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December 13, 2020
Craig Scull | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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UserTesting is being used by the Design department I work in. We use UserTesting to reach qualified users for unmoderated formative testing of new interface designs, or for user acceptance evaluations of functionality to determine fit to their work and use cases. We have also used UserTesting to ask participants to share sample documents, demonstrate their use cases and explain the broader context/needs around document workflows.
  • Usability testing on phone and web
  • Understanding real world use cases
  • Understanding real world document examples
  • I wish the interface was not implemented as "pages" where you have to save your work or risk losing it if your connection drops. I would prefer to have my work autosave or use an application I download to my computer.
  • It can sometimes be hard to tell where people are tapping when watching the recording of people using their phone
  • Video clips are very easy to make, but there's no way to rename clips after you save them
My experiences have only been with the unmoderated research side of UserTesting, so that is a caveat.

Well suited for usability testing on phone and web, understanding real world use cases, understanding real world document examples.

Not as well suited for problem-space research where semi-structured interviews are used to take a participant-led approach to the conversation and probe interesting things that come up impromptu in the discussion. Not as well suited for snow-ball sampling where you may be using interviews to try to "navigate" in the org to find the right people to talk to, whose job titles you may not even know in advance.

Well suited for studies involving robust prototypes. Not as well suited for studies with golden path prototypes that don't support people clicking the "wrong" things or exploring.
So far so good. I have only had one support issue, where a test was getting paused because participants were unable to proceed forward in the prototype we were testing. Support more or less helped me to identify where the problem was. I wish they would have allowed me to watch the videos so I could see exactly what was happening, but we managed to deduce what was going on and fix things.
Not a 10 because it functions using a "web page" model with no autosave. You have to deliberately save things, which can result in lost work if you have a connection problem or leave the tab open all day without saving changes.
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December 02, 2020
Sandra Davern | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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As a product development analyst, I work across departments who are designing and releasing various databases of aggregated news content. I use UserTesting to test all new features being added to existing products and to test new products that are being developed. In our market, our customers (librarians) and our users (students & library patrons) are different people. UserTesting allows me to get user feedback, instead of just customer feedback.
  • UserTesting allows me to carefully target the right users. This is so important to us. I've been able to recruit students, teachers, librarians, scholars, genealogists.
  • UserTesting allows me to take notes as I am watching videos, making my job much easier and efficient.
  • UserTesting customer support is very responsive to any problems that arise.
  • The voice to text transcription service could be more accurate.
  • I would love to be able to create a report of my notes.
UserTesting is well suited for:
- testing new software features
- testing new products
- gathering feedback on brand and logos
- gathering input on product concepts
Any time I've had trouble, UserTesting responds within minutes. Also, the inline chat feature is very helpful.
All the features work well, there are a couple I'd like to see added, as mentioned in previous responses.
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December 01, 2020
Linda Borghesani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We use UserTesting to get quick feedback from both our competitors and our prospects. It is a great way to test prototypes or our live app on both desktop and on mobile platforms. The participant panel is one of the best features and gives us access to people we might not have found on our own. The user research team are the primary users of UserTesting, but we are trying to get designers and product owners to also use the tool with our oversight. More and more designers and product owners are coming to the research team to get quick feedback, which can help to drive their design rather than making guesses. Having data to support design decisions makes us feel much more confident before releasing a redesign or getting feedback on a conceptual design or adding new functionality to our product.
  • Unmoderated usability testing--gets feedback really quickly on designs and allows me to easily change and iterate to make sure we are headed in the right direction.
  • Mobile app testing--allows me to see the customers using our app live rather than in a test environment. Running some studies as scripted vs. explorational has been really useful.
  • Recruiting prospects--this has always been a challenge and there seem to be a good set of panelists who are small business owners.
  • Video Recording is simple--you don't need to remember to press record; it happens automatically, and you can then view the tasks for each session separately to make it easy to analyze results.
  • Video clip highlights--makes it really easy to add clips to presentations. No more excuses not to include video clips!
  • Good customer support--very responsive and helpful!
  • Reporting is weak. The Excel spreadsheets that can be downloaded are cumbersome to use and the questions don't translate well to quickly summarize the data.
  • You can create a library of screener questions, but I'd also like the capability to create a library of study questions.
  • Limited capability to copy a study to a different study type, for instance I can only copy if I am creating a similar study type.
  • Limited search capability, which seems to be getting worse. I had added tags so I could find studies/participants, but this is no longer working.
  • Needs to allow for more/better formatting for questions. I want to be able to highlight important information and the HTML tags do not always display properly even though I am only using supported commands.
  • Needs a the capability to preview for mobile studies.
