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Score 8 out of 10
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I used Typeform as an application form to qualify people applying for a call with me. It helps me get more information on the people who book a call with me, and also filters out the ones who are not a fit using conditional logic. It's very customizable to each person depending on how they answer a question, which is very suitable for my business.
  • Logic Jump. Their logic jump is very easy to understand and implement. I love tailoring questions according to how people answer them.
  • Redirection to end pages. It's such a time saver to be able to redirect people to different end pages depending on if they are a fit.
  • The conversational experience. I like how Typeform is so unique in its presentation to clients.
  • Price. It's expensive. It's why I stopped and switched to another software of $39.50 a year compared to their pricing of $30 a month. My prospects fill in the form regardless of a conversational experience.
  • 1 question at a time. It's not very clear how long the form is for people filling it in.
  • Typeform branding. You have to pay $59 a month in order to remove the Typeform branding.
Typeform is great for collecting data, an application, a survey or a quiz, but I find it strange if it was used as a shopping cart or to make payment for something.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We use Typeform on our internal blog to conduct employee surveys and gather information across departments. It's an easy way to gather information without having to code anything, and we can get it set up quickly so we can add a new form each week with our weekly blogs. We have the Pro Plan, so we can collect an unlimited number of responses each month which allows us to ask whatever questions we choose.
  • Creating a form is really easy, no knowledge of coding is needed.
  • I like how you can navigate almost their entire website using only your keyboard. I think it shows new users that the forms you create can be navigated just as easily.
  • The ability to create a custom Thank You screen is great too. It allows your users to feel like this form was created specifically for them by you, not just generated online.
  • The pricing structure is a little steep, especially for the Pro+ plan. It would be nice if they had an a la carte option because there are some features we are paying for that we will never use.
  • When creating forms, sometimes the cursor will inexplicably leave the field you are typing in and leave you with incomplete sentences.
  • Even though we are paying for our use, we still have the Typeform branding on our forms, which I think should be removed once you upgrade from the basic plan.
If you are looking to collect information from your customers, employees, website visitors, etc. Typeform is a great tool to have. The forms are easy to create and easy to fill out, and you don't need to worry about coding. Just copy the embed code and paste it where you want it.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We use Typeform with our clients to help them build and create better surveys. We also use Typeform to create surveys for our target audience, clients, and team members. Typeform is a fantastic tool to source information quickly and efficiently. It is used across all departments for our clients, as any team can use it to source relevant information.
  • The user experience is very friendly. It's easy to get started and to start creating forms.
  • Templates. Typeform has many templates to help save time and create ideas.
  • The Basic package has many options and integrations to get form builders started.
  • The Typeform branding is only removed at the Pro+ ($70 per month level).
  • The option to edit the URL.
  • Team members can only be invited at the $70 per month level. By charging a lower price, Typeform might get users to add more team members as opposed to using once account per business/team etc.
If you want to collect information, Typeform is your go-to tool. Information collected may relate to: Lead Generation, Customer Feedback, Client Registration, Expenses, Online Contact Us form among many others. Due to Typeforms integration via Zapier (From the free plan upwards) and the possibility to create APIs. The possible scenarios to collect information are endless.
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Bethany Chan profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Our Customer Success and Marketing departments use Typeform frequently to collect feedback from our SaaS product customer base. Our CSMs utilize it strongly, as it's proved to be an effective tool to both collect and analyze feedback and then turn it into actionable insight or share it with the rest of our company or even our customers. It was a rough start finding a survey tool to fit all of our needs, and we originally turned to other tools, but after giving Typeform a try we can definitely say that we're very happy with its functionality and the vision/direction Typeform's moving towards as a business.
  • Working in Typeform is automatic and intuitive. It's easy to find the surveys we're looking for and to manage or edit them (duplicating, creating, removing surveys, as well as putting them in folders). I didn't have to "learn" how to use it; when creating a new survey, the app just flows in a way that you know what the next step is and how to get there. The appearance of the app is clean and beautiful, without losing the details you need to customize.
