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UiPath Automation Platform

UiPath Automation Platform


What is UiPath Automation Platform?

UiPath's hyperautomation platform combines a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with capabilities to enable organizations to scale digital business operations at speed, automating millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for businesses and government organizations all over the world.

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Versatile Tool: Users find UiPath to be a versatile tool that can automate various programs and software, with some reviewers stating that …
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UiPath, Market Leader in RPA

10 out of 10
May 21, 2021
Here in my organization we are using UiPath for RPA solutions. We are using SAP Automation, Web Automation, Citrix Automation, etc..

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Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee
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  • Free Trial
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  • Premium Consulting/Integration Services

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $420 per month
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Product Demos

UiPath Test Suite: Execute RPA Tests


UiPath Test Suite: Automate RPA Tests


UiPath Test Suite: Manage RPA Tests


AI-powered automation for HR onboarding


Clipboard AI: the newest addition to the UiPath Business Automation Platform


What is a UiPath Software Robot?

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Product Details

What is UiPath Automation Platform?

UiPath's hyperautomation platform combines a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with capabilities to enable organizations to scale digital business operations at speed, automating millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for businesses and government organizations all over the world.

The UiPath Automation Platform enables users to discover opportunities for process improvement by mining communications taking place throughout the business, and through mapping out how employees work, while mining and monitoring every business conversation. This process enables users to capture and manage automation ideas and process improvements in one place, prioritized by impact and ROI .

All created integrations and automations are centrally managed through the UiPath Automation Platform. Users can continuously test and monitor automations and the applications they rely on with the platform's built-in testing.

Through gaining a better understanding of businesses processes, the platform then enables users to

  • Build business apps and automations with low-code, visual tools
  • Combine RPA and API integration for speed and scale across the widest range of systems
  • Remove work from paperwork with intelligent document processing
  • Incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) models into automations
  • Get various kinds of robots to do all kinds of work—from ready-to-go SaaS robots to robots that work alongside their people on everyday tasks
  • Create smarter decision-making and collaboration between people and digital workers

The SaaS option for deploying UiPath's Automation Platform, Automation Cloud delivers the full UiPath Platform—including SaaS robots and self-hosted robots—in under a minute from any of six regions around the world. It is browser-based. Alternatively, the Automation Suite version is containerized with Kubernetes integrated, installed in cloud, in on-prem Linux VMs, or on bare metal servers as desired, and offers portal access to all services and integrations.

UiPath Automation Platform Videos

Introducing the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform
mortgage approvals with UiPath Automation Platform: meet Connor and Linda
How Griffith University Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency with Automation

UiPath Automation Platform Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsLinux, , ,
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath's hyperautomation platform combines a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with capabilities to enable organizations to scale digital business operations at speed, automating millions of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks for businesses and government organizations all over the world.

UiPath Automation Platform starts at $420.

Automation Anywhere, Pega Platform, and SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation are common alternatives for UiPath Automation Platform.

Reviewers rate Usability and Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.

The most common users of UiPath Automation Platform are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Versatile Tool: Users find UiPath to be a versatile tool that can automate various programs and software, with some reviewers stating that it exceeds their expectations in terms of functionality and capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface: Many users appreciate the user-friendly interface of UiPath, highlighting its intuitive design and ease of use. Several reviewers mentioned that the platform is accessible to individuals without extensive technical skills.

Excellent Integration Capabilities: UiPath's excellent integration capabilities with systems like Microsoft SharePoint, Excel, and SAP are highly regarded by users. Some reviewers mentioned that these integrations make it easy to connect with other applications and enhance automation processes.

Difficult User Interface: Many users have found the user interface of UiPath to be difficult to navigate and understand, especially when compared to other tools. Several reviewers have expressed their frustration with the complexity of the UI, making it challenging for them to efficiently use the software.

Stability Issues with OCR and Screen Recording: Some users have experienced stability issues with OCR reading and screen recording in UiPath. These problems can disrupt workflow and lead to delays in automation processes. Users have highlighted the need for improvements in these areas to ensure smoother operations.

Insufficient Information in Orchestrator Queues: Reviewers have noted that Orchestrator queues lack sufficient information, which can hinder effective management of tasks and workflows. This limitation has been mentioned by several users who feel that more detailed information should be provided within the queues for better visibility and control.

