Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)

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Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)


What is Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)?

TIS helps CFOs, Treasurers, and Finance teams transform their global cash flow, liquidity, and payment functions. Since 2010, the cloud platform and service model have supported the office of the CFO to collaborate and attain efficiency, automation, and control. By...

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Satisfied Customer

10 out of 10
July 05, 2021
We use TIS to support 15 affiliated organizations across twelve countries. TIS provides a consistent experience across regions and …
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How Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Differs From Its Competitors

Payment Workflow

It is a platform that is capable of integrating with third-party financial tools to improve the collection of financial data to comply with payments, it is designed to work as a unified treasury platform without problems and thanks to this tool it is possible to comply with outgoing payments and …
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Payment Data

Neutrally. It just makes flow error less. Reduces risks of errors or inproper in terms of complience counterparty (sanctions lists) but it did not manage volatility (VaR, Montecarlo simulations and Swaptions use for credit lines ) neither manage counertparty credit risk. If it is not available to …
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Payment Data

It allows us to better understand volumes and payment types, that allows to better manage our working capital as well as the fees charged by banks to execute payments
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Payment Workflow

It provides centralization for payment execution, simplifying workflows and simplifying training for users, as now it's only one system instead of multiple banking platforms
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Payment Data

Personally, I am working on that part to see more of it. Yes, from a corporate treasury aspect you can have visibility here globally with one tool, as long as nobody is doing payments elsewhere. During Covid times managing cash flows and limiting or reducing the outflow, for example, has been …
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Payment Workflow

It did, of course, starting from SAP F110 Batch files that were manually downloaded and uploaded into Bank portals. We are now seeking more frequent payment runs to overcome the daily manual urgent payments or lost invoices that are coming in and needing to be paid right away. Since systems are …
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Payment Data

For the first time we will have an automated payment status interface with all of our banks. We also have immediate notifications of rejects so we can act on them quicker. Data is passed easily between our banks, TIS and our internal systems allowing us to automate many processes that previously …
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Payment Workflow

TIS has consolidated bank communications and transaction processing for 14 affiliated entities with banks in 15 countries. They all use a single platform and access/segregation is easily controlled. Procedures ahve been streamlined and apply across all regions. We will soon complete our …
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Payment Workflow

It is the single point of contact for the payment release process. The release process in four eye principle is the same for all users world wide (the system is web based and no local software installation is required - easy to access). It can also easily be checked for which accounts a user is …
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Payment Workflow

As already mentioned, we could implement a strict and standardized straight-through process and stopped a wild growing SAP customizing fact. As all do the same we benefitted setting up a regional shared service center (payment factory). We cut down the number of process steps and reduced to the …
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Payment Data

All payments are available in one system for all companies connected worldwide. Before implementation [there was] barely a chance to see those transactions. [There is] high transparency as everything can be analysed.
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Payment Workflow

Before implementation, only important subsidiaries were using payment runs in SAP. Through simple implementation with Treasury Intelligence Solutions, no[w] almost all SAP companies are using payment runs. New SAP rollouts are standardized as Treasury Intelligence Solutions is now part of the …
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Product Details

What is Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS)?

TIS helps CFOs, Treasurers, and Finance teams transform their global cash flow, liquidity, and payment functions. Since 2010, the cloud platform and service model have supported the office of the CFO to collaborate and attain efficiency, automation, and control. By streamlining connectivity between TIS' customers’ back-office systems and their worldwide banks, vendors, and business partners, TIS aims to enable users to improve performance in key areas surrounding cash forecasting, working capital, outbound payments, financial messaging, fraud prevention, and payment compliance.

TIS boasts over 11,000 banking options, $80 billion in daily cash managed, and $2.5 trillion in annual transaction volume, and market expertise with tailored client and community feedback to drive digital transformation for companies of all sizes and industries. Organizations and practitioners use TIS with the goal of monetizing data, improving operational efficiency, and better managing risk.

