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What is Tessitura?

Tessitura is a nonprofit tech company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organizations thrive. Tessitura also enables users to sell, renew, and upgrade memberships. Tessitura’s membership management capabilities are unified in real time with all the software’s other features: CRM,…

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Tessitura is a widely used software that has impressed arts organizations with its reach and customization options. Users have found it …
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What is Tessitura?

Tessitura is a nonprofit tech company dedicated to helping arts and cultural organizations thrive. Tessitura also enables users to sell, renew, and upgrade memberships. Tessitura’s membership management capabilities are unified in real time with all the software’s other features: CRM, ticketing,…

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Product Details

What is Tessitura?

Tessitura was created to enable customer relationship management for nonprofits and membership oriented cultural centers (e.g. museums) and the like. The system provides records of interactions at each point in the customer journey.

The CRM portion of Tessitura enables users to:
  • Get a complete view of everyone who interacts with the organization: visitors, members, donors, volunteers, groups, class and camp attendees
  • Customer history includes every interaction, communication, ticket purchase, contribution, and membership
  • Leverage the full-color customer history to inform future engagement - Understand the customer's relationship to an organization as well as to others in thedatabase
  • Chronicle the impact of work by tracking the entirety of every customer relationship

With its emphasis on helping nonprofit organizations and cultural centers engage and manage memberships, Tessitura also offers ticketing and event registration features. These support online and mobile sales, as well as contactless in-person registry and touchless payment devices, and kiosk integration.

With Tessitura, organizations that depend on ticket sales and memberships can use timed admission to help visitors plan their journey through offerings, or use tools to manage capacity for time blocks and entry points. Entry periods and locations with timed tickets can be used to provide venue access control. Tickets can be sold in advance for a specific date or time, and sell both current and advance tickets at the door. Tessitura's role is to provide a streamlined workflow that can be matched to the needs of the venue.

And Tessitura supports member management:
  • Memberships can be processed through any channel: online and on mobile, and in-person at the desk, from tablets, or at kiosks
  • Membership benefits and discounts apply automatically when a membership card is scanned or a membership number is entered.
  • Memberships can be combined with tickets, admissions, programs, and other items in a single, unified transaction.
  • Tessitura’s unified systems allows the user to track benefits and entitlements throughout the organization.
  • Tessitura handles an unlimited number of membership programs and levels with flexible, configurable options for annual giving, renewals, mid-year upgrades, and benefit/entitlement handling.

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Tessitura is a widely used software that has impressed arts organizations with its reach and customization options. Users have found it invaluable for tracking patrons, communicating through various channels, and facilitating fundraising efforts across multiple organizations. With Tessitura, organizations can efficiently manage customer information, resolve issues promptly, and improve communication between departments. The software streamlines ticketing, seating, and house management, allowing for seamless purchases and direct charging. Moreover, Tessitura excels in tracking donors, generating reports, and targeting goals. It also offers customization options for constituent management and effective ticketing. With clear seating maps, comprehensive financial charts, and seamless integration with at-door sales and walk-ups, Tessitura simplifies complex scheduling for school groups and treats facilities like performing arts centers. By integrating email software with Tessitura CRM, users can track marketing efforts effectively and report statistics to the board. One of the key problems solved by Tessitura is the ability to view all customer interactions in one record, including ticket sales, research activities, and promotional item exchanges. This comprehensive view helps organizations better serve their customers and make informed decisions. Furthermore, Tessitura makes it easier to purchase tickets for guests and provides streamlined service. Users appreciate its ability to track details about gifts, flexibility in reporting, and security of customer information. Tessitura not only meets current needs but also helps organizations achieve new goals such as implementing memberships and online customization while providing detailed data for managerial decisions. The reporting capabilities of Tessitura are highly regarded by users who find it valuable in gaining insights into patron engagement and supporting strategic decision-making. Additionally, Tessitura streamlines accounting processes by integrating with GL codes for direct integration purposes. The software's API integration capabilities allow for multiple functionalities such as implementing REST API for new websites. While primarily serving donor relations and fundraising needs, Tessitura also excels in cleaning and maintaining constituent records. Users applaud its ability to facilitate the creation of custom fields that integrate different programs, enhancing overall efficiency. Tessitura has also proven to be a powerful tool for leveraging data in moves management and prospecting. Dynamic pricing features have significantly supported efforts to increase average ticket prices, resulting in positive sales analysis outcomes. Users have found Tessitura instrumental in improving the connection between tickets and donor giving, enhancing data management capabilities. Although front-line staff may sometimes find it frustrating, upper-level staff appreciate the reporting capabilities of Tessitura. The software's CRM functionality allows users to easily consolidate patron and donor history, improving convenience and efficiency. Users report that the learning curve for Tessitura, while steep, is worthwhile for users who have successfully navigated it. Despite its complexity and cost, Tessitura proves to be a robust CRM system that has effectively addressed significant problems for arts organizations. Users appreciate its comprehensive sales capabilities, robust reporting features, donor management tools, and efficient fundraising campaigns. The software provides cohesive data and minimizes errors, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on accurate information. The reporting functionality in Tessitura is highly regarded by users, as it offers valuable insights into patron engagement and supports strategic decision-making. Additionally, Tessitura streamlines accounting processes by integrating with GL codes for direct integration purposes. It also offers multiple capabilities through API integration, such as implementing REST API for new websites. While small organizations may struggle with its lack of interaction and intuition, larger arts organizations rely on Tessitura as the lifeblood of their operations. It is used by various departments including box office, marketing, and fundraising to store customer information and manage a wide range of tasks effectively. Tessitura allows organizations like the Nashville Symphony to reach new heights in donor recognition and customer service in ticketing. For arts organizations, Tessitura is essential as it holds customer data and manages ticketing, website offerings, direct debits, donations, and marketing activities efficiently. Although learning the software may be challenging at first, the availability of customer support helps users overcome obstacles and maximize their use of Tessitura's features. Some users find it more challenging than helpful but still appreciate its capacity on the back end. Users highlight the value of Tessitura in cleaning and maintaining constituent records effectively, addressing a significant pain point for many organizations. The software also facilitates the creation of custom fields that integrate different programs into one unified system, enhancing efficiency for users. Furthermore, Tessitura empowers users to better leverage their data for moves management and prospecting purposes. It also offers dynamic pricing features that greatly support efforts to increase average ticket prices and achieve positive sales analysis outcomes. The software has proven to improve the connection between tickets and donor giving, enhancing data management for users. While front-line staff may sometimes find it frustrating to use, upper-level staff appreciate the reporting capabilities of Tessitura. Users have found Tessitura to be user-friendly and have seen improvements in reporting and analytics options over the years. Tessitura's value extends beyond ticketing and fundraising. It also helps organizations manage seating, different prices, seat setups, packages, and patron information efficiently. For regional theater companies, Tessitura simplifies ticket exchanges and seamlessly tracks seating. Tessitura also aids in finding and reprinting lost tickets and keeping track of entry to the venue, ensuring a smooth customer experience. The software's ability to set up and send mobile tickets has become especially valuable in creating a safe and contactless ticketing experience. Another key use case of Tessitura is its effectiveness in collecting data on individual donors' attendance habits and giving patterns, allowing organizations to tailor their engagement strategies accordingly. Tessitura proves to be helpful in managing relationships, data mining, and tracking off-campus events for better data collection. Users appreciate the software's ability to compile information about donors, ensuring that no important details slip through the cracks. By providing a 360-degree view of constituents, Tessitura improves interactions and enhances decision-making. In recent times, Tessitura has played a crucial role during the COVID-19 crisis by facilitating communication, managing refunds, facilitating donations, and supporting fundraising efforts. The software has made it easier for organizations to adapt to remote work by providing vital information and collaboration tools. Users often describe Tessitura as the best CRM solution they have encountered, offering up-to-date information and easy access to customer data. Although it may have an outdated look and feel, functionality remains key in Tessitura. Overall, users find Tessitura to be a valuable tool for managing ticket sales, memberships, gift cards, charitable contributions, and other aspects of operating a performing arts theater efficiently. While not specifically designed for museums, Tessitura still offers benefits such as data accessibility and workflow clarity. Users highlight its usefulness in tracking campaigns and gaining familiarity with client information. Additionally, Tessitura simplifies corporate partnership sales by providing a central location for managing clients and moves management. Its automatic CRM integration allows for streamlined communication across multiple venues and organizations. Tessitura also facilitates appropriate communication with the audience by showing the theater layout and available space. The software can integrate with third-party tools like Wordfly and TodayTix, enabling email automation and ticket promotions. Custom reports can be shared among member organizations using Tessitura, further enhancing collaboration. Its customization options make Tessitura adaptable to the needs of each organization, eliminating the need for workarounds. Finally, Tessitura's ability to gather and manage data effectively aids in better relationship management, data-driven decision-making, and improved overall efficiency for arts organizations.

