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Lauren Russ, CMP profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use TrendKite for client alerts and searches, monitoring and listening, and reporting. Each account person leverages TrendKite for their accounts. We specifically like the key message analysis, share of voice comparison against the competition or other brands within an organization, and social amplification. We also use the SEO score and like it's integrated with MOZ. It makes monitoring media coverage easier, pulling client results easier and really differentiates us from the competition when going after new business or helping guide clients with data-driven decisions.
  • Customer Service
  • Adding in new features
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Customization of reports
  • Not all placements are picked up or a lot of times the wrong placements are included.
  • Although you can add in placements/coverage - it does not always end up in your report.
  • If you want wire coverage (e.g. - PRNewswire, PRWeb, Businesswire) it won't capture the coverage if it is behind a firewall or taken off the site so you need to capture a report the day it runs or it skews the results if you are creating monthly reports.
TrendKite is great if you are looking for one place to set alerts, monitor coverage and pull results reports.
We use TrendKite for new business research, key message analysis looking at brand messages, keywords, competitive messaging and competitive keywords. We also use TrendKite to monitor competitors and their coverage. We also use the key message analysis to help us update messaging.
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Yura Choung profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
It's being used in the PR department but for organization-wide campaigns. It allows us to reach out to influencers that might be interested in a specific topic and ask them to take any action, whether that is share news, download a whitepaper, make a purchase, etc.
  • Easy to navigate tool.
  • Search people's bios and add them to lists quickly.
  • Launch campaigns with mass messaging at once.
  • I need them to act more as a consultant and provide good strategy/suggestions as well as help create a plan and content. The first account executives really set the bar high for us and the work has gone downhill since then.
  • Incorporate a paid influencer option - Pay directly through platform
  • Do community management as part of what we paid for - Our old account execs would at least make us aware when someone responded.
If you pay the minimum and plan to use the tool yourself to launch campaigns, it's a good tool. But we pay a huge amount and expect the level of consulting/content creation as we did when we first got it and we are definitely not getting that anymore. They also are very focused on growing the Cision brand and I feel like TrendKite is now an afterthought.
It gets us thinking about how we can reach out to a niche group of people who are likely more interested in the content than a broader social media audience. We also use it to create offline relationships especially with journalists (even though we have not done this in a very long time).
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Chris Raimondi profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use TrendKite in the communications (PR) department. The main business "problem" it addresses is having a source to track down clips about the company. A big bonus of TrendKit is the analytics associated with the clips it pulls in. We produce monthly and yearly reports recapping our media coverage while heavily relying on the data TrendKite produces to qualify and quantify our work as a department.
  • It is a great source to find media coverage about your company. TrendKite has the ability to track nearly every outlet that talks about your company. If they don't currently track an outlet, you can request it. More times than not, they can add it to your search.
  • It is incredibly user-friendly. It seems overwhelming at first, but its structure is easy to master.
  • I enjoy having the ability to manually add clips that I find that TrendKite did not pull in.
  • The live chat is outstanding and the response time is incredibly quick.
  • To my knowledge, it doesn't currently have the ability to search by outlet. If this functionality does exist, it isn't easy to find. I'd like a tool where I can look up an outlet and find all of the clips about my company. It would be great to have that included in the article viewing page. Currently, you can SORT the full list by date, media outlet, headline, author, etc. But you can't FILTER. The filtering is key to quickly find an outlet.
  • The broadcast mentions have been rocky, especially international. We get a lot of coverage from outside of the US on television and radio, but TrendKite doesn't currently track them. So, when we go to do our monthly and yearly reports, our data is not accurate.
  • The accuracy of data seems to be suspect. I don't quite understand how some searches are built and what they are pulling in. I'd like better access to talk to someone via Skype or phone call. The live chat is certainly helpful, but it doesn't always help get to the bottom of the issue.
I would be very likely to recommend TrendKite to a colleague because it is the best media monitoring company I have worked with. I think they still have many areas in which they can improve, but I do think this is the best resource for tracking coverage out there.
We have yet to put together a PR strategy using TrendKite, but it is something we will look to do in the future now that we have a better understanding of how to analyze the information.
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Nick Bowman profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
One of the measures of corp comms performance - TrendKite helps us to get a view of our competitive/peer relative performance. We use it also to track how we do in target pubs and key message association.
  • Quick, visual reports
  • More or less instant coverage reporting
  • Picks up ads quite often
  • Misses print coverage
