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Why UserTesting

8 out of 10
March 30, 2022
I use UserTesting in my organization to determine customer feedback on checkout services. One of the main business problems that are …
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A no-brainer

10 out of 10
March 23, 2022
My UX team, and our director of consumer insights has been using UserTesting for about about two years now, internally. The information we …
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What is UserTesting?

UserTesting aims to enable every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insight. The vendor states that with UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight Platform, companies across industries can make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed business…

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Optimal Workshop, a company in New Zealand, offers their suite of user research tools on a subscription basis, including the Treejack information architecture tool, OptimalSort card sorting test, Chalkmark first-click testing, and other tools.

What is PlaybookUX?

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What is UserTesting?

UserTesting aims to enable every organization to deliver the best customer experience powered by human insight. The vendor states that with UserTesting’s on-demand Human Insight Platform, companies across industries can make accurate customer-first decisions at every level, at the speed business demands.

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What is UserTesting's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 8.7.

Who uses UserTesting?

The most common users of UserTesting are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Financial Services industry.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using UserTesting extensively to test our UX design prototypes. In order to save development costs, we first user test all our new features and user experience changes using UserTesting. We create multiple solutions to address user pain points or to solve use cases and then prototype them using design prototype tools and then test them using UserTesting. It's also imperative to tell that we are focusing on certain geographies and user profiles for our products and UserTesting allows us to test our designs with users of the same or similar cohort which gives us a lot of confidence to roll out changes to be developed.
  • User Segmentation for running user tests
  • User testing templates
  • Playback option like playback speed, subtitles
  • Option to add moderator notes
  • Comparative tests on mobile devices is a major issue. Users find it very difficult to user test a comparative test where they are asked to compare two experiences.
  • Users sometimes hurry on to complete the tests.
  • Reusing a saved templated is sometimes tricky and qualifying questions are not saved properly.
Well-suited scenarios for using UserTesting include running comparative user tests between two designs, products experiences, running surveys, asking users to perform a specific task, and then observing how they do it to draw out insights on how to make it simpler and easy. Probably UserTesting is not best suited for doing moderated users test, and running user tests with your own users also one needs to check how many user testers are available in their desired cohort which they want to target.
We haven't really gotten in touch with the UserTesting support team that frequently. There have been no major issues that might have blocked our day-to-day work involving UserTesting. There is a flag option to report user tests that were not properly performed which we use when required which I think saves us from going back to their support for trivial issues.
User Testing is quite easy to use and operate. The learning curve is smooth and not at all smooth which we have experienced with a lot of new folks joining the team. While the team has easily adopted the system, they have also realised the power of the system and they are running a lot of user tests to validate their ideas which gives a lot of confidence to the product team overall.
March 30, 2022

Why UserTesting

Wayne Pulford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use UserTesting in my organization to determine customer feedback on checkout services. One of the main business problems that are addressed is customers' thoughts and feelings behind certain aspects of the checkout service. Do they like how it looks? what does it mean to them? is it easy to use? etc.
  • There are guides available for support
  • Good for qualitative research
  • The 'think out loud' test results are useful for providing information on how the customer is feeling which helps us to understand the customer's journey
  • Enables empathy of the customers
  • Easier way to use templates
  • Transcripts can sometimes be difficult to interpret due to accents
  • some quantative research options as well as qualitative
When running a test on the first impression of a product then user testing has been beneficial, if a product is not right from the first stage then there is more that is going to need to be changed. Having customer feedback at the start can also help to move the product forward and shape the next stage.
The guides that are on the website have been good to refer to if something comes up that I am not sure of. The ability to have access to power sessions with other researchers that you can book have also been benefical.
It is a product that is easy to use and fulfls it's aims.
March 23, 2022

