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Score 10 out of 10
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VMware Workstation Pro is a tool we use to simulate or to make tests on operative systems or production machines without being to deal with possible performance impact or disasters in the production infrastructure. We recently migrated our production server from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2019 and VMware Workstation Pro was a crucial tool to make all the tests on our migration plan before even touch our actual infrastructure.
  • Test new software on an actual server, previously virtualized
  • Make all the changes to our production server before deploy
  • Deal with real problems without any impact on production infrastructure
  • We found that some network settings were hard to set up
VMware Workstation Pro is the most complete virtualizing solution on the market, it's incredibly powerful when you need to make changes on some important points of your infrastructure. When you need to try test some changes on your servers or make some important changes that may affect the performance of your applications, the best way to be sure that nothing bad happens is to try with a virtualized environment
Tyler Twitchell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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VMware Workstation is used to run VM's that can be discarded and recreated with little effort. These VM's run on our location desktop or laptop with the intended purpose to obfuscate the work that goes on within our organization and that of our production use. These virtual machines are running and supported within VMware to act as a barrier between production access and regular access to our corporate environments allowing up to have a separation of duties within the working environment.
  • Create test systems to validate specific builds.
  • Allow for a separation of duties as well as keep network traffic segregated.
  • Some changes could be made to help with multi screen support.
  • VMware Workstation is difficult to span between different host OS (Windows vs Mac).
The ability to deploy a server to test a specific piece of software is of great benefit, and if you mess up with an install, as long as you have a copy of the machine you started with, you can quickly delete an OS and start over. The same works if you need to share a single image among many people.
I haven't had to call VMware Workstation support. The majority of the time, whenever I have a problem, I can perform an online search and find the answers I need. Online forums and users with similar situations are generally sufficient to answer any questions I have had, though, from previous experience at another company, their support is outstanding and responsive to circumstances. However, that is generally for a paid support contract and should be expected when you are paying for that support.
Nick Darnell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I currently use VMware Workstation Pro to manage the VM's in our production environment as well as some locally hosted test machines that may or may not go into production. Workstation allows me to access all of my clusters and VM's with ease on a client based environment rather that web portal based access which can sometime be subpar.
  • Not HTML based - Web applications are not always the best method to access VM's
  • Isolation - VM's can be pulled off production networks for testing in a safe environment
  • Operability - The interface mirrors the HTML format giving the user all of the features necessary to modify, access and manage VM's
  • Stability - The client will sometimes randomly crash
  • Consistency - I have run into issues where VM hardware can only be modified through vSphere so you must bounce back and fourth from time to time
Workstation Pro is well suited for both small and enterprise level applications. Home labs and small businesses can use it to manage a few VM's and massive scale corporations will have the ability to operate multiple clusters across multiple domains all in one setting. I find it most useful for offline application testing on VM's prior to migration into production.
Score 9 out of 10
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I currently use VMware Workstation Pro to manage the various VMs in our environment, as well as a few local VM's stored on my workstation. We have around 1,000 VM's in Vcenter, and VMware Workstation Pro is much more easier to use when needing console access to them.
  • It uses tabs to navigate between VM's when opened, which is great when updating multiple servers
  • The management for VM's stored locally works great
  • I like it's integration with Vcenter
  • It could use more monitoring features
  • They should rethink the licensing, such as having to pay for an upgrade right after purchasing
  • The version I'm on randomly freezes sometimes when launching, then works fine after a few minutes.
It's great for anyone Systems Administrator responsible for multiple servers in a Vcenter environment, as well as anyone who utilizes multiple VM's on the pc for various tasks. If you simply have a VM or two you use to test or play around with, there are free alternatives that may be a better option.
Vlad VARNA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We use VMware Workstation (on Windows) and Fusion (on mac) to test our software and to test it safely with malware. We also use it to deploy development web servers in Linux on Windows development machines. We also use the Network Editor to test different networking conditions that would be harder to replicate physically.
  • You can have different test machines on a single developer host.
  • It's almost as fast as a physical machine.
  • You can use snapshots to quickly experiment with new things and updates without worrying you will lose everything.
  • With the Network Editor, you can configure whole LANs, which would require a lot of effort and equipment to set up physically.
  • The VMX configuration file is easily editable for more advanced features.
  • At the moment, it's incompatible with Microsoft's HyperVM, which is used in Docker and the Linux Subsystem on Windows 2 (WSL 2).
