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GPS units are on our mobile equipment.
Company was good before it was purchased by Verizon. Now, the customer service is horrible. Phone wait times are 45+ minutes.
Billings sent to company are a hit or miss. Tied to 3 year contracts. Customer service representatives either do not return emails, phone calls, or they have no information. Paper pushers with no knowledge of the product or company.
Score 1 out of 10
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It is used by our service technician department to track vehicles for dispatching and scheduling
  • It works sometimes
  • Overpriced
  • Delayed or inaccurate tracking
  • Poor support
I would not recommend it to anyone I liked or disliked. The service has gotten terrible and they refuse to work with us.
March 13, 2020

What Could Be

Mike Hartzog | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Sometimes we have phone calls from customers that need us to look at something at a location, and we'll use Verizon Connect to see where our installers are and if one is close. It works much better than trying to call all the installers to see where they are at or even worse waiting until an installer gets back and then sending them out again. Usually, this is the case when it's somewhere an hour away..." oh joe customer called and needs us to look at something in Bainbridge, Ga," "I just got back from there." Hopefully, this makes sense. We definitely don't use Verizon Connect to its full capabilities.
  • Tracking vehicle maintenance because it's easier for me to track maintenance with the software than the employees.
  • Track the installer's location. Saves time being able to route an installer to a needed job.
  • Daily Routing, we don't use this, but I sure wish we did.
  • I wouldn't say it's negative. It's just more people and change, but getting employees to use the routing function of Verizon Connect has been a challenge.
Having a customer call in needing us to go to a particular city or town, and we just had an employee near that location. Verizon Connect helps us with that.
The training could use a little extra. Mainly the GPS or Cameras get installed, and the training is a webinar or video.
February 20, 2020

Great value!

Courtney Van Delden | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We have units in all our vehicles -- 11 total. Some are construction vehicles, some are service vehicles. We are able to track employees' trips and account for any stops/breaks, monitor speed, etc.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • Mobile app.
  • Reports are a little confusing.
  • Alerts are a little delayed.
It suits a service business very well, and keeps employees accountable for their trips during the day.
I have not had to use support (which is a good thing!)
Score 4 out of 10
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Our company used Verizon Connected for their live map & asset tracking abilities along with satisfying the legal requirement for commercial vehicles to be equipped with electronic logs. We used this program mostly within the Logistics office to help with routing and customer delivery, but at times we would branch it out and use it in our Customer Service Department to communicate delivery times with customers.
  • Fleet visibility--a very user-friendly map to display trucks.
  • Reporting is management friendly. Data comes in a very usable format.
  • Fleet maintenance can be tracked within the program, which is helpful for route ROI.
  • Contractor install is very cumbersome, inconvenient, and causes downtime.
  • Tracking had lots of unexplained glitches, thousands of miles added and lost to various trucks out of nowhere.
  • Customer Service is quick to "open a case" on any issues, but lacks follow-up and solutions.
  • Lots of problems are "sent to development."
We had success using Verizon Connect for situations when customers called asking about the status of their delivery truck. We were able to find the truck, and figure from its current position a rough estimate of ETA for the customer.

