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Predictive UC Analytics

Predictive UC Analytics


What is Predictive UC Analytics?

TeleMate is a platform that enables users to see their entire UC&C environment in a single dashboard so they can proactively monitor, troubleshoot and analyze. The vendor states they have been providing vendor-agnostic full-stack UC&C visibility and monitoring for 35…

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What is Predictive UC Analytics?

TeleMate is a platform that enables users to see their entire UC&C environment in a single dashboard so they can proactively monitor, troubleshoot and analyze. The vendor states they have been providing vendor-agnostic full-stack UC&C visibility and monitoring for 35 years. They further state they've worked with multiple industries, vendors, and business environments, including Fortune 500 companies, and helps customers overcome unique communication observability challenges.

Predictive UC Analytics Screenshots

Screenshot of Real-time: 
As a universal platform Predictive UC Analytics provides real-time and historical visibility in on-premise and cloud communication services.Screenshot of Cradle-to-grave:
Predictive UC Analytics provides cradle-to-grave visibility speeding time to resolution.Screenshot of Drill down Detail:
Predictive UC Analytics provides engineering level detail as a single platform eliminating the need siloed monitoring technologies.Screenshot of Flexible Displays:
Predictive UC Analytics provides flexible display options that meet your business requirementsScreenshot of SNMP Monitoing:
Predictive UC Analytics provides full SNMP monitoring of all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure.Screenshot of Event Logs:
Predictive UC Analytics collects and correlates Event Management Syslog streams quickly identifying internal system issues effecting communication activity.Screenshot of Cloud Services:
Being a universal platform, Predictive UC Analytics provides visibility into cloud services as well. This includes Microsoft Teams, Cisco Teams and WebEx, Zoom, Ring Central, and others.Screenshot of Flexible Interface:
Predictive UC Analytics provides customizable dashboards with a flexible, out of the box experience with automated reports, alerts & notification, and much more.

Predictive UC Analytics Video

Predictive UC Analytics Availability


Predictive UC Analytics Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)5%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)95%
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by our organization. Mostly for call record reporting by our different operations business units. To determine specific user productivity. One of the most used reports is the Disconnect detail. The IT area is making more and more use of it's troubleshooting capacities with call or device issues and also for auditing changes within the CUCM.
  • The support we get from the team is excellent. They are always improving and if there is something we need they jump right on it and try to find a solution for us.
  • They are always improving on the product and if they see there is an issue before we do they contact us.
  • The product is easy to use, very user friendly interface.
  • Many features in the product that we have not even begun to touch on.
  • One of the features we have been after and they have worked on are Cisco Expressway logs. Being able to collect and analyze those and providing some sort of reporting on those. Their team has been working on this and pretty sure they are close to having something for us soon.
  • Some restrictions on the reporting when it comes to number of fields that we can collect data on. Currently it is just 15.
We have been using TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics to help us troubleshooting issues with devices as it picks up not just CDR but other events that occur in the CUCM devices. They are currently making headway in capturing data from our Expressway Servers as we have several users working from home. This is an area in which not many tools out there to provide information we need as the expressways are a bit complex especially when being used in MRA. However, TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics is on track to be one of the first ones to get there. There is still a lot that Telemate has to offer however we are still in the process of getting all that set up on our side.
  • CDR captures
  • Large amount of prebuilt reports
  • Report customization flexibility
  • Excellent from support to our needs
  • Constant evolution of their product
  • Ability to help us troubleshoot issues with calls and users
  • Has helped us to improve our ability to troubleshoot Voice environment in one system
  • allowing us to have view of many of our devices in one system
We evaluated several other systems and went with TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics as they had a broader range of tools. We started looking for a CDR product and found that they provided those needs and had much more
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager), Cisco Unified Border Element (Cube), Cisco Unified Contact Center
Manuel Hernandez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using the TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics application to collect the monthly phone usage for our North America offices. With this data we have a custom monthly report that breaks down the collected data into companies, divisions, and department cost centers that we can then bill the phone usage too.
The software application has been instrumental in providing daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are set up on schedules. In addition to that, we also use other tools like Assurance to monitor/troubleshoot SIP calls or routing issues. The KPI Models/Monitors Analytics also assist and provide key data for our managers that need to have visibility with live data for our customer service/sales departments.
  • Assurance provides excellent live data and in a very easy to read format.
  • A great multi-report catalog that can be easily setup/scheduled.
  • A very in depth SIP call ladder analysis for VoIP engineers.
  • I would love to see a search filed for the TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics application reports and report templates.
  • The TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics application could benefit from darker themes.
TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics shines with reports that can be set up to run daily, weekly, or monthly and offer an excellent point of view for the data and visually pleasing graphs. Critical day-to-day live data can easily be shared with web link(s) to users that do not have access to run or create their own reports.

I would say Predictive UC Analytics application is probably not suitable for smaller organization where the deployment-implementation costs might not offer the best ROI for them.
  • Our custom report that breaks down the call costs by cost center.
  • The hundreds of scheduled reports that report back to our companies.
  • The SIP troubleshooting tools that are indispensable on this day and age.
  • We have saved countless man hours of running daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
  • Saved hundreds of man hours gathering report data to submit expenses to Oracle.
  • Currently also saving time now using the VoIP troubleshooting tools to fix routing and configuration issues.
Call accounting software that produces reports and dashboards can be found anywhere but we have definitely been very happy with TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics and the high level of support they provide us. We have had a very successful relationship with the TeleMate analysts and developers that service our application, they have always been available to assist us with any training, configurations, or anything else we throw their way.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We primarily use it to track numbers of calls to and from the various departments across the city. It is also used to locate employees that spoke to individuals--both negative and positive concerns.
  • The technicians that deal with training, service, and upgrades are knowledgeable and very helpful. Quickly identify problems and fix them.
  • Sales team is great to work with and they reply to emails quickly.
  • The product itself is very helpful and provides useful information.
  • More descriptions of the filters and how they are used.
TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics is one the best companies I have worked with, including the product before TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics, which I also used for several years.
  • Quick search
  • Report scheduling
  • Information collected is used to justify staffing needs
  • When used along with other technology, such as logging recorder, TeleMate Predictive UC Analytics helps determine accurately what happened with a caller
I've used CDR reports on our Cisco Call Manager and they are very hard to read and understand.
Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager), Cisco Unified Contact Center, VPI EMPOWER
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