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Elizabeth Mason | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Triblio is one of my most favorite and trusted platforms. Due to its great aspects, I would definitely recommend it to others to use this. I am a fan of all of the features the product has to offer because they are so unique and innovative as compared to other products. Also, the product is quite cost-effective which is great too.
  • The customer service within the tool is so helpful and prompt. The team is always there with quick fixes and instant responses.
  • This product has helped in keeping track of all the cookies and IP related stuff.
  • In my opinion, this platform is literally a river of goodness because they have so many articles on so many topics which is so good.
  • The automation of Triblio is amazing and effective.
  • The user interface of this platform could have been better for a more intuitive and better experience.
  • There are many things that are required to be used in precision so attention to detail is quite important and without that, you might mess up with some important points.
  • I feel that this tool is not adequate for beginners because it has a complicated interface and some complex aspects which require help and assistance.
I think that this product is a great option for businesses. The element of integration is an added benefit [that] makes this product [...] our favorite and this also just blends up so well in our organization. Moreover, this tool is appropriate for all sizes of businesses so I would definitely recommend it to them because this tool will solve many issues of the business.
From all of my experience with this platform I have always found their support to be great and quite supportive. The support is always helpful. As the tool needs some time to learn and understand so I think in those areas the support team can be a bit improvised but altogether the support team is always responsive and accommodating.
Peter Suter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Triblio is a very good and widely known account-based marketing platform that has given marketers a new ray of light and a solution that makes it easy for scaling different campaigns. This tool has helped us in creating different enablement strategies that just enhance the overall sales velocity by keeping the sales and marketing aligned. Moreover, this tool is also cost-effective and easy to use. Altogether, this tool is my most favorite ABM tool because it is so smooth and easy to use.
  • It has highly facilitated us in keeping track of all the cookies plus all the IP-related stuff efficiently.
  • This tool has highly helped us in analyzing all of our business sales and revenues which would facilitate us in setting up new goals and targets.
  • It has helped our business in tracking different website creators and after it comes up with content that is most appropriate and relevant.
  • Their sales support is very supportive and helpful which makes the overall user experience just so smooth and satisfactory.
  • The budget management aspect within the platform is not very intuitive. I believe that it needs a lot of improvement.
  • This tool or any other tool should not deceive its audience by showcasing something different in advertisements as I think that this product is not mature enough as it is portrayed to be.
  • I felt that the software sometimes ends up lagging while performing some intensive tasks.
I would highly recommend this product to other businesses and those organizations who are looking for the best ABM solution because this facilitates businesses so much that I cannot even emphasize it. This tool is appropriate for all businesses, be it small or be it large. There is no such restriction associated with the size of businesses. Hence, businesses should try out this strategic tool.
I find their customer support to be just incredible. The support that we got using this tool is just phenomenal. The customer support staff is always trained and knows how to cater to the problems of users. They have always facilitated all of our campaigns. There are a lot of good things about the customer support of this tool but still, there are certain areas that can be improvised a bit. Altogether, I think that their customer support is a lot better than many other players out there.
Ryan Dury | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Triblio is undoubtedly [an excellent] and renowned Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tool that is specialized [greatly]. It is my favorite among all the ABM platforms due to the wide variety of functionalities it contains. The product has addressed all of our issues and has conveyed the right information to the right individual, plus helped in reaching out to the accounts that are actively looking for solutions. This platform has been used across our entire organization, and it has facilitated our marketers to a higher level.
