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VuNet Systems

VuNet Systems


What is VuNet Systems?

VuNet Systems headquartered in Bangalore offers an AIOps platform that aims to connect user experience, customer journeys, business transactions, infrastructure and IT operations, and is designed to provide a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the IT operations to derive real…

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Vunet's VusmartMaps

10 out of 10
May 17, 2021
We have recently finished with the implementation of VuNet into our organization. It is has been a great help in monitoring server health …
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What is VuNet Systems?

VuNet Systems headquartered in Bangalore offers an AIOps platform that aims to connect user experience, customer journeys, business transactions, infrastructure and IT operations, and is designed to provide a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the IT operations to derive real time business and…

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Product Details

What is VuNet Systems?

VuNet Systems Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's being used by various business team across the organization. We are using this as a BI tool in our organization. VuNet replaced all the existing tools and became a single solution for all of our BI problems.
  • VuNet Systems provides real-time visibility into performance
  • VuNet Systems gives a transaction visibility across applications
  • VuNet Systems provides comprehensive infra monitoring capabilities
  • Easy to work with
  • Access to leadership
  • Simple licensing model
  • Ability to contextualize or customize to specific needs to my enterprise
  • Strong data ingestion pipeline
  • Non intrusive adaptor with capability to ingest from varied data sources and formats
  • Quick deployment and time to Market with readymade adaptors
  • Real-time insights and Analytics of Transaction performance
  • Both IT and Business Analytics of IT env and Merchant performance
  • Give End to End visibility of transaction performance
  • Gives proactive insights of User experience
  • Some of the items being worked on in the roadmap include automated discovery, improved correlation and automated resolution of incidents.
  • VuNet Systems platform does not provide code level visibility. They are not in this space.
I definitely [recommend] VuNet Systems for the following.
1. Richness of reports.
2. Ease of use.
3. Strong support team.
4. Flexibility in changing the product road map according to our requirements.
5. Acknowledging and Appreciating our feedback.
6. Improving and prioritizing the product features.
7. Brings confidence and confirmations to the decisions.
  • Each transaction failure creates revenue loss. Revenue loss could be both business loss or penalties due to system downtime
  • Proactive insights of IT performance and any potential degradation ensure uptime of system, reducing revenue loss on a daily basis
  • Smaller or Leaner teams due to faster root cause analysis and unified visibility
  • Reduced cost due to consolidation and removal of redundant tools
  • Reduced cost of failure due to faster RCA
VuNet Systems provides great customer support during implementation and the post implementation support is also very good, VuNet Systems is very keen to listen to our enhancement request and they deliver it based on the feasibility. They constantly check with us to understand how their product is helping out in running our business successfully and also they explore the new use cases.
1. Rich UI, storyboards and reports.
2. Gives good insights in the data.
3. End-End visibility in a transaction.
4. Ease of use.
5. Very flexible in adding the requirements to the product roadmap.
6. AI and ML based proactive user experiences.
7. Reduces costs.
8. Strong support team.
9. Integrating with ITSM tools like BMC remedy, service now is easy.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
<div>Quicker visibility into Application and infrastructure performance</div><div>Easier access to data which were spread across multiple data sources</div><div>Real-time visibility of various applications usage</div><div>Visibility to current state of all the transaction workflows</div><div>Ability for the business users to seamless perform in-depth analytics</div>
  • VuNet Systems provides real-time visibility on the health and performance of all the components
  • Flexibility to ingest data from variety of data sources
  • Ability to handle huge volume to data and to integrate with tools like Microsoft teams to get the real-time alerts
  • Real-time insights and ease to use tool to perform detail analysis
  • Team technical knowledge and capability to implement complex requirements
  • When compared with other tool, the look and feel of visualization can be improved
  • It would be really good if they can bring additional features in a shorted timeframe
The AIOps tools gives complete visibility and easy to use.
  • Our environment has become more stable after inducting the VuNet AIOps monitoring tool. It has increased the overall uptime of business critical application
  • Able to easily identify and resolve the issue in production in a shorter span of time
  • Lot of manual efforts have been eliminated due to automated data processing and report generation
VuNet team is always reachable to solve our issue and questions.
VuNet Systems is very easy to use and it's helping the business team to performance their data analysis work without dependent on IT team.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used across the business unit. Visibility to the infrastructure across the business landscape in a manufacturing environment helps in providing uninterrupted service. Proactive monitoring, corrective actions and preventive actions are auto-triggered by the support team from the dashboards solving the problem of visibility and availability for businesses. 1. Ability to see through the critical assets in each location<br>2. Categorize the assets into Critical To Track, Performance metric based tracking.<br><br><br>
  • Log analysis and triage for business events
  • Trends and AI predictive analysis
  • Consistent meaningful analysis of logs across the Data Center Elements
  • Functionality for capturing the Knowledge base of triage
  • Making the Level 1 agent in monitoring team feed the observations for AI improvements
  • Ability to create report generator
Some of the use cases that VuNet is well suited are:
1. Data Center elements monitoring. Track performance of network, application elements in remote places, branches
2. Critical application workloads performance
3. Act as a triage enabler between Development and Operations team
4. Create a CxO dashboard and build business service catalog
  • Positivity of reducing the number of people on monitoring
  • Increase in the visibility of assets for monitoring
  • Algorithmic triage of events, eliminating delays
VuNet team architects fit for purpose solution for the landscape. The tool configuration and project execution is smooth. More the data you provide better you can exploit the feature functionality of VuNet. Be prepared to invest right amount of time during the data discovery and design phase. One needs to spend time in the type of report configuration, choosing the type of metrics required. Structure the support contract till the tool is adopted by your workforce.
Comparably the tool is simple to configure and roll out. It does the heavy duty analysis and provides actionable insights. Features to feed insights, fine tune the log interpretation, reminder service to adjust the threshold levels for a workload performance need to be added. Training programs for Monitoring teams if improved this could be an amazing tool for DC elements and IT teams
Akshay More | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have recently finished with the implementation of VuNet into our organization. It is has been a great help in monitoring server health and other stats, [...] doing in depth trend analysis, creating quick reports according to customer requirements and also creating various email and SMS alerts to notify of any critical scenario and help work towards its resolution as quickly as possible.
  • VuNet understands the customers requirement very well.
  • They have completed every requirement before the given deadlines.
  • Great customer communication and project tracking is good.
  • Overall, VuNet provides an excellent service and their product is also great.
  • It would be very much helpful if their socket reader program could read the ports status and process assigned to it in a much dynamic way. There is not an issue with the current functionality, it is doing great. These are just my thoughts nothing else.
VuNet Systems in my personnel opinion is well suited for providing valuable services in [the] Banking and Financial sectors. Their products can do well in any other domain there is no doubt about it. It is just that I work in Banking and Financial Services domain and I felt their product is doing well here.
  • We can say it had a very positive impact if we are speaking in terms of ROI. As the result that we got for the time and efforts invested in implementing VuNet in our organization is really great.
Given this rating because they have provided us great support throughout the implementation process and post-implementation as well.
VuNet's product provides an in-depth and very informative dashboard. The interface can be more user-friendly for first-time users.
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