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Score 8 out of 10
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Our Systems Administrators use it most frequently to manage and monitor performance of our virtual infrastructure components across the enterprise. We have other monitoring solutions in place (SolarWinds, VROPS) but none of them are as handy, or intuitive as Veeam ONE for a centralized monitoring tool for near real time performance.
  • Quick and intuitive to use. Compared to other products we have used, Veeam ONE is the easiest to get new users to utilize. Search functionality is fast and the amount of data that is in the console window is logically organized.
  • Broad, or detailed overviews of infrastructure performance depending on the need at the moment. Users can easily scale the reporting from a full cluster, down to a single object in seconds. Users can also easily adjust the reporting time period from minutes, to hours/days/weeks/etc. in a few clicks.
  • Support for Veeam ONE is often slow. Because it is not a 'production' system, unless the server/service is hard down, Veeam's Support Team is not really all that quick to respone to Veeam ONE support needs.
When there is any sort of performance issue, Veeam ONE is well suited to help assess the problem. There are many, many features within the monitoring console that allow you to connect to machines, view processes and even reset them with ease. We prefer this tool over any of the more complicated ones in our environment.
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Score 9 out of 10
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We use Veeam ONE in the Information Systems department to monitor our virtual infrastructure for our entire organization. It is a relatively inexpensive and easy to use tool for the monitoring and notification of critical infrastructures status and availability. We actually used Veeam Backup and Recovery first and then discovered that for a nominal amount more you can get Veeam ONE in a suite configuration to compliment VBR.
  • Provides a monitor for all aspects of your virtual environment.
  • We use it to monitor disk space thresholds and provision all our VMs with the minimum required space from start. It lets us know when they have reached a minimum acceptable level and then we use vSphere tools to increase them on the fly. This optimizes our space usage.
  • We use it to monitor and alert on CPU and Memory usage thresholds for VMs so that we don't have performance problems host-wide.
  • Snapshot age is alerted to help you remember to delete older rapidly growing snapshots.
  • We use it to look at longer term trends for capacity planning and monitoring.
  • We also use it to monitor backup and replication processes to make sure they are happening and that we have capacity for them.
  • Basically the products works very well and we have been very pleased, but following are some picky details I could suggest for improvement specific to our needs.
  • We leave the GUI up on a TV in our Office and on our desktops to visibly see if anything is alerting. It would be nice if you could customize the view to have a smaller minimum view with just the widgets you wanted.
  • When the GUI starts on a multi-monitor setup it always returns to the primary and any popup windows always go to the primary instead of the monitor you have the application running in.
If you have a VMware virtual environment and or Veeam Backup and Replication, Veeam ONE is a great tool to monitor its health. You can use the built-in tools in vCenter to monitor many of the same things that Veeam ONE monitors, but with vCenter you have to go looking for problems that Veeam ONE automatically notifies you on. You can also set thresholds in Veeam ONE such that certain VMs don't falsely alert you all the time as well.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We have a big virtual infrastructure for an ERP solution. It is a mix of Windows and Linux virtual machines hosted on VMWare vSphere using ESXi hosts. Now with that large setup having 200 + virtual machines, we use Veeam ONE, a one stop location for monitoring resources across the environments.
  • A central location for monitoring system resources in real time.
  • Most of the alerts are configured out of the box. Thumbs up to that.
  • Easy and intuitive GUI.
  • The email notifications are huge and too verbose.
  • Doesn’t monitor physical servers.
It is very helpful for a large virtual infrastructure. It is not the best solution if you need physical server monitoring.
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Score 10 out of 10
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We use Veeam ONE to assist our customers in implementations. It provides a single pane for management of their entire IT infrastructure, including virtual and physical. It provides a knowledge base for our users to manage their server environment. Our customers look for the most efficient way to oversee their environments and with Veeam ONE, they can do so.
  • 24x7 real-time monitoring, reporting, alerting and managing for virtual and physical environments - This allows our customers real-time analysis
  • Capacity planning and forecasting - Our customers are always set on what's coming next and with Veeam ONE, they can effectively plan for their ever-moving environment target
  • Resource management and configuration tracking - Allows for tracking of efficiency of their environment
  • Veeam is the leader in the backup and replication model and they do everything well. Veeam ONE was just one more of the additions that take it to the next level.
Veeam ONE is especially great in the enterprise level customer with many pieces to manage, however Veeam ONE also works well in the small and medium size businesses, especially with limited IT resources. It allows those customers to also run their environments as efficiently as possible. It is an overall time and resource saver.
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April 27, 2018