  • VMware shared files sometimes stop working and need to be reset.
  • 3D support is limited to Windows and only certain scenarios.
Out of the desktop VM solutions, it's better than its competitors in terms of speed, features, and reliability (though in the recent releases reliability seems to be going down; probably mainly because of issues with HyperVM). If you want to have a whole Linux environment that you can just move on a stick it's better than WSL. If you need different preconfigured OSes for automated testing it's also very good
Graham Murison | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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VMware Workstation is used in IT operations for running lab environments, testing software solutions/updates. It also allows us to run multiple operating systems on one virtual host. We also have some other departments that required Android hardware in order to run ONE android application. Instead, what we did was deployed VMware Workstation for them and now they run Android through this virtualized platform. There are also some really old applications we have that are required more maintenance for one or two people. Instead, of trying to run it on old hardware we virtualized it and it runs as a Windows XP/2000 virtual machine on a Workstation host.
  • Segregates networking
  • Virtualizing multiple operating systems
  • Resource management
  • Device redirection (USB, printers)
  • Integration with other VMware products
  • More flexible networking functionality, like VLANs etc
  • Pricing
We have used VMware Workstation to virtualize old servers/workstations operating systems that are running on really ancient hardware. By doing this we are have reduced our hardware maintenance cost, power consumption, and cooling costs. It also does well when you are testing the deployment of new software packages or operating systems. This allows IT computers to be free of the bloatware that comes with so many software suites, upgrades for us just requires moving files around.
Score 10 out of 10
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VMware Workstation is being used by a few departments to do a variety of things. It is being used by some to access VMs on our host clusters, it is being used by others to create and run local sandbox VMs, and we have used it to copy deprecated VMs to an end-users desktop giving them the opportunity to start that VM and do data recovery on into the future. Workstation provides a good alternative to a remote desktop for managing your servers if they are all virtual. It also provides a great way to do testing and one-off application usage on your desktop in a sandbox.
  • It provides a great remote access tool for accessing and managing servers in virtual environment. With the security risks surround remote desktop this provides a good alternative to do the same functions.
  • The app itself is very lightweight and easy to install/maintain.
  • Sandbox testing can be a time consuming thing to setup and do. Workstation makes this easy to create, use, and put away. This make you more willing to put new things in the sandbox and test them before production usage.
  • The cost of workstation is very affordable for the functionality that you get and you can try it for free before you buy it.
  • We use it to run apps that can be difficult to setup or conflict with other apps. We just spin this app VM up run it, and then shut it back down. The startup and shutdown is very quick.
  • It's not free? With all the money spent on a VMware environment, they could easily give this product away as a tool to use with the overarching products.
  • Initial licensing can be a bit of a challenge as with any VMware product.
  • We have never needed support as the product is very easy to use, but VMware as a company doesn't provide the greatest support.
  • As you read the three things above, you will notice that we really don't have any ideas on how to improve the product as it works very well over all.
When you use the vSphere client to open a remote console you have what appears to be a slimmed-down version of Workstation. The full version can be used in that same role, but instead of going to vSphere first you can directly get to your VM tree through Workstation. This makes it quick to move from VM to VM. Sandboxing is where Workstation is especially well suited. You can run test apps, difficult apps, and deprecated apps/OSs in a sideways fashion that is not dangerous to your production environment. If you're not a VMware shop, this product could be used but would be less appropriate.
We have never called support for Workstation so this rating is actually based on an overall rating of VMware. The good thing about VMware products is they don't generally need much support, but like any other really large company the support they give has, in our experience, gone downhill. They take a while to get through to and then aren't generally quick to respond and resolve cases.
Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize VMware Workstation for IT Admins to run massive virtual machines. As of today, VMware Workstation is still the gold standard when it comes to virtual environment.
  • Allow IT professionals to run multiple, isolated Operating Systems.
  • Users can network together sets of operating systems to complete the testing and development of server architecture.
  • The frequent update of VMware tools gets a little tiresome.
We utilize VMware Workstation to connect physical USB devices to a virtual machine and running a testing and development of code with network architecture. We utilize it with Windows 10 and Linux virtual machines using secure shell (SSH).
We also connecting it to a remote vSphere host, to create inventory tree, that now shows as a hierarchical arrangement with two different views: hosts/clusters and VMs, with a simple toggle between the two.
We never get to use the support as it is always working seamlessly.
