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What is TravelPerk?

TravelPerk, headquartered in Barcelona, offers their eponymous travel management application supporting bookings management, travel policy controls and management, invoicing, and other features.

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TravelPerk has become an essential tool for users looking to streamline and simplify their business travel planning. With its …
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What is TravelPerk?

TravelPerk, headquartered in Barcelona, offers their eponymous travel management application supporting bookings management, travel policy controls and management, invoicing, and other features.

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What is TravelPerk?

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Community Insights

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TravelPerk has become an essential tool for users looking to streamline and simplify their business travel planning. With its user-friendly interface and efficient features, this platform has proven to be invaluable in reducing costs and saving time. Users can easily find, book, and edit tickets and hotel reservations with just a few clicks, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple websites or travel agencies.

One of the standout use cases of TravelPerk is its ability to facilitate collaboration and coordination among colleagues. Users can easily share and plan trips with their peers, making it simple to coordinate travel arrangements and obtain internal approvals. This feature has been particularly beneficial for international companies with multiple global offices, as TravelPerk serves as a centralized platform for all travel bookings across different departments. Additionally, employees can browse options, book trips within a set budget, and pay using the company card, eliminating the need for expense reimbursement.

Engineers who frequently travel have also found great value in TravelPerk's capabilities. The platform caters to their specific needs by offering policy control and transparency while still allowing flexibility in managing their own travel arrangements. Moreover, by providing cost center visibility by department, TravelPerk helps track costs and expenses more effectively.

Furthermore, TravelPerk serves as a global travel tool that ensures the security of personal credit card information. Users can confidently book any kind of business travel without relying on personal cards. The option to make manager approval mandatory adds an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized bookings.

Overall, TravelPerk has proven its worth as a versatile platform that addresses various pain points related to business travel planning. Its ability to save time, reduce costs, facilitate collaboration among colleagues, provide policy control and cost visibility, and ensure secure bookings make it an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes with global operations.

Clean and User-Friendly Interface: Multiple reviewers have praised TravelPerk's clean, attractive, and easy-to-use interface. Users find the platform visually appealing and appreciate its user-friendly design, which contributes to a seamless booking experience.

Responsive Customer Support: Many users have highlighted TravelPerk's responsive and helpful customer support. Reviewers mention that the support team is quick to respond and effectively addresses any concerns or issues raised during the booking process.

Effortless Booking Process: Several reviewers have stated that booking flights on TravelPerk is effortless. They appreciate features such as automatic payment through preset cards, eliminating the need for manual payments. This streamlined process ensures smooth transactions and saves time for users.

Inconvenient Flight Filtering: Users have expressed frustration with the search results in TravelPerk, as it does not provide an option to filter flight options based on budget. This lack of functionality forces users to manually click through pages of out-of-budget flights, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient for them.

Confusing Economy Seat Details: Some users find it confusing to determine the type of economy seat they are booking through TravelPerk. This lack of clarity has led to instances where users accidentally booked flights without the ability to bring a free carry-on bag.

Lack of Pre-Selecting Seats: Several reviewers have mentioned their dissatisfaction with TravelPerk's inability to allow users to pre-select their own seats. Instead, they are required to contact TravelPerk separately in order to make seat arrangements. This additional step is seen as an unnecessary hassle by some users.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experiences with TravelPerk. The most common recommendations include utilizing TravelPerk for all travel needs. Users highly recommend it as a tool to manage travels, invoices, and trip planning. They find it very convenient and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for companies looking for a simple way to book flights.

Another recommendation is to try the premium service offered by TravelPerk. Reviewers suggest using this upgraded option for added benefits and features that enhance the overall experience of using the platform.

Additionally, users encourage others to be patient and give TravelPerk time to improve and implement new features. They appreciate the great customer service provided by the company and believe that continuous improvements will further enhance the functionality and usefulness of the tool.