  • Like I said above, while Typeform is simple and automatic, it doesn't skimp out on all the customization and tweaks you need to create a fitting survey for your exact use case. They have a wide selection of custom questions you can ask in your survey (from a simple 'Yes/No' to an 'Opinion Scale' to even payment collection) and many different settings for those questions (make it required, add a description/image/video, etc.).
  • You can also customize the look and feel of each individual Typeform, and save each appearance as a template setting to use again! This has really helped us make Typeform our own by adding our own branding to it.
  • Typeform makes it so easy for users to respond to surveys. They have a clean, beautiful experience that flows and no one has issues submitting responses. Typeform has an Intercom integration, which is perfect as we use Intercom with our customers, so it's easy to just issue a Typeform survey with our in-app chat to get quick and numerous responses.
  • I would love to see improved integrations of Typeform with the other tools that we use. While Typeform's in-app chat integration with Intercom is great, it doesn't cover ALL of our use cases with issuing surveys, and we'd really like to see support for email surveys that are easy and quick for recipients to submit without additional hassle.
  • We will always welcome additional insights/analytics provided with the feedback results that come in for our Typeforms. The more presentable they are, the more we can use them for internal and external use. Typeform just recently added a 'Stories' beta that caters to this so we're excited to see what more they'll be doing with it.
  • While most of our team is pretty tech savvy and very independently figures out new technology, starting out with creating a first Typeform survey may be more challenging with other less technological teams, as their creator is very conservative with real estate and uses icons instead of titles for links (though you can mouse over the menu to see the title of an item).
Typeform is very appropriate for small-to-medium business teams collecting several hundred survey responses. I'm not sure how viewing responses would work for the enterprise account. As mentioned in the points of improvement, currently issuing Typeforms via email is limited - you have to start with an opinion scale and its integrations with email campaign managers are also limited.
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Dr Olivier Becherel - Leadership and Executive Coaching profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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I use it to run surveys and send questionnaires to clients for them to fill in prior to our coaching sessions. Once the questionnaire is completed, they get the answers straight into their inbox. In addition, I can customize the forms to match ymy company branding and feel. It simplifies the collection of data.
  • Customization for forms with many options for data entry.
  • Nice look and simple to use.
  • Automatic email data to choosen email address.
  • Simple and very easy to use.
  • Could offer more options for data entry.
  • Graphic representation of data.
A simple way to collect information from clients that is convenient, easy to use, and nice looking. Makes running surveys easy. Can be used to collect any kind of data and there is a wide range of templates that can be customized at will. I highly recommend this tool if you need to collect data from customers or clients. Typeform is a simple effective online tool to do that.
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Ogochukwu Obiajulu Onyema profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Typeform is a very Important tool for my department because it makes the collection of data very easy and efficient. Content Marketing is a core part of growing a business in this current age and Typeform has been proven to be an effective tool in helping us get Insights on the areas people need help with. A popular business problem is knowing the right content strategy to deploy, with the data collected from our community via Typeform, we are able to recognize their pain points and find ways to bring them utmost value via the content and also courses that we provide.
  • Valuable surveys
  • Data collection at scale
  • Great Analytics
  • I believe that the pricing structure needs work. Even though entry level is free, $35 a month can be a bit tasking for some businesses that are just starting out. I believe that an Intermediate level is needed.
  • I also believe that more Templates are needed in the admin section as most people might struggle with setting up for the first time.
Typeform is well suited for surveys, whether you are trying to get the views of your existing customer based on some company-related issues or you are scouting for new areas to delve into. The feedback it helps you gather is powerful and it can guide you in the decision-making process
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Matthew Gardner profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Typeform both internally and externally. Externally, our customer success team uses it to collect information from our partners before we get to the implementation stage to learn about their training process and product configuration. Inside our org we use Typeform to share information on deals closed to both Accounts Receivable and to customer success. Marketing has also used it to collect webinar registrations (in combination with Zapier).