Attribute Ratings


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Mohanish Khatkhede | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used UiPath to automate some of the insurance processes within our department on Legacy platform, the basic idea behind using the UiPath RPA is to automate the day to day policy servicing processes. We have deployed the solution internally and it has greatly helped the team to streamline processes. We have used RPA to automate various claims and underwriting processes. It allows user to reduce the turn around time taken by business users for processing claims and underwriting which in tern reduce time to market meaning scrutiny of claims, underwriting, payouts etc. It is highly flexible tool as it can support a lot of data types and have a lot of activities that work in the background.
  • UiPath provides free trial version of both Community and Enterprise edition. UiPath provides free tutorials and documentations
  • UiPath provides a strong, active and very helpful official community platform for clarifying doubts, sharing issues etc and has assigned an official team for providing support for the community users through this platform.
  • UiPath is an easy to learn and use tool with a great user interface.
  • Unlike other leading RPA tools UiPath provides a great user interface so that a person with minimum technical knowledge can understand the flow
  • UiPath provides large number of activities which we can reuse as per our need just by changing the properties and parameters
  • It provides the flexibility to create custom activities as per users need.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to use unattended robot without need of Orchestrator.
  • UiPath orchestrator component is a very powerful tool which if utilized effectively can make the robot management and monitoring very easy.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to find the objects locators using UiPath especially on Legacy Platforms.
  • The licencing cost per user is higher when compared to other RPA tools available in market.
  • Non availability of maximize option in Property edit box, argument value edit box is another flaw.
It can very well be suited to automate the recursive business processes. It eliminates human errors - the manual actions performed during processing of daily activities. Development was easy with UiPath with the numerous inbuilt activities and support for custom activities. We have tried automating insurance processes for our internal stakeholders and the result and feedback received was awesome. We have automated processes for claims processing where we have validated various excel formulas to calculate correct the payouts. The best part is we can reuse the automated processes.
  • Business Process Automation for some of the financial processes which reduces time to market and efficiency. It also helped us reducing the cost and by doing automation repetative task needs lesser time.
  • It reduces the time to market by automating the day to day business processes.
  • Improved the speed of execution of process. The automated processes can be easily reused.
  • It eliminates the human error where processes involves complex calculations, excel data consolidation etc.
  • It also supports integrating with various tools which makes it highly flexible to use.
  • User can record the processes which is also a important feature.
The other RPA tool which I used is Blue Prism, however comparatively Uipath is quiet user friendly and easy to learn and use. We can not use BP processes on Citrix/Virtual machines. Also Uipath has strong user community. Uipath also provides free trial community and enterprise edition for 30 days. UIpath is quite easy compared to other business process automation tools, it has a better UI and its more of a self explanatory tool.
BFSI Products, Business processes of Life, Annuity, P&c and related processess.
We have other line of business where we are automating Loan, retirement, wealth management processes as well.
UI/UX designer, JavaScript experts, Automation Test engineers and some Java developers are available.
  • Automation of Life & Annuity claim business process for PAS
  • Automation of Loan Processes
  • Automation of Retirement Plan process
  • Automation of financial market business process is something which we tend to use daily in various departments, using UIpath we have automated those processes, by this we have not only reduces the time and repetative task but also saved on costing a big deal.
  • We are planning to use it for automation of some of the HRBP internal processes.
In very less time it has become a go to tool for automating different reusable things within the organization.
Not Sure
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
Product features and usability
Nothing to change, the product upgrade are already coming with few interesting features.
  • Implemented in-house
  • Not involved
Not involved
  • Online Training
There are various training available readily on internet for UiPath.
We can do the required configuration to an extent.
No, may be UiPath admin can help here
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
Yes - we have added extensive custom code
It is little difficult but can be done.
Yes we have done many customization for some of the automated processes.
It has good reach and their are various communities online to provide you support. And support with product installation and other things is readily available from UiPath
Some issues encountered with the integration with devops and those were readily supported with due attention.
As mentioned earlier, I came across an issue with integration with devops and that was reported and resolved in no time.
If you have some prior experience of using any automation tools then its quite easy to learn and use UiPath.
  • Automation of UI/UX
  • Automation of Business processes
  • Automation of Repetative processes
  • I feel that sometimes the integration of UiPath with some of the cloud based tools are little cumbersome
Yes, but I don't use it
It can be widely used across various departments regardless of platform the product,processes, use cases are build on.
Its a cloud based platform which is easily available and used
It has proved and provided good performance across platforms and technologies.
  • Devops
Initially faces few difficulties however it was smooth thenafter.
  • Yes, we have integrated our PAS for insurance processes
Based on the liacencing agreement.
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
  • Javascript widgets
  • AppExchange or similar marketplace
Generally we face difficulties with integration but its easy to do.
You need to know the plugins while integration of tools.
They are readily available whenever we had any issues.
Quite approachable.
Not involved much here.
Not my skills or forte
  • New features are very useful easpecially with the integration of CI/CD processes.
  • I think it has become quite fullproof.
Organization decision
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're using UiPath to automate HR activities in the company using attended and unattended setup. Attended robots are installed on the employee's workstation and can be called at will to assist them in specific tasks.
Unattended bots process backend information for the tasks that cannot be handled by the backend systems.
  • Interfacing with front-end applications
  • Studio development software works intuitively
  • Fast-evolving to be able to handle future challenges
  • Process development troubleshooting
  • Development in UiPath Studio requires technical knowledge and development skills
The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform learning environment is available for everyone and offers anyone the ability to get insights on how UiPath works. Developers can obtain certification to prove their (advanced) skills.
The ultimate goal of UiPath is to provide a robot assistant for every employee in a company, but that might become quite costly. I suggest picking your battles on automation carefully.
  • Quicker processing of input
  • Creating added value for end-users
At the moment, we only rely on the community for support, which is quite active and many issues are already encountered by other users and resolved.
  • Online training
Video material supported by text. The training has evolved a lot in the past 3 years to become more attractive.
Specific training tracks exist for the different roles in RPA development, where everyone is expected to learn basic development.
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