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Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Features

Treasury Management Features

  • Supported: Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Supported: Financial Fraud Prevention
  • Supported: Treasury Management Payments
  • Supported: Bank Account Management
  • Supported: Treasury Risk Management
  • Supported: Treasury Reporting
  • Supported: Liquidity Forecasting
  • Supported: Market Data

Additional Features

  • Supported: Cash Forecasting
  • Supported: Working Capital

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Video

Introducing the TIS Service & Solution Suite

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Integrations

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Kyriba, Bottomline Digital Banking and Payments, and GTreasury are common alternatives for Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS).

Reviewers rate Bank Account Management highest, with a score of 8.6.

The most common users of Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).

Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)20%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)80%
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Vee Larsen Temmel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Treasury Intelligence Solutions has features that increase the speed of making outgoing payments with financial data and prices. It is software that is capable of robust cash flow analysis and also improves liquidity and cash management. Financial risks are small thanks to the implementation of Treasury Intelligence Solutions, it is really possible to have a better financial status with this treasury tool. The data analysis is in real time and this is the reason for the current financial success.
  • Robust liquidity improvement.
  • Reduction of financial risks.
  • This treasury tool has guaranteed robust liquidity, cash management, outgoing payment compliance, real-time financial data analysis and this is enough to make you want to continue using this robust tool.
With this robust treasury tool it is very easy to increase the speed of financial operations with, for example, outgoing payments and cash flow analysis management. Liquidity is not a problem thanks to Treasury Intelligence Solutions, we are confident in this tool to fulfill the most important operations of outgoing payments. I can also recommend it because it is very simple to use and it also has a very simple application.
Palle Dedenroth | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) is our preferred tool for Bank connectivity globally.
  • Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) system helps us standardize our payment processes.
  • Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) reduces the admin task related to online banking/access to multiple banks and improves the overview at the same time.
  • Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) is connected to a large number of banks and has a large format library that makes it fast and easy to connect to banks.
  • Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) gives an overview of liquidity / Cash Positions on a global level.
  • Responsive support function.
  • The BAM module could be more flexible and easier to use.
  • Perhaps the system looks a little old fashioned.
Our experience with Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) was in the beginning to SAP. Today we have also connected Oracle, Navision and a few other systems. If you are in a situation where you want or need to get in control of the payment system and your company does not want or do not have the expertise to setup payment formats etc. yourself, Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) is certainly great option.
  • Online Training
Response time is always quick.
A well functioning system.
TIS is a cloud based system why TIS is doing the upgrade on their side without us needing to be involved.
Andrey Lokshin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We experienced the serviecing customer project related to build of joint corporate treasury system. It was existing legacy system used FTP server connections and SAS Institute processing server to get for 12 reporting entities capability to consolidate data into net financial position. The task we had was a selection of treasury menagement system and Tresury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) was considered as compared to SAS, Sungard, Wall Street Systems, SAP which will lead not only for consolidated dash board tracking but to active use and adopt best risk management practise on market applicable for mining industry operating in 4 jurisdictions (UK, Switzerland, US, EU) and 7 countries. So the aim is to switch from passive to active cash flow management strategies and reduce manual data processing.
  • Based on experience of large insitutions (Deutsche Bank, UBS, HSBC)
  • Payment details verification of counterparty to avoid errors
  • Multiple account data consolidation
  • Compliance module: track data
  • More then 140 counties available to integrate accounts (local IBAN accounts)
  • Readable dash board
  • Different treasury roles set up
  • Cloud security
  • Available API
  • Master user account
  • Improved VaR risk module to apply to cash balances exposure
  • Currency risk controls - volatility forecast
  • Trading platforms connectivity - hedging capabilities for SWAPtions
  • Probable ripple integration to make settlemets faster versus t+2