A no-brainer

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My UX team, and our director of consumer insights has been using UserTesting for about about two years now, internally. The information we gleam has been invaluable, especially in 2020 when in-person focus groups are difficult to host. We have been able to catch and correct design issues before launch, pivot on design decisions, listen to users' "thoughts" as they complete surveys, listen and watch them complete card sorts for our IA. The options and uses are endless.
  • Flexibility- you can do so much with the tool - it's really is up to you.
  • Support - between the commUnity, UserTesting University, and their support team, I feel very supported in my testing and never feel "lost."
  • Collaboration - it's easy to help my colleagues build out their tests.
  • Because its so vast - it can be easy to get lost, and overwhelmed.
  • It can be time consuming to go through all the recordings individually.
  • The way the tests are organized can be confusing - could work on better organization or filtering to find tests.
I've used UserTesting to test for and against situations. I've used it to prove why we should kill off a feature, and to support how our IA should be organized. I've used it for discovery, and seeing how users prefer to shop. When testing prototypes, I would love to see a better, or more easier, solution for InVision, and prototyping.
Because of the online community, the university, and the number of other support channels, UserTesting has really made getting help easy and accessible. I, personally, have not reached out to the support team, but other team members have and they've been pleased with the help they have received.
There can be a bit of a learning curve, and it can be difficult to "dive in" but overall, the tool is incredibly easy to use, and very self-explanatory. I do provide support for my team mates that are not yet comfortable with running tests, or analyzing results.
Anthony Rezendes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting was our primary vehicle for testing our designs – whether it was A/B testing concepts, usability studies for in-market products, or testing our hypotheses. The platform helped us increase speed to outcomes, which historically had been a laborious process that often took weeks. We would literally construct and run a test and within a day we'd have robust data on user sentiment we could analyze. In-app tools including charts and summaries helped us unpack usability issues or wayfinding challenges observed in our UIs. As the Sr. UX Manager under product, UserTesting became an indispensable tool my entire team relied on to uncover possibilities.
  • Speed at which testing can be run
  • Large pool of potential consumers to test against
  • Platform ease of use
  • Incredible help and responsive support staff
  • Resources to deepen understanding including certification
  • Misinterpretation of the data by inexperienced teams
  • Better mobile support
The application is well suited for scenarios in which qualitative feedback is needed quickly. It allows teams to target specific demographic populations that further increase the likelihood of getting relevant feedback. In creating a cohort of panelists, there are robust features that enable companies to narrow audience segments by age range, industry, salary range, regions of the country, etc.. UserTesting even allows for the ability to build your own customized groups. One of the challenges and a potential area of growth could be making it easier to find niche audiences. For example, we needed to test C-suite executives within financial institutions. We ended up relying more on our relationships with these folks when it came to getting the data we needed.
UserTesting support was some of the best I've experienced in the industry. In addition to their in-line help (which was top-notch), they have UserTesting University, which is a community of like-minded corporations and individuals learning and sharing their experiences. The content included webinars, articles, and a variety of user-generated topics.
It was a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. In fact, the more tests you run, the more confident you get with the system, creating a virtuous cycle in which your testing gets better while your efficiency improves. I had no problems training my staff and colleagues on how to use the tool. Even non-designers were able to use it with ease eventually.
Eric Kimberlin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I initiated the usability testing framework for our Product Team to connect with users and ensure we’re solving the right problems. I lead the effort to overhaul our design process and design system. I have deep empathy for the needs of our users through testing and observing their experiences across all of our products.
  • Ask any question: UserTesting allows me to create a test plan to ask any question or request people to perform tasks. Explore, validate, compare, repeat.
  • Target anyone: UserTesting allows me to target the UserTesting Contributor Network or connect with my own audiences.
  • Discover & analyze: UserTesting allows me to get to insights more quickly with visualizations, transcripts, metrics, and analysis.
  • Engage & empathize: UserTesting allows me to engage with my audience through self-guided video recordings or live conversations.
  • Share insights: UserTesting allows me to create highlight reels, download, export, or share in your favorite tools like Slack, JIRA, and Trello.
  • I can't think of any at this time.
Asking users how they feel and what they think is a vital part of ANY product development. UserTesting has upgraded our team from Google Spreadsheets and Zoom calls to complete remote validation that if set up properly can deliver invaluable insights to any team within minutes.
They are the top of their game when it comes to timely responses. We feel heard at
Incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In my organization, we use UserTesting to achieve many of our user testing needs. In many cases, we use lookalike audiences to mimic our user base since we don't have full access to our own users, which helps us get better-targeted tests and results. We use UserTesting for simple usability testing to complex research and recruiting.
  • Unmoderated usability testing
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Broad user base
  • Diverse audience
  • Moderated user testing
  • Templates
I would highly recommend it for unmoderated usability testing. If you need to test your product with a broad audience, UserTesting will be able to recruit users in less than a day, and you will have your results in quickly. Moreover, the breakdown tools UserTesing provides really help with analyzing the data and breaking it into digestible chunks.
UserTesting's account managers and support team are one of the best out there. Their response time is quick, and they know how to answer any questions you'd have. Moreover, their support team goes beyond supporting you with technical knowledge about how to use their tools, but they also offer support in terms of user research and tips about how to set up your studies.
Overall, it is pretty easy to use UserTesting. It is very intuitive, and I did not encounter any issues while working with the tool. Some aspects of the platform could be confusing at times, but that is to be expected with such platforms. The learning curve is not that steep, and it is relatively easy and quick to go from an absolute beginner to someone who knows enough to be dangerous.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use UserTesting every day in my role as a UX researcher. It's our main source for participants for online usability and user testing. I always have a handful of unmoderated and moderated studies up and running on the platform.
  • Sourcing a diverse group of participants quickly
  • All in one spot to recruit, host sessions, and analyze sessions
  • Create and share clips of users really easily with stakeholders
  • The organization of the work spaces/dashboards could use some work.