Overall, users recommend giving TravelPerk a try for its convenience in managing travel arrangements, the benefits offered by the premium service, and the continuous improvements being made to the product.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TravelPerk is being used as a global Travel Tool to book any kind of Business Travel to a Site location or to any Business related events without using personal Credit Card information and the option to make a Manager Approval mandatory to avoid unauthorized bookings.
  • Overview of all available airlines and Hotels
  • 24/7 support for any required changes
  • Manager Approval before final booking
  • Price sometimes does not match competitor offers.
  • Company Rates not applicable.
Provides a good Overview of flights available to a certain destination factoring in several airlines and also on Hotels compares distance to any given location and provides different booking options on Rooms.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I really wanted to like TravelPerk. We previously used TripActions and had a lot of issues with it, some of which were related to the product itself as well as customer service problems. TravelPerk presented itself as a much better alternative, with capabilities that TripActions doesn't have, and "7-star" customer service. Unfortunately, this is absolutely not the case. Customer service agents are careless and make mistakes constantly. I'm triple and quadruple checking bookings because so many aspects of the bookings are incorrect when made through their "Concierge" service. What a shame.
  • Great demo and pre-sale process
  • Event pages are nice
  • Easy to use interface
  • Truly awful customer service agents who are careless and make mistakes constantly
  • Inability to see other travelers on the App, even as an admin
  • AE does not escalate issues quickly or seriously enough
If you have never used the concierge service, you will likely have an okay experience. if you ever want to use Concierge, I would highly recommend choosing a different product.
Diego Jaramillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TravelPerk to reduce costs and time planning business trips from Latam to Europe. The platform is handy and very flexible to find, book, and edit tickets and hotel reservations at the same time and with just a few clicks. If you are traveling among others colleagues, you can share and plan the same trip together and send for internal approvals.
  • Plan trips with different people.
  • Organize flights, hotels and ground transportation.
  • Sync tickets and reservations in offline mode with the app.
  • Pictures from hotels.
  • Train options management.
Very helpful in saving time and costs when it comes to planning business travel, tracking expenses, and reimbursement management. Their support team is friendly and comprehensive, they manage to do changes to our reservations within 10 hours before our trip with no extra costs. I can't find a scenario where it is less appropriate.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Manage travel booking and approval for business-related travel
  • Intuitive to use to ensure travel is booked within budget and travel guidelines.
  • Approval process is seamless
  • Great centralized billing
  • Sometimes information regarding flight info/ cancellations is delayed so it's best to check directly with airlines.
  • Sometimes certain flights don't show up as available for booking.
  • Can't book trains for European travel. (Minor issue but super annoying if you need it)
Great for booking, approving, and managing business travel. Makes the process easy and seamless.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TravelPerk is being used by the whole company in the US. We created cost center by department so it is easier to see costs and expenses per department. This is a great platform for our engineers traveling 70% of their time.
  • User friendly.
  • Great customer support and the chat works well.
  • I like that we receive an invoice at the end of the month and not automatic debit from the credit card.
  • Even if it is a business tool, add the option to buy tickets for minors and children.
  • Be able to add TSA for Americans.
  • Be able to add frequent fliers miles with airlines.
TravelPerk is a very user-friendly platform. The site provides a large sample of flights and hotels, although could add more, especially on the US market but we understand that it is a European company and it might take time. This is where TravelPerk is less appropriate. Same with TSA, all used by US travelers. I like the phone app, very well suited and cancellations are easy.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used across the whole organization. It helps us to make flight bookings very easy.
  • I got very competitive flight tickets. Booking was very easy since I don't need to make a payment on my own.
  • It was automatic payment by the company's preset card. Hence, the transaction was very smooth.
  • I was able to do a group booking when we went for a business meeting. It helped us to get same rows seats, hence it was more productive even inside the flight.
  • Any time I contact the support team the response was immediate and great.
  • I did not find any.
We are a startup and frequent business travels. Previously we either used a company card and manually booked flight tickets individually. Some times we used our own credit card for booking flights and then submitted the receipts for reimbursement. Now, in just one click, we are able to book flight tickets and it makes our booking easy. No more submission of receipts.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I work for an international company with multiple global offices, yearly retreats, etc. We use TravelPerk for all travel (flight and hotel) bookings across all departments. This allows employees to browse options, book their trips within a set budget, and then pay using the company card -- no need to expense and get reimbursed.
  • Very clean, attractive interface. TravelPerk is easy to use and looks great.
  • Good customer support. When I've had trouble with bookings, TravelPerk support responds quickly and addresses the issue.
  • You can easily add personal travel information (e.g., frequent flyer numbers) that are automatically applied to your flights, no need to add it manually with each booking.
  • You can't filter search results to only show flights within your set budget, which is incredibly frustrating. Yes you can organize by price, but I prefer to organize by flight time and always have to click past pages and pages of out-of-budget flights.
  • The TravelPerk search results do not make it clear what type of economy seat you're booking. I accidentally booked a flight where I could not bring a free carry-on bag, and this was not clear to me when I selected the flight in TravelPerk.
  • I can't do things like pre-select my seat myself. I don't like that I need to contact TravelPerk and have them make the arrangements for me.
TravelPerk works fine for what it is: allowing employees to book travel within budget without using their own credit cards. It would probably work very well for smaller to mid-sized companies, but may not be the best solution for very large companies that must organize extensive travel. For occasional and straightforward trips that are unlikely to change, it provides a relatively painless experience.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TravelPerk for the majority of the travel our organization does. We have policy control and transparency on the arrangements which have been made. This provides us with cost control functionality while still allowing everyone the flexibility to manage their own travel.
  • Policy control.
  • User administration.
  • Competitive Travel pricing.
  • We really need an "executive assistant" function for people who book other people's travel, but shouldn't have access to the policy controls.
  • A few bugs still, but the team are proactive in responding to feedback.
TravelPerk works well for preplanned travel and for teams where autonomy in managing arrangements is encouraged. The layers of control mean you can make the policies stricter for less self-managed teams. TravelPerk would be challenging but not impossible to use for complex trips and arrangements with multiple people meeting in locations, but it works well for different people all going to a conference together or other scenarios where you want to team to stay together. It can be used for personal travel, but we have that functionality turned off.
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