  • Data collection
  • Low price
  • Collaboration
  • Logic Flows
  • Good user experience
  • No training
  • Sharing
  • Customization
  • Plug in/API access
Typeform is amazing for any type of data collection. We have used it successfully for:

  • Employee surveys
  • Customer information collection
  • Potential customer surveys
  • Swag order collection (i.e. size, address)
  • Internal sharing as part of pass off processes
  • Webinar registrations
I wish it had a native API or plug-ins that were easy to use but it works well with Zapier.
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Joshua Singer profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Our small non-profit trade school does not currently possess a student information database - we piece together databases with applications and softwares to meet our needs. In the case of Typeform, the Marketing & Admissions offices use the software to build out our online application for an individual to apply to our school, with the information filtering into our CRM (HubSpot) by way of Zapier, a software that helps information travel between open source softwares. Marketing also uses Typeform for surveying.
  • Typeform is very user-friendly and requires very little knowledge of back end HTML or coding. Building forms in their platform is very easy and quick.
  • Typeform has very easy-to-use "skip logic" that allows me to create a better form experience for the end user by changing the form based on the user's previous answers. It is very seamless and smooth, and it helps make the form much more personalized and "smart."
  • The analytics are very good, but not quite to the level of "amazing." They give you what you need -- how long it takes people to complete the form, the platform or device they used, etc.
  • All in all, Typeform allows your forms to be better than your average form - its not just a simple, vertical form. It can be interactive, it can be smart, and you can use photos to enhance the experience. For me, without a huge budget to build out a full-on application where users can create accounts and such, it works.
  • Data transfer off of Typeform can be a challenge. We need to use Zapier to connect Typeform with our HubSpot database, and every time we want to make an update to the form, it often creates the need to re-map the fields in order to transfer the data perfectly.
  • A user going "backwards" on the form can be difficult and create an awkward experience for the user.
  • The software does not have any feature or way to allow individuals to start a form, leave, come back, and continue. Once someone leaves, it is gone forever. For me and for what I use the software for, it would be amazing if we could allow a user to bookmark their progress, or even create an account to start their application, returning at a later date to finish. Unfortunately, Typeform does not offer this.
  • We get real-time respondent notifications, which is great, but the format in which they send the email cannot be replicated when going into the software and viewing results. Exporting submissions comes in the form of a spreadsheet, whereas the notification comes in vertically in order, with the question accompanying the response. So, if you do not save these response in your inbox, you're in trouble.
If you're looking for an "advanced," more professional and "impressive" form platform, Typeform is excellent. It is great for surveys. However, if you need to stretch the software to become more, and tie it in with a CRM or database as I have had to, you might hit some speed bumps along the way and it may create some frustrations.
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I use TypeForm to survey internal teams on a wide range of business topics, and the survey results help to inform planning priorities. For example, in a recent survey we gathered pricing input from the global sales organization and used the feedback to guide price levels for an upcoming software product release.
  • Ease of use: TypeForm is easy to self-train within less than an hour.
  • Flexibility: I can capture a wide range of survey inputs, such as multiple choice and rankings
  • Accessibility: I appreciate that survey results are easily accessible in downloads that I can view in Excel or other tools.
  • The central dashboard could do a better job of highlighting my active survey, versus historical.
  • The notifications feature for new results was previously available for all users, and seemingly the company has changed the policy on this feature a couple of times.
For quick surveys in which you want users to use a simple link to access easy-to-follow questions, Typeform is an ideal choice. It is easier to learn and more flexible than the native Microsoft Excel Forms approach offered by Office365 (likely available to many business teams). Seemingly, they have thought of everything!
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Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
Typeform was being used by our Sales, Marketing & Product Team to obtain user feedback both on the service aspects as well as product features. While Typeform offers extensive capabilities, it was too much for our needs, especially once we started using Pipedrive which comes with its own form builder. Typeform was used when we used Salesforce and had to be integrated with Zapier - the connection sometimes broke.