  • I don't feel as supported as I used to from a customer success perspective. I used to have dedicated, go-to professionals to reach out to about my account who knew my project context, account history, etc. Recently we've been pushed into general support pools, and it doesn't feel like my account gets any personalized attention anymore.
  • I would like to see a more refined experience for collaborators - the test plans I share with them are plain text/hard to read.
  • Would be nice to be able to conduct focus groups using this tool.
It is the bread and butter of my UX research practice! It is consistently a high-quality source of participants, I'm able to draft up and launch tests super quickly, and results come in very fast. The video player has a lot of great functionality, and I absolutely love making clips and sharing them via hyperlinks with people in my org to help grow empathy for our customers. I have had the most success with the tool for screen-recorded web or app tasks, as well as mobile ethnography where users show me around their space (at home). This tool is not as well suited for longitudinal/out in the wild ethnography (needing users to complete multiple tasks over the course of a time period) or be out somewhere in the world, like at a mall. I personally don't use it much for standard IDIs, but it could easily be used as your go-to for one-on-one interviews without task-based or screen recording components.
I would have given it a 10 two years ago, but unfortunately, it feels like it's gone down a lot over the past year. I used to reach a real person right away every time I clicked help, but now it takes me to a bot. I also feel like I don't get the personalized account service that I used to - we used to have dedicated customer success people that knew our account inside and out (our challenges/struggles, past projects, plans for the future, etc.). Now we are being pushed towards a more general support pool, and I don't trust that anyone is really paying much attention to our account except when it comes time for renewal.
I run into bugs every now and then and find issues with a few of the UI/layout choices when it comes to the workspaces/dashboards. But all in all, I'm easily able to do what I need to do (even if it does take workarounds sometimes.)
Stephanie Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
On the Research Team, we use UserTesting to conduct interviews, usability tests, and A/B tests. The platform has allowed us to conduct research much more quickly and efficiently. We are a small team with a lot of research requests coming in and this platform has allowed us to greatly increase the number of projects that we can take on.
  • A large pool of users that are quickly accessible
  • Customer help is available quickly and is very helpful
  • Platform is very easy to use
  • Help documents are great with loads of online training and tutorials
  • Not much in the way of randomization. The flow within the study is not that customizable.
Great for any team that does usability testing or interviews. The platform allows you to conduct these types of tests quickly and efficiently allowing your team to get more done in a shorter amount of time. The quality of the users is also great. The few times that I got less than desirable responses, those instances were handled well.
I have had to contact support a few times and always received a response very quickly that completely answered my question. I haven't had any issues when dealing with support.
The platform is very easy to figure out, especially if you have had some type of experience with another survey platform. There are also tons of help documents and a great online community if you want more tips, tricks, or education on the product. There are some specific settings that it just takes some time to figure out what works best for your needs but that was easy to do.
Kristen Paniagua | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We needed a quick solution to capture customer feedback as we redesigned our website before the pandemic hit—and we were so grateful to have UserTesting moving forward. Not only were we able to gather input affordably in a few hours—helping us stay relevant each step of the way—but we also noticed that using the tool inspired a shift in mindset across teams. Stakeholders now inquired about the experience rather than simply rolling out a solution. UserTesting provides a tool to create and share highlight reels with our teams, and often watch these highlight reels together to learn more about the "why" behind the behavior. UserTesting offers a supportive CommUnity of users to ask questions or to participate in training opportunities.
  • Easily create user tests through templates
  • Responses are quick! We usually receive a full panel of responses in a few hours.
  • Highlight reels make it super easy to share with stakeholders.
  • Highlight reels are gated for stakeholders, but downloads are allowed
  • Transcripts are not available on basic tier
  • Max 5 participants per test
UserTesting is essential for testing the user experience of wireframes, landing pages, web journeys, marketing messaging, and more. We've found that it is an integral part of our launch process for products. While UserTesting provides the "why" behind the demonstrated behavior of users, it should also be coupled with quantitative analysis, such as Qualtrics, for a broader scope.
Join the CommUnity! UserTesting provides plentiful onboarding materials that include support for getting started with the platform, best practices for testing the user experience and building questions, plus the CommUnity provides access to other professionals implementing UserTesting to ask questions, share tests for feedback, and learn more about how UX is implemented across industries. It's phenomenal.
The UI of UserTesting is intuitive and well organized. The platform is easy to navigate around, and help is at the press of a button should you need it. If you are a tester, you'll actually see that UserTesting utilizes its own platform to test the user interface of its product to ensure clarity and ease of use.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting was my go-to application when getting a really quick and instant result on whether or not a new user interface design would work best from an outsider perspective, meaning potential local customers in Singapore. The latest update of the platform now includes local audiences, which were not initially there. However, even without a local audience, you still get very direct and transparent feedback from the audience. And the best thing is, you get the results the same day. I guess depending on how big you want the audience is.
  • Fast results and feedback, almost realtime.
  • Localised targetting of audiences now available.
  • Video and real-time reactions are even more helpful.
  • Time-base annotation would be really good.
  • Sharing of these annotation by calling out other users.
  • Auto marking for deletion of videos, specialy for financial industries where recording is considered very critical once insights have been finalised.
I'd definitely recommend the platform, especially with the addition of video and audio recordings it greatly helps you get a much better insight on how potential customer reacts to a design or user experience before you want to implement and roll it out into a website or application production environment.
Support is pretty responsive via a chat or email. The knowledge base on the website is pretty straightforward. I didn't really have a big challenge when using the platform initially. There is no learning curve per se, you choose what user testing you want, select your audience, choose the payment and off you go.
Again, the interface was as easy and simple as it can be. Once you are registered, it's as easy as 1-2-3, nothing much to learn really. You will have some guided steps when you set up your first user test, the rest of the steps are literally just clicking Next and going to the next step. The second time you run a test is even easier.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting is the premier user research platform in the industry today. Their panels are large, and we always get great participants. Their tools are consistently improving, making it easier to get good videos and assisting in the analysis of user data. Every company should be talking with their customers on a regular basis. UserTesting makes it easy to do that.