Stefan Trbojevic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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VMware Workstation has been used as our main virtual lab environment tool, this is where we do all our testings before publishing any new updates, as well as to troubleshoot and get more familiar with new features our product has to offer. For instance, I have multiple images set where I can quickly switch between them and spot any new changes that have been developed.
  • Mounting and creating multiple images.
  • Creating restore point.
  • Managing your PC resources efficiently.
  • Multi-monitor setup can be a problem.
  • Some random problems with the mouse cursor not clicking where it should but on some other spot.
VMware Workstation is well suited for literally anyone, be it for a private project or for your work, It is usually being used for testing purposes or perhaps for virtual servers, whatever the task may be VMware Workstation can handle it with ease. As previously mentioned multi-monitor setup is something that needs to be worked on for the product to be fully implemented and usable in your environment.
Score 9 out of 10
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VMware Workstation automatically chooses adequately the settings needed in order to perform best, given you have "automatically" set in the relevant settings. Workstation Pro is also very efficient with the usage of your resources. The software is really full-featured for the price; it's money well spent. You can not get it wrong with this one. If you read the documentation, you can even get more benefits from the advanced usage of the tool. Allows for security research without causing harm to real machines, and it's easy to spin up to new or saved VM then reimage a machine.
  • I love VMWare Workstation because it is software that is fairly easy to use. The most exciting use of VMware Workstation is that it allows anyone to create a virtual machine in order to prevent viruses.
  • Able to install any operating system you want quickly.
  • Able to customize the machine operating system with RAM, Hard Disk, CPU, etc.
  • Audio can be a bit on the laggy side.
  • Having to reboot for every update and VM reboots for VMtools updates.
It is really one of the best applications for virtualization in the market. The only problem is that this is not a free program, but due to all its functionalities it is worth the price.
Michael Timms | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Oh where to begin. The uses for VMware Workstation are almost endless. First and foremost in my case, I use it to build Windows 7 and 10 images, and then capture them using FOG. Building images this way is so much cleaner and faster because they are universal, meaning they are not dependent on any hardware type. I love that I can make snapshots along the way, and if I run into any issues I can restore the snapshot, and keep on building.
  • Extremely fast image creation.
  • VMware allows the user to boot into bios, unlike some other virtualization software.
  • Customer support is remarkable, always willing to assist with even the smallest issues.
  • VMware to me is a little too simplistic during setup, and this has led to me having to go back through and change some of the options afterward. This, however, is subjective.
  • Occasionally after an update, I have experienced freezing.
  • I have had issues when backing up a VM to another PC, I would get an error when I start the machine on the new PC.
VMware is not just well suited, but it is a necessity in a thin client environment. Other virtualization software can be used of course, but none of the others that I have used come with the customer support that VMware does. It is also perfect for a PC environment that uses FOG for imaging, because building images is so much faster on VMware than on a live machine.
Bert Scalzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use VMware Workstation to develop, test and demo our software which works with a dozen different databases - so we need virtual machines for numerous setups that we do not want to have running on our computers at all times. Plus some of those databases do not run on Windows so the ability to have a Linux server running as a VM also is extremely useful. In short, we could not do our jobs as easily without VMware Workstation.
  • Excellent tool for creating, running and sharing virtual machines
  • Straightforward and easy to create and manage numerous virtual machines of different types
  • Has the ability to deploy from VMware Workstation to the VMware corporate product - ESX
  • Better built in and automated support for keeping virtual machine file growth to a minimum without 3rd party tools user must download and install
  • A simple wizard for exporting a complete working VM from VMware Workstation to Oracle Virtual Box with minimal user effort and expertise
  • A simple wizard for importing a complete working VM from Oracle Virtual Box to VMware Workstation with minimal user effort and expertise
Best virtualization solution for desktop use and at a very fair price - much better than free tools from Oracle or even VMware (you get what you pay for)
Evan Miller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I am currently the sole user of VMware Workstation to manage various virtual machines that serve as our Windows Imaging build and test environment. This solves the issue we had with hardware-based image building where the various drivers for the hardware could cause issues with sys prepping and capturing images for our computers.
  • Managing multiple virtual machines. I can have many virtual machines open and the resources it utilizes puts a minimum drain on hardware it is running on.
  • Snapshot management is great in this software. Being able to take snapshots before a major update or software install is great to rollback to when or if something goes wrong.
  • The interface for the software is pretty intuitive. Not a whole lot of things buried in menus that you have to dig around to find.
  • Don't have much negative to say about it. The GUI could maybe use a little more modernization but that's really pushing it.
Windows Imaging - using this to build and test images prior to being rolled out to a production environment is a key point of this software and how I use it. With the multiple feature updates with Windows 10 OS it is ever more important to properly test everything (virtually).