  • User-friendly
  • Accessibility
  • Free version
  • Pricing for paid version is quite high
  • UI is over-complicated for most basic users
Typeform is well suited for those who will use Typeform a lot in their job and are able to dedicate time to learning the advanced features/customization options. It's less appropriate for someone who's wearing a few hats and needs a basic form to capture lead information or product feature requests/survey.
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Score 9 out of 10
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We use Typeform to manage everything from customer surveys and NPS collection to internal processes. Typeform makes it easy to create beautiful, intuitive ways of sharing information. We love how Typeform's team continually improves the product and have seen them introduce some exciting and really helpful features over the last three years.
  • Integration with HubSpot for automatic response routing
  • Incredibly intuitive, beautiful design.
  • Simple to build and deploy.
  • Greater form customization, though I understand that by giving users more control, that might impede overall intuitiveness from a respondent's standpoint.
  • Better reporting and data export.
  • Logic jump is great, but the way it's designed could be clearer—I wish there was a way to see an indent of the questions that would only be asked under certain conditions within the preview itself, not just the form map.
Typeform is perfect for both internal and external response collection. Though the tool might not be as robust for larger contexts as some other available solutions, I think the unique approach to question flow and beautiful design really do help to increase completion rates. So far, we haven't found a problem where we couldn't use Typeform as the solution.
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Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Typeform across our whole organization, but primarily for customer engagement. We'll send surveys or quizzes to our audience for engagement purposes, not so much for email capture or the like. We may use it at a tradeshow as part of a prize giveaway (with scoring for quizzes) or maybe as a yearly survey to our entire email base to try and get an idea of what our audience wants.
  • Visually appealing. Even though it's become more popular these days, I think Typeform still looks better than most form software available.
  • Smart. With easy logic jumping and calculations, you can do some cool things.
  • Integrations. To follow the conversion funnel you need integration between systems and Typeform has enough to get the job done (with a little IFTT or Zapier support along the way).
  • Embedding on other web pages isn't the smoothest UX yet. There are times when the user is forced to scroll when the viewport has plenty of room and other quirks like that.
  • Typeform may need to start offering more visual customization soon. Typeform was really cool when most people had never seen it before, but it's getting so popular it needs something else to stand out.
Typeform works well for longer, multipage surveys and forms. If you need to have a long form and are having problems with people completing them, Typeform might help.
If you are primarily having your audience use very short forms (1-3 questions) I bet you'd be able to find a faster form for users to complete.
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Sean Pomory profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Typeform is used primarily by the Marketing department as a form generator. We then integrate with HubSpot, our CRM. We use Typeform to handle Marketing requests and as a great way to improve the form experience of the user. HubSpot's forms, although technically nice, do not have a lot of design elements which can be very boring.

Additionally, we use Typeform to help facilitate online purchasing for our Lactation Store. With an integration with Stripe, we are able to use the form to help patients purchase lactation products while they are still in the hospital, using their digital devices.
  • Form intake.
  • Managing requests.
  • Awesome reporting.
  • Immersive data collection.
  • Mobile and desktop friendly.
  • Extremely versatile. Can handle any form requests we have. Contact forms, quizzes, shops or feedback forms all work great in Typeform.
  • A lot of integrations, including HubSpot.
  • Fantastic AI software that helps automate the form collection process and turn it into an experience for the consumer.
  • Better integration with Drupal. Currently, Typeform doesn't have a great integration with Drupal, which can lead to awkward iframes if you want the form embedded directly on the site.
  • More payment methods other than Stripe (although a good one).
  • Better support. It is not 24/7 and they are based out of Spain, which can be a headache for American users.
  • Reporting on the back end doesn't always facilitate use for short form/long form answers.
Typeform does a great job with form management and reporting. It can accept payments (through Stripe) and has some great prebuilt forms to get up and running quickly. The stock surveys are beautiful and easy to set up. Setting up your own custom survey is also very easy.