  • Recruit a target audience with screener questions and demographics
  • Get qualitative insights from users on video
  • Quickly make highlight clips to share with stakeholders
  • They recently made changes to their packages and reduced the number of screening questions allowed, which has been problematic for my team, but we've created work-arounds.
The cost seems high, but if you have a UX process that includes getting customer feedback on every product or service feature you're creating, the cost really evens out compared to doing your own recruiting.
Support has been good in the past but we had an issue with timeliness in a recent issue.
The platform itself is large and can get confusing to find things when you have a lot of tests, but setting up tests and getting video clips is really quite easy.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I work in UX Research and I use UserTesting weekly to reach out to users of our product. We test designs, product concepts, copy, and other product decisions with the real user reaction.
  • Creating interview clips is simple. The video cutting software is easy to use and lightyears ahead of competitors like UserZoom.
  • The pool of participants is large in the US (likely the highest amongst competitors). This makes recruiting for my studies really quick and allows me to go for some segmentation and detail in who I target in my sample.
  • Chat support is responsive and helpful. It's nice to get connected to a customer care agent quickly and they almost always serve you with a solution to the issue.
  • The feature set of User Testing is constantly growing and getting more refined. I appreciate the ability to card sort or launch other types of methods.
  • UserTesting is generally buggy. It is not unusual for the site or some core function of the site to go down for several business hours. The more complicated the test, the more malfunction you can expect.
  • The UserTesting app experience and mobile experience is not optimized. It frequently quits on testers and causes unusable video responses. The UT instruction box also covers over testers' screens and makes it difficult for them to handle the mobile prototype as well as the UT instructions.
  • The sentiment analysis tags are frequently off in determining whether the user said something positive or negative. They are basically unusable.
  • You can't ask a screener question that isn't multiple choice.
UserTesting is well-suited for quick usability tests (moderated or unmoderated), particularly if they're lo-fi. These include preference tests, first click tests, and anything that is discussion-based and not overly asset-heavy. However, UserTesting gets buggy when tests are complicated (launching several prototypes or files) or contain a longer script. There are also frequent no-shows for the interviews.
Support is generally helpful and quick to respond. I like the chat function as it does square away most simple questions and issues. However, when a test gets put "on hold" due to a tester issue, there is no way to report why that test is on hold. The tester provides detail but cannot show a screenshot or other assets, making it based solely on their description. This is usually not enough information to go by. We are also then dependent on UT to restart the test and are unaware of their timeline.
The test creation usability is intuitive. I particularly like the ability to save templates or recommend likert scales. However, the many bugs of UserTesting bring the score down, such as when the Metrics page won't load.
Monika Jaeger | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize to run qualitative tests on our workflows to ensure that users can complete a task successfully. We have been using for about 3 years as a OneWorld recipient. It has helped us immensely in testing our mobile app builds, InVision prototypes, and live code on our website.
  • Selecting users to take our tests that fit our demographics
  • Offer templates and questions that relate to the data we want to collect
  • Parse out transcripts of users feedback
  • Provide resources for small teams vs. large corporations that have many user research members
  • Transcript parsing can use some improvements in words
  • PowerPoint templates could be provided for read-outs of data to other stakeholders
UserTesting is a great resource for collecting user data on a variety of different mediums. We love how quickly we can run tests and get feedback from users that fit our demographics. We are very fortunate to use it as a OneWorld recipient, but I have heard from others that it can get pricey for companies that are not nonprofits.
Our representative meets with us monthly to inform us of new features and gives us an opportunity to ask questions. Also, if we ever have an issue running a test, customer support is very quick to help us resolve this issue via email, whether it's re-running a test or getting refunded on a test that we did not get valid feedback on. is extremely user-friendly to navigate around the platform. It's easy to find templates, re-order test questions, or find resources on the university for how to run tests or great questions to ask. It's also simple to narrow down demographic filters and save templates for questions, demographics, or testing groups.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are currently using the UserTesting platform to test our current design prototypes as well as our website. Right from the initial pitch from UserTesting to date, I must say that we as a team were very much convinced with the results that we get out of the user tests. The user pool of UserTesting is qualified and it's super easy to set up the user tests. Overall very much happy with the results.
  • Provides integration with Figma for the users to test design prototypes.
  • Gives analytical data of the results.
  • Recordings of the user testing sessions also provided which is helpful for product managers.
  • UserTesting could implement the task bar at a viewable location for the users to test, as users tend to forget tasks in between.
UserTesting is a magical tool for the product managers for testing their prototypes and features, the user pool at UserTesting is trustworthy and the results obtained add value to decision making. The responses are real quick and the ability to find a pool that very well suits your criteria of demographics is a big plus. Have used other user testing tools, but I find UserTesting the most useful as of today.
UserTesting has a good marketing team that really follows up on each and every test, which is really good. The responses received from the test conducted via this platform has made us take several important decisions related to UI and UX changes which has helped us to grow. It is really easy to set up a test here too.
Usability of UserTesting is really super easy and convenient, super simple to set up a test, not just that, the users performing the task, for them also the usability seems to be pretty easy and noncomplicated. From user pool perspective, displaying the task at one corner would be really good.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting allows us to test our products within minutes. This means we're testing small details that previously would have taken far too long. Launching a test is easy, and we typically have feedback within an hour.
  • User recruitment.
  • Video player.
  • Commenting.
  • Metrics.
  • Test plan templates.
  • Highlight reels are difficult to download.
It's great for general testing, but can be difficult to find some very specific audiences although this is more a reflection of the audience size. UserTesting has the largest available panel as far as we're aware.
Sometimes slow to respond with certain account queries.
Overall it's fairly easy to use, but given it's a user testing platform I do think it should be better. There are a few quirks.
December 10, 2021