Robust and Comprehensive Ticketing System: Users have praised Tessitura for its robustness and comprehensiveness, with many reviewers stating that it offers advanced settings for controlling access to information. Some users appreciate the ability to customize records, attachments, reminders, and other features, making it easy to manage and track information.

Visual Layout Feature for Seating Arrangement: The visual layout feature in Tessitura is highly appreciated by users as it allows them to easily view the seating arrangement. Several reviewers mentioned that this feature enables them to see which seats are taken and what type of tickets they were purchased under.

Effective Customer Support: Tessitura's customer support has received positive feedback from users. Many customers have had great experiences with the support team, mentioning that they always find a way to assist clients and are easily accessible when needed.

Confusing and Outdated User Interface: Reviewers have consistently mentioned that Tessitura's user interface is confusing, outdated, and not intuitive. Many users have found it difficult to navigate the software due to its dated layout, making it challenging to identify icons and tools. Some users also mentioned that the lack of in-app training and help files further complicates the learning process.

Steep Learning Curve: A common complaint among reviewers is the steep learning curve associated with using Tessitura. Many users feel overwhelmed by the numerous functions and features offered by the software, leading to underutilization. This complexity requires extensive training for staff members to effectively navigate and perform tasks such as exporting mailing lists or conducting data pulls.

Lack of User-Friendliness: Several reviewers have criticized Tessitura for its lack of user-friendliness. New users often find the software daunting and unwieldy, especially without a comprehensive help system that addresses more complex issues. The point-of-sale system has been described as frustrating and requiring extensive training, potentially resulting in simple mistakes that disrupt sales processes.

Users commonly recommend the following regarding Tessitura:

  1. Consider the target organization's budget: Users advise using Tessitura for organizations with a larger budget, typically exceeding $3-4 million. This recommendation stems from Tessitura's capabilities and features, which are better suited for larger arts organizations.

  2. Seek dedicated IT support and company-wide training: Users suggest having a dedicated IT person who understands Tessitura to ensure smooth usage and implementation. They also recommend providing comprehensive training sessions for staff members throughout the organization to establish uniform policies and maximize the system's potential.

  3. Explore Tessitura's suitability for non-profit arts organizations: Many users highlight Tessitura as an excellent choice for non-profit arts organizations due to its capabilities in managing season programming, tracking, and broad-based campaign usage. The system is praised for being highly customizable but may lack certain basic needs, potentially requiring additional customization or workarounds.

These recommendations reflect the value users place on considering budget, IT support, training, and the specific needs of non-profit arts organizations when deciding on adopting Tessitura.

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