  • It has paved the way in creating an audience for our respective campaigns that are easy to set and customize.
  • This tool has a high configuration aspect which helps and facilitates [the business thoroughly] in their cases.
  • It helps you in interacting with any third-party websites or arbitrators for API calls and web solutions.
  • Despite all the good [things, this] software is more appropriate for tech-savvy people because it can get slightly complicated for beginners.
  • The website does not ensure consistency throughout the working and operating of the application.
  • It should avoid mentioning abbreviations and rather write detailed notes so that all users can understand [them].
I would recommend Triblio to any business organization looking for the best Account-Based Marketing Tools because this one works like a breeze. It is one of the top and finest solutions out there, and as a user, I am [delighted] with its performance. This tool is just the right amount of perfection for all the marketers who are willing to inculcate and drive the demand to the right places. Hence, it is a great fit for businesses.
Triblio offers exceptional customer support as well as technical support with immediate response to any problem. I am [delighted] with the support they provide because they are super knowledgeable and know their job pretty well. They have a great pool of talented workers who are serving customer representatives in a professional yet efficient manner. It won’t be wrong to say that this tool is always a step ahead of other competitors, specifically in customer support for resolving all the customer queries.
Mabel Long | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Triblio is used primarily within the marketing department in my organization. It provides us with innovative ways to generate leads for our sales pipeline. It is easy to use in terms of its intuitiveness and provides dynamic customization options which enable us [to] focus our marketing attention on specific accounts segments.
  • Intuitive user interface - This is an important [criterion] for me because an intuitive user interface makes a software platform easy to use. Triblio does very well in this aspect.
  • Prompt response from Triblio support team.
  • Engagement tracking; This feature of Triblio makes it convenient and easy to track our sales lead. The ability to effectively track our sales lead is helping my organization make smarter marketing decisions.
  • Better integration with third party software tools.
  • Importing data into Triblio can be more straightforward, without the need to modify data such as our target audience list into small datasets, for a smooth import experience.
Account-based marketing - This is the major reason why we deployed Triblio in the first place. We needed to focus our attention on expanding our sales pipeline, which in turn would lead to an increase in our revenue.
This approach has ensured that we are interacting with our customers at every step they make, towards making a purchase with us. We couldn’t have done this effectively without Triblio.
Prompt responses on every query we have passed to the Triblio team. Also, Triblio makes tutorials and help [content] easy to access, so we rarely need to contact them directly to navigate obstacles.
Victor Ramirez Benitez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Triblio wraps up a number of critically important tools into one platform. This allows us to be very advanced in our approach. Triblio has the flexibility and control while managing handfuls of campaigns monthly. Triblio gives you the power to manage everything at a detailed campaign level. All the different creatives, upload different landing pages, audience lists, budget, when the campaign runs, where. I can say that the company helped to integrate various platforms that were used between the Product and Marketing teams to launch the necessary campaigns for the brand.
  • Web personalization
  • Sales activation features
  • Campaigns across multiple channels
  • Lost in the platform when doing tasks
  • Some simpler and more user-friendly interface.
  • Integrated into a CRM system.
If you want to be more strategic and intelligent with how we market to accounts. Besides the obvious benefits of ABM advertising, Triblio has also given us the ability to customize our site based on accounts, bring in intent data and give our sales team critical account intelligence. By using Triblio we're able to serve our target accounts with personalized and custom ads. We can see which ads and content our target accounts are interacting with to then personalize the journey even more. Sales can get great insights into their target accounts with all the data from Triblio and best of all they can see all the data. I think it applies to many scenarios within B2P with few limitations in general.
Excellent technical support, immediate response to any problem.
June 28, 2021