Use TrendKite to supplement agency reporting for a more trustworthy picture of how your company is doing across the media landscape.
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Courtney Mellanby profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using TrendKite to monitor our media relations efforts. We are gathering data on important KPIs, generating reports both in and out of the platform, and sharing the results in hopes to better their PR/Marketing strategies moving forward.
  • It has a great data set.
  • I's UI is very easy to use.
  • The customer service is great.
  • They often have repeat articles.
  • They can't differentiate between broadcast commercials and legitimate hits.
  • They don't have a permissions level style platform. We'd love to grant view access to some of our clients.
  • Syndication removal is difficult, and there's no easy way around it.
TrendKite is great for an all encompassing glance on client performance, share of voice comparison, and quick report generating. It's not so great for in the weeds style reporting like we're accustomed to.
We use SOV analyses for all of our clients to give them perspective on how they are competing in the industry. We take a look at competitor results and see what's driving their successes and can adjust accordingly.
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Elizabeth Zheng profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
TrendKite is being used to monitor coverage for campaigns we are interested in and to keep track of our clients' media. We have used the service when creating our competitor analysis decks and results reports from our medical meetings. We use it across many teams as a supplemental way to track real-time coverage. It helps give us another way to track our clients daily traditional media coverage.
  • Real-time updates of earned media. Its a great way to be on top of coverage since our Google Alerts are delayed and doing a manual search more tedious than helpful.
  • TrendKite support. We use an additional service for our social monitoring and the customer service and reply time TrendKite gives is leaps and bounds better. Every time I contact support, they have been extremely helpful and gotten back to me in a timely manner.
  • It is an easy and user-friendly back end. I have gone and edited searches on my own and it's been very easy and quick.
  • TrendKite needs a function that allows you to filter out syndication. It's very difficult to do it manually and time heavy.
  • I wish there were more customization of tagging articles and being able to filter by those tags.
TrendKite is great for daily earn media monitoring and general analysis for results reports. I feel like I would not use the results TrendKite reports when it is a deck/report specifically on coverage, earned media or SOV. There are certain nuances that we want in those decks and TrendKite doesn't have the customization which makes it easy for us to do it on the platform.
We use TrendKite to have give more accurate and realistic expectation for our materials. We want to give clients more tangible goals and have standards for ourselves that we are trying to meet and beat. It keeps us informed of how we are doing in our space and in comparison to our competitors.
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Elizabeth Greenfield profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The communications team (part of the marketing dept) uses TrendKite to track the coverage and impact of publicity efforts. These impact analytics give us a sense of what platforms/channels to prioritize as part of our broader digital strategy.
  • Social integration.
  • Competitor comparison.
  • Impact metrics.
  • It's difficult to limit search terms for our needs.
  • It's difficult to separate product offerings that have overlapping campaigns and search terms.
  • Lack of performing arts expertise.
It's difficult to manipulate search terms for our specific needs. As a result, we have to manually filter the search results before exporting actionable data.
TrendKite makes it easy to share our PR highlights at the end of the season. The accessible data makes it easy to pull supporting data for strategic decision-making.
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Emily Burns profile photo
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use TrendKite to monitor earned media coverage for our brands. Analytics uses it most heavily, but some other teams use it also to provide daily or weekly brand monitoring. We pull metrics such as estimated reach, social shares, and SEO impact in order to provide a picture of campaign performance, and we also use it to monitor competitive coverage and share of voice.
  • Capturing media coverage across the web.
  • Providing metrics like readership from an industry-trusted source, SimilarWeb.
  • Online chat support.
  • The boolean language used is far from standard, and requires a great deal of investment to understand and work with. It is also not as flexible as it should be (no wildcard operators, no ability to specify text case).
  • It's too reliant on dashboard output vs. data exports. If you want to do deeper analysis by exporting raw data and manipulating or visualizing it yourself, you're in for a lot of extra work and frustration.
  • It's inable to easily track sub-queries within a query, and has very limited ability to customize metrics. Measuring on-message mentions is a big use case for PR, but it's virtually impossible to do this. My team has lost many hours trying to find workarounds due to this gap in functionality.
It's well suited for the most basic monitoring of brand or competitor mentions in earned media. It's not suited for in-depth analysis, anything requiring data export, or monitoring the quality (vs. quantity) of media coverage.
We will export competitive mentions volume trended over time to analyze both owned and competitive coverage drivers, in order to identify threats and opportunities. We also will occasionally pull owned coverage and analyze it based on the quality of coverage (specific language, etc.), but the tool is not well suited to this use case.
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Rose James profile photo
August 24, 2019

