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What is TeacherEase?

TeacherEase is a learning management system (LMS) for technology-rich K-12 classrooms -- especially 1:1 computing, BYO programs, or frequent users of laptop carts, designed to help teachers move through the technology adoption curve, from Common Goal Systems.

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TeacherEase is a software that has garnered mixed reviews from users. Some users have found it challenging to customize the software to …
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What is TeacherEase?

TeacherEase is a learning management system (LMS) for technology-rich K-12 classrooms -- especially 1:1 computing, BYO programs, or frequent users of laptop carts, designed to help teachers move through the technology adoption curve, from Common Goal Systems.

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What is TeacherEase?

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Introduction to TeacherEase Standards-Based Grading

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

TeacherEase is a software that has garnered mixed reviews from users. Some users have found it challenging to customize the software to their needs, requiring significant effort on their part. However, the upgraded parent communication plan has generated excitement among users. The software has been helpful in organizing grades and assignments for teachers and students, simplifying the report card/gradebook process. It also serves as a one-stop-shop for student and teacher data, making state reports easier. Users appreciate the convenience of real-time grade updates and find TeacherEase relatively user-friendly. The company has been responsive to customer requests for updates and support, providing valuable webinars and a knowledge base. The software has provided efficient communication with large groups and tracking student progress. Despite some difficulties with navigation and longer wait times for customer support, overall, users have had positive experiences with TeacherEase and find it cost-effective.

Teachers have found TeacherEase helpful in managing classes, integrating with Apple classroom, accessing student schedules, and managing student accounts. It eliminates the need for multiple platforms for storing grades and comments. User feedback suggests that TeacherEase is particularly useful in solving issues related to curriculum standards, streamlining lesson planning and data recording. Teachers appreciate the quick calculations and extended notes feature for grades, attendance, and more.

Furthermore, TeacherEase helps with parent, teacher, and staff communication and organization. Users find it easy to communicate with parents through email and appreciate the ability for students to access their own grades. It has also made the process of entering assignments and grades quick and easy for teachers. Additionally, SchoolInsight, integrated with TeacherEase, provides detailed information for students.

However, there are areas where users feel that TeacherEase can be improved. Some users have experienced problems with the software and struggles with learning how to fully utilize its features. There have been concerns about difficulties with refunds and lack of response from the company. While users generally recommend TeacherEase for schools already using the software, they suggest exploring other options for a fresh start. Users are also looking for a behavioral integration program and believe TeacherEase has the potential to meet their needs with minor adjustments.

In summary, TeacherEase has provided valuable support and features for teachers in managing their classes, tracking student progress, and communicating with parents. It has streamlined various administrative tasks such as grade organization and report card generation. While there have been challenges experienced by some users, overall, TeacherEase has been cost-effective and relatively user-friendly.

User-Friendly and Easy to Navigate: Many users have found Teacherease to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. They appreciate the intuitive design layout, which allows them to quickly find the information they need without any confusion.

Excellent Customer Service: Users consistently praise the excellent customer service provided by Teacherease. The support team is described as friendly, supportive, and responsive, always ready to assist with any difficult features or customization needs.

Comprehensive Student Tracking: Reviewers highlight that Teacherease provides all the necessary functions for tracking student-related matters. From grades and assignments to attendance, behavior, fees, and more, the software offers a comprehensive solution that helps educators efficiently manage student information.


  1. Lack of Customizability and Flexibility: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Teacherease, stating that it is not adaptable to their needs and requires them to find workarounds. Some users feel that the software lacks customizability compared to its competitors, making it difficult for them to tailor it to their specific requirements.
  2. Poor User-Friendliness: Many users find Teacherease's software not user-friendly, requiring more clicks than necessary to navigate and find desired functions. They believe that the interface could be more intuitive and streamlined for a smoother user experience.
  3. Inadequate Customer Service: Users have had negative experiences with Teacherease's customer service, citing difficulties in obtaining refunds and unresponsiveness to calls and emails. They express frustration with long wait times for tech support and turnover of employees, indicating a need for improved responsiveness from the company.

Users have made several recommendations concerning TeacherEase and SchoolInsight.

Firstly, researchers and higher education professors are recommended to check out TeacherEase. Users find it to be a wonderful product that keeps everything organized in one space.

Additionally, users recommend familiarizing oneself with TeacherEase to make it easier to use. They suggest having a person on staff who can teach others how to use the platform for maximum benefit.

Moreover, users think that SchoolInsight is a very user-friendly and informative product for teachers, parents, and students. They recommend trying out TeacherEase if a school or district does not currently have a program for grading, emailing parents, and behavior tracking. Furthermore, they suggest considering the entire TeacherEase package for school-wide cloud use.


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TeacherEase is used as our student management system in our district. The office uses it to keep track of student info and attendance. Teachers use it for attendance, lunch count, and gradebooks. Its also used to communicate with parents.
  • Attendence -Teachers enter attendace or students check in, Office personel processes the attendence.
  • Gradebook - Teachers are able to keep track of student grades and post to the report cards.
  • Parent communication- parents are able to see students grades in real time, teachers are able to message parents with ease.
  • Reports : are often difficult to figure out what report to run to get the information needed.
  • Posting grades : are sometimes confusing could be done in fewer steps.
  • Synching with other programs such as Google Classroom. This feature is difficult to use.
TeacherEase is very user friendly for teachers to enter grades. It is more simplified and fewer steps than most student management programs. Other teachers find no problems following a few simple steps to enter grades. Other programs have multiple steps with multiple screens to complete the task of entering grades.
Learning Management (5)
Mobile friendly
Progress tracking & certifications
Learning reporting & analytics
  • The district was able to reduce time-consuming training that other student management software needed in order to use them. TeacherEase was much more user friendly.
  • TeacherEase combined the student information as well as the gradebook into the same software. This alleviated having to have multiple software vendors or pay for multiple modules to operate.
  • TeacherEase is userfriendly and alleviates the constant need for tech support.
TeacherEase provides so many integrations of student management into one seamless program. Other programs are just one facet of the functions TeacherEase provides. TeacherEase encompasses so many of the features that other vendors provide as standalone products.
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