TrustRadius and A/B Testing Done RightWe leverage VWO's multivariate and A/B testing capabilities to improve conversion rates for our clients across the country. The detailed analytics and high level of customization make VWO a great platform for our CRO services, and our clients appreciate the simple reporting we can provide on results and recommendations.,VWO's adaptability and customization options allow us to tailor our tests to very unique scenarios. The overall ease-of-use of the platform allows us to quickly build and implement tests, without specialized coding knowledge, which means faster results for our clients.,The user interface within VWO does take a bit of time to get used to, especially as it pertains to switching back and forth between tests. When running multiple experiments on a site at a time, a clear and succinct dashboard for everything in one place would be helpful (as opposed to needing to switch between A/B, multivariate, etc).,9,Our clients have seen significant increases in engagement and conversion rates through changes we recommended after using VWO to test our hypotheses. Our clients and internal teams have appreciated the level of granular detail available within the platform, as more information leads to more reliable optimization suggestions.,The ability to implement tests quickly, use the VWO platform to implement coding adjustments (rather than having to edit site code), and track multiple conversion and engagement goals at once has allowed us to be more nimble, move quicker, and get to conclusions faster than other testing platforms we have used.,We have not used user segmentation much in our testing to date, aside from splitting a percentage of the overall traffic to a site. However, this capability is something we plan to leverage in the future, and I believe there is even more capability we haven't discovered yet within the VWO platform.,Removing the obstacle of having a developer make coding changes and spin up landing page variations allows us to move much more rapidly in our testing cadence than some other platforms have. Our clients appreciate being able to move forward quicker, as the important results for most come *after* the testing is completed.,Google Optimize,Google Optimize, Optimizely, TaboolaGreat user insight and conversion optimization toolVWO is used within our digital department to run A/B tests and to personalise our website for visitor segments. I personally also find it useful to watch recordings of visitors that have dropped out of our ecommerce funnel. VWO makes it easy to select these recordings, instead of having to manually go through a great number of irrelevant recordings.,When designing A/B variations I can choose to either use the visual editor or to make the changes using code. I particularly like using jQuery. VWO offers the ability to keep long term track of the performance of your goals. I can easily identify recordings of users that dropped out of a funnel and watch those. There is live chat to get support, with great response times and which is very helpful. You are forced to create observations and hypotheses when creating a test, which is a great way to make sure that you are actually testing something worthwhile. You can group tests together so that you can rule out interaction effects between tests that you are running at the same time.,The heatmaps within A/B tests are overlayed on the live website. Unfortunately, these don't work properly when scrolling down the site. I am missing an overview of all my custom conversions. I can only see a list of frequently used goals while setting up an A/B test, which may or may not include all custom conversions.,8,I can't give exact numbers, but it has contributed in identifying issues that we have then addressed.,The A/B testing functionality allows us to validate whether specific changes that we want to make to our website actually have the impact that we want them to have, rather than just going by gut feeling.,I am personally not very involved with this aspect of VWO, though I am aware of its capabilities. When used right, i.e. when you have meaningful segments, you can derive great benefit from this.,It has made it easier for the unexperienced to make changes and run a test. I think this also has the downside that people underestimate what they are doing on the website. The very first test ever that I tried to make was erroneous due to my editing dynamic content using the WYSIWYG editor. Making the tool easy to use for non experienced people is a double edged sword.,Hotjar and Google Optimize,HotjarThe perfect tool for marketers wanting to take control of testingVWO is mainly used within the marketing and IT department as a tool to increase website conversion. VWO allows us to quickly test researched hypotheses with the results changing our development priority. The management of VWO is split between the marketing function and IT, meaning everyone has full sight of what is currently being tested on our main consumer website.,Good reporting tools. Easy to use UI, you don't have to be a developer. Reasonable pricing.,Any advancements on the split testing are also welcome. Integration with Formissimo would be beneficial!,9,Allows us to build a business case for change based on the data gathering. Lets us test changes before implementing via hardcoded development. Cost of yearly subscription was paid for within the first few months based on the increase in leads due to testing.,We've been using VWO for a while and it allows us, as marketers, to take control of the process and run a number of tests which normally we would have to put into a development queue. A/B testing is the core reason we first chose VWO, and it's allowed us to make key business decisions, thanks to its advanced reporting suite.,We're a little behind our roadmap, so we haven't made full use of this feature yet! As a business who is keen to make the user's journey as efficient as possible, we see the value and potential ROI increase in personalizing our website with VWO. Here's hoping it's something we get moving with soon!,I alluded to it earlier, but the beauty of the A/B testing and WYSIWYG editor for us, and I'm sure a lot of other marketing teams, is that it removes the obstacle of having to ask a development team to do this work. It