Trendkite Rocks!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Corporate Affairs team at Centrica is using Trendkite to solve a long-standing problem of an inability to demonstrate the value of utilizing media. TrendKite has been able to help Centrica demonstrate the impact of a commercial campaign. The TrendKite platform allows for ad hoc analysis, tracking of website visitors across multiple online sources and overall brand impact.
  • TrendKite has been able to help Centrica demonstrate the impact of a commercial campaign.
  • The TrendKite platform allows for ad hoc analysis.
  • The TrendKite platform allows for tracking of website visitors across multiple online sources.
  • Ease of intuitive navigation
The TrendKite platform is well suited for scenarios where there is a strong focus in PR getting information out to the media. It provides value in helping organizations in achieving the ability to demonstrate the value of using media via statistical measurement of website browsing or engaging in content. There is no empirical data to indicate where Trendkite is less appropriate.
As part of Centrica's Global Corporate Affairs business process, the Digital Communications team utilizes the media to amplify messages. A current problem existed in their inability to demonstrate the value of utilizing media. As a solution, the Corp Affairs team identified and engaged TrendKite, a media monitoring Saas Solution provider, to provide Centrica Corporate Affairs with a means to demonstrate the impact of a commercial campaign.
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David Rodriguez profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our communications department uses it to monitor our global coverage.
  • Monitors coverage very well.
  • Able to make good analyses reports.
  • I think advance searches should be easier to do. The fact that we need to "code" the search makes it a bit intimidating. It should be as easy as typing key words.
Great creating reports and monitoring coverage. But in my region, print is still important and some publications publish articles that appear only in print but not on online. That is an area of improvement needed. I have to use Trendkite more as a complement to my current reports and not as my main report.
Competative and industry analysis.
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Cindy Arco profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My department, including myself, my boss and freelance and/or agency account executives use TrendKite. TrendKite helps us keep track of media coverage—what is being said about the company, when and where and who is saying it. We are able to search using different terms and parameters to drill down and find the actual coverage and information that we need (versus doing a wide, random internet search).
  • The search functionality is very helpful and can be tailored for a specific company, campaign, product announcement, etc.
  • The reach: it pulls information and metrics from everywhere.
  • Reporting: great features and ability to show what is working and what might not be.
  • Interface improvements: the interface could be "prettier" and more user-friendly
  • Mobile: a mobile app would be ideal for when I need to pull info/data when I'm not in the office.
  • Making coverage available more quickly.
  • Great for media monitoring and to keep an eye on what is being said about your brand in general, plus focused monitoring for specific campaigns, products, announcements, etc.
  • Great for keeping a tab on coverage/what's being said with your company's competitors and within specific industries as well.
  • It's less ideal for crisis communications monitoring only because you might miss some of the initial negative coverage.
We use TrendKite to keep on top of what is happening in our industry and with our competitors. When we see a spike in coverage/conversation about a topic about our industry, it often gives us the opportunity to frame a pitch within that storyline including our company, our products, and services or our people.
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Suzanne Brose profile photo
July 30, 2019

