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What is TestComplete?

TestComplete is a test management and functional, performance testing tool, from SmartBear Software headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts.
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6 out of 10
December 07, 2021
I used [TestComplete] with ASP software in [the] testing team. It is flexible [and easy to] define our automation framework and scripts …
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Top 3 Functional and Automation Testing Tools (TestComplete, Sauce Labs, Tricentis Tosca)
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Product Details

What is TestComplete?

TestComplete is designed to help testers and developers easily manage, run, and analyze automated GUI tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments - enabling teams to improve software quality and speed up time to delivery.

According to the vendor, key business benefits include:
  • Easy-to-Use for All Experience Levels: Use the record and playback feature to run tests or choose from multiple programming languages such as Python, VB.NET, or JavaScript.
  • Instant Access to Real Environments in the Cloud: Get real-time access to the latest devices, resolutions, browsers and operating systems in its cloud lab. Run tests in parallel across more than 2000+ remote environments to improve test speed and coverage.
  • Robust Object Recognition for UI Testing: With TestComplete's robust object identification engine, the user can choose from over 50K object properties across more than 500 control types, including all major frameworks and third-party controls.
  • Built for Continuous Testing: Integrate TestComplete with test automation framework tools, CI systems such as GIT or Jenkins, or Test Management platforms like Jira or QAComplete.

TestComplete Videos

In this video, the TrustRadius team will be talking about the top 3 functional and automation testing tools: TestComplete, Sauce Labs, and Tricentis Tosca.

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Watch Create Your First Test in TestComplete.

TestComplete Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationNo

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Frequently Asked Questions

TestComplete is a test management and functional, performance testing tool, from SmartBear Software headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Tricentis Tosca, Ranorex Studio, and Katalon Studio are common alternatives for TestComplete.

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 7.7.