Great for UX students!

Pooja Kansagra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used UserTesting as part of a User Experience graduate project since my professor made it for my classmates and [me]. I've never used an application like this! The platform has so many test-type options and collaborative tools. The platform is also great at analyzing and summarizing [participant] data.
  • User recruitment[.]
  • Creating, editing, and duplicating tests[.]
  • Educational courses, blogs, and videos[.]
  • It is difficult to sign up to be a test participant because UserTesting can mix up different accounts[.]
Best suited for designers who are testing out a service or product and need feedback as soon as possible[.]
This company is going to keep growing, the more and more companies shift towards product development.
I've had no issues using the actual service.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
UserTesting is the main user testing platform we use to get feedback from our clients and prospective clients. We use it to evaluate current and proposed versions of site layouts, designs, and other functionalities. We also use it for exploratory purposes (i.e., what would a user want/expect from our services). With UserTesting, we are able to reach a wide range of users.
  • Large user base.
  • Great built-in recording features.
  • Convenient video conferencing platform for moderated testing.
  • Timing-out interview sessions - should be able to add extra time and compensate extra.
  • Ability to add more participants without having to create separate tests.
  • Ability to download the recording transcripts.
It's great for fast, quick, and efficient testing of general users. It may be less appropriate if you wanted to test a specific audience. For example, if my company wanted to test internally with specific teams, it'd be easier to organize an interview without having to send them a UserTesting link.
I personally have not reached out for support from UserTesting. There have been times where videos were corrupted and my colleague has talked to support and got it resolved fairly quickly. However with my particular company, we have firewalls that restrict some site features so the online chat usually doesn't work with us.
It takes some time to be onboarded and familiar with UserTesting. But overall, there is a convenient knowledge base for when I need to look up how to do something. But once you get in the routine of creating and reviewing tests, the overall usability is pretty good and easy to understand.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use UserTesting across our product and design teams to do both initial qualitative research to better understand customer needs and thought processes as well as for later-stage (more evaluative) testing as our software gets ready for release. We've used both our own participants (great to be able to get them to schedule a mutually convenient time) and the panel. I've been pleasantly surprised how easy it is to find relatively hard-to-reach cohorts (given the vast size of the panel).
  • Seamless research session logistics.
  • Great collaborative UI.
  • Participants love that it's built on Zoom, so it's familiar.
  • Participants still struggle with sharing their screen.
  • The actual product UI is glitchy and sometimes laggy, which is infuriating.
  • The need to wait for transcripts to be done is farcical; just let me in already.
Appropriate: UserTesting is probably the best thing on the market at what it does. It's perfectly suited to any remote testing scenario (with your own participants or their panel), particularly at short notice.