Overall it's a good tool and has great functionality, but it can still be improved and made easier to use. If you are creating something simple, it works best and allows you to get quick feedback, which can help drive decisions. I do like the ability to follow up with participants and most are responsive. I really wish there was improved reporting to make it easier to take the results from the studies and generated summary data. It downloads to an Excel spreadsheet but the formatting doesn't make it easy to summarize the data.
I do like the addition of notes in the downloads so I can see all the data in one place, but it is still time consuming to summarize that data. The Excel spreadsheet should make it easy to analyze the data, not cause me to do manual calculations and recode the data.
I am not too happy with the new pricing plans; they are complicated and make us feel like we are being nickel-and-dimed. For instance, charging to use our own participants (whom we pay) seems excessive and unnecessary.
Support has been great. They are very responsive and helpful, although I do still have some outstanding issues that I am waiting for a response on. I feel like they do care and are trying to help me be successful.
  1. For a tool that is used for usability, I feel there can be some improvements!
  2. New features are often hard to find and functionalities that I do use everyday seem to have a learning curve, such as finding a video clip. I really want to be able to filter and be able to find these more easily.
  3. Search needs to be improved. I used to be able to search all text entered in the summary field and this is no longer available.
  4. Better reporting! Needs to format the Excel downloads and/or provide summary information in the tool.
  5. Needs to allow me to copy questions between study types--similar to Qualtrics, where I can copy anything from any study or block.
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November 24, 2020
Sara Lerner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use UserTesting as our main customer research tool. It allows us to quickly get in touch with customers and gather feedback on our sites and experiences. Our team recently just increased our licenses from two to ten so that we can democratize research across the org. It's a great way to get real feedback from real users in a quick and efficient way.
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Broad participant pool
  • Transcription is not great for users who are non-native English speakers
  • There are some "bad apples" in the participant pool so you have to do careful screening
It works well for quick, iterative studies. We use UserTesting for basic usability studies, to understand how users interact with our sites and some preference testing. It's not as good for gathering deep insights on customer needs and motivations. It really good for testing with English speakers, but they have limited global reach and the tool does not support testing in many different languages.
This is the best tool for doing moderated and unmoderated user tests. It's easy to use. It's intuitive. The support team is incredibly helpful. It's much more affordable than the competitors' platform and they are always adding new features. I can't say enough good things about UserTesting.
It's fairly easy to use, especially if you set up saved screeners and templates. It's frustrating that you can't add templates directly from the template library - you have to go to create a new test and do it from there. Also, the reporting functionality is fairly basic. It would be great to have more detailed reporting and analytics.
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November 24, 2020
Berk Sarper Senol | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
We have used UserTesting in the Global Digital Marketing Team to test our global digital assets. We were tasked to design, develop and maintain a website for one of our global brands and this website would then be adapted into more than 100 countries. During the research and design phases of this project, we used UserTesting to conduct tests on prototypes and developed websites. These tests helped us validate some of the choices we made and change the ones that did not work. Our reason for choosing UserTesting was its global user base. While it's very strong in the USA and other English speaking countries, UserTesting proved to be effective in other countries as well which helped us as we are a global company.
  • Very large user base, which makes it very quick to gather responses.
  • Easy-to-use interface for creating tests.
  • Ability to take notes and create short clips from test videos on the fly.
  • While certainly better than competitors, UserTesting should grow its international (non-English speaking) user base.
  • The cost is sadly too high for companies who need to do usability tests less frequently, on an ad hoc basis. We'd love to see a per-test pricing option.
For companies who need to do usability tests regularly, especially in English-speaking countries, UserTesting is the best available tool. It has very detailed options for recruitment and screening and the support team is always ready to answer whatever question you'd have. However, if you need to do tests less regularly, UserTesting can become pretty costly.
I was very happy with the support I received. The team was very quick to respond and they would help with test designs and recruitment. Also, whenever a test response wasn't up to our standards they were very quick to replace that response with a new one.
The system is very clear and easy-to-use. I like the simplicity of the recruitment and test design pages. I'd also like to mention that the team works regularly on the overall user experience design of the tool and there are regular updates and improvements. One feature that I like to use is creating clips from videos. Overall it's very easy to create those clips and to share them.
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October 29, 2020
Eric Mahlstedt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
My organization of 80+ user researchers leverages UserTesting to conduct unmoderated and moderated research studies that support product development. We mostly recruit participants from their panel into our studies but also use the platform to run longitudinal studies with our customers.
  • Large panel of qualified participants
  • Quick turnaround of session recordings
  • Easy to use
  • More flexible account permissions for collaborators
  • Keep adding to screener logic questions
  • Keep adding b2b panelists
It's a great platform for collecting passive and active insights. You can operationalize research lifecycle from participant administration through session administration and insight management.
