are willing to continue paying them because TapInfluence is a very important service for the growth and positioning of our company. I consider that this service has a very good automation to get companies to connect with influencers who are related to the same sector, for example, if a Technology company is looking for influencers to sponsor their company and its services, TapInfluence will connect you with influencers who are experts in Technology and who are very socially recognized.

I definitely recommend TapInfluence for companies in any sector, it is a very effective software, very easy to use and has a support service capable of helping new users to adapt to the platform and the services it offers.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TapInfluence to be able to see and work directly with influencers who are out there that may be able to establish relationships with us to be able to promote both our brand and our clients.
  • This tool makes it extremely easy to search for influencers under a specific niche or category.
  • You can easily connect with influencers and save a lot of time instead of using the social networks themselves.
  • Available in full functionality on web and desktop versions.
  • The interface and platform could be built better and easier to use.
  • The cost could definitely be reduced for what is provided unless they assist and provide more support in the process.
  • Negotiations and contracts through the platform.
I would recommend this for any company that deals with multiple influencers or is searching for influencers and wants to connect with them. If you are super niche it may be easier to just go on the platform itself, but if you are looking to deal directly with larger influencers, this is a great platform to use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TapInfluence to conduct influencer searches, do influencer outreach, and analyze performance of some of our influencer campaigns. It makes the influencer marketing process much easier and allows us to have a dashboard where we can do everything in one place. Our social media team has led using this piece of software.
  • Influencer Search puts influencers all in one place and allows us to contact them.
  • Influencer Outreach made much easier and saves a lot of time.
  • Campaign management allows us to see performance of campaigns.
  • Collecting proposals.
  • Allowing and tracking negotiations.
An awesome platform you should definitely use if you do influencer marketing. There is a reason why many big name businesses use this tool.
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