Finally, Typeform has the best value for the money I've every come across. We spend very little on the tool itself, but it makes us a lot of money. High ROI.
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Erin Holm profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We utilize Typeform for surveys within our organization. We have large-scale surveys, such as our bi-annual career satisfaction survey, that are sent out via Typeform. We also use it for small-scale information gathering, such as sign ups for events. We do have some departments that use it individually, but for the most part, we are using it to gather information from the entire organization. It's a very user-friendly tool. We have several people within the organization that use it, and new users have been brought up to speed easily. The customization tools make it easy to personalize.
  • Survey options - there are different question options you can use, even within the same survey. When sending out large surveys with varying types of questions, it's convenient to have different options for those taking the surveys.
  • Results - after you've completed the survey, your results are easy to download and analyze. Have the data ready to go with a Excel file is much more convenient than other survey sites we've utilized.
  • Sharing - surveys are provided with an easy-to-use link. This makes sharing quick and easy.
  • User-friendly - interface is easy to utilize. Very little training is required to use the tool effectively.
  • Customizable - although some areas could improve, it is helpful there are different types of questions you can use, pictures can be uploaded, etc.
  • In addition to convenient data, Typeform also keeps track of visits/who has completed the survey. If you're sending out mandatory notices to your team, and need to keep track of who has visited, Typeform makes this easy.
  • There's definitely room for improvement on the customization side. Unless you know the ins and outs of the program, the surveys can be a bit plain.
  • Creating anything beyond the question options given can be difficult. Adding variables and questions leading to other questions can be difficult. If your questions are straightforward and answers don't change the possibility of the next question, you shouldn't have much trouble.
  • Surveys only allow for 10 questions per survey, unless you upgrade to the Pro version. I understand there's a need to make money, but for what we use the platform for, an upgrade wouldn't be necessary. It would be nice if you could ask more questions, but perhaps not utilize certain features if you're still on the basic plan.
Overall, Typeform is a great option if you're looking to send out mass surveys to your team. Here are some specific scenarios where we've used the program:
- Career Satisfaction Survey to entire team (75+) - 2x year
- Questions surrounding the yearly holiday party - once a year
- Surveys around changes within the organization (as needed)

In any of these situations, we've found Typeform to be user-friendly, and easy for our teams to complete. Also, those involved in the creation of the surveys have had an easy time putting them together. Even with a few improvements that could be made, it's still a great tool.
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Stacey Pagan profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Typeform is being used in my organization by only myself currently, as we are rather new to using it. Typeform allows for me to collect data as a whole instead of each person emailing it to me one at a time. This has been a time saver on my part, as I do not have to record each person's email, it is collected right on Typeform and I am able to print what I need.
  • Typeform does well allowing users to input their own questions. While their templates are awesome, not every organization uses set templates.
  • Collecting the data directly on their website in your specific survey is a godsend.
  • Truly the only area I feel could use improvement is under the report menu. I have to wiggle around on that tab to get exactly what I am wanting.

I feel that Typeform is great to gather data/opinions. I am able to conduct surveys and utilize that data in a quicker fashion than in the past.

If using this platform for registrations, I do not feel it may be the best, at least the free portion.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Typeform for all of our data collection (surveys, applications) for our membership. We also utilize it for internal surveys and weekly updates. We chose typeform for the visual appeal, but what really makes it a great tool is the ability to add logic jumps to your data (ie if someone does x, jump to a certain question etc) and the ability to integrate it to send data to another source using Zapier, which greatly reduces the time needed to move data or make multiple surveys.
  • Logic jumps
  • Aesthetically pleasing surveys
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • User experience - hard to learn, not intuitive
  • Downloading forms directly from Typeform
  • Cannot create rules in a spreadsheet (so if you have a lot of rules or you use it for payment, this is a huge hassle)
Typeform has been trying to brand itself as a payment platform, but it is really not designed for this purpose. We used it over the past year for this need with logic jumps and calculations to add price and it was not a great experience.