Support is quick to respond and address issues that we raise.
Easy to use for new users without sacrificing the power of more advanced use features and use cases.
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December 14, 2020
Manuel Rapada | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
UserTesting is available across Adobe, not just in the research organizations. In addition to its core value proposition of bringing employees closer to their users, UserTesting also solves some problems on research logistics: sourcing participants (especially non-U.S.), incentivizing participants, a repository for research videos, the ability to code data and edit synthesis videos - all in one platform.
  • Immediate feedback from consumers.
  • The ability to provide notes.
  • Highlight reels.
  • Some participants don't qualify for the study, but get in through the screener. It'd be nice to more easily weed out cheaters.
  • Some geographies, like China, are not available.
  • Because UserTesting decentralizes research, there's concern among research teams that product/design teams will conduct faulty research which leads to faulty decision making.
Good for:
1. Talking to consumers, especially in the U.S.
2. Needing immediate feedback on a current experience in production (either yours or another company's).
3. Asking questions that don't require significant follow-ups, given that I use UserTesting primarily for unmoderated research.

Not good for:
1. (In unmoderated use cases) Complex prototypes where a user may dead end.
2. Getting access to business users (though this may have changed).
3. Studies that would usually take 45-60 minutes to complete (unless you want to break things out into multiple studies).
Support is very responsive when I have an issue with a video or a user who shouldn't have qualified for the study. Responses are not immediate, but I haven't experienced issues that warrant an immediate response.
Since I've used UserTesting, the platform has added a lot of features, including moderated testing, tags to more easily find notes and a lot of keyboard shortcuts. I still primarily use UserTesting for unmoderated interviews, taking and exporting notes and making highlight reels. I don't have issues creating the tests I need to create on UserTesting.
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December 10, 2020
Katie Bindert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I use UserTesting for income on the side. My co-workers and several of my friends use it as well. Its very simple to use once you get going, you simply click on the studies that are available on your dashboard, answer a few questions and if you make it through all the questions you do a 10-15 minute (unless specified longer) audio recording on whatever the topic is.
  • Pay outs: I’ve always received my payment very quickly (within 7 days). They’re extremely trustworthy so you don’t need to worry about not being paid!
  • Available studies: There are always several studies available for me to take that are matched up perfectly for me!
  • Time efficient: I’ve only ever had to answer 4-7 questions before I know if I’m chosen for a study, which if you’ve tried other survey sites, you know is incredible!
  • Set up: The initial download and set up is a bit time consuming and might deter some people from completing it.
  • Ratings: The way rating works can be frustrating because ratings are not required. This means that you could do very well on several recordings and not be rated at all but possibly be rated on the recordings that you didn’t do so well on, bringing your average way down simply because the only ratings you receive are bad ones.
UserTesting is perfect for someone who wants to earn a little income on the side. It’s not going to replace a full time job but it’s perfect for someone looking to make a few dollars on their down time! I like to do a couple 10-minute recordings a day which earns me $20!
Customer support is very good. Every time I’ve ever needed to help with something, UserTesting’s customer support got back to me (via email) very quickly and were always super helpful! I’ve seen better customer service before (Discover) but I’ve also seen WAY worse (PayPal). You shouldn’t have any problem getting in touch with someone if you need help! :)
UserTesting’s ease off use and overall simplicity is one of the best things about them! After the initial download and set up, it’s extremely easy getting started answering questions and making your recordings! I’d definitely have to give them a 10 for how easy their website is to navigate and simple their overall layout is!
Read Katie Bindert's full review
December 02, 2020
Kelsey Williams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting is being used across our Marketing Department. The Email team uses it to test their re-solicitation emails and make sure their emails are informational and compelling. UserTesting is mainly used by our UX & CX Team. We use it to test our mobile app, our website, and expanding to testing our account portal. For the website we are always testing our site versus competitors to see how people research and what information they are looking for. Testing on our quote engine allows us to gain feedback before releasing new updates that could hurt our conversion.
  • Easy of Creating Tests: UserTesting has made it very east to make new tests, even for new users they have made it incredibly easy to start making tests and offer great test question suggestions to get started.
  • Variety Of Tests: From testing a website, to an app, to an internal software application, UserTesting makes it very easy to test many different products easily and quickly.
  • Quickness of Getting Testers: I am always amazed at how quickly my tests fill up! Usually within a few hour I have filled all spots in my tests and I can start parsing through results.
  • At first my plan included Balanced Comparison and then that feature was taken away and put on a more expensive plan. That was frustrating because I liked the option.