Big fan of Triblio!

Cassie Dodd | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Our Marketing department is the primary user of Triblio in our organization. We are heavily utilizing their overlay capabilities and web personalization. We have also been using retargeting ads for specific campaign as needed.
Our sales team would be the secondary team utilizing the data Triblio provides. Our SDR team loves having the intent topic data and website visitor information for prospecting and some of our AEs use the website visitor information as well when trying to break into accounts or find new contacts within an account that would be a warmer reach out.
  • Their Customer Success team has been super helpful! If I have any questions, they are answered quickly!
  • Being able to integrate data into Salesforce, this is huge for any organization using Salesforce. It's the only way our sales team will ever see it.
  • Creating audiences to target with our campaigns, easy to set up and customize.
  • Would love to integrate more data into Salesforce. We can see stuff on an Account level via their Chrome extension, but being able to import all that data directly into Salesforce would be great.
  • I haven't seen a lot product updates from them in our time with them.
  • When we launched, we had a featured included in the console that wasn't actually available yet. That was a little strange.
If you're looking to be able to target specific audiences online, either through ads or website, [Triblio makes] it really easy to do so.
I really enjoy working with our CSM, she's quick to respond and always made our weekly check ins during onboarding very enjoyable conversations.
Dawood Khan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Triblio is being used in our organization for creating, launching, and scaling the marketing campaigns [as well as] keeping the marketing aligned with sales to effectively increase the volume of sales and product awareness among customers. It is undoubtedly one of the best account-based marketing solutions with smooth processes and [an] easy-to-use interface. I found it very effective in reducing the cost of marketing expenses.
  • Easy in creating, launching, and scaling marketing campaigns
  • Helps in keeping sales aligned with marketing
  • Helps in increasing sales volume
  • Very cost efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Seeking improvement in budget management area
  • Lacks in integration support with other applications
  • Seeking for more in-depth reports
I undoubtedly recommend Triblio for [the] creation and launching of marketing campaigns. It is helpful for scaling marketing campaigns. It effectively boosts the volume of sales and product awareness among customers by keeping the marketing campaigns aligned with sales targets. It is very intuitive with smooth processes and easy to use interface. It is one of the best account-based marketing solutions to effectively reduce the cost of running marketing campaigns.
Their support team is always readily available for providing [a] very timely response. I found them very knowledgeable and experienced to resolve the issue in [the] shortest possible time.
Sasha Brito | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Triblio is used by our Marketing team and is also being used in the Sales sector and the Administrative sector of our company. Currently there are 3 areas that use Triblio. For us, Triblio has meant a very consistent and remarkable benefit for our marketing system, previously, we had several complications to follow the sales procedure very closely and be able to provide better service to all our customers, however, Triblio offers an expectation much better, which allows advertising campaigns to be controlled more closely, customers who wish to purchase the services offered in the campaign can be better visualized, and it also allows us to follow customer requirements even more closely.<br><br>For us, Triblio is like an area where we can pool all our resources and we can study what the client needs. It is a very good place to host the advertising campaigns, we can know exactly the type of public that the previously created campaign is reaching, in addition, we can more quickly know the requirements of each of the clients. It is important to highlight the effectiveness that Triblio shows by saving us a lot of human work and replacing it with an AI work, Triblio offers a data collection service, analyzes and offers reports in real time on campaigns and their progress, so it is easier have real data without the need for manual work.
  • The campaigns that we create with other platforms, we can view them from here without any problem. Thanks to the integration system, we can easily have constant monitoring of the campaigns created with MailChimp, this integration system is powerful, it offers real-time and very accurate data on the behavior of customers in advertising campaigns.
  • It is much easier to create advertising with this platform. Triblio offers an advanced and very easy-to-use system, with a very comfortable UI, to be able to create advertising around the campaign that has been previously created. Advertising can be made with a perfect design and with relevant information that attracts customers.
  • The advertising results of each campaign can be viewed instantly with Triblio. It gives me immediate results where I can have a very good comparison on all the campaigns that I have developed and if it has reached the audience that I wanted. Because I can see the results in real time, I have been able to create new goals for my company and new configurations that help me increase sales with Triblio.
  • Triblio does not have any kind of integration with cloud storage systems. For me, this is a very necessary function and one that defines the effectiveness of the sales and advertising strategy. Triblio should implement a system where reports can be exported directly to the cloud of a company, this would ensure that the information is safe at all times and that the user can use it for various things. Currently, we have to export the reports by downloading them, and uploading them manually to our cloud, since as I mentioned previously, there is no integration.
  • There is no type of application for mobile devices, which complicates the fact that users can review the progress made in the campaigns, using their cell phone. In our company, it is necessary to be able to review campaigns constantly, so we urgently need you to design an application for mobile phones.
  • I have no other complaints about Triblio, its overall performance has been tough and it has helped me to get fantastic results in no time.
From 1 to 10, I would recommend an 8, firstly, this platform still lacks some details that it must refine in order to offer a better quality of work and that users can have more monitoring of their advertising campaigns. However, despite the missing details, I consider that it is a platform that would be very beneficial for any of my colleagues in some other company since it offers a system in which the user can be attentive about the changes of their campaigns, they can know exactly the requirements of the clients and can improve the sales process due to the constant attention to the clients. Triblio also offers a very comfortable interface, the user can know in real time the progress of the previous advertising, and can also contact each of the clients directly.