Ramandeep Singh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use VMWare product for our cloud lab, that provides virtual labs to students in university. I guess our department is using VMware ESXi server from last 2-3 years or more than that. I personally like it very much as I manage the cloud lab being a Graduate Assistant. So I handle queries from students, create virtual lab for students, and troubleshoot problems related to VMware.
  • Easily Manageable
  • Perfect Graphical User Interface
  • Controlled and well structured
  • Easy to troubleshoot
  • If we need to clone entire ESXI to perform some sort of Forensics on it, it is not possible to clone/Image entire ESXI.
Very suitable for creating virtual operating systems, as it offers a lot of options. Very easy to install any kind of LINUX distro, doesn't matter if it is Debian or whatever, QNX or any. I even installed Yosemite once, just for testing, it was perfectly running on VMWare Workstation. I also use virtual box but I strongly recommend VMWare Workstation.
Ulf Thornander | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It's used by engineers to run various solutions in a sandbox, either for checking a new version or testing the current versions on customers' sample data.
  • Network Connections.
  • Mounting images.
  • Smooth and easily configurable interaction with the host.
  • The networking part could benefit from a more visual view so you see what is connected to where.
  • Some sort of tool so you can easily understand what is causing slowdowns of your guest OS such as your hosts I/O or too little memory provisioned for the guest.
  • Quick comparisons between different versions of an application.
  • Replaying network traffic to a tool without interfering with your "real" network.
Ben Liebowitz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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The use of VMware Workstation is restricted as we own a limited number of licenses. However, since I work on the team that supports our virtualization initiatives, I am one of those people.
VMware Workstation allows me to test software, configuration changes, etc., all on virtual machines on my PC rather than affecting our production VMware environments. I'm able to isolate VMs off the network if necessary, allow VMs access to the network via NAT (Network Address Translation), and also using bridged networking, giving the VMs direct access to our network.
  • It uses the resources of my laptop to create virtual machines that I'm able to use on my PC.
  • It allows me to isolate VMs off the network if necessary.
  • I'm able to take copies of VMs off of our production environment and load them in VMware Workstation to test configuration changes, software upgrades, etc.
  • If your PC doesn't have a lot of resources, it can drain your PC and cause a lot of slowness.
  • Upgrading to new versions usually requires multiple reboots, which can be annoying.
I really like VMware Workstation for a dev/test environment. I'm able to test changes and upgrades outside of my production environment with little to no impact. I've also used it in order to access my work environment from home on my personal PC. I'll create a bare VM and VPN from that as to not install extra software on my personal PC, etc.
Ayush Choukse | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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All my academic projects are done on Linux and I use it on VMware Workstation. Apart from that my Hadoop cluster and centOS machine are also deployed on Workstation virtual machines.
  • Allow user customization.
  • It's free for students
  • It lets you run all your virtual machines in the background
  • Bugs and crashing.
  • User interface
  • More customization of virtual machines
If you have to deploy several virtual machines then VMware Workstation is the best option.
Score 9 out of 10
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For at home development of virtual machines, it is hard to find a better solution. VMware Workstation is primarily used as personal Linux and web development solutions. It is a super simple/flexible product that allows individual users very robust options. We use it for developing exploit capable boxes and ranges allowing staff to work from home while remaining productive without having to have a cloud solution from home. Currently, roughly 70% of our organization is using VMware workstation in some form or another, whether it's on BYOD, or assigned org devices.
  • VMware Workstation is very easy to use and learn. Little to no knowledge of virtual computing is needed to operate Workstation.
  • The price point is not that bad. While there are free solutions out there that provide simple and basic virtualization solutions, VMware Workstation is definitely worth the money. Also, they offer educational discounts.
  • While being easy to use it has advanced options, it can integrate into remote clouds as well.
  • The snapshots offered on Workstation is a great feature many of the free virtual tools do not have. This allows you to save a live state or dead state of a machine. Allowing immediate rollback or roll forward to points you've saved.
  • Making it easy to export VMS is something that Workstation struggles with; exporting to OVA which is the primary type of VM we export to is cumbersome and can be difficult without proper knowledge on how to do this.
  • Management of VMS could be a little bit more in depth.
  • I think the networking portion of Workstation could use some slight improvements, more in-depth segmentation to support containers, however, this is a small issue and not something many people will miss or need.
If you're a remote user for an organization, specifically for development, VMWare workstation is hard to beat. It's great for home use or even inside organization BOYD type solutions. It is not a replacement for a private or public cloud. It is not intended for production level scenarios; it's more intended for small solutions like classrooms and home use.
February 08, 2018

A Perfect VM Manager

Score 9 out of 10
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From my personal experience, VMware Workstation is a wonderful software. I can use different development environments using a single machine (with very accelerated performances). Thanks to VMWare I can develop different solutions and perform tests and debugging easily without any risk and with an immediate rollback speed.
  • immediate rollback speed with VM Snapshot
  • connection with VSphere
  • no risk of unwanted impacts
  • requires a minimum of system knowledge
  • different VMs running at the same time can use a lot of resources
  • the machine running VM Workstation must be very high performing
Scenarios in which this product is useful are if:
  1. you are a developer or you are often interested in new products
  2. you want to carry out extensive tests on certain products or features particularly impacting products that are already used in the company
  3. you have the intention to make particularly risky changes
  4. you can create specular environments and test everything on the virtual. machines

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Hypervisor-level security (14)

What is VMware Workstation Pro?

VMware Workstation Pro is virtualization software which allows running multiple x86-based operating systems on one PC.

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What is VMware Workstation Pro?

VMware Workstation Pro is virtualization software which allows running multiple x86-based operating systems on one PC.

What is VMware Workstation Pro's best feature?

Reviewers rate Management console highest, with a score of 8.9.

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The most common users of VMware Workstation Pro are from Mid-size Companies and the Information Technology & Services industry.