UserTesting should be considered on any UX & CX team. It is a very important part of our processes and ensures the changes we make can be tested with users before and after launch to make sure we made the right decisions.
UserTesting offers chat support so while I am working I can start a conversation and figure out a problem within minutes. No waiting on the phone for email responses.
UserTesting has made it very easy for even a novice to go in and start making tests within minutes. I have trained team members on UserTesting and usually within 30 minutes they can start making their own tests!
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December 02, 2020
Nicole M Hill, PhD | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for remote usability testing as well as scheduling, recording, and notetaking of live moderated research sessions (i.e., Live Conversations).
  • Quick insights.
  • Large participant panel.
  • Ability to share and note take sessions.
  • Live conversations limited to 60 minutes in *My Recruit* - the Zoom cuts off.
  • The calendar to schedule Live conversations is wonky - time slots disappear after submit.
  • If an observer drops off/loses connectivity they are locked out from rejoining the Zoom session.
  • Have to specify a mobile OR computer live conversation - should work like normal Zoom and connect by either.
  • The researcher should be able to assign a participant to a time slot.
  • If two researchers are collaborating/sharing moderation only the person who creates the live conversation can launch it - also limiting for teams that have a research ops person.
  • Want to be able to set daily limits on sessions- four example, I provide 5 times slots for flexibility, but I only want to book 3 sessions max per day.
  • Had some issues with notes and videos not saving.
  • Want to have the option to schedule the same person multiple times for the same study -- especially due to the 60 minute limit.
  • Like to be able to edit a note DURING a live conversation.
It's good for quick usability insights that can be broadly shared. It's nice for live conversation scheduling, automatic recording, and notetaking.
They are pretty responsive and helpful. They are also willing to pass on product feedback.
Pretty good but please see the Cons I listed.
Read Nicole M Hill, PhD's full review
November 25, 2020
Natasha Hardy,  M.S. | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use UserTesting as part of our Experience Strategy and Design process; our UX designers, UX researchers, content strategists, and consumer insights researchers all use UserTesting. We use a lot of functionality: moderated and unmoderated user interviews, prototype testing, and exploratory research.
  • Fast results.
  • Reliable panelists.
  • Robust support.
  • UI is a little confusing.
  • Extra steps for repetitive tasks (like making clips).
  • Highlight reel function is a great idea, but not intuitive to utilize.
UserTesting is very appropriate for prototype testing, iterative design testing, benchmarking studies (e.g., comparing functionality of two websites or designs), unmoderated interviews, moderated interviews and any study where you need few respondents. I would not use UserTesting for concept testing or anything where I need more quantitative results, but that is not its intended use so I don't think that's a ding on UT.
Every time I have contacted User Testing, whether it was a participant issue, UI issue, or just a question, they have responded promptly and professionally. I can't think of a vendor I have used that is so GOOD at what they do.
This is one area where I think UserTesting could improve. I've even participated in user testing WITH UserTesting and I was talking about what I wanted to do and how I was trying to do it and they were able to coach me to do those things but honestly, I forgot what they told me so I keep doing my janky workarounds. I just don't have time to mess around and I firmly believe that the UI can and should be so intuitive that I can use it without difficulty.
Read Natasha Hardy, M.S.'s full review
November 09, 2020
Jesse Nichols, UXC | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company utilizes UserTesting to gather real insights from our users. It allows us to effectively gauge qualitative metrics in a quick and affordable way. Rather than gathering our own participants, reserving space for testing, or visiting our users' homes, UserTesting empowers us to perform remote user testing. We can launch our tests at the end of a work day, and come back to the office the following day to completed tests. We use it for moderated and unmoderated testing, both with great efficacy.
  • Allows for moderated user testing.
  • Allows for unmoderated user testing.
  • Recruits targeted users for tests.
  • Would be nice to see improvements in the dictation features.
  • Would like the ability to export highlight reels as a single video.
UserTesting is well-suited to smaller teams that can't facilitate the gathering of participants for tests. It's also good for teams that don't want to deal with reserving space or maintaining the equipment necessary to facilitate these tests in person.
We've never had any issues working with our reps. They've always been responsive and helpful.
It's pretty easy to use. I've seen some users struggle with the interface on that testers' side, but not too often.
Read Jesse Nichols, UXC's full review
October 14, 2020
Alexander Kerschhofer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Designers use UT in order to validate their designs.
  • Simplicity of conducting user test.
  • The UI doesn't have a full screen mode. That means that the user can see all sorts of other elements that don't belong to the prototype. In one case the user clicked the browser's back button which tainted the test.
  • The panel with the instructions partially obstructs elements of the prototype. That might taint the test.
  • In one case, during the test, a feedback form for UserTesting popped up, also tainting the test.