The most common users of TestComplete are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used TestComplete for automation testing on our web application regression testing daily. We use it for our department application. Mostly we use it as a daily regression test to test each main function of the application [for] most UI functions.
  • The key word testing helps us a lot. It can generate the test case fast.
  • It is easy to use. No strong tech skills of the tester is required.
  • It is well organized. The help information and documentation is really a help.
  • The TestComplete tech support team is efficient with feedback.
  • The tech support team process takes some extra time for the user. {You have to] open a ticket, then get general information, [then] have to contact the account manager [to] find a specific support engineer to have a meeting to share screen to resolve the problem. Might take 2 weeks to get set up [with a] conference call meeting.
  • My account manager changes frequently, and so far I don't know who my contact is.
The test script with keyword testing is very nice to use. But the test case will be impacted by the system performance [and] wait time. Sometimes the application server or system responds to delay, the test script does not have the wait object flexible, most times I have to manually update [the] wait time. The result is running the whole test suite [which] will take longer.
  • I like it, it's easy to use.
  • Suggest if have more training, a stronger tech support team will help.
I have used selenium, Tosca, testing tool. TestComplete is easy to use and has easy maintenance.
IT management decides the tool. I think it is good for our company. It could add some load testing for multiple login users to check the performance. [It is] not a very detailed performance tool.
CucumberStudio, from SmartBear (formerly hiptest)
How daily our user to use the webapplication check the UI function
  • Easy to use
  • Test cases easily maintained
  • Multiple automation testing tool in one API testing . Data base testing etc
  • NA
  • Add more test user logins for the same application
  • Some load and performance testing
I like to use TestComplete, I am the person new to it and use it daily now.
Not Sure
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product easy to use
product reputation
  • Don't know
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled
  • Application update to new UI or teach knowledge
I am working on the implementation now, it is a learning curve for me.
I do not know this service, I will let my manager know.
I think the support engineer is good. But I feel they are very busy. Might need more resources.
Yes when [I had a] tech support call and [they] shared the screen I learned a lot that I could not know from smart bear documentation.
  • UI function testing using key word testing.
  • Multiple testing in one UI, API, DATA base back end testing.
I think it is good testing tool for our applicatoin
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it as a test automation tool for UI regression testing. It provides good test coverage and provides unique solutions to most of our automation challenges (e.g. comparison of images).
  • Object spy eases the object identification method.
  • TextObject recognition feature of this product exposes most of the objects to perform the actions.
  • Test items, project variables helps in managing the automation suite and scheduling execution.
  • Jenkins integration to schedule executions.
  • Increased performance with less memory and CPU usage.
  • Support to various/different versions of browsers in web testing.
  • Support for the Windows mobile application.
It is well suited for most UI automation. You need to do a Windows operation system application. But it cannot be recommended for web automation testing since there should be good support for cross-browser testing.
  • Enterprise tool that would cost you one tool
  • Good ROI since you can effectively automate most of the test cases
  • Good customer support team
  • Ranorex and HP UFT
  • Good image handling techniques, object repository, CI
  • Bug tracking integrations will be a good opt for test complete
QA Test Automation
Test complete product Knowledge and Programming Language.
  • Automating Regression cases
  • Desktop UI Application test automation coverage
  • Continuous executions
  • Automated taking screenshots for user guide
  • Used extended logging mechanisms
  • DLL's and JAR files are used.
  • We don't potentially see any other option to use test complete other than current way.
We have bigger test automation pack using test complete at the same time we also think this is not good performing tool for large number of test automation scripts.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
We have evaluated Test complete and UFT as the options and the decision is purely because the test complete was able to identify the UI elements from the product than the UFT.
We will also consider the performance of the product when having large suites. that is something we did not consider at the beginning of the evaluation and have been problematic now for us.
  • Implemented in-house
Change management was minimal
  • Creating Framework
  • Managing Test Items
It has flexible framework creation and a powerful Record and play back option.
It supports different languages like Python, Javascript, C#
Yes premium support to get support early and sensibly.
When the problem is raised and they know that it is tool limitation or not easily solvable they get to beat around the same bush and does not come up with proper solution.
So far there has not been such situation.
  • Object Browser
  • Name Mapping
  • Reporting
  • MSAA/Text Object
  • Addins
  • Integration to GIT/Jenkins
  • Managing VM's
The overall usability is good but there are room for improvements like Test Items, Project Variables.
Anil Kumar Moka | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TestComplete is used by several teams in my organization but not all. It is typically used for test automation and mainly for functional and regression testing.
  • It easily integrates with other tools like Jira, Github, Jenkins and even other test automation frameworks like Selenium. With these features, it makes a perfect case for continuous testing and CI/CD. Also perfect for DevOps style of development.
  • It supports multiple platforms like desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications. This combination makes a great one as in today's world an app should be functioning in all environments.
  • It has cloud on demand test labs which is excellent for running your test suite in multiple environments without any hassle.
  • Got to say that object recognition is way superior to other tools which is very key for test automation. Also supports codeless automation which is cool.
  • Even though object recognition is their strength, it can still be better. Some times in a dynamic web application, the object recognition fails. Of course there are work arounds but you shouldn't really be using them.
  • Switching to debug mode when an exception pops in is missing. Would be a great add on.
  • There are many open source free tools in the market and license cost is a factor with this tool.
TestComplete is best suited for automating the test suite. It's also a great tool if you have to test in multiple platforms and multiple OS and browsers. Their cloud on demand service is a great solution for this. If you are working on agile or any CI/CD platform, you should seriously give a try on this tool. If you are aiming to test Rest APIs or any web service testing, this is not the one to go for.
  • It's very hard to calculate ROI. Without automation, the manual test execution was taking 10 days and after automating, the test execution just takes a day. Here you have ROI.
  • Also, time for releasing the software into prod improved a lot. With test automation in place, there are more frequent releases.
It's a great tool with a lot of in built features and support for cloud. In the market, there are many test tools available and there are many open source tools too. But this tool has some unique features which fair well.
Our organization is moving towards open source tools
As I said we are moving towards open source solutions and moving away from test complete
  • Environment supporting multiple browsers and devices
  • Speed with which you can develop quality test automation code
  • Integrations with multiple platforms
  • Nothing specific to call out
  • We are moving toward opensource solutions such as selenium and cypress
Our organization is moving towards open source solutions
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Would use open source tools to save on cost and to catch up the speed
  • Don't know
Change management was minimal
  • Not involved
Not involved
Yes. As a big company, we wanted to have dedicated support
They were ok
There is no such instance
  • Browser validations
  • Cross device validation
  • Back end Automation
It was intuitive
Yury Vakhatov | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The main usage of the tool is automation of our regression testing. However often we use it to quickly solve some tasks where user actions required to be automated. Despite the fact that we are the bank, we develop a number of own applications like Internet-bank for web and mobile platforms, custom modules for our CRM system etc. TestComplete is used only by our QA department.
  • Great object recognition. We can get an access to the most of properties and methods of GUI controls.
  • Support of Python programming language expands native TC functionality with third party libraries.
  • One testing platform for web, mobile and desktop applications.
  • Works relatively slowly during test runtime. Especially with iOS applications.
  • Poor options for log export. Only .mht is supported.
  • Unable to use variables within Objects in Stores.
TestComplete is well suited for scenarios, which required simultaneously interact with different type of applications - desktop, web, mobile.
Also it can be useful for QA-personnel without programming skills to quickly automate not very complex scenarios.
  • Not sure we can speak about ROI regarding test automation at all. What exactly I can talk about -- QA people became free from hard and routine regression testing and got a time for another projects.
Selenium provides the best speed of testing.
Quality Assurance
Basically you should understand software test automation process and better if you know one of the program languages and can use it for scripting.
  • Regression testing automation
  • UX automation
  • We have created bots for one specific task, which requires multiple users do monotone actions for a long time.
  • We are going to use it for testing of our Android application
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
Keyword Tests and support of Python
Nothing to change at the moment.
  • Implemented in-house
Firstly we implemented the Web module, then Mobile module and the next stage is a module for Desktop applications.
Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled
  • Our testing environment is 100% virtual, and it was rather tricky to properly setup all infrastructure (network, servers, storage etc)
If you develop a mobile application and your testing process goes in cloud, probably you will face a problem - how to implement a stable connection between your mobile devices and testing servers.
People of TC support are smart and fast.
Yes, all of issues were fixed.
I believe that all licensed users have an exceptional support from SmartBear.
  • Name mapping. Especially started from version 12.4 - you can simply use copy/paste feature while you create or edit your objects.
  • You can create a data driven variables, based on tables (csv, excel)
  • Object storing (e.g. the whole web page) performs rather slowly.
Besides the good GUI with flexible settings, application has a great support. Customers are involved in development process, can send feature requests and vote for them. Some of my requests already implemented or coming soon.
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