Veeam ONE review

Score 6 out of 10
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We primarily use Veeam for backing up our Windows VMs in our VMWare vSphere multi-tenant environment and allows us to easily manage and analyze our backup infrastructure. It is not currently being used by our department across the whole organization; we currently have an enterprise license with NetBackup. The advantages of Veeam One is the simple installation, and integration to backup, monitor and report in real-time. There is a cost savings in data compression and data deduplication as well.
  • Simple installation and integration into our VMWare environment
  • Save cost on storage with data compression and data deduplication
  • Single management console to manage and monitor our environment
  • An affordable Enterprise Solution; seems with pricing you are "locked-in"
  • Veeam is a virtual-only solution; we rely on NetBackup for physical servers backups
Veeam ONE is suited for the VMWare environment; less suited for the physical environment. The question can also be regarded in terms of sustainability; given the fact that Veeam is considered a smaller company, compared to larger vendors such as Veritas, is in the City Of Los Angeles interests to invest in a different backup solution that has been proven to be stable? What happens to Veeam 5 years from now? Will they expand beyond the Virtual Backup realm?
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Score 9 out of 10
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Veeam ONE has become a major asset in the backup and recovery of our computer systems.

Prior to this implementation our company felt vulnerable and did not have a solution. Now we are protected and have the peace of mind knowing that whatever disaster may strike we will be able to recover.
  • Backup
  • Recovery
  • Implementation
  • Getting the settings fine-tuned at the beginning was a bit of effort, but once set up, works smoothly.
Veeam does great at keeping us informed on the status of our network.

If you have someone always watching over your network, it may not be as needed.
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Rann Sanders, MCSE, MCSA, MTA, VCA, ITILF profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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While working at a previous job, we virtualized the great majority of our servers. Part of that process was to include finding a new backup alternative for our virtual VMware servers. Veeam ONE was included in our purchase of the Veeam backup product and what a wonderful inclusion it was. Veeam ONE does an excellent job of monitoring the health of your virtual servers and alerting you to potential issues in a proactive manner. If I had an issue with the product, it was that (at that time anyway) it wouldn't monitor our old physical servers. Veeam ONE monitors only virtual servers and does an excellent job thereof.
  • Reporting - Veeam ONE has the ability to update you with daily reports that are easily customizable.
  • Monitoring - Veeam ONE shows current and past health of virtual servers. This includes proactive statuses that can warn you of impending issues.
  • Alarms - Veeam ONE can contact you via a number of methods to warn you that an issue is impending, or occurring that requires your attention.
  • At the last time I used Veeam ONE, it didn't monitor physical systems. I don't necessarily consider this a flaw, just a feature that would be nice to have.
Veeam ONE is an excellent product to use with VMware and Veeam Backup products. Veeam ONE is not for use in purely physical server environments.
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Score 10 out of 10
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I use VeeamONE to alert myself of potential issues in my infrastructure. It allowed me to stave off a more critical issue, by letting me know that one of my disks was 80% full.
  • Based on your settings, it alerts you in a timely fashion of potential issues
  • Pretty intuitive to install and configure
  • Great support
  • Free trainings (More)!! :)
It works "perfectly" with my vmWare environment.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We use Veeam One along with other monitoring products to keep an eye on our VMWare virtual infrastructure. It allows us to stay on top of common virtualization issues, such as data stores filling up, hosts reaching maximum resource usage, and VMs having issues. It also provides many useful reports to see how things are performing over time and identify over allocation of resources.
  • The built-in reports work well for providing management with a picture of how resources are being used.
  • The alerts are highly configurable.
  • The structuring of the alerts in the infrastructure view dashboard lets you narrow down the scope of alerts to only those you care about.
  • The interface (as of v7) is a little clunky and takes some practice to navigate effectively.
  • Alerts can be a little chatty, making it hard to distinguish real issues from all the noise.
  • Customizing the alerts is time consuming.
Veeam One works great for monitoring virtual infrastructure. However, other dedicated server monitoring apps do better with monitoring the individual VMs. Where it stands out is its reporting functionality, which allows you to forecast growth and keep track of how you are using your resources. It is also great for companies without a big monitoring budget, as there is a pretty functional free version.
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