  • Compliance: not only track sanctions, payment details but get Credit Score of counterparty
  • Chinease counterparties details (state banks do not share) - fraud risk depreciation
  • Loans offering page
  • Direct banks chats - push to send message to operator
Treasury Intelligence Solutions is applicable to your corporate treasury financial position managment: 1) get consolidated data from more then 140 locations 2) distribute and allocate payments 3) available balances transfer to corporate center or an offshore cash accumulation center. Weak point is daily hedging capabilities: 1) see VaR simulation e-o-d 2) send request to get swaption line through blanc financing line 3) see credit limits for your entities 4) UST treasury bonds trading 5) counterparties credit risk search 6) offerings from insurance companies online - if you have entity acting in freight broker business.
We did not have any enquiery related to internal TIS business process application only for external integrations meaning customer satisfaction with current state.
The main feature of usability is the outcome you get upon actions done. TIS is not complecated solution - it is rational and has most needed capabilites for cash management via multiple accounts in different jurisdictions. It works well for this task and evolutioning to the field of risk management to get all treasury job done well.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TIS is our global e-banking tool to manage B2B payments with SAP integration and connection with major global banks and some local banks. It addresses and replaces our existing process of uploading payment files on bank portal to an end to end compliant and integrated payment process with payment files transmitted through EBICS, SFTP and SWIFT connections. Primary objective was compliance as it eliminates the risk of any manual intervention to payment files. It bring efficiency through centralization of the banking landscape into a single payment portal replacing individual bank portals.
  • SAP standard IDOC to desired payment file conversion
  • Flexibility to adapt payment file structure for some fields at user level
  • Changes of payment formats done centrally
  • Payment formats repository
  • Speed of adjustment in non ISO XML formats
  • New payment methods eg. BPay or JomPay in Asia
Experience with TIS for our Europe rollout was exceptional. Their support team is very professional and have great know how and always eager to support with new technologies and always up to date with innovative payment processes eg. API, file broker. Rollout for Non Europe was challenging due to existence of local banks having low experience with such project and need for extensive testing as the format specifications from bank and format readiness from TIS was not accurate and plug and play.
User interface is very easy to use
Nicolas Garcia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We plan to use Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) as a Connectivity Hub, with all payments originating from various systems routed to Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) before going to the banks. Also, Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) will receive bank statements from banks and route those the systems that need to consume them. We are currently going through the implementation, which we expect to last another year
  • Connectivity
  • Payments Visibility
  • Swift Service Bureau
Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) helps centralize payment execution for a large organization like ours, which otherwise would have to work piecemeal to connect over a dozen systems to banks. Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) provides good visibility and takes care of format transformations, although some restrictions exist due to bank reasons, usually not attributable to Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) We are only at the beginning of the implementation, so we have to wait to assess how the system handles volumes and performs live. However, implementation is going very well, and we are very satisfied with their professional services team
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As (co-)real estate investment managers, we have a lot of banks and accounts to manage. We were able to connect all banks and accounts via Treasury Intelligence Solutions. This not only simplified our daily cash management processes but also made them more efficient. The SAP add-on also increased security.
  • Simple account management
  • Comprehensive format database for payments
  • Very user-friendly userinterface
  • Very high availability through cloud connectivity
  • Always the latest version through automatic monthly update releases
  • Very high degree of automation through the connection of different accounting systems
  • The strengths lie in the connection of ERP systems, not in the creation of manual payments.
The strengths of the cloud system lie in the wide variety of options for connecting banks/accounts. In addition, you have the possibility to increase the digitalisation between accounting and cashmanagent.
So far, every new user has quickly learned how to use the intuitive system.
The support always reacts quickly and solution-oriented
Joolie Varshney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
With the latest technology and performance we are using Treasury Intelligence Solutions for payment purpose between our users and client who are using our softwares. Problem we have faced is mainly if the customer network is slow than it leads to failure of payment.
