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What is Jile?

Jile from TCS (Tata Consultany Services) is an agile devops platform, supporting users with release management and iteration planning, task management for continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD), and OKR.

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Jile is a project management solution that has proven to be invaluable in various use cases. Users have found that Jile provides a …
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Product Demos

Agile Network India - Enabling Ideation to Execution through Jile | Demo | 7 August 2021

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Product Details

What is Jile?

Jile is a SaaS-based Agile Planning and Delivery product helping business, development, engineering, and support teams to manage their work more efficiently. It enables organisations to align strategy to team execution by providing a unified view from teams to multiple projects, programs and portfolios. It also helps business stakeholders and teams to collaborate effectively, and thereby deliver valuable and quality software faster to the market.

Through its budgeting and allocation, Jile further helps business stakeholders make wise investment decisions in response to business outcomes to achieve targeted goals.

Jile enables enterprises in any stage of their Agile transformation journey to grow and continuously evolve by making it easier to plan, develop, and deliver high-quality software—which accelerates value delivery—and supports innovation, reduces time to market, increases efficiency, and aligns software delivery with business initiatives. Jile is a product offering from Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. Visit for more information.

Jile Videos

Jile is the first Agile DevOps product on cloud that supports agile methodologies, scrum and kanban. Jile enables DevOps through orchestration of continuous delivery pipeline.
Five dimensions of Scaling Agile How enterprises should scale Agile across Teams, Backlogs, Time-Box, DevOps and Testing.

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Jile Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Japanese, German, Dutch

Frequently Asked Questions

Jile from TCS (Tata Consultany Services) is an agile devops platform, supporting users with release management and iteration planning, task management for continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD), and OKR.

Jile starts at $12.

Asana, ClickUp, and Jira Align are common alternatives for Jile.

The most common users of Jile are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Jile is a project management solution that has proven to be invaluable in various use cases. Users have found that Jile provides a 360-degree view of entire project operations, enabling better collaboration and successful outcomes. Its agile project management capabilities and data visualization feature have been particularly helpful for decision making. This software has facilitated the delivery of rapid releases with simple workflows, making it agile in a multi-customer environment. Customers are impressed with Jile's overall performance and many would recommend it to others. Manufacturing companies have benefited from using Jile as it enhances productivity in agile project management for digital projects. With Jile, users gain good control of project execution and milestone projection, allowing them to track releases and split or clone stories for the next release. This improves performance and agility significantly. Furthermore, Jile enables teams to effortlessly manage multiple projects and ensure smooth execution. It helps users keep an eye on goals, meet deadlines, and avoid missing deliveries. By facilitating fail-proof strategic roadmaps and efficient navigation of project requirements, Jile ensures that projects are executed with precision.

Moreover, Jile provides accurate visibility into software delivery pipelines, helping teams define goals and generate reports effectively. The software is also helpful in implementing agile methodology for development and improving team performance. Users find that Jile serves as a helpful tool for collaboration, task tracking, and overall execution across teams. Its user-friendly dashboard, customizable access, and easy task assignment make it simple to explain to others. Jile enables teams to rigorously apply agile methodologies, resulting in better project performance and control. It addresses the challenge of delivery timelines by enabling shorter sprints and faster project deliveries. Users have found that Jile is time-saving and helpful in planning and tracking project-related activities.

Additionally, this software facilitates collaboration with scrum teams by tracking requirements and managing development progress effectively. IT experts have found value in using Jile for effective team management through monitoring tasks with specific timelines and supporting agile projects. Jile also allows for the adoption and acceleration of Agile development, scaling to distributed teams, and integrating with DevOps tools. With Jile, users can visualize progress, automate CI/CD pipelines, deploy with a single click, and measure progress accurately. Overall, Jile has proven to be a versatile project management solution that caters to the needs of various industries and helps teams achieve their project goals efficiently.

Clear task monitoring and visualization: Users have appreciated the ability of Jile to monitor task status and visualize them using Kanban. This feature has been mentioned by a significant number of reviewers, allowing teams to have a clear overview of their progress and facilitating project management.

Flexibility and reliability for scalability: Jile has been praised for providing necessary agility for teams and programs that need to scale up. The flexibility and reliability of the platform have been highlighted as key factors contributing to its effectiveness by several users.

Quick learning curve and high flexibility: Reviewers found Jile quick to learn and highly flexible, making it easier for them to adapt to the platform efficiently. This positive sentiment was expressed by many users who appreciated how easy it was to utilize the features of Jile.

Difficulties in Report Creation: Some users have found that the process of creating reports is not user-friendly and has posed challenges during the initial steps. They suggested improvements in UX/UI to enhance the experience and make it more intuitive.

Lack of Collaboration with External Tools: Several users mentioned that they felt a lack of collaboration with external tools and different templates for reporting. This limitation hampers their ability to integrate with other tools seamlessly and customize reports according to their specific needs.

Initial Learning Curve: A number of users expressed difficulties in getting familiar with the tool during the initial phases. They recommended improvements in feedback mechanisms, options for external feedback integration, and a more user-friendly interface for non-technical users.


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Can adopt and accelerate Agile development with the ability to scale agile to multiple, geographically distributed teams* Can visualize progress across the entire lifecycle by integrating Jile with DevOps tools, Orchestrate & automate the CI/CD pipeline, Deploy on a single click & track build across various stages of the pipeline and Measure progress & roll-up reporting at all levels.
  • Makes DevOps tools integration simple.
  • Out-of-the-box plugins store and additional plugins are included on the Jile roadmap.
  • REST APIs for all key entities, enabling teams to read data from Jile or update data into Jile.
  • They do not integrate with any apps, have only DevOps 3rd party tools integration.
Jile can be used by enterprises of any size irrespective of which part they are in the Agile journey. Jile is an Agile DevOps platform to manage end-to-end Agile planning, execution, automating your CI/CD pipeline, and delivery of value to the customers. Jile itself is a platform to manage agile planning and delivery. On the DevOps part, Jile acts as an orchestrator that integrates with market-leading tools like Cucumber, JUnit, SonarQube, and many more for the smoother deployment of the CI/CD pipeline. Jile will help you to identify bottlenecks or what went wrong during the execution of the pipeline and show you reports in this regard.
  • Enterprise Management and Budgeting
  • Planning and Tracking
  • Organization, Collaboration, Reporting
  • Cost efficiency on collaboration.
  • More visibility on budgetary which is great!
With Jile, teams can choose an Agile Way of Working (WoW) template that best fits their delivery needs, and then customize their WoW by turning applications on or off from a list of more than 50 applications and features. The WoW templates in Jile include Scrum, Kanban, Disciplined Agile, Large Scale Scrum, Agile Portfolio, and more. This flexibility provides an adaptive and tailored way for organizations to adopt Agile at scale across the enterprise, and digitally transform into a Business 4.0™ enterprise.
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