  • The UI also has dedicated back/next buttons. One user used them which also might taint the tests.
The UI has significant flaws which prevents it from conducting accurate tests.
As mentioned, it's bad. Really bad - which is ironic for a company that aims to help you developing great user experiences.
Read Alexander Kerschhofer's full review
October 14, 2020
Rachel Miles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our user research organization is situated within the larger design organization at IBM. Our whole user research organization actively uses UserTesting to launch unmoderated tests on design prototypes quickly and at lower costs. Sometimes designers will run studies on there as well. It democratizes research and enables the process to be much more transparent.
  • Fast to get participants.
  • Video editing.
  • Notetaking in the platform.
  • Recruiting.
  • Can't filter participants until after they've taken the test.
  • Video editor isn't super precise, but it does the job.
  • Permissions and payment structure are complicated for our organization.
UserTesting is great when you need quick feedback and your test is fairly structured. It's not as suited for concept testing or another type of study where you need to ask a lot of follow up questions or where you need to do a fair amount of explanation. It also doesn't work in situations where you have to share something behind the firewall.
Overall, the support is very prompt and helpful! I've had to contact them a decent amount for various minor issues and they're always really quick to get back to me. Definitely would and do recommend the support team to anyone.
Overall, it's pretty easy to use and pick up. I will say there are minor things that have confused me. For instance, I often forget how to change the name of a study, which seems pretty basic, but I often forget how to do it. It should honestly be a required field before you launch a study.
Read Rachel Miles's full review
October 14, 2020
Padma Ravikumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting is used by the User Research department extensively. We use it for moderated and unmoderated studies and I run a study almost every week. The results are shared with UX and Product as well who use it more as viewers. We use to get feedback from users on Expedia's products on an ongoing basis.
  • Quick recruiting.
  • Unmoderated and moderated study options.
  • Compare designs.
  • Diverse pool of participants.
  • Share video with partners.
  • Create clips easily.
  • Transcripts that can be exported.
  • Combination of different types of questions that can be saved.
  • Favorite participants and create your own panel.
  • Cannot compare more than 2 designs.
  • Cannot delete studies which makes it cluttered.
  • Cannot select and publish just certain videos.
  • Chat feature with support who are amazing.
I love the ease of use, speed with which we can get studies completed. Customer support is awesome and I love that they have incorporated feedback and added requested features over the last couple years.
Availability of agents on chat is great and they are almost always able to address my issue or take down a feature request if they are not able to address.
Ease of use, intuitiveness.
Read Padma Ravikumar's full review
October 14, 2020
Andrew Sweany | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently we are utilizing UserTesting primarily for product design/evaluation within our R&D organization, although we have begun exploring expanding outwards to Marketing related evaluations. We use UT for two main business purposes: to conduct generative research (both with our own customers, but, more importantly, for professionals in the security field who are not our customers) and to conduct evaluative research on prototypes or production features/products.
  • Large general panel that makes finding relatively niche participants (in my case, cybersecurity professionals) relatively easy.
  • Great, responsive tech support for "how do I?" type questions.
  • Access to research professionals to consult on more technical test construction, recruiting, etc.
  • Better support and guidance for uploading prototypes - took us a lot of trial and error to ZIP a prototype and get it to work properly on the UT platform.
  • No time stamps on the recordings in the dashboard view!
  • Additional demographics on participants, such as Job Title and time in role, would be useful.
Besides efficiently capturing session recordings that are easy to edit and share, the main value UT provides us is allowing us to scale our research activities without hiring additional headcount. Most of this scaling is possible by allowing us to efficiently recruit security professionals to provide feedback on our products and services. Overall, UT is a not a cheap solution, but it's definitely cheaper than hiring.
Overall I've always found UT support (I primarily utilize the chat feature) to be nothing but responsive and helpful.
For a relatively sophisticated platform with a lot of power and customization, overall I feel the usability is pretty good. I do occasionally run into "where is that feature again?" type questions, but they are pretty rare and tech support is always able to quickly point me in the right direction.
Read Andrew Sweany's full review
December 14, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting has been used primarily by our User Experience (UX) team to conduct usability testing on our online experience, prototypes and concepts, and other retailers for the purpose of competitive analysis. It is a preferred resource for gaining an understanding of how our customers think and behave, giving us key insights on how to develop ongoing projects and prioritize others. While tests are conducted by a single team, the findings are widely shared throughout the company and often referenced by leadership involved in product development.
  • Identifying misalignments between a given experience and the user's mental model.
  • Understanding user behaviors.
  • Evaluating concepts/prototypes.
  • Conducting competitive analysis and benchmark studies.
  • Providing easily sharable content in the form of quotes, video clips, written responses, and full-length session recordings.