To give this platform a 10, they must design an application for mobile phones which allows them to have the same user experience as from the computer version. This would allow users to be more active on the platform and to generate better organizations in Triblio reports.
Support in Triblio has been regular. During our experience, there were various doubts and various questions arose regarding the general operation of Triblio, we did not understand very well how we should integrate Triblio with other Marketing platforms, that task was a total challenge for us. Triblio support provided precise answers, which helped us solve the entire integration process, however, the answers took more than 48 hours, when we expected that we would receive an answer in less time, that is why I rate it as a 6, they must improve response time.
Mallory Robinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Triblio is an accounting-based marketing solution that has provided different marketers with a platform and relevant expertise to scale different campaigns. As the name suggests, this product has been rendering its services as an account-based marketing software but that’s not it. The product has also been in the category of cross-channel campaign management.
  • With the use of this tool, I and my team are now able to analyze all of our sales which ultimately helps us a lot in setting new business targets.
  • The allover product has so many good and rich features like account-based orchestration, web personalization, and much more which just accentuates the product to so many higher notches.
  • The customer support of this tool is amazing and always gives reliable and professional services.
  • This product does not upgrade a lot which I think is a con because in such a fast-paced environment upgrading and updating is quite a basic essential requirement.
  • The user interface needs more improvements as currently I personally do not think it is up to the mark.
Triblio is a very well thought product which facilitates so much in ad campaigns and it also has a great potential to convert some important leads into our potential future customers that is why I would highly recommend this.
Its customer support is quick and well responsive. The tool has been facilitating us with different weekly campaigns, and yet, it also provides a complete crux of all the customer details, budgets, and important information. This tool has undoubtedly been so helpful and useful in tracking so many campaigns so effectively.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Triblio reaches the right people early in their journey through account based advertising. Triblio advertising enables the marketing team to reach buyers wherever they are and nurture leads towards conversion. The team is able to align ads to email programs to boost engagement from leads and nurture the exact list of people.
  • Helps with website visitor retargeting
  • Nurturing of marketing automation lists
  • Allows the marketing team to reach buyers wherever they are at
  • System updates are not often
  • Some sections of the system are hard to navigate
Good system for reaching buyers early and help in staying top of mind during their evaluation process. Using Triblio has been helpful in focusing our retargeting budget on the accounts that matter most.
Triblio support team doesn't leave users to face new challenges alone. They are committed to helping users achieve their goals through the use of Triblio.
Jeffrey Wallace | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it in all departments
One specific example of an effective account based advertising campaign, is targeting known contacts that have previously expressed an interest in marketing content or campaigns, but have not recently been active.
  • It allows us to follow up on dead leads.
  • It keeps our pending net revenue top of mine.
  • It allows us to scale faster and more efficiently.
  • So far smooth sailing on our end.
We are able to integrate outbound and inbound marketing with sales plays. They measure marketing performance using account engagement and account based funnel metrics.
The onboarding process is seamless
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Triblio is being used across the whole organization. It enables marketers to run targeted display ads and personalizations, as well as collect intent data to inform account targeting. It solves the business problem of finding accounts that are actively looking for our solutions, thus finding accounts before they reach our pipeline. The sales orchestration reports are particularly helpful in sharing intent data with our sales teams.
  • Use-friendly interface that is easy to understand and learn as a new user
  • Comprehensive home dashboard and signals of campaign status
  • Flexible sales activation and orchestration reports and Salesforce integration
  • Uploading audience lists is buggy, causing us to upload lists 2-3 times before they are registered
  • Budget management is not intuitive - cannot be done on a campaign level
  • Reporting could be improved
Triblio is well suited for smaller-scale campaigns and organizations that do not intend to launch more than 10-15 ad groups at one time. Updating ad groups is very time-intensive, and budgeting must be done at an ad group level rather than at a campaign level. It is challenging to manage ad groups and campaigns for different audience groups, target segments, and regions comprehensively.
Our account manager is responsive - He usually gets back with detailed answers to our questions within 24 hours. He has helped us resolve multiple bugs in the platform, and is usually great about providing solutions while the dev team is working on long-term fixes. However, there have been several instances when he has not let us know that a meeting would need to be [canceled] due to his being out of office.
September 05, 2021

