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What is Trovata?

Trovata helps businesses automate the work it takes to gather and normalize all of its financial data. Trovata lets finance and treasury teams access, build, manage, and control their own trove of financial data – from banks, business & accounting…

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Trovata has proven to be a valuable tool for users looking to streamline their banking operations and improve efficiency. With Trovata's …
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Directly Connect Your Multi-Bank Data with Trovata


Enhance Cash Flow Visibility with Trovata, the Automated Cash Management Platform

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Product Details

What is Trovata?

Trovata helps businesses automate the work it takes to gather and normalize all of its financial data. Trovata lets finance and treasury teams access, build, manage, and control their own trove of financial data – from banks, business & accounting systems, and external markets. For cash forecasting, Trovata collects and normalizes data, then generates a forecast. Trovata leverages machine learning to establish a forecast baseline, analyze historical data trends and increase forecast accuracy.

Trovata helps CFOs answer simple questions that are difficult to answer without doing hours or days of work like, “How much cash do we have right now and where is it going?” This lets us intelligently drive efficiencies through transparent visualization, workflow automation, and machine learning that can transform financial operating performance.

Trovata is an intelligent tool that aggregates your data from across all banks and bank accounts. This data can then be tagged by region, entity, or division. Trovata also translates all non-USD denominated amounts into USD equivalents. Trovata is also a powerful instrument for analyzing and communicating your company’s financial position. The platform makes it easier to share cash flow data with senior leadership and major stakeholders through our reporting app for iPhone and iPad.

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Trovata has proven to be a valuable tool for users looking to streamline their banking operations and improve efficiency. With Trovata's bank data aggregation feature, users no longer have to log into multiple bank portals for transaction queries. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual searches and allows for on-the-fly analysis of transactions and bank balances in real-time. Additionally, users have found that Trovata's user admin feature simplifies the process of adding and administering view-only users, saving both time and effort.

As a Treasury Management system, Trovata offers several key use cases that have been highly beneficial to users. One such use case is the ability to quickly find transactions that are difficult to search for in bank portals, leading to improved efficiency. The flow management feature enables users to track recurring activities and gain insights into the timing of inflows and outflows. Furthermore, Trovata facilitates forecasting and journal entry exports, making it easier for users to update their flow forecast and perform financial analysis.

Users have reported significant time savings with Trovata as it provides a single report covering all their banks. This eliminates the need for manual consolidation and allows users to focus on building quality reports. The software's analytics and forecasting capabilities have also been praised for cutting down on weekly reporting hours while providing more visibility into transactions.

The implementation process of Trovata has been relatively seamless, although some questions have arisen due to continual changes and additions to the user interface. However, users appreciate the company's support, availability, and regular product updates.

Overall, Trovata has proven to be an exceptional tool for cash management, financial reporting, risk management, and liquidity analysis. It combines features such as bank data aggregation, user administration, flow management, forecasting, and analytics to provide a comprehensive solution that helps businesses stay on track and make necessary adjustments in payments.

Ease of Integration: Several users have found the ease of integration with large banks and ERP systems to be a positive aspect of Trovata. They appreciate how seamlessly they can connect their existing bank accounts and integrate the software with their other financial systems.

User-friendly Interface: Many reviewers have praised Trovata's user-friendly interface, particularly highlighting its Google-like search processes and logic tagging. This makes it easy for users to find specific information quickly and make sense of simple business transactions without any difficulties.

Responsive Customer Support: Users have consistently appreciated the quick feedback loop on product feature requests and the responsive nature of Trovata's customer support team. They value that their needs are addressed promptly and that they receive immediate assistance through in-chat fast live support within the module.


  1. Learning Curve: Some users have found the software to have a slight learning curve, requiring a learning session and time spent testing and trying different things before becoming easy to use.
  2. Time-consuming Tag Building: Several users mentioned that building accurate tags for forecasting can be time-consuming, although it does help them better understand the forecast.
  3. Lack of Certain Features: Users have expressed disappointment in the lack of certain features, such as better transaction monitoring, a more SQL-like logic-tagging feature, multiple variables within data queries, integration with Google Sheets and crypto exchanges, and the ability to connect to smaller banks.


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Trovata helps us with cash management, financial reporting, risk management, and other features. It's important to us because we can check the liquidity of the business and other analysis so we can be sure that we are on a good track or if the business needs any adjustment in the payments.
  • You can run "what if" scenarios.
  • Trovata has alerts/notifications.
  • [It has] dashboard creation.
  • [It is] easy to visualize the data.
  • Have a better transaction monitoring
  • Deploy a desktop program
  • Have videos for training and use
If you want to know how much cash you have, forecast more quickly, and manage cash flow with precision, then Trovata [is] the cash management you need. The account integration and the capture of data are really easy to use. It's a program you can learn quickly [about] how it functions and will be really valuable in your company.
  • Cash management
  • Financial reporting
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Risk management
  • Real time data and monitoring
  • Transaction history
  • Trovata helps us with the risk because of their capability [to] run "what if" scenarios, we can know if we need to invest the money or not.
  • With real-time data and monitoring, we can be sure [of] how much money we have at the moment.
  • We can track all the transactions thanks to Trovata.
Trovata supports the users to connect directly with their banks. For example, for our organization, we can check all the cash data, make a report, and forecast more accurately with precision, and that's because you can find all the information on one platform. In comparison to other apps, the [customer] service from Trovata [is] amazing. They've been supportive and always respond very quickly when you have questions or don't know how to do something.
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