However, for simple surveys and data collection Typeform is visually clean and allows you to set up fairly complex surveys using logic jumps to direct users to the correct question. They also have a good number of question types from text fields to dropdowns and multi select options.
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Stephanie Mitchell profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I use Typeform currently to collect information from new clients. When we onboard a new client for my marketing company, we need to get information that we use to provide better services. For example, if we're doing branding and graphics for a client, we ask them about their company personality, what colors they like, which designs they like better than others, etc. It's a really streamlined way to collect standard info from clients and it's easy for them to use.
  • It's really easy to put together a survey that looks good.
  • Clients feel like we're taking care of them because we give them a standard form, but it feels more personalized and stylish.
  • It's really simple to share the information we collect with employees at my company.
  • I like their older form builder better than the new one. The new one is still easy, but it was better before.
  • I would prefer that Typeform integrates better with other software, like my email software.
If you need to collect data from people in a way that doesn't feel heavy or difficult, Typeform is the best solution ever. Especially if you'd like to provide them with visual aids and ideas instead of just standard text, it's perfect. From using other things like Google Forms and Survey Monkey, I think that Typeform may not be as simple to visualize data sets like numbers.
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John Draginis profile photo
April 20, 2018

Typeform Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Typeform platform is being used across the organization at Cartegraph. However, we use it for four main areas: gathering customer satisfaction data, gathering initial project data for small market configurations, marketing style surveys, and administering quizzes and tests. Typeform has been a great platform because of its flexibility and the wonderful user experience it offers for the admin and the end-user. Although we have had some hiccups with it in the two years we have used it, the platform has and continues to improve immensely with each "release." They utilize a continuous release model, which I love because there are days I'll log in and have immediate access to multiple new features.
  • UX for the admin and the end-users
  • Survey response insights to understand how end-users are interacting with the system
  • Simple integrations through Zapier
  • Hidden Fields
  • Logic Jumps
  • Better response analytics within the platform, versus having to dump responses into Excel
  • More integration options to create and add new records in Salesforce or other CRM platforms.
  • Added functionality when utilizing the platform for building tests/quizzes. Particularly saving as you go, timing options, and a more robust calculator function. I understand this isn't their core though so I understand why they have not invested a lot here. We were able to make do with the functionality they have to administer an admin test.
Typeform is great for any data collection use case, simple transactions, and administering basic quizzes. Typeform is not so great for administering complex tests or quizzes.
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Jared DeLong profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're currently using Typeform to gather feedback/data from our current customers for marketing purposes and I'm personally using it for new customers prior to them starting the onboarding process. Rather than waiting to find out answers to basic questions during our initial meeting, we use Typeform to gather that data beforehand to better utilize our time with our customers.
  • I love how easy and fun it is to create a form. Adding various fields is so simple and they have a robust variety of fields to choose from.
  • Typeform's design is a fresh take on forms. Google Forms needs an update bad because Typeform is such a better experience. Also, you can create jump logic to send registrants to certain questions based on their answers to other questions.
  • Not only are the forms wonderful, but they definitely have the users in mind. You can easily create a customized notification email to be sent to anyone you choose, which is beneficial for our team. Also, the overall data and results abilities are great.
  • When I first signed up with Typeform, I wasn't taken through any type of setup flow or cues. It would have been nice to have that during the setup process with me being a new user.
  • They're templates are great, but I do wish they had a few more to choose from.
  • It'd be nice if you could redirect a registrant to a certain page based on an answer to one of their questions. I looked into doing this, but do not believe it's possible yet.
If you're looking for a very simple, modern looking form then Typeform is a great solution. Also, if you're looking for a form with conditional logic, then I would highly consider this product. It allows us to use the same form for all of our customers regardless of their background. Their results data and their email notification customization has been superb too.
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Ben McClure profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using Typeform on a small scale to test it out as a survey platform for our needs. Most often it's been used internally for team and employee surveys, with plans to start using it for larger scale forms as well. We have also recommended it to some of our clients as an option for managing their surveys.