A complete ABM package!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Triblio is a SaaS product we brought on to help us with our ABM program. Marketing is the ones who are operating in the platform on a day-to-day basis, but the sales team is also a huge beneficiary. We use it for ABM-based advertising, site customizations, account intent data, account activity notification to the sales team, account intelligence pulled into Salesforce.
  • Provides sales relevant account level activity
  • Shows us account level traffic to our website
  • Allows us to target specific accounts with advertising
  • Allows us to customize our site based on specific accounts
  • Salesforce widget could use a visual update
  • Salesforce widget slow to update with data
  • Salesforce widget requires a Chrome extension as opposed to be native in SFDC
I have found that Triblio has bundled in quite a few tools that other ABM platforms charge exorbitant fees for. In many cases, you'd need multiple vendors to cover all the functionality that Triblio has. I think there [are] some places in overall UI polish and application speed that is a bit lacking compared to others. But for the most part, I've been very happy with it.
Overall our account support representative is very attentive and tuned in to what we are trying to accomplish. They are always willing to pop into our account and double-check any campaigns we have running, look into any problems we are having and get to the bottom of any issues we may be experiencing.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We use Triblio for account-based insights, intent data, advertising, and prospecting. It's used by inside and field sales, marketing ops, and demand generation. Triblio gives us insight into engaged account activity and third-party intent data. The Sales Teams have found the custom account landing pages (smart pages) very effective and easy to use. Audience creation is simple as is the campaign creation.
  • Integration with MAP & CRM
  • Ease of use
  • Customizable account landing pages
  • The reporting could be better and what does exist is unreliable.
  • The product is not as mature as advertised. Quite a few bugs exist.
  • Lack of support team makes the CSM a single point of failure with no redundancy.
You can get up and running fairly quickly. We were fully integrated in a couple of weeks and serving ads within 8 weeks. Suitable for smaller teams with their 90-day onboarding package. Overall easy to use. Audience creation, setup, and integrations are all intuitive. Our Sales Team has found the account landing pages (what Triblio calls Smart Pages) to be an effective sales tool. We are not having great success with the conversion rate on the ads themselves. Reporting is lacking and buggy. There have been several bugs we've reported that lead us to believe the product is less mature and not fully productized. They do have a good vision and hopefully, the product eventually lives up to the sales pitch. The lack of product support is an issue. Support is provided through your CSM so no way for you to contact them directly. You're at the mercy of your CSM's office hours to get issues raised. Of the 3 CSMs, we've dealt with only one that really inspires confidence.
Lack of direct access to log a support case is an issue. On most issues, the support turnaround time has been acceptable. With no case management or support portal, you can't easily track the issues you've had and the status. Would love to see Triblio resolve this in the next year.
September 13, 2021