TrendKite soars!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
TrendKite is being used by our whole organization, specifically from team members who work on and lead public relations accounts. Our client focus is hospitality and travel. TrendKite allows us to monitor digital coverage and client's share of voice. We create monthly reports that are shared with our clients.
  • Share of Voice comparision
  • Visual, interactive reports
  • Digital media monitoring
  • The monitoring parameters, it should be more user friendly to input "not" search words and terms, versus leaning on the customer support.
Media and share of voice monitoring and interactive reports are all great functions.
The competitive research is very useful to understand share of voice and also for new media contacts to connect with.
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Jeremy Casanave MBA, PMP profile photo
October 22, 2019

TrendKite Review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used TrendKite for media monitoring to support the Secret Service. We created a daily news summary with it.
  • Breadth of sources: We could always find reports.
  • Query language is intuitive and help menu detailed enough to help you write advanced queries easily.
  • Features were complementary and useful.
  • We didn't use most of the features, as we had no need for them.
  • News sources were often spam or not meaningful. Some of these could be addressed in the query, but often there were no options.
  • Paywall sources such as LexisNexis and Bloomberg gave just enough to get you an article hit, but failed at giving you the whole story, which made them useless.
Suited for overall media monitoring and marketing work. It's less suited for the type of media monitoring we were doing.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I previously used TrendKite for one of my clients at our agency. We used it to track and measure earned media mentions, along with analyzing where a lot of our coverage was coming from. From there, we would use that info to seek out new opportunities and conduct competitive analyses as to how we were stacking up against other products/companies in the space.
  • Easy and attractive reporting capabilities.
  • Intuitive platform, very user-friendly.
  • Ability to measure results (like share of voice) that you couldn't do manually.
  • Hard to get your boolean/search query accurate.
  • Slow customer support from the technical side (not from the Sales side).
Great for if you have a client that is heavily focused on PR and needs a good system of measurement. If you're doing a lot with social, influencers or digital ads, there are other systems of measurement that would be better suited.
We definitely used TrendKite for competitive analyses and to see where our coverage would stack up against others in the industry. We also used it to analyze where the coverage was coming from and would then determine the quality of that coverage to help shape our strategy.

For instance, in one of our competitive analyses, we saw that another brand in the space was completely dominating the conversation. However, after looking further into it we noticed that a majority of their coverage was coming from TV, in the form of ads. When we removed TV from the mix, we were able to see a more accurate representation of the online conversation, and could then report on how our client was being talked about on blogs, news websites, etc. compared to others.
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No photo available
December 09, 2019