Less appropriate: Have a bit of a think about your target audience. Are they well represented by the people available via this panel? Also consider whether their personal devices will be up to the task of running browser-intensive apps and whether they're ready for sharing video.
I've been both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised by UserTesting.
  • Participant end: I think it's fair to say that UserTesting is really as simple a product as is on the market for this purpose. It's still hard for some participants but (other than just dropping straight to Google Meet with no bells and whistles), it does the job, and seems to be familiar to most people.
  • Professional end: UserTesting UI feels like it needs a bit more user testing. I'm only a fairly casual user (maybe ten sessions in three months) and I've found a few UI bugs, plenty of eccentricity/quirky design choices, and some of these significantly detract from the real-time use of the product.
Score 8 out of 10
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UserTesting helps our UX team develop evidence-based designs for our portfolio of digital products. User feedback is invaluable to make the right design decisions and the platform has allowed us to optimize our research and design processes, both in terms of speed and volume of testing sessions, by providing quick access to a large pool of relevant users. With UserTesting we now conduct three times more feedback sessions than before, [which] translates not only in higher confidence but also a much better performance of our apps.
  • Quick access to an international panel of users.
  • Intuitive interface that allows all the team to easily prepare and launch studies.
  • Session recordings with automatic sentiment analysis and quick tagging.
  • Highlight reel videos make very easy to share research insights with stakeholders.
  • Summary report could be more relevant and attractive.
  • Exports are not customizable enough.
  • Live conversations through Zoom - sometimes the user can't find the Zoom link and if the facilitator provides it the session is not automatically recorded.
  • Observer mode in live conversations seems pretty useless as it is now.
  • There is limited flexibility as [to] how you can organize your studies. Folders structure and viewing could be improved, it gets messy. Further categorization of studies (use of tags/color coding, for example, could help to browse and find past studies.
  • Please please remove the chatbot, it is incredibly annoying.
It is a great tool for unmoderated testing. It makes it easy and fast to obtain user feedback on prototypes and live products across devices. Some of the testers are there for the money only and rush through the tasks without much elaboration. The live conversation features could also be improved.
Any time I had an issue and reached out to support they were very responsive and helpful. You may either issue a ticket or send an email, then you will get contacted via email or phone call to make sure the problem has been solved. We can also reach out to our assigned account manager for advice and new requirements.
Most of the platform is very intuitive to use, however, there are specific sections that should be improved. Reporting is definitely one that could be made more relevant by allowing further customization of the summary report and exports. The organization of past studies could also be made easier. Live conversations often give problems to end-users to join because they cannot find the link and ask for it - but the facilitator cannot provide it from her end.
September 01, 2021

Collect user feedback fast

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We use [UserTesting] across multiple product teams as part of our product development prototype. We use it primarily for usability testing, though we often mix in some interview style questions into out tests. It is used as part of an iterative product development process - so we typically run tests on 3-5 users at a time, iterate, and then test again. We love how fast it is to get feedback!
  • Participant recruitment
  • Ease of use for both participants and researchers
  • Customer service
  • I found Figma prototypes and user testing don't always work well together
  • Some users go on and on and on - without adding value that warrants the additional talking - would be great if tests could have time limits (beyond the 5 minute test). I have some tests that should take no more than 10 minutes and some people find a way to talk for 25!
  • Transcripts would be fantastic! And a way to export notes.
[UserTesting is] really great for usability testing when you have a somewhat functional prototype but I find it less useful when I have what are essentially just detailed sketches. When I have open unanswered questions about what I am building I always throw them in as its an easy way to gather a lot of opinions quickly.
Very responsive! When I had an issue (which was some glitch, no one's fault and never happened again) the team went above and beyond to help me troubleshoot.
Overall [UserTesting] is really good - but I don't love how the folders work - we have a lot of users and a lot of tests and while I can easily go into my folders I would love the ability to see which folder each test is in when I am on the "all folders" view.
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UserTesting is currently being used by multiple internal departments: market research, product, design, editorial, and sales. It is used to test new product features and designs as well as getting feedback on ad campaigns running on our platforms. We use it to test prototypes before the final design is complete. We use both unmoderated and moderated sessions to get feedback from the UserTesting panel.
  • Quick responses from the UserTesting panel.
  • High quality responses from the UserTesting panel.
  • Great customer service, both via chat and email with our rep.
  • While the live sessions are great, there can be glitches on the respondent's end (it could be slow internet connections or something else) but we always figure out a workaround to save the session.
  • The transcription is not always spot on but I believe UserTesting team is aware and working on improving that-I personally listen and transcribe manually as it helps me focus on the findings.
  • Scheduling live sessions are easy but sometimes respondents cancel at the last minute, it would be great that if a panelist cancels, they get some sort of demerit so they can't cancel more than two-three times.
Great for learning how easy (or hard) a new feature on a mobile app or mobile web page is. Also, gut checks on final designs before they are launched. Since responses are garnered so quickly, lead time is minimal.

Haven't had a situation where UserTesting was less appropriate yet.
Quick responses via both email and chat. Our rep is super attentive and sets up quarterly meetings to check in on if we are meeting our goals and just find out if we having any case studies to share. Whenever there is an issue and the chatbox is used, the reps are quick to respond and super friendly and resolve the issues 100% of the time
Pretty easy to use, sometimes when the platform is updated with more features there is a bit of a learning curve. Overall you can use the support/help pages and training guides to answer any questions.
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We use UserTesting mostly for our UX dept. initiatives. It is a very good tool, but it has many shortcomings. It provides many features, but the overall quality is good enough, not great. Some things that we use it for:
  • Helping with recruitment (quite easy, but with constraints).
  • Conducting unmoderated interviews.
  • Conducting surveys.
  • Conducting usability tests.
  • Recruitment.
  • Usability testing.
  • Unmoderated interviews.
  • User interface..
  • Consistency with provided features in different plans.
  • User flows.
It is a very good tool for our needs, but there are many shortcomings - the UI is bad; product often lags; it is counterintuitive while creating tests; they change plans and the features included often - so you sometimes lose what you previously paid for; their model for tests is bad - you can only recruit 10 ppl per test, which is a small number.
They are quite good in handling bad participants - substitution is easy. Overall, I didn't have many chances to contact their support.
The product, even though it's sometimes bad in execution, is quite easy to use and get used to.
I would love to write more on this topic, but that sums it up.
Their product team is focused on adding features, but what they should focus on is execution of the UI, user-flows, addressing usability issues, and following UX standards (especially in screener/test creator).
The product is usable, but it is a drag most of the time.

Also, their statistics module from research is unusable - I would love them to follow what SurveyMonkey does in their statistics module.
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We use UserTesting almost daily to test aspects of our travel site with users, get instant feedback on designs, and explore potential solutions before beginning development. Because of the value our product design team has been able to demonstrate with UserTesting, our partners in marketing have even started to use the tool!
  • Instant feedback
  • Competitive analysis
  • Unmoderated studies
  • Balanced comparisons
  • Tree testing
  • Card sorting
  • File organization
User Testing is great for marketing and brand teams, product managers, product designers, and even developers. It can be used by any industry, but especially companies which struggle to get in front of their end-users, whether due to budget or time constraints. With minimal training, any employee can utilize the tool for insights.
UserTesting has a great chat feature I've used regularly to help with account and test questions. Our customer support manager has also been proactive about reaching out to our team and seeing areas in which the tool can be improved for our team.
UserTesting has made many enhancements to impact their usability, but there are aspects of test creation that could be improved. It can be hard to organize and edit questions in longer studies, and the drag-and-drop building feature isn't as ideal. Otherwise, the tool works as expected and helps expedite the building of tests.
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UserTesting is used across the organization, though primarily by the research team, and then also leveraged by other teams (marketing, product, etc.). It allows us to speak to our users and to synthesize research faster. It enables us to quickly be able to recruit and run usability tests.
  • UserTesting is great for doing quick unmoderated studies. Provided your research questions are a good fit for this methodology, then UserTesting is able to find and test participants (contributors) incredibly fast.
  • The fact that UserTesting will substitute any participants that don't feel as though they had good feedback/were thoroughly participating.
  • Having more affordable manager seats. Our team is sharing one manager seat for 12 researchers, but given that we are all professionals that are well versed, it would be easier for us to all have logins.
Very well suited for quick, unmoderated testing. Generally very good for usability work; not as great for exploratory work since it requires some different things and often, our own participants.
When I requested help to better understand UserTesting, I was given access to a researcher. I am a researcher, so that didn't help much because I was asking about the functionality, not methodology assistance. It was fine enough but requires that you learn on your own.
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UserTesting is used across the organization. It is used to help us finalize decisions on branding, product fit, and optimizing user experience in the mobile app. We use it to figure out who our potential customers are (demographics) and what features they would like to use in the app. We also use it for designs choices.
  • Finding a brand name that resonated with the Muslim community for a mobile app
  • Choosing a credit card design (colors, logos, etc.), particularly the color that Muslims identified with--they liked green.
  • Testing out how a customer would sign up for a money account, which involves uploading identity documents and taking selfies. This helped us understand how intuitive the journey was and if the customer could complete the tasks without getting stuck
  • Watching users on the video to see how they completed a task, entering their assets and liabilities to work out their net wealth. This helped us to figure out the users' mental model on what they understood of the financial terms we used.
  • For tests involving iOS or Android apps, where we provide the source file to UserTesting, we seem to encounter technical issues by users who can't download the app or have some other issue and we never seem to get a resolution from UserTesting. So its a bit hit and miss if we manage to get users through the testing. We probably need to understand the technical requirements from UserTesting on what files we need to submit, such as the supported versions.
  • Sharing videos with colleagues, the links don't work directly from UserTesting, so we end up downloading the videos and uploading them into our own environment for sharing. This is time consuming when there are a large quantity of videos.
  • Quantitative studies (written surveys). We don't always need to use videos, so it would be great to use the panels to send out surveys/questionnaires--especially for large numbers of participants (100+).
UserTesting is good for small qualitative studies to get insights about how participants perform a task and get feedback on our products. It has helped us to see the strengths and weaknesses of our designs and user journeys. It's not so good for larger quantitative studies where we need to get feedback from a larger number of views. Another area is the ability to run across age groups to see if there are differences in how tasks are done or if views differ by age. It would be good to have an easier way to manage this, as currently we set up individual tests per age group.
We don't always get resolutions that solve the problem and the time to respond could be better.
Good usability; we continue to see improvements in the simplified templates. There is a small learning curve to understand how to set up a test for the first time, but there are enough articles and help that you can use to do it. You do need to understand the principles of user research in order to use the tool effectively, so it might help to have links to training (UserTesting University) and other sources.