An ideal platform for ABM

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our weekly campaign scheduler helps us organize our campaigns and gives us a quick overview of our customer lists, campaigns, budget, and other important information. Our most valuable tool is the ability to create landing pages for our clients and to track their progress through advertising campaigns. Triblio helps us to generate and convert leads for engagement with our potential customers.
  • Create more relevant content by tracking our website visitors
  • Making our campaigns more effective by creating target audiences
  • Provides a better understanding of the ever-changing purchasing process
  • Even though the UI is a bit less modern than I would like, it works
  • It would be nice if there were more documentation to help me troubleshoot and fix problems on my own
The named account list in our database allows us to incorporate intent data and [...] target them with specific ads. The data allows us to provide actionable insights to our sales team so they can prospect more effectively. Our target market is relatively niche, and Triblio allows us to deliver ads and personalization to the right people without wasting advertising budget on unqualified individuals.
Triblio's technical support is nice and helpful, but only in cases of technical difficulty. As there is little community support, users must usually spend quite some time trying to figure things out themselves or wait for [...] technical support response. The turnaround time for support has been acceptable in most cases. You are unable to keep up with issues and [their] status without a case management system or a support portal.
Score 8 out of 10
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Triblio is used to manage the digital surround and personalized landing page creation for our ABM program. Contacts from our Salesforce ABM campaign are automatically passed to Triblio to both begin advertising and quickly create the landing page. Insights are also used by the Sales team via the Salesforce integration.
  • Smart pages
  • Display advertising
  • Website metrics
  • More sophisticated smart pages.
Triblio has been great for automating the deployment of our ABM program. It would also be useful in rolling out broader, messaging-specific campaigns.
Our sales rep has been extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and getting issues resolved. We have regular meetings that have been integral in getting this program rolled out as quickly as possible.
August 24, 2021