  • I would like to see more flexibility with account permissions. Having multiple power users/unlimited accounts can be too expensive for small teams and organizations.
UserTesting is well suited for any scenarios to which an average consumer can relate and behave as they normally do. For retail/e-commerce, it's particularly helpful when trying to get an understanding of how users browse products, find what they're looking for, evaluate product options, etc. It is less useful for scenarios where the user is asked to simulate a specific experience and not fully invested in the task - for example, anything that simulates an actual purchase, as users aren't spending real money and behaving the way a qualified customer might.
Support is quick, professional, and always resolves any issue we have. The support team often responds to emails shortly after a request is sent, and we have a dedicated representative that is eager to share new features, help us get the most out of the platform, and even provide resources to help new team members learn how to use it.
UserTesting offers a user-friendly platform that is easy to understand and quick to master - both as a power user and as a guest/external user with whom we share our testing videos. It's easy to select an audience, build a test script, and launch a usability test (or Live Conversation). They continuously improve the experience and I've witnessed it evolve over the years.
Read this authenticated review
December 10, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
[UserTesting] is being used by a department that has purview over the company's website. Only our team uses [UserTesting] and it is specifically for the purpose of our team, improving the usability of our company's website.
  • Simple product. Although less features than some key competitors, [UserTesting] centers on its core features and does it well.
  • Relationship management is great. One feels supported. Prior signing with [UserTesting], sales team truly tried to understand our need and showcase their product based on that. Once we were users, tremendous effort were displayed to onboard us and offer support
  • Whether it's using [UserTesting's] panel or our own, there's a lot of flexibility there to find the right audience for our test.
  • I've seen several redesign of late with new features added. Beware of the feature feature feature culture. At some point, the soul of the product can be lost and its value can be depreciated
[UserTesting] is well suited when one wants to quickly validate a concept, a prototype but doesn't have access to their audience that easily. It's great for capturing feedback quickly and allowing for the sharing of that feedback (e.g. highlight reels). It's well suited whether one has a digital design to test or even if one only wants to validate a theory, gets some response to an idea.

[UserTesting] isn't that well suited when one wants feedback on physical usability, when one wants to see a user use something in a very particular context.
From sales to ongoing support, [UserTesting] staff have been very responsive and available. Sales really took time to understand our business and our need. Relationship management team took time to onboard us, ongoing support has been useful and effective.
Creating a test or reviewing a video is simple enough. Organizing the studies can be a bit tedious.
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December 04, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use UserTesting mostly with the design department to gain understanding of our users. We take our findings and share it with project and product managers and also to the whole organization. Using UserTesting allows us to show current pain points in our websites, preferences to upcoming changes, and also opinions and current trends in our industry.
  • Recruitment and filtering of participants is easy
  • Customer service is quick, easy, and never a problem
  • Writing notes and creating clips are quick and easy
  • Wish there was a way to add different audiences after a test has launched
  • Wished there was a way to add folders or organizations to the tests
  • More controls as to what participants are chosen. For example, I'd like a wide range of participants between ages 18 and 65 and not get 3 18-year-olds in a row.
UserTesting is great for:
  • Remote usability testing (moderated and unmoderated) and for user interviews
  • Not having to do deal with compensation for the participants
  • Finding audience members quickly
I haven't really found any reason not to use UserTesting.
UserTesting has always been really quick to answer any questions I have. They are also very generous and happy to help when I have messed up a test and need to cancel or have a test replaced. They are quick to solve any problems I have.
The organization of tests have been terrible. I don't know why there aren't nested folders as a way to organize all the tests. Some of the restrictions on creating the right audience is really frustrating too. For example, if I want any users between age 18-65 and also have a wide range of devices, you're not always guaranteed a good range of ages. You might get only 30-year-olds in your test.
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December 02, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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UserTesting is used across all of the organization as the single source of truth for all qualitative testing. Often it's simple to address a company's business needs but difficult to pinpoint customer needs. UserTesting solves this business problem by allowing one to segment testers in a way where you can target a specific audience, ask them questions, have them answer with a verbal or written response, and ultimately...get the customer verbatims you need so that you can address your company's specific customer concerns.
  • Results can either be reviewed per user or per question - the per question summary is particularly helpful for getting the gist of a test's results.
  • UserTesting's ability to scan users' answers and automatically translate and display their answers in a text summary is very helpful so that you automatically have at least one verbatim per question.
  • UserTesting's ability to "clip" just portions of interviews is very helpful for sharing with other members of your company - each clip has its own URL as well which is an added benefit.
  • Their search capability/sorting is lacking. If you have a lot of tests it can very quickly get hard to find old tests.
