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UDA Construction Suite

UDA Construction Suite


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Users have reported mixed experiences with UDA ConstructionSuite. Some users have found the software to be intuitive and helpful in …
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What is Procore?

Procore is a project management software designed specifically for the construction industry. Procore is cloud-based and allows unlimited users per instance, so that construction team members and stakeholders can all access project information and documents.

What is Buildertrend?

BuilderTrend is a construction management system. It includes functionality for pre-sale, project management, financial management, and customer management processes. It also provides mobile accessibility.

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What is UDA Construction Suite?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have reported mixed experiences with UDA ConstructionSuite. Some users have found the software to be intuitive and helpful in improving efficiency and maintaining margins. For example, a construction company praised the software for its familiarity with other software like Excel and Word, which made it easy to use. Another user, an architectural firm, integrated the software with QuickBooks and found it easy to use and intuitive. They also appreciated the availability of support and the ability to remotely manage their computers for support and corrections.

However, not all users had positive experiences with the software. Some users encountered deal-breaking problems after spending months with the software. Others found it clunky and not intuitive, requiring breaks from use. The software was also reported to run slow, leading to wasted time and a desire for quicker task completion. Despite these issues, the customer support team has been praised for being helpful and professional in resolving issues.

Overall, UDA ConstructionSuite has proven useful for technology-driven companies, providing efficient organization, collaboration tools, and clear reports on actual vs budget. Users have found value in its online version for easy access to projects and attached documents from anywhere. However, there are some limitations and flaws that users should be aware of before implementing the software.

Option to Purchase License: Users have appreciated the availability of a license purchase option instead of paying perpetual fees, as it provides flexibility and cost savings for their business operations.

Visually Appealing Interface: Reviewers consistently find the software interface visually appealing and well-designed, enhancing their overall user experience with its sleek design.

Versatility and Flexibility: Many users have praised the software's versatility and flexibility, allowing them to perform various tasks such as estimating, scheduling, proposals, and contract documents in one convenient platform. They value how it streamlines their workflow, improves efficiency, and helps them stay organized. The software's ability to adapt to different project needs has been highly regarded by multiple reviewers. Additionally, users appreciate the intuitive nature of the interface that makes it easy to navigate and use effectively.

Difficult to Learn and Use: Many users have found the software to be difficult to learn and use, with a lack of intuitive functionality. This sentiment was echoed by multiple reviewers who expressed frustration with the steep learning curve and the software's non-user-friendly interface.

Poor Customer Service: Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by the company. They stated that it was unhelpful and biased towards the client, leading to further frustration when trying to resolve issues or receive assistance.

Frequent Upgrades Required: Numerous users criticized the company for constantly requiring upgrades to fix bugs and maintain compatibility with other programs. This has been a common concern among reviewers, highlighting their annoyance at having to frequently update the software in order for it to function properly.

Users have made several recommendations for evaluating and implementing software options. They suggest taking advantage of the training and webinars offered by the software company to gain a better understanding of its functionality. Additionally, users advise spending time upfront in the implementation process and carefully considering the desired end results. This will help ensure that the software aligns with their needs. Another recommendation is to trial the software before committing to it. This allows users to assess whether or not it meets their requirements. If there are any issues with in-house installation, users recommend seeking assistance from the software company to set up the software properly. Although some users note that there is a learning curve associated with the software, once mastered, it has the potential to greatly streamline the estimation process. However, one user expresses frustration with the functionality of the software and advises against using it.


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Abe Degnan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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Verified User
We went all-in and spent months implementing it. We truly believed this would be a solution for us, and expected it to fulfill the needs it promised.
  • The beautiful user interface. It looks good.
  • Their videos are professional.
  • They have webinars.
  • Their spell checker creates a squiggly line to tell you that you have a misspelled word, but, doesn't allow you to correct it.
  • The spell checker lets you add custom words to a dictionary, but, it can only use one dictionary at a time to check spelling. So the default dictionary gets used, and your custom words still show up as being spelled wrong!
  • You can't select-copy addresses, in order to paste them somewhere else.
  • Using duplexing on my printer doesn't work right. It works for every other software I own, but not in UDA.
  • There is a bug in the WIP date range that doesn't pull accurate data.
  • "Options" in the estimate show only cost, not margin. So if you show your customer that report, you are revealing cost info, not selling price!!
  • You can't import a PDF into bid notes, even though the premise of UDA is to try to make it a single repository for all your information.
  • You can't use the arrow key to browse photos in UDA. You need to close, and click into the next one. No inuitive functionality.
  • The estimating module separates material and labor, in ways that create a very confusing Scope of Work. You need to select the labor item from your database, then separately select the material from your database. You end up with two line items in your Scope of Work for the same thing. Instead of writing, "Supply and Install a new window" you have "Supply a new window" and then "Install a new window." It's hard for my estimator, and confusing for my client.
  • UDA will WREAK HAVOC on your contacts in Outlook.
  • It does a terrible job of managing husband/wife or partner/partner situations. You can't mail merge them properly, or, you get forced into combining their contact into into a single contact-- and then how do you know whether the cell phone is his or hers???
  • There is no good way to credit design fees against the construction contract, if you happen to use that paradigm for your contracts.
  • There is no way to filter contracts by their date created. So, how do you find your newest contacts for entering them into something such as Constant Contact?
  • If you try to use integration of QuickBooks(QB) and UDA, your ITEMS list in QB will either get expanded to hundreds or even THOUSANDS of items... or, your POs in QB will get created in a summary form such that they are virtually meaningless.
  • The "lead funnel" graphic may look cool, but there is not a good way to actually report on the lead status, track the activities and calls that you make, note significant emails that you write, or keep track of when you send out thank-you cards or spiffs/gifts!
  • They might tell you that these things work, but, after spending MONTHS with UDA, I found out that these problems are deal breakers.
  • Within their customer service department, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. They do not use a structure such as Zendesk that so many other great companies use. Even though I was paying for priority support, there were often days going by where I could not get a call or email back to assist me with a support request or provide a tutorial on how to do something. Had I not paid extra for support, this would be acceptable. But when paying for "TotalCare" priority support, there are times when the software had me stuck, and I was stuck for a day at a time waiting for an answer. Sometimes no answer ever arrived.
If you've never used software before and have low expectations, then you might be able to make it work out.
  • All my money was wasted. I could not get a refund.
  • All my time was wasted. I spent much time on customer support, and even more time "stuck" where customer support could not be reached.
  • My staff time was wasted, because it was hard for them to implement and then we ultimately abandoned it.
QuickBooks has great quality assurance and while they don't provide support, their software is nearly flawless. Co-construct provides great support and solves problems. In comparison, UDA Construction Suite is full of flaws, and their customer service department is disorganized and overworked.
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