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Santosh Yalamanchili | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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UiPath Task Capture is used to capture the requirement in a process. Yes, it is being used across the whole organization. It saves a lot of time while gathering the requirement and produce a well understanding document.
  • Documenting the Process
  • Create Diagram
  • Process Workflow
  • It will be good if it is available in web instead of installing on the local device
  • Some little changes can be done in the interface to be updated as per trend in market
  • Can make the login procedure simple so that it will be good for the new users
  • Process Requirement Gathering.
  • Documenting the Process. Create Diagram.
  • Viewing and Editing the Process. Viewing and Editing a Sequence.
  • Import XAML File - Preview. Importing and Editing a XAML File - Preview.
  • File Menu.
  • Settings. Capturing Settings
  • Exporting. Word Document.
  • Managing Word Templates.
Christopher Page, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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StepShot is being used to capture processes within the company, so standard processes are both documented and followed. This is helping the company streamline and position itself for long term growth, as well as quicker onboarding time for new coworkers/contractors. It helps reduce training time since both videos are done of the procedures, but it provides a written manual that can be referenced much quicker.
  • Easily capture process as you're going through it
  • Easily edit the captured process
  • Add new steps/slides into the process as needed after it's captured
StepShot is excellent for organizations of any size. Whether you're a solo-entrepreneur who has contractors occasionally help out or a Fortune 500 company, StepShot can help. It offers options to export to Word, PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, WordPress, and even Confluence. With so many output options available, StepShot is excellent for any organization, no matter how simple or complex their document structure is.
I have only run into an issue once, which I believe was due to a newly released feature (cloud storage). I was running into issues with the functionality on my Mac. The team was incredibly helpful in both troubleshooting the issue by jumping on screen sharing sessions, as well as providing multiple releases for me to test to fix the problem!
Shelle Pourmanafzadehardabili | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We utilize StepShot to create technical guides on various services we provide to our clients. It saves quite a bit of time from taking individual screenshots and creating a document, placing images of screenshots for any online process. We have used it to show how to sign into an application and update account information, make changes to a website, creating a blog post, creating a journal entry in an accounting program, etc. The list is endless.
  • Track sequential steps with screenshots
  • Create a document that you can easily annotate and give directions.
  • Quick and friendly customer service.
  • More control over the formatting of how the text and images end up in the final export.
If you need to guide anyone through any computer process more than 1-2x per year, StepShot is definitely the best tool we've found at this point. You can try the basic features for free and create a few guides. It would be nice if they had a pricing option between Basic and Pro, but definitely a useful tool!
Score 10 out of 10
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StepShot is being used to help us with our documentation and (sustainability) initiatives. We use it to create tutorials, manuals and essentially any reference materials that would be used as a guide. When our department develops a process, we use StepShot to document the explicit steps we want people to take during this process. StepShot enables us to spend more time developing great ideas and less time training others.
  • StepShot allows you to mark up your screenshots or captures in so many ways that you truly can "draw" out potentially confusing steps for your intended audience.
  • StepShot does a really good job of screen recording. Some software I have trialed ends up missing clicks or grabs the wrong area, but StepShot is very accurate, to the point that I often remove clicked screens due to redundancy.
  • The various output options for StepShot guides is instrumental to the way we function with this product. For some departments and materials we would need to create a PDF, others we might want the recipients to be able to provide feedback to us on, so the Word document is used. For others, we are able to send links to the newly developed material. Having this flexibility saves us time since we don't have to manipulate the output on our own.
  • The login area for StepShot is confusing and relatively disconnected. You must know your "Account Name" in addition to the log in, which is atypical for software and creates some confusion for new users.
  • The installation of the software on local PCs is an additional step that would be nice to not have to make. This requires us getting Admin authority for any computers we want to access this software. There are many screen recording technologies that do not require a local installation. However the version we use does.
  • The User interface of StepShot is a little dated. While this doesn't impair our usage of the product, a dated appearance gives users the impression that the company isn't keeping up with tech trends and instills a slight sense of uncertainty in regards to how relevant this software is in comparison to its competition.
StepShot is perfect for showing your audience how they are supposed to navigate a new system you have implemented. You can take them from a login screen all the way through any technical process you want them to follow. The product is not ideal, however, for documenting a process that does not have tangible steps. For example, a process we have created includes some reflective thinking about alignment or outcomes in order to work, this can be articulated in the text area of the screen captures but doesn't really capture our message.
Score 10 out of 10
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StepShot guides is being used solely by me. It's used for creating standard operating procedures and tutorials. It allows you to create a step by step series of pictures of what's on your screen and where you clicked, which is perfect for guiding people through an app, a web page, or for standard operating procedures.
  • The annotations options are fantastic. You can adjust exactly where you want your mouse cursor to show up (if at all) and can create all images for step-by-step
  • It has a really nice interface, simple to use.
  • It's customizable - you can choose full screen, active area, etc.
  • The "export & publish" button is kind of tiny and tucked away. It should be more prominent. After not using it for a couple weeks, I always forget where it is.
  • Updates aren't as frequent. Which is fine, since I haven't come across many bugs, it would just be cool to see some added features/functionality a bit more often.
  • The blur looks fine in the preview mode, but when exported, it's not the best.
StepShot isn't a tool for everyone. For example, StepShot is perfect for any business that has multiple employees, for creating standard operating procedures, and it's perfect for businesses that have customers that could benefit from step-by-step guides. It'll cut down on your support tickets tremendously, and you can use these images in a PDF, directly on your site, or in documents.

UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot) Scorecard Summary

What is UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot)?

UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot, acquired October 2019) is a tool designed for quick and easy step-by-step documentation. During a recording mode, the software creates a separate screenshot on every click, groups them into a manual with automatically added metadata. Users can annotate captured images and structure documents in the way they want them to look.

UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot) Features

  • Supported: Screen recording
  • Supported: Screen capture
  • Supported: Automatcally added metadata
  • Supported: One mouse click - one screenshot
  • Supported: Export to .xml .html .pdf .doc .dita
  • Supported: Publish to Confluence, Sharepoint, easyDITA, WordPress
  • Supported: Image anotation
  • Supported: Smart capturing
  • Supported: Structured library
  • Supported: Pause while recording
  • Supported: Smart crop

UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot) Screenshots

You may record the needed area of take a separate screenshotOpen menu (1) to be able to save this document to another location, share or publish it somewhere on your computer or remote service.
To create your documentation, use recording buttons (2) (discussed in "Recording" article later). All recorded steps and single screenshots are displayed in the outline panel (3). To group steps into sections, right click on empty space inside the outline panel and click on "Add section" option.
Annotate the selected step image (5) with drawings (7). Then update step title and description (6) to tell the user what he/she needs to do.Create manuals that contain guidesExporting options. Choose the template (1) and set export settings such as quality and image size (2). Then export the document (3) to a specific location. 
Export settings are the same for all export formats.

UiPath Task Capture (formerly StepShot) Videos

So you’ve just bought your Сonfluence instance and you are really happy with that! But there are still tons of procedural documentation topics you would like to have on your server! It can be a short 5 steps guide on how to use a printer,or a 100 steps manual on an SAP configuration procedure. And Confluence can’t capture this documentation automatically, but StepShot - can! Whenever you need to document a software-based process - just create a new StepShot page in Confluence. This will launch StepShot application in the background. Do the workflow from the beginning till the very end. StepShot will create the screenshot and text instruction on every click. Then edit all captured images and text at once and save back to Confluence. Enjoy the new way of documentation creation, while your company will benefit from the digitalized corporate knowledge and overall increased productivity. And remember - process will always be there and StepShot is the easiest way to document it.

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Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish