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Usabilla starts at $49.

Reviewers rate Survey templates and Question design help highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Usabilla are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Automotive industry.


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Score 5 out of 10
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Usabilla allows us to administer an intercept survey on our website. This allows us to ask in-context, at the moment, simple questions to the user. The in-context aspect of the survey is important, as Usabilla allows us to select a target sample, location, or an event trigger for the survey, such as after encountering a new feature on a page. This data can be more trustworthy than sending a follow-up survey over email to those users, who may have forgotten their thought processes as they interacted with our product.
  • Continuous feedback such as CSAT or NPS score.
  • Monitors feedback trends on recurring surveys through analytics dashboard.
  • In context, in the moment data rather than during a follow up survey.
  • Doesn't allow video responses or recordings of the user's screen like some competitors.
  • Limited to primarily desktop instead of mobile web or app.
  • Requires some engineering help in order to target certain javascript event triggers.
Usabilla is an okay option in terms of intercept or continuous feedback software. It works if you need a feedback button on your site, and otherwise do not have recurring mechanisms to collect that same user info. It is also sufficient if you have a very broad audience and imprecise target criteria for respondents (such as just popping up on a certain web page, but do not need to target by pulling from user data such as whether that customer is a prospect vs. active). Anything more sophisticated than that takes a little bit of help from product and engineering teams to get you the right javascript triggers and other criteria.
I haven't contacted support yet to solve a particular issue. I do have an account manager at Usabilla that I talk to in order to introduce the software to my team but this is just to run over the basic functionality in a live demo setting. The ability to talk to a real person over video call is a benefit though.
Score 10 out of 10
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Usabilla is the best way for me to get immediate feedback from web users regarding their experience on our websites. Especially when they complete forms to get an estimation of their insurance cost. Knowing if it fulfilled what they were looking for is valuable for us to understand what our teams should work on to improve user experience.
  • collecting immediate feedback from web users
  • detecting when a user is about to leave the page he is looking at
  • easy to configure
  • plug Usabilla data with analytics tools
  • send automatited report based on latest answers
When you want to measure a Net Promoter Score on your website based on specific funnels, Usabilla is a tool you should consider. Plus it is also particularly well suited to collect qualitative data about the experience of your users and thus is really complementary with classic analytics tools aiming at collecting quantitative data.
Usabilla support is a very standard support. Efficient when sollicited, fast to solve users ploblems in my opinion. I never had to complain about an issue that has not been solved afterall. Nonetheless I rarely had to ask for it that is why I do not rate it 10 out of 10.
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
Usabilla is being used across our marketing department to support 20+ brands within our digital portfolio. It is being used to collect website feedback, trigger exit surveys, and run specific triggered campaigns such to understand our customers' level of satisfaction with our content and purchasing processes. We have had great success using Usabilla for measuring Net Promoter Scores and getting a quick read on whether our content is working or not.
  • Usabilla's triggered campaigns (including exit surveys) are very easy to create, manage, and implement. Results are provided in a dashboard which shows impressions and conversion rates.
  • Usabilla makes it easy to collect website feedback by providing a short and intuitive feedback collection button and supporting questions. It also allows the user to provide a screenshot during the process.
  • Our business has many brands and Usabilla provides an interface and dashboard to allow us to manage, implement, and measure across all of our brands to understand the whole picture of what our customers are experience on our sites. (It also allows for a more granular view, but the aggregate view is very helpful for us).
  • Styling and positioning of the 'Feedback' button could be improved with more options provided. Right now it seems very basic.
  • Triggered surveys and popups would also benefit for more styling and control over how the survey is presented to users. Sometimes it can be hard to match your brand to the out-of-box options available. I've seen more flexible versions of this in other providers.
  • Notifications of negative feedback (delivered via email) could be improved. We like to try and take immediate action and the notifications haven't always made this possible. I'd also like to see more notification options added to triggered campaigns and surveys.
Usabilla is a great tool for collecting feedback on many websites, especially if those sites are related (in the same portfolio). It is pretty easy to implement and easy to manage and measure what's happening on your sites.

My primary negative piece of feedback is that I wish we had a lot more control on how to style and brand the surveys since it can be hard to match your branding. Other than that, it's a very solid tool for simple feedback collection and triggering campaign-style surveys.
Support has been very good and they have been willing to help educate us so that we can use the tool better, too.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Usabilla was implemented on our B2B website to collect user feedback. We use the passive feedback button and the active feedback survey option. The tool is easy to use and has great reporting features. The analytics are presented in a concise and attractive manner - ready to share with all levels of the organization. The reason I don't give this a 10/10 is that there are some limitations with the tool. The passive feedback questionnaire does not offer much flexibility for changing the order, structure, and type of questions asked. If you wanted to ask different questions on different pages (within the aforementioned limits), you'd have to create an entirely separate button which adds an extra step when collecting/analyzing the data. It wasn't a dealbreaker though. I talked with several other similar vendors before choosing Usabilla and they had the best product for the best price.
  • Reporting - well designed, clear to all users regardless of level of knowledge.
  • Two options for feedback - passive and active (pop-ups).
  • Clean UI & easy to use platform.
  • It'd be nice to be able to customize the passive feedback questionnaires more.
  • It would be great to have more case studies/informational articles on how to encourage more feedback from users. Not many people chose to interact with the tool during the time that I used it.
  • Provide more styling options for the passive feedback button - very limited in size/shape.
Usabilla is great for a site that gets a lot of traffic. Very few people submit feedback when asked (passive and active), so before getting this tool, be sure to measure site traffic and decide if this tool is worth the investment. I would recommend this tool for any site that is ecommerce, simply for a post-purchase survey as soon as a purchase is complete (rather than waiting to send an email).