  • Payment receipt
  • Transaction history details
  • Due payment notification
  • Speed
  • Payee details discarded after completion of payment
  • Receiving details with reference id
In a small region payment wuth in a country it's nit suited well but in terms of world wide payment it has given a well numbered results.
Drew Adams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used by our largest business unit representing over 70% of sales. It addresses payments and visibility to our bank accounts.
  • TIS connection to banks is best in class.
  • TIS has an excellent user interface that is easy to navigate.
  • TIS has good payment functionality.
  • TIS could work on a app for the phone.
  • TIS could have more robust authentication of user.
TIS [Treasury Intelligence Solutions] is well suited for a company with multiple banking relationships in multiple countries. This can allow a treasury function to have better visibility and control over its daily cash management operations. It has very good report writing capabilities and dashboard functionality to customize a report for the end user.
Anastasios Psarros | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using it across several companies codes. It was the key tool from Treasury. In order to combine all elements and functions from a treasury, perspective is needed. We are mainly working with H2H connections for reporting (CAMT.053 integration) and payments (PAIN file). The TIS interface allows us in the TIS web portal to have the H2H allow transactions for our banks. We are routing the SAP ERP mass payment through there. Flexible approving with 2 step approvals. We also now move our Excel-based Payroll uploaded files into TIS, being able to separate the approvers for this. One of the important pieces is the reporting part of MT940 & CAMT files. We need to somehow download daily thousands of files for our SAP, which are then automatically reconciled within SAP. Downloading 500+ bank statements would be impossible daily, or needs a larger workforce. Uploading Payment batch files or direct debit batch files manually to separate portals is either way the same time-consuming task. Further, other files with different purposes are also downloaded via the SFTP servers. For example, Lockbox files or Check images. These are items that have made us much more efficient.
  • BTM MONITOR & Payment Monitor: we have a good view of the companies' bank statements & payments current status. Error tracking and issue logs can be found easily. In case of an error the error message describes it well so that we can act alone and solve the issues in most cases without further help. Speed is particularly important at month-end closes, you cannot be without a solution.
  • Payment files PAIN mapping. The Know-How of TIS and its expertise to PAIN file integration and possible options. We have not seen a case where our TIS Project Manager did not know the answer to an issue. Often it comes instantly. Sometimes they would of course investigate, but the root cause review of a technical issue is key to success here. These guys really know what they are doing.
  • Support Team of TIS. They have a very fast response time. I would point it out as being the key strength of the TIS package. You will never have critical items not addressed in due time. The speed and quality of their responses to issues is how it should be. From a financial operational point of view: It's important to ensure business continuity, which they do.
  • User-friendliness in some areas could be improved. A function that explains buttons would be nice, similar to how it is in SAP with F1. But indeed you can find this on the support portal.
  • It is missing the Business Discovery Manager. This will solve many questions, so I cannot complain if we are missing a critical dashboard part of TIS. The logic of Master data and download of the same is done nicely. I would like to build my own report with this, but we would be back to BDM functions.
  • The BTM transaction monitor is its greatest strength, but also is a large jungle of entries. You can get lost in there. The deletion function should be upgraded if possible, [because] it's not the easiest to do a mass deletion.
  • Filtering of accounts that need to be assigned to the BANK link. It's only a small thing but can be super annoying every time it selects the first bank entry by default.
There are several types of server connectivities based on the companies' requirements for how TIS can be used. For example EBICS, FTP, SFTP for MT940, CAMT and PAIN file migrations, and many more. We are doing this, which helps the daily business and has solved the business need. TIS is well suited for all main treasury-related topics of reporting and payments integration. For some cases like Lockbox handling of BAI files, TIS is not able to display items, it is only a forwarding server agent. This does not matter though, as we are then forced to implement and read the file in SAP, which is the main purpose. Same with ZENGIN files in Japan or simply the image attachments of check files. We are not exploring PSP settlement file technology, [otherwise] we would potentially use TIS as a forwarding client. We are trying to map out of an excel file a CAMT.054. Many PSPs don't provide that service, which could be a market for TIS. This is particularly interesting when you are using CAMT.054 for the SAP reconciliation.
July 05, 2021