  • While the video transcriptions are great - it's often hit or miss due to UserTesting not analyzing the text correctly.
  • While the video highlights is a great feature - you have to jump through various hoops to make a clips, make sure the clip is published, etc. - it could be streamlined more.
UserTesting is well suited for companies who need to get customer verbatims for their company (either through written or verbal responses) who also need assistance in getting a wide panel of users. UserTesting is not only the industry standard for interviewing users but it's panel of users is so great that most likely, any kind of company will be able to screen UserTesting's userbase to find the right customers they need to interview.
Support is great. They're very responsive. Although sometimes you can have some issues that you'll be waiting on a response for a while. However, it never feels like you're talking to robots, every time you go through support it feels like you're talking to a real human and someone who actually cares about your issues.
UserTesting is easy to use, and even easier if you have various screeners and templates saved. However, reporting and analytics are super basic. Also creating templates can only happen through creating a new test, it'd be great if you could create templates from the template gallery itself. Other than those issues, it's a pretty great tool.

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December 02, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My UX team, and our director of consumer insights has been using UserTesting for about about two years now, internally. The information we gleam has been invaluable, especially in 2020 when in-person focus groups are difficult to host. We have been able to catch and correct design issues before launch, pivot on design decisions, listen to users' "thoughts" as they complete surveys, listen and watch them complete card sorts for our IA. The options and uses are endless.
  • Flexibility- you can do so much with the tool - it's really is up to you.
  • Support - between the commUnity, UserTesting University, and their support team, I feel very supported in my testing and never feel "lost."
  • Collaboration - it's easy to help my colleagues build out their tests.
  • Because its so vast - it can be easy to get lost, and overwhelmed.
  • It can be time consuming to go through all the recordings individually.
  • The way the tests are organized can be confusing - could work on better organization or filtering to find tests.
I've used UserTesting to test for and against situations. I've used it to prove why we should kill off a feature, and to support how our IA should be organized. I've used it for discovery, and seeing how users prefer to shop. When testing prototypes, I would love to see a better, or more easier, solution for InVision, and prototyping.
Because of the online community, the university, and the number of other support channels, UserTesting has really made getting help easy and accessible. I, personally, have not reached out to the support team, but other team members have and they've been pleased with the help they have received.
There can be a bit of a learning curve, and it can be difficult to "dive in" but overall, the tool is incredibly easy to use, and very self-explanatory. I do provide support for my team mates that are not yet comfortable with running tests, or analyzing results.
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November 24, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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UserTesting is a great tool for recruiting users for unmoderated user testing. (They have more moderated user testing tools, but I'm not personally familiar with them, so I won't speak to them here.)

Often if we need feedback on a feature or idea but don't want to go through the hassle of recruiting, compensation, and live testing, UserTesting is great for making that entire process very easy.
  • Easy recruiting
  • Easy compensation
  • Collect qualitative information on your designs/products very quickly
  • Getting other members of your org to watch UserTesting videos can be difficult
  • Sometimes your users are too specific to easily recruit with UserTesting
  • Video transcriptions can be so inaccurate that they're almost useless. (It's a new feature, but still: it mostly returns gibberish for me at this point)
UserTesting is great for soliciting feedback for live products or robust prototypes. If you have enough of a space for your users to really explore the product or interface, it's great.

Where UserTesting may not be useful is when you're dealing with extremely linear prototypes in which there's no way for participants to get lost or explore. It also falls short when your users are so specific that you can't recruit them with UserTesting's robust participant pool.
Every time I've reached out to UserTesting for help, they've been responsible. My customer success manager has always been attentive and helpful. Customer support has been speedy and smart. I've never had a problem that I couldn't get figured out by reaching out and asking UserTesting for a little bit of guidance.
Overall, UserTesting is a mostly intuitive platform once you've learned the basics. My only issues are minor and don't stop me from getting the results I need.

Sometimes when I'm setting up a future study (one that launches later), it's not clear that my request has gone through. It's a little confusing, and it took some practice to figure out how to use that feature and be confident that it worked.

When creating a user test, clicking in and out of tasks can be tricky. Using the keyboard to navigate your cursor around task text sometimes makes you exit the task box, which can be a little annoying.

But that's the worst of it! Overall the folks at UserTesting clearly value a good user experience.
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November 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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At my company, only the Product Design (UX) team has access to UserTesting. We use it to conduct rapid online usability tests on our UI designs so we can find and correct usability issues before the design is finalized and created in code. As a business, this kind of testing helps us to ensure that our product is highly usable [and] it saves us time vs. creating something in code only to find out that major changes might be needed.