  • Typeform creates beautiful forms that look great and provide a wonderful UX.
  • Typeform works well for stand-alone forms. Filling out the form is a full-page experience in itself.
  • Typeform makes complex forms look very simple by showing users only what's relevant to them right now.
  • Typeform doesn't seem to work very well for companies who want more traditionally-structured web forms that many B2B clients might desire to look more like actual physical (paper) forms.
  • Typeform does embed nicely into other sites, but it does not look or work like a normal form you'd see on a site. It sometimes resembles an advertisement on the page.
  • If your form relies on users remembering their answers to previous questions, users might find themselves losing their place and having to go back and forth between the questions to look up their past answers. It usually works best for forms with questions that don't require that level of memory about previous answers.
Typeform is suited perfectly for B2C-style, stand-alone surveys or questionnaires. It's suited perfectly for people who want a beautiful form but don't need it to exactly match their brand or existing website.

It's not as appropriate for large B2B surveys, forms that require you to reference past answers in later questions, or forms that are meant to resemble paper forms.
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Score 9 out of 10
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We use Typeform to collet data from our salesteam in order to complete equipment mockups for them. Typeform provided us with a free, easy to set up, simple to use, and accessible anywhere platform to gather the data needed from sales for this purpose. Prior to implementing Typeform, requests took quite awhile as it was a lot of back and forth getting answers to questions marketing needed to complete the project. Using Typeform forms saves time and ensures no additional questions need to be asked, which means turnaround is faster.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Web-based, so accessible anywhere from any web platform (PC, Mac, and mobile).
  • Customizable and powerful, even the free version.
  • Free.
  • I have no comments on how the free version of Typeform could improve. For what it is, the free version is incredibly powerful and easy to use.
I have used Typeform to create surveys for social groups, in addition to using it professionally to gather information from sales for specific projects. I always recommend people look at multiple options to make sure the platform suits their needs, but for what we need, Typeform is perfect. I highly recommend anyone who needs to do a survey or get formatted responses look at it.
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Score 10 out of 10
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We started using it for marketing (various questions to our customers to develop better marketing strategy). Lately, we've started using surveys in the onboarding process. Typeform solves the same issue across the board: a way to facilitate surveys in ways that have a brilliant design, are simple to create, and easy to review.
  • Easy designer that makes creating a good-looking survey really straightforward.
  • Powerful abilities, such as logic jumps and calculations.
  • Great reporting, viewable in very uncomplicated ways.
  • Different visualizations for reports built in.
  • Better layout for viewing of all created projects.
Amazing whenever a survey is needed. May be less appropriate when someone wants it to feel secure. I have no questions as to Typeform's actual security, but if someone wants to feel more secure, the approachable feel of Typeform makes it seem less secure. But again, I have full confidence it is secure.
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Score 4 out of 10
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Typeform allows you to collect information in a survey format and displays all collected data in a spreadsheet-style page for comparing and analyzing data.
  • Input end experience is very streamlined and visually pleasing
  • Clear next step and submit actions for input end
  • Comparing and collecting data
  • There is no way to view a single user's data entry as a one page form or document, it always goes into a spreadsheet
  • There is no way to receive form notifications with the free version of Typeform
  • Embedding in Squarespace websites is mediocre
Well suited for mass collection and comparison of form answers. Not well suited for applications or questionnaires for a client onboarding as you can’t view one form at a time but instead have to view all data at once.
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Score 9 out of 10
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While we use Typeform at our company in a variety of ways, we don't generally use it for our forms. Rather, it's one of the tools we use to create interactive content marketing pieces. In some cases, we embed Typeform on our landing pages or blog to quickly create polls. We have created internal surveys to collect input from our employees about certain questions, as well as external client-facing surveys. And we've used it on occasion to make quizzes with the scoring/calculator functionality. It's simply an attractive, easy-to-use, light and dynamic way to collect information for a variety of uses from internal and external customers and prospects.