We also had attempted to use it to help with IFTA mileage reporting, however, due to the inconsistency of mileage reporting, it was not able to be used. We would be charged with miles in states that were thousands of miles away that we do not have customers in, and conversely, we would not be charged with miles we have warehouses in. There was no reliability for this report, so trying to use it for government tax reporting was not acceptable.
Overall, the agents employed by Verizon Connect were wonderful to talk to, very friendly, and started to feel more like co-workers than a contractor's customer service line. There lies the biggest issue we had with the customer service, the frequency that we had to be in contact with them. We would average 12-15 calls a week to the customer service line. After spending an average of 13:47 on hold for each call, 60% of issues that were needing to be discussed would be able to be resolved and would need to be "sent to development," with no solution or update to be heard.
Score 10 out of 10
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Managers at each of our locations utilize the live map tracking of our vehicles with Verizon Connect. This is helpful in monitoring our vehicles and drivers as they complete the pick-up and delivery of materials. Knowing where our vehicles are at all times, and being able to update our drivers on up-to-the-moment traffic conditions, is extremely helpful in being more efficient. Our drivers also utilize the ELD functionality of Verizon Connect, staying compliant with DOT requirements.
  • Extremely reliable. We have never had an outage or inability to track our vehicles.
  • It's an easy to learn system. New drivers quickly become proficient with the ELD system, even if they've been technology-resistant in the past. New managers can easily learn the operation of the admin end of the system.
  • The Verizon Connect ELD app for drivers occasionally needs updating, and I have needed to individually talk drivers through the process of how to update the app manually. Adding functionality to automate the app updating would be helpful. Note: we have opted to use restricted accounts on our Android-based tablets to minimize the risk of drivers changing important settings. This may be what has prevented the apps from automatically updating, but I am not certain of this.
Verizon Connect is an excellent solution for companies that have a number of vehicles to track and DOT drivers that require ELDs to operate CDL vehicles. Our company has approximately 50 vehicles, and this system is extremely helpful for us. I imagine that the full suite of products may be more than what is needed for a very small operation (1-2 vehicles). If reliability, dependability, consistency, and lack of any downtime are important to your company, Verizon Connect is a great solution.
Verizon Connect has great customer service. Our account manager has always replied quickly to any inquiries of mine and has been very knowledgeable and reliable. Drivers who've occasionally needed to call into the customer service helpline have quickly had their questions answered and problems resolved. All reports I've received from them about their experiences have been positive, stating that the Verizon Connect employees have been courteous and helpful, resolving their issue quickly and efficiently.
Score 8 out of 10
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We have field staff that are mobile. Verizon Connect helped us to get a better handle on the areas we are and make work is moving consistently the way it should. It helps to manage some of our field staff as well. There is not a question of staff being on site.
  • Decreases fuel costs
  • Staff are on site
  • Small companies don't need a lot
I think Verizon Connect worked great for us to get a better handle on our field staff, but ultimately it was not worth it in the long run for our company to continue to utilize the service. It would be great for a company that is a little bit larger than ours.
Support staff are always available.
Score 9 out of 10
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Verizon Connect is being used by tracking gps, services (oil change, repairs, dot inspections, etc.), and to keep us in DOT compliance. It is being used in all our three locations, to make us proactive and make sure our fleet is maintained and up-to-date on all inspections, repairs, etc. Verizon Connect helps us address our drivers on their driving habits, logs, and time.
  • GPS location of your fleet and replay back up to year
  • All reports for drivers log, inspections, services, etc.
  • Reminders and alerts for when services are due
  • Sending you the report by email--if the report is too big, I don't get the entire document. I will have to run the report on the website.
  • Sometimes the GPS isn't exactly correct, but close enough.
  • Customer service is better every time.
Verizon Connect really helps our business with the tracking and reports necessary to be compliant and up to date with our records.
The support is excellent--very detail-oriented and always helps us find our way.
Score 3 out of 10
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We currently use Verizon Connect for very limited purposes. Our primary use is monitoring temperatures inside food delivery vehicles. This allows us to accurately track food product temperatures through production, storage, transport, storage, and dispense. Without this we would be lacking important compliance information, but more importantly, we would have a significant blind spot in food safety.
  • Transit temperature monitoring - Verizon Connect allows us to fill in previously missing temperature information for food products in transit.
  • Vehicle location monitoring - While not our primary goal, we are able to use Verizon Connect to see if any of our vehicles has stopped for an excessive amount of time. This helps us ensure safety of our vehicle drivers.
  • Web Interface - For some time, the web interface of Verizon Connect has failed to load.
  • Ownership change - We started using Telogis a couple years ago, soon after it became Verizon Connect. It makes sense a carrier would want to leverage this type of service since it requires data plans, but it has caused the product we contractually purchased to change after we signed.
Verizon Connect does provide the service we want, which is monitoring temperatures of food products in delivery vehicles. Temperature tracking in our facilities is easy since we have stationary networks and coolers, but moving vehicles provides a different challenge. Since we started using Telogis (before it became Verizon Connect), we have been able to keep track of these temperatures.
Aside from this, Verizon Connect feels like many other bloated poorly designed business services. It does what it says, but design gets in the way of usability and the whole thing feels like it's built to sell you higher levels of service.

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What is Verizon Connect?

Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.

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What is Verizon Connect?

Verizon offers a fleet management platform in Verizon Connect, emphasizing asset tracking and GPS, clear maps and route optimization, and fleet KPI tracking.

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Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.3.

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The most common users of Verizon Connect are from Small Businesses and the Construction industry.