TrendKite: Almost There

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it across the whole organization to conduct daily scans of client and competitor news, as well as to conduct monthly and quarterly coverage and share voice reports.
  • Ease of use: easy to tag articles, build reports and comparisons
  • Customer service is always ready to help with anything.
  • Helps automate a very manual process.
  • The quality of the automated and developer implemented article filters: too many unwanted articles get through. Takes too long to make the articles pulled and the reports accurate. Eliminates the time savings pretty quickly.
  • Difficulty in self-building new searches.
It is very good at automating a very manual process and generating newsletters and reports. It has made these tasks easier. Where the product fails is at the accuracy of the articles it pulls. Too many articles that aren't accurate to the search parameters or that get by the filters. For example, when a filter is set for English only, it's incredibly frustrating to have to delete several foreign language articles from your feed and reports.
TrendKite helps us uncover new media targets and competitive information in a much quicker way than before, which was more manual and time-consuming. The problem is that the time it takes to eliminate the bogus, repeated and incorrect articles from the feeds negates the time saved.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been using TrendKite since I joined my current company at the end of March 2019, because a predecessor had signed up for the account and the company had been using it. After using it for a few weeks, I decided to renew the contract because it's one of the best tools I've used in my 25+ yr career. In addition to me and my Communications team, our social media lead uses it as well as a colleague who does Marketing Analytics.
  • alerts work well
  • capturing all media coverage - very comprehensive
  • analytics tools are intuitive
  • I really can't think of any at the moment
It's very very comprehensive for media coverage tracking and the analytics.
I haven't used it for that specific purpose yet, but I will.
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No photo available
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using TrendKite across our base of accounts to consistently measure media results and more easily track competitors, key messages and share of voice. Ultimately we use it to provide more consistent measurement and demonstrate ROI to our clients.
  • Measurement consistency
  • Share of voice
  • Key message identification
  • Insights into coverage that gets most amplification and SEO value
  • Search is hard to refine and narrow. Consistently get too many results and the team spends way too much time filtering down. Some times we just give up and use manual searches and trackers.
  • Functionality - quite often we've removed articles or results only to have them appear again.
  • Newsletter function is not collaborative and takes too much time to set up. Not flexible or scalable.
  • Don't use added features like Cision database because the database isn't as good or have the functionality of MuckRack.
  • Lack of integration across the platform. So many mergers have made add ons and pricing inconsistent. We have to have separate contracts for our international offices.
  • International monitoring (UK and CAN) not great.
  • Articles behind firewalls can't be pulled.
Well suited for clients with targeted company names, industries, search terms, and medium volume of coverage. Not suited for clients with generic names, broader industry focuses and a significant volume of coverage.
We leverage TrendKite to pull coverage and media audits and it can be helpful to understand competitive SOV and top reporters and outlets covering a topic. However, most of the analysis is done manually, as it is too time-consuming to set up a dashboard and key message widgets for the purpose. We could get it done faster manually.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for monitoring coverage for clients and watching competitive share of voice.
  • Customer service is exceptional and we really like our account rep.
  • The chat feature is great.
  • More monitoring of print and radio.
  • Faster user interface.
If a client has a lot of national public relations efforts and the main priority is tracking national online coverage, it's a great program. Where the services lack are specific to local market coverage, so if a client receives a lot of coverage in smaller local markets (broadcast, radio, print newspapers), it's harder to track the coverage and TrendKite could improve in this area. Additionally, the public relations industry needs a solution for national print. We need to find a way to track national print magazines and newspapers for client mentions.
We like looking at topics related to our client. An example is if our client makes pancakes, we can look at conversations about pancakes vs. just conversations about our client. It makes it easier for us to track conversations related to topics we're working to get coverage on.
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No photo available
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Trendkite is currently used in our Communications & Marketing Departments across our entire organization to track media insights, create extensive reports for corporate partners and strategize on the best way to tell our story utilizing the tools available to us on Trendkite.
  • Direct links to news stories.
  • Flexibility on dashboard customization and time variables.
  • News targeting for individuals, topics and more.
  • Trendkite doesn't allow you to export videos and save them to your computer anymore—this was great to share externally.
  • It can only track digital and some broadcast hits. It doesn't have a way of tracking print media impressions.
  • No matter how much you segment the information, our team still gets stories and information that is not relevant or relative to our area.
Trendkite is well suited when you want to build reports for corporate donors and partners to see your news hits. It is a great way to share how you have shared information with the community and can see how far it has reached in impressions and, free and paid media.
Trendkite allows me to track how well our PR Strategies are going for our organization. If I send out a press release, media pitch, or a story, Trendkite gives me the ability to see if my efforts were successful.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
TrendKite has been used within the Marketing team to monitor the company's global media coverage and inform staff on important media mentions.
  • The dashboards are modern, easy to use and to re-purpose for specific searches.
  • Reports are truly interactive, quick and easy to build and share with anyone in the form of a web link.
  • Newsletters are another attractive way to share results with the company's stakeholders.
  • The media database is quite US-centered; it has been expanding in the rest of the world, however, there is still much room for improvement.
  • Some KPIs like SEO impact and PR attribution should be better explained within the dashboards and knowledge base, some examples would be helpful.
  • The "mentions by location" feature should be a global (not US-only) metric.
TrendKite is a great tool to monitor media coverage, however, there is room for improvement on the distribution side (Pinpoint Contacts could be stronger in niche industries and areas outside the US).
For now, TrendKite does not really shape the strategy but serves more as an indicator of what we and/or our competitors are doing in a given period.
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No photo available
November 01, 2019