  • Easily customizable (within certain limits) -- embeds nicely on landing pages, easy to format with our brand colors.
  • A wide variety of question styles makes it useful to collect information in a variety of ways, from open-ended short- and long-form questions, to rating scales, to yes/no questions, to multiple choice, and so on. Quite a few different options.
  • Typeform's logic makes it easy to branch our forms/surveys based on question answers.
  • The ability to collect information, then serve up those answers in follow-up questions, is one of Typeform's strengths -- including the user's name, for instance.
  • Light and fast. Give it a try - you'll see what I mean.
  • The scoring functionality could be a little more robust.
  • While Typeform touts the ability to create quizzes and calculators (and it's true, it can), there are other tools out there for such uses that may be better suited to such tasks. The calculator functionality seems a bit limited (especially for content marketing purposes), and for quiz functionality, you might be better off with a dedicated quizzing tool.
  • Typeform's look is attractive -- but it's always pretty recognizable as a Typeform. Customization beyond images, colors, etc. lags behind some of the more robust (and far more expensive) interactive marketing tools out there.
Great for collecting information in a personal, informal way. Simple surveys, quick opinion polls, yes/no questions -- it excels at these. It makes it easy to embed additional elements such as videos and images, and the interactive experiences can function well either as standalone landing pages, or be easily embedded on a separate landing page.

As mentioned earlier, Typeform doesn't appear to work as well for quizzes or calculators, especially for users who might be looking for an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We use it across our organization to administer surveys that look and feel good. It's more mobile friendly, which we appreciate, and I like that we can customize it to match our brand identity.
  • Flexible - mobile version looks great, response times are almost that of web, completion rates are just as high
  • Elegant - clean design and interface, especially on the taking aspect. Good customization options.
  • Simple - clean design, drag and drop is relatively easy to use. Easy to send links that track hidden variables, which is great for plugging results back into our interface.
  • Qualitative analysis is not present. Would love to see word clouds or some other qual treatment in
  • Lack of matrix questions/other question types. I get why you do the question groupings, but it's frustrating that I can't do simple radio button responses in a matrix format
  • The logic can take a bit to master the first time
  • They don't calculate NPS correctly in the quickview report - they present NPS as a question type option but calculate the average (which is weird). Would be great to have accurate calculations of this for both NPS and net satisfaction calculations
  • Collaboration permissions are still wonky. Collaborators can't use master-account created design templates? What's up with that? Still not sure if I see the value of having collaborators. Considering downgrading our account and using one master log-in.
Love the design, simple-to-use interface and support they provide (very responsive support!). Great conversion rates, likely thanks to the interface and the possible customizations (down to survey URL and colors, text).

It's less technologically and methodologically robust than I would like - lacking question types, analyses on the backend, and missing integrations that could make it that much better. For example, if you could do triggered email sends from Typeform it would make a WORLD of difference for us to set up automatic survey campaigns.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Survey templates (24)
Themes (26)
Custom logo/branding (25)
Changes to live survey (22)
Question design help (21)
Multiple question types (26)
Survey logic flexibility (21)
Response tracking (25)
Data export (23)
Standard reports (23)
Custom reports (15)
Analytics (23)
Access controls (14)
Compliance (14)
Vendor-offered crowdsourcing (5)
Respondent restrictions (12)

About Typeform

Typeform is online form and survey software, focused on high-quality visuals and user experience. Users can create surveys, registration forms, tests & quizzes, contests, tutorials, shopping carts, and contact forms, without needing to write code.
Typeform offers freemium plan pricing. Their basic plan is free for one user; their Pro plan in $35/month for one user (includes logic jump, respondent notifications, calculator, custom thank you screen, hidden fields, payment fields, and 2GB file storage); their Pro+ plan is $70/month for three users (also includes team collaboration, white-labelled typeforms, priority support, and 4GB file storage). 

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