  • Provides a [huge] panel of usability test participants
  • Allows you to screen participants to only people relevant to your test
  • Manages their panel to ensure participants are articulate in their responses
  • Provides a pretty simple method of creating unmoderated usability tests
  • Their pricing model stinks. I don't see why I should pay per seat license when that doesn't affect their costs. I should pay per usability test conducted.
  • If you need multiple seat licenses (e.g. multiple users who can create and administer tests) it gets very expensive very quickly.
  • They communicate a LOT at sales time, but I never hear from them any other time of year.
UserTesting is a fantastic tool for conducting unmoderated usability tests. It has a huge panel of participants who usually complete any usability test within a matter of minutes or hours. The tools they provide for creating the tests are easy to use and comprehensive. In almost any situation, I think you could get quality usability feedback about your product in a really short timeframe. They have also added the ability to conduct in-person interviews with members of their panel, which is a pretty powerful offering (although it does cost extra).

If you need to conduct testing with a really specialized type of user, and if you can provide that panel of users yourself, then you may not need to pay for UserTesting. The main benefit to UserTesting is the panel of test participants they offer. You can provide UserTesting with your own test participants, but if you plan to do that a lot, then there are cheaper options available (Userlytics,, TryMyUI, etc.).
In the rare cases where we've had a test participant from UserTesting's panel not complete a test or not follow the instructions, UserTesting is always quick to respond with an apology and a free re-test with a different participant.

My only complaint is with the pricing, which seems unnecessarily high and results in lengthy negotiations every year. They often want to up-sell us with some professional services that we don't need.
As you might expect from a product that facilitates usability tests, they have certainly done usability testing on their own product. Overall, I find it quite easy to use. When they update the product with new features, it can be temporarily hard to use while I learn how the redesign works. But, overall, I think it's excellent.
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October 31, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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UserTesting is used by our Digital Team to influence decisions across the organization - specifically within Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. UserTesting is used to get feedback on the value of potential digital projects, identify the best solution to customer problems, competitive research, and to improve the usability of public-facing websites and customer-facing portals.
  • Creating tests
  • Sharing insights
  • Scaling research through templates
  • Organizing tests
  • Robust review process (e.g., legal review, product manager review)
  • Variety of question types
  • Ability to use for survey / quantitative research
UserTesting is well suited for
  • Getting user feedback on a concept / topic when the intended users are a generic, easy-to-come by persona (e.g., homeowners)
  • Usability testing
  • Preference testing
  • Customer journey mapping / user requirements gathering
UserTesting is less appropriate / not as well-suited for:
  • Recruiting very specific types of people or conducting testing where background knowledge is key (e.g., architects, surgeons, etc.)
  • Conducting tests where more than 10 people are needed to reach significance (e.g., information architecture, surveys, etc.)
  • Tests with login credentials or checkout processes where each participant will need an (you can do these, but they can be cumbersome)
Overall support has been excellent. UserTesting is super responsive and has resolved any open issues quickly and are pleasant to talk to. In addition, I think they do a great job reaching out to customers to get insights on how to make the platform better and are quick to include people in POCs for new features.
Overall, its really easy to get started. A few things that have caused issues are:
  • Limited types of questions to use when creating tests
  • Difficult to organize tests
  • Preview options are limited (have to download a separate app / plugin)
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September 21, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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UserTesting helps us improve the design and function of our web and mobile app experiences. It is also used for concept exploration and validation by our business innovation team. It enables us to quickly and efficiently learn from existing and prospective customers, so that we can better understand their motivations, expectations, and challenges. UserTesting helps our organization overcome internal biases, and discover the unmet needs of our customers.
  • Their massive panel helps us identify the right participants for each study.
  • Their session review tools are both powerful and easy to use.
  • Their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable.
  • Our needs require individual workspaces for each business line, but I can't share clips between them. If a customer provides insight about another business line or the brand overall, I can't include that clip across workspaces.
  • I'd like to see the product expand into upstream design/research process, such as journey maps or assumptive personas.
UserTesting is an excellent tool for exploring customer sentiment for a variety of business challenges. From needs finding and design validation, to messaging tests and intercept surveys, their platform enables us to quickly and efficiently gauge the impact of our choices. And, most importantly, UserTesting can help save companies from themselves. When we first deployed UserTesting, a very senior executive sent an email regarding the visibility/obviousness of a core app feature. Normally, this would have led to weeks of meetings, emails, and production tests. Instead, a single test produced a chorus of customers stating they had no trouble finding the feature. Fire drill canceled.
The platform is intuitive, so I haven't made much use of their support function, but they've always been responsive and knowledgeable.
The core set of tools is very easy to use, but I am challenged at times to navigate my way across Workspaces, Tests, and Sessions.
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