Not just a passing trend!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using it to track media mentions and to create media coverage reports. It is being used exclusively within the communications department. We receive a lot of coverage in the media and keeping track of it without a platform was virtually impossible. This is where Trendkite came in. It makes it much easier.
  • Provides share of voice breakdown amongst competitors
  • Tells you whether coverage is positive, negative or neutral
  • Ability to create competitive dashboards
  • The Boolean is near impossible to figure out so if you want to create a dashboard or make any changes, you need to reach out to customer service. Would be great if it were easier to make these changes yourself.
  • Searching for a specific keyword within your coverage is not possible (or hard to figure out).
  • Not everything gets captured. I've had some pretty mainstream articles that somehow get missed.
It is a great tool if you need the ability to put together a media coverage report in a moment's notice. It saves you having to do the legwork of pulling in articles and searching for interesting insights. It gives a report that is high level enough to share with executives that can also be clicked into for those who want more details.
I use TrendKite a lot to research competitive coverage and to make sure that we are hitting all of the same media outlets. It is also helpful to see what type of announcements get us mentioned in the headlines. This informs which launches are most newsworthy and interesting from a media perspective.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Very useful and accurate info, timely information, well presented.
  • Very comprehensive coverage
  • Timely info: every morning
  • Well presented: user-friendly
  • French/Canadian coverage could be better
  • Some websites are too small or not important enough to get even mentioned in the coverage
My only concern since Day 1: I work in Canada where a third of our media is in French. TrendKite needs to improve this part of our coverage in Canada to be very useful.
I can't say that I'm using TrendKite to shape my PR strategy in Canada—we're not there yet.
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No photo available
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's used by some account teams to track traditional and social media coverage of our clients and their competitors. It addresses the need for media "listening" that's essential to the marketing/public relations business: we need to have a complete, up-to-date understanding of what's being said about our client companies in public forums. TrendKite allows us to automate the research required to perform this function.
  • Visualize data. Auto-generated reports with graphics are easy to understand and convenient to send directly to clients.
  • Discover news coverage. TrendKite usually finds all relevant mentions of companies and other search terms.
  • Customer service. Support staff is generally responsive and helpful in meeting specific needs and custom requests.
  • Better vetting/filtering of search results. Results often include duplicate or irrelevant content.
  • Email notification settings. Too many unnecessary emails are sent to users. I've tried to unsubscribe from email alerts many times but still receive them.
For marketing and (especially) public relations professionals, TrendKite is a great shortcut for gathering and analyzing media and social media coverage of clients and related themes/terms. Its reports are visually pleasing and are perfect for clients with a strong interest in the content and tenor of public conversations about their company.
TrendKite allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of given strategies and informs adjustments or changes in direction.
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No photo available
October 28, 2019

