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Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Tivoli (TSM) backup software as backup and recovery solution in our environment. We use this product to take all types of backups at OS and database level, like filesystem level backup, OS backup (AIX mksysb), etc. We use this software for daily purpose of backup and recovery for virtual and physical environment.
  • Tivoli (TSM) takes backup by using progressive incremental backup, which means that once it takes the full backup, it only takes the backup of changed data. By using this technique, it provides lots of benefits, like using less network bandwidth and taking less storage space.
  • Tivoli basically provides an archive and retrieval service for data at a cheaper cost that needs to be stored for long period due to compliance.
  • Tivoli (TSM) backup software provides the feature of migration and recall service for space management on client systems or servers.
  • Tivoli is not manageable from the GUI console and I believe it needs a dedicated resource to manage the software.
  • Tivoli (TSM) configuration is complex, granular, and scalable with customizable configuration features, but it requires a good administrator that has a strong knowledge of the product.
  • It needs additional agents or plugins for administration; for example, I have to use an MMC plug-in on the servers.
Tivoli (TSM) software is best for the policy-based management of file-level backups with automatic data migration between storage tiers. It's the best way to save on the cost of storage and other resources. I really like the deduplication functionality of source and destination data, which helps to save the network bandwidth and storage resources. The administration of Tivoli is still complex, which means you need good skills to manage this product. Although, a new version is coming with a better GUI, but it will still require good command-line skills to make Tivoli do everything.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) primarily to store our database backups and logs. I believe it is used in other capacities for OS and file system backups, but I am not a user in that area and my review will focus on database and log backup storage. We use other solutions for mass storage as well - but due to the tight integration with DB2 and TSM, we will probably always use Tivoli in some aspect.
  • Tight integration with DB2. As an IBM product, it works seamlessly with DB2. You can query what is stored in TSM via DB2 itself. You can also use DB scripts to maintain the items being stored there.
  • Like most of its competitors, Tivoli handles deduplication well.
  • Provides a GUI for browsing and maintaining items stored there. I rarely use this feature, due to the next item I will post:
  • Command-line interface directly from my DB2 database servers.
  • Both client and server-side deduplication, compression and encryption are available.
  • If the requirements are zLinux and DB2 support then it's the most solid solution.
  • Can be complex to implement, but once up and running, it is rock-solid and immensely scalable.
  • Scalability is huge. Can be added onto easily.
  • For Oracle and SQL Server, there are other solutions that provide more "bells and whistles" such as storage-side restores, alerting, etc.
  • We sometimes struggle with passwords expiring, etc. It is not a complete "hands-off" solution, as it requires SOME maintenance (not much, really).
  • VMware backup capabilities lag behind competitors.
  • Very Client Driven (which is a mixed bag). I like this feature. New, younger users may not.
For either DB2 or zLinux, Tivoli is hands-down the best solution. For Oracle and other operating systems, there are more advanced solutions available. Some of these features are considered "game-changing" by our Sys Admins. Of the three solutions I've dealt with, Tivoli ranks right in the middle with cost, features, and complexity. A nice solution (and the best for the options I listed above), but not cutting-edge.
Shaun Houshmand | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Tivoli to help centralize access management across a large portal. This is vital for our business and the users. I enjoy that it allows developers more time to worry about their actual application and the potential features, rather than worrying about authentication work that needs to be done uniquely.
  • Fully customizable
  • Automate various portions of various applications
  • Great at Access Management (but also Release, Change, Event, etc)
  • Older versions are complex to install
  • The GUI isn't the best for an older product
  • Compatibility with server systems is troublesome at times
Well suited in terms of easy of deployment and scales best for enterprise applications. I'd say deployment is fast for SAM. Also great when a customer wants to handle Microsoft applications and other applications through TAI and GSO feature. It's a more friendly solution to install now, but you need some smart guys on the team.