Satisfied Customer

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TIS to support 15 affiliated organizations across twelve countries. TIS provides a consistent experience across regions and supports all bank connectivity and transaction and information processing. The system is quite flexible for a hosted application and supports our core requirements at a competitive price point. The quality of the product and customer service has been outstanding.
  • Bank connectivity is as simple as it can be. Well designed making a complex process a little less complex than other providers.
  • Transaction support across 15 countries has been Steller. Broad support for methods and formats and issues were resolved quickly.
  • Solid systems interface make connecting with ERP and other systems relatively painless.
  • As noted earlier, quite flexible for a hosted service.
  • I'd like to see improvements in the core reporting and analysis functionality providing more customization and/or direct read only access to data tables to pull data using scripts or APIs.
TIS' shines in bank communications and transaction processing. It is not a full-scale treasury management system but let's face it - most companies do not need (or use) the bulk of the full-scale TMS. If you want a reliable and easy to use application that sits between your internal systems and your banks to seamlessly connect the two then TIS may be for you. As an added benefit you get an intuitive and easy to use transaction platform to support manual transaction entry and approval along with analysis.
If you are looking for a full-service system supporting analysis and scenario forecasts, AI, integrated interest rate/FX risk management, etc. TIS might not be for you.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) for the payment release (middle ware) of all affiliate companies, which are already migrated to SAP FI/CO (80 companies, 34 countries, app. 350 user)
We solve 3 main problems.
  • Payment file format (we create only the meta format Idoc out of SAP - the final conversion to the transaction and bank specific format will be done by TIS)
  • Receiving and importing of electronic bank statements in SAP via add on (different formats like MT940, Camt053/Camt054)
  • Middleware: Payment release in four eye principal (web based, no implementation of software necessary)

  • Flexible options for the bank connection (SFTP, Ebics...);
  • Large portfolio of implemented payment file formats;
  • Flexible payment file configuration (remittance information mapping, batch booking, account routing...);
  • Implementation guide specific for each country, used bank, payment type and format would save time at the beginning of an implementation to estimate the time frame and required resources.
Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) is technically the single point of contact to our banks. The complete communication will be done in one system (payment file transfer, receiving of files e.g. status message or electronic bank statements). This makes it easy to monitor. It is no longer necessary to switch between different systems anymore.
Offered support information in the portal (knowledge base articles) as well members of the support provides a very good service level.

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The following Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) modules will be used:
TIS BAM (Bank Account Manager) for bank account master data maintenance and TIS BTM(Bank Transaction Manager) for making payment releases and collecting bank account statements.
Business problems: transparent payment release process, payment efficiency and security.
TIS will be used worldwide with many bank connectivities and is a proven and widely accepted (and honored) application for us.
  • First very user friendly and hence well accepted (look and feel).
  • Transparent and full information available.
  • Quick to install and easy to handle.
  • API interface to extract high value payment and account statement data for further analysis outside Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS).
For us as a big company, we need one platform fitting for all payments and using only a few transaction banks based on a straight through process. This is lean, efficient, value driven and risk mitigated.
Frankly speaking I see no scenario which has been less appropriate.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The solution is being used in a certain region of our organization. It mainly establishes the connection between our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and our banks in order to send/receive files.
  • Quick and easy implementation.
  • High flexibility to changes in the banking/user setup.
  • User friendly.
  • Very good customer support.
  • Display total amounts per transaction and account currency for authorization.
Very well-suited when managing a high amount of banks, bank accounts, and users.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At the end [of the day,] Treasury Intelligence Solutions should be used in the whole organization globally. Step by step it is [being] rolled out in more countries. It should become the one and only bank communication tool.
  • Ease of implementation and use.
  • One tool to communicate with nearly all banks.
  • Some countries can’t be connected to Treasury Intelligence Solutions at all. Mostly due to regulatory reasons.
Treasury Intelligence Solutions provides a huge benefit to the group's bank communication and security of international payments.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Easy implementation and roll-out of e-banking with all banks and globally all subsidiaries. Multi-channel and easy to handle. Swift and host-to-host connection possible. All bank partners available.
  • Easy implementation and roll-out.
  • Fast and focused.
  • Easy handling.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • User app is missing (Mobile Connection possible but only via webpage).
  • Faster implementation of special requirements.
Fast and global roll-out of central e-Banking system while implementation of automated Systems Applications and Products (SAP) payments run without delay. Global bank account management. Global automated uploads of all bank accounts to SAP.
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