My Triblio Review

Score 9 out of 10
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By using Triblio we are able to serve our target accounts with personalized and custom ads. We can see which ads and content our target accounts are interacting with to then personalize the journey even more.
  • Interface is easy to navigate
  • Their campaign builder is super intuitive
  • Can get lost in the platform when doing certain tasks like editing/creating campaigns
  • No integration with Insightly
We are solving a handful of our digital marketing problems. Triblio allows us to manage our digital efforts on a hyper-targeted level. If you build an account list of 10-3 or even 100 accounts, you know your message is getting to every one of them.
Support is great, tons of helpful resources were sent our way as well as available online. [It is] kind of hard to get in touch with an actual person sometimes though.
Score 8 out of 10
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We brought on Triblio to help our marketing team better manage our ABM programs. While we understood that many of our target accounts were visiting our website, we wanted greater granularity and increased targeting for the messaging and content we were putting in front of this list.
  • Salesforce integrations
  • Landing page personalization
  • Audience building
  • User Interface/dashboard
  • Engagement analytics
  • Dynamic budget allocation & optimization
Triblio is a powerful solution for businesses who clearly understand what accounts they want to target. The platform integrates fairly well with your existing salesforce instance to allow you to quickly spin up cohorts you'd like to market to.
Our CSM is our main point of contact for support inquiries and general troubleshooting. She is highly responsive to our concerns and is always happy to help us work through any technical challenges we've encountered with the platform.
Score 7 out of 10
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Our marketing and business development teams are using the Triblio platform. We primarily use it for website customization as well as contact based advertising via account based marketing. Additionally, we use the reporting functionality to monitor website visits made by the companies within our target audiences. Since our company has a very targeted prospect list, Triblio allows us to target those brands and companies by vertical in a way we can't with other media platforms.
  • Highly targeted and efficient advertising spend.
  • Ability to customize website content based on the visitor (company/title) and behavior.
  • Provides website metrics that we can't get through other platforms.
  • On-going communication and support with a customer support specialist through weekly meetings.
  • Customizable reporting sent direct to users inbox.
  • Still struggling to connect the ROI dots between our efforts on Triblio and our business.
  • While we have great engagement on our advertising, we aren't seeing the conversion to leads.
  • Some of the reporting could be more detailed and/or better integrated with our CRM system (Salesforce & Pardot).
I think it depends what your goals are as a company for an ABM platform. We've been very pleased with how Triblio is driving impressions and engagement with our advertising content and how we're able to place highly targeted ads to the departments we're targeting. However, we were really wanting to Triblio to help drive leads/conversions and we haven't seen much if any success there.
I appreciate our weekly meetings with our customer service rep and how he walks us through the platform, answers our questions, looks at our campaigns for optimization suggestions, etc. I've also appreciated the monthly Triblio Table Talks and ongoing platform updates/shareouts from the company. I do feel like I've repeatedly shared our frustration with lack of conversions through the platform and that it hasn't been adequately addressed to this point.
Score 8 out of 10
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Triblio was originally shown to us by another company in our industry with a similar market and comparable service offering. As part of their account-based marketing strategy, it stood out as a critical tool for a.) targeting only the individuals you want to see ads, b.) tracking engagement of those targets, and c.) incorporating intent data. Since implementing Triblio in our marketing department, we've realized those capabilities by absorbing intent data through Triblio's partnership with Bombora intent data and seen higher engagement with a much narrower focus, resulting in more effective ad spend and better follow-up activation with sales.
  • Customer support and training.
  • Integration with other platforms.
  • Effective ad targeting.
  • Communication of new features or changes to UI.
  • Higher visibility into help tickets or requests to check into unusual results.
  • Better communication of technical requirements to launch small campaigns.
Triblio is great if you have strong buyer personas in your organization to inform intent data and audience creation. Likewise, a tight integration with sales is necessary. Focused targeting will still be less useful if not informed by the list of target accounts your sales team is focused on. Engaging those accounts will also be less useful if you don't have a well-understood activation point for sales to re-engage accounts that have interacted with campaigns.
This is a standout aspect of Triblio's platform. I give a 9/10 here because there are issues, but those issues along the way have been speedily resolved with close attention. We have a weekly call with our rep and any concerns or questions can be brought up there and are resolved via e-mail within the week.
Score 9 out of 10
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Triblio is used by our marketing group to underpin our ABM strategy. We use it to identify what accounts are active in our market and then deploy personalized campaigns to those accounts. We have undertaken extensive integration between Triblio and other products we have, so we are able to quickly respond to market activity and capitalize on interests.
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Integration with other apps
  • Identify active market participants
  • Customer support is unparalleled
  • User onboarding
  • Tools for sales reps to use