It's OK

Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use TrendKite to quantify the results of our work.
  • Allows us to set up multiple dashboards for different clients
  • Allows us to present results from publicity campaigns in a quantified manner
  • Customer support is pretty responsive
  • Inability to add articles from e-editions of magazines
  • Manually adding articles is a slow process
  • Tracks several false/unrelated mentions and misses credible mentions
When one of your big corporate clients requires you to subscribe so they can have year-over-year data sets to gauge our work--which was the case for us.
We don't use it in that capacity. Just for tracking results.
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No photo available
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use TrendKite across all PR departments at our company. We use it to track coverage of our clients and news to share PR results with teams.
  • TrendKite has print, broadcast, online and radio all in one place, rather than using different monitoring services for broadcast versus online.
  • TrendKite has a ton of data on viewership and the impact of each story.
  • TrendKite saves reports and coverage all in one place making it easy to return to coverage that was pulled.
  • There is room for improvement with advanced searches. Rather than having to code out if you want just U.S. coverage or any other specific filters, there should be dropdowns allowing you to fully customize your search.
  • I always receive errors when trying to search just one type of media i.e. just selecting broadcast, or just selecting online, rather than all. The page will continue to refresh and never pull just one type of media which is what we need sometimes.
  • I will still notice coverage results missing and find stories on Google that TrendKite did not pick up.
TrendKite is great when you need mass coverage pulled with numbers. It's harder to find highlights and specific stories and still misses some things.
TrendKite has helped us discover sites we weren't initially focused on for our company's news but have seen they either frequently cover or when they do, they have a higher impact score than we expected and have added those outlets accordingly to our media lists to assure they receive news from us moving forward as they do move the needle.
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About TrendKite

TrendKite is PR analytics software helping PR professionals quantify their true business impact. The vendor aims to go beyond legacy metrics such as readership, mentions and ad equivalency and provide PR professionals a concrete way to attribute their efforts to real business outcomes like brand value, web traffic, SEO, and revenue.

The TrendKite platform allows PR professionals to hone in on quality coverage with single-click filters, benchmark against competitors, and report the business impact of campaigns with beautiful interactive reports. PR pros can swifty respond to crises thanks to Spike Alerts, real-time alerts powered by artificial intelligence. And using Pinpoint Contacts, the next-generation of media contacts, PR pros can leverage a journalist discovery engine to uncover new high impact journalists.

According to the vendor, the product is used by more than 1300 clients, including brands and agencies such as Nike, Google, SXSW, Hershey's, John’s Hopkins, M&C Saatchi, and Mondelez.

TrendKite Features

Has featureTraffic, leads, and revenue from PR (via Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics integrations)
Has featurePR campaign measurement
Has featureSocial sharing of earned media
Has featureReadership (unique visitors per month)
Has featureShare of voice
Has featureTotal quality mentions
Has featureRegional mentions
Has featureKey message pull through
Has featureSentiment
Has featureInteractive drill-down dashboards
Has featureUnlimited dashboards & searches
Has featureOnline publication & blog monotiring
Has featureBroadcast & radio monitoring
Has featurePrint monitoring
Has featureLicensed content & paywall acess
Has featureSingle-click interactive reports
Has featureTailored daily digest emails
Has featureWeekly news snapshot emails
Has featureCurated PR newsletter
Has featureEnterprise onboarding & training
Has featureStrategy sessions with Customer Success Managers
Has featureBest practices enablement (content)
Has featureIn-app chat with >1 min response time
Has featureSEO impact of PR (Domain Authority of Publications)
Has featurePinpoint Contacts (media contact database)
Has featureSpike Alerts that detect anomalous spikes in coverage (powered by AI)

TrendKite Screenshots

TrendKite Videos (3)

Quick TrendKite Overview Video

Watch Quick Demo Video of TrendKite PR Newsletter

Watch Video of Pinpoint Contacts, TrendKite's next generation media contacts solution

TrendKite Downloadables

TrendKite Integrations

Google Analytics, Moz, Adobe Analytics, TVEyes, BurrellesLuce, NewsEdge

TrendKite Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

TrendKite Support Options

 Paid Version
Live Chat
Video Tutorials / Webinar

TrendKite Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Bahasa, Indonesian, Czech, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Macedonian, Turkish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Greek, Croatian, Norwegian, Swedish, Estonian, Tagalog, Hungarian, Hindi, Bulgarian, Danish, Tamil, Afrikaans, Slovenian, Slovak, Finnish, Gujarati, Lithuanian, Swahili, Thai, Somali, Latvian, Nepali, Bengali, Marathi, Persian