Triblio is well suited to programmatically targeting ad campaigns to specific accounts and specific departments and seniority levels within those accounts. We rely on it to identify accounts that are active in our market and then integrate that information into our other internal tools and systems to very quickly get campaigns onto market. Website personalization is ok for the majority of tasks, though there are better tools out there for advanced personalization
Their support team is the best in the business. We have access to their Support and Dev teams whenever we need it. A major reason we stay with Triblio is their commitment to making us successful.
Erik Kielisch | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our Commercial Team (specifically Marketing) uses Triblio to build brand awareness at our target accounts, accelerate geographic expansion, and improve sales velocity.
  • Cookie + IP tracking.
  • Targeting.
  • Reach.
  • Personalization.
  • Account tracking.
  • Customer service.
  • Analytics.
  • User experience.
Triblio has been very useful for building brand awareness and engagement at our target accounts. It's also great for 1:1 campaigns - including wake-the-dead ABM campaigns. It's less useful for direct lead gen like content downloads.
I have a scheduled check-in every week with an account rep. In the first several months of using Triblio, our meetings often ran the full 30 minutes. Now, they’re usually 5-10 minutes long because I’m more comfortable with the platform. If I ever have an issue or question outside of that weekly check-in, they usually respond with a resolution within 24 hours.
Score 9 out of 10
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The marketing team at my organization uses Triblio instead of using Google Display Ads. Before Triblio, we'd create display ads in Google and not really know who we were marketing to and who was seeing the ads. With Triblio, we're able to market to specific people or companies, and see in-depth analytics including the companies who are seeing our ads and who is engaging with them. We've created multiple campaigns in Triblio and are seeing pretty good success so far.
  • Great Analytics
  • Targeting Accounts with Purchase Intent
  • Accelerate Sales Pipeline
  • Unsuccessful Campaigns to Promote Events
  • More Clear Metrics
Triblio works great if you're creating a brand awareness or warm lead campaigns. You're able to target accounts who are surging in different intent data that is relevant to your company. However, display ads aren't great if you're creating a campaign to target event registrations. For these campaigns, we supplement our Triblio campaign with Search Ads on Google.
We have a very helpful account manager who is available at any time to answer questions. We have weekly meetings with him to discuss our campaigns, analytics, and he provides guidance on best practices and suggestions for new campaigns.
We have a cheaper version of Triblio, so we don't have all the bells and whistles. But, this works great for us. It's easy to use and the platform only includes things that we use instead of a handful of features that just slow it down. It looks like a simple version of Google Ads.
Score 8 out of 10
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Currently, Triblio is being used by the marketing team with plans to expand within the sales team as well. We utilize Triblio for targeted account-based display advertisements, as well as site overlays and web personalization. Triblio allows us to take a targeted approach to advertising, and to offer tailored content to key accounts.
  • Integrates with Salesforce - as we take an ABM approach, leveraging the data in Salesforce to target key accounts is key to success.
  • Provides many personalization options - Triblio makes it easy to personalize your webpage so that you can offer a tailored experience based upon what you know of key accounts
  • ABM Ads - it offers a platform to upload and deploy targeted ads to key accounts and buyers
  • Reporting - I think there is still more to be done from a reporting process, but haven't been able to dig in much to uncover more.
  • User Experience - while some of the functionality is intuitive, other pieces are harder to navigate. Also, the terminology on the site can sometimes be a bit confusing as to what each button/section does.
  • Enablement - ABM is a bit newer, so I think they can be doing a bit more to ensure we get off on the right foot utilizing all the important and cool features they offer.
If you are looking to start or augment ABM activities, I think Triblio is a great start. It is something that your team needs to be prepared to invest in (both time and money). It definitely isn't something that is suited for just trying something new, you need organizational alignment and clear goals around what and why you are leveraging the tools.
Brad Zomick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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We used Triblio to kickstart our ABM program.
  • Web personalization
  • Lead capture
  • User experience
  • Content hub usability
Triblio is good for companies looking to get started with ABM, but it doesn't work as well for companies that have more mature ABM programs.
The support team has been overall pretty good, but there was some turnover in our CSM a couple of times.

What is Triblio?

Triblio's Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution equips marketers with the platform and expertise to scale multi-channel campaign orchestration. Backed by IDG Communications, its AI-powered account-ID engine drives advertising, web personalization, and sales activation for businesses such as Nasdaq, Insperity, and Booz Allen.

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  • Supported: Account Based Orchestration
  • Supported: Account Based Advertising
  • Supported: Web Personalization

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We're thrilled to be partnering with innovative marketing practitioners from Dodge Data & Analytics, DLT, N3, and Insperity on their ABM journeys. Each of our customers come to us with a unique set of needs and expectations. See how Triblio can not only satisfy your company’s ABM needs but also exceed your expectations.

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What is Triblio?

Triblio is an account based marketing platform that creates campaigns for ads, web personalization, and sales. Triblio’s proprietary database complements an organization’s first party data to provide the best data to reach, engage, and convert more stakeholders in target accounts.

What is Triblio's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.3.

Who uses Triblio?

The most common users of Triblio are from Mid-size Companies and the Computer Software industry.