puts the power in the hands of the marketer and reduces the path to success.,Hotjar,Hotjar, Google AnalyticsOverall, VWO has helped dig into user needs, and help direct business decisionsWe use VWO in my department to track website engagement, get feedback from surveys, and test different variations of enhancements and changes. We share this information with our marketing department, and sometimes the company as a whole.,VWO A/B tests are easy to set up. I like that we can input our own HTML/CSS/js. Surveys are nice. I like the new feature of being able to see some recordings of sessions who answered the survey. Overall, the recordings are very useful. We have set up some recordings to even verify/debug some issues we were seeing on our site.,Setting up specific goals or events is sometimes hard. our goals/events/clicks are not always straight forward as "if user clicks this thing" which means we have to do extra set up. Form tracking has been a pain, especially with forms that don't have a "submit" button - our checkout process. being able to funnel from delivery/pickup, delivery address form, to payment type, payment form, and submit, it has been difficult. we have dynamic forms with unique id per each session, which also required extra set up. We had an issue with the form only capturing the latest submit, rather than all submits. Even with it set up, the form tracking doesn't seem to capture how we would want.,8,We have tested variations of enhancements that in turn, lead to more sales. Setting up some form tracking caused an issue in Internet Explorer, so we had to remove the tracking.,We have benefited from A/B testing. Our latest findings were a test on some messaging for our financing option. We found a bigger conversion rate with one of the variations and implemented that messaging. We tested changes to our add to cart, messaging, layout, and others, and have found that either, a) one variation saw better conversion rates or b) customer's convert the same with control vs variation, allowing us to put our efforts elsewhere. It helps us prioritize projects, seeing if these changes have value before we implement them.,We have not used the targeting feature.,The WYSIWYG editor is somewhat limiting for us. It would be great for users who don't know HTML, CSS. But for me, it is easier to implement the code directly. We also add js to our variations at times, which you cannot do through the WYSIWYG editor. We have used the WYSIWYG editor when we want to make a simple text change, which is sometimes faster than doing it through the HTML input.,Optimizely and Qualtrics,Google AnalyticsVWO is great for well defined testsWe use VWO to split test for a range of clients across a range of B2B and B2C verticals.,Rapid deployment of tests outside the normal development cycle. Relatively affordable pricing.,Perhaps, streamline multi-device/browser QA process. Clean up UX internally, as it feels a bit cluttered and I suspect many people use just the A/B testing and not the other features, as we do.,9,A/B testing is absolutely vital for maximizing ROI and VWO supports this goal well.,I think these capabilities are overhyped and prefer instead to focus on smaller, more research-driven tests than to throw a hundred things at the wall. This is partially because of statistical concerns, and partially because the possible testing space is so large I want to test only business/marketing hypothesizes that are well founded in existing analytics, competitor sites, industry standards, or strong stakeholder intuition.,We've not used this much.,We tend to hand code the HTML/CSS and do not leverage this feature consistently.,,Google AnalyticsVWO is a great tool that empowers marketers to create and measure A/B tests without a huge reliance on IT and technology support!Our marketing team uses VWO as our primary A/B testing tool. We are able to use VWO to make changes to copy and imagery and measure the success of conversions for those tests. VWO solves a major problem for us -- which is that we no longer have to rely on IT and deployments in order to do some basic to moderate A/B testing on our websites.,VWO is pretty easy to implement on websites and doesn't require a heavy technology lift The VWO interface is pretty intuitive and let's non-technical users make variants for testing The VWO reporting dashboard is excellent for determining statistical significance and understanding whether differences in conversion rates are meaningful or not,VWO can be difficult to implement more advanced A/B tests (such as modifying page layouts or forms) VWO can cause a slight slowdown and flicker of the website for users, though it is often not noticeable to the untrained eye The statistical engine sometimes declares a winner too soon and if you were to check back a week or two later, it may have changed its decision as to the winning variant,8,We were able to increase clicks-throughs to our application by 25% by running A/B tests on our home page creative We were able to increase conversion rates on our form submissions by 10% by modifying language on multiple pages of our application Negatively, our team had to spend a lot of time to do more advanced tests and those tests never worked correctly so we lost out on those hours which could have been dedicated to something more productive (in hindsight).,We have benefited from the capabilities mentioned and been able to increase click through rates and conversion rates on our websites. The key for us to getting benefit from VWO is having more simple and more easily implemented tests instead of trying to use VWO to replace the need for development. Simple/Moderate tests are great. Advanced tests may require a different tool or approach.,Our marketing team has benefited from the segmentation functionality in VWO by allowing us to target mobile users and desktop users with different tests (instead of just relying on responsive web design). We have also been able to target only users coming from a specific campaign by using standard source, medium, and campaign parameters which are used by other analytics platforms.,The VWO WYSIWYG editor is a great tool for making copy and image modifications throughout your website tests. Our marketing team has used this and they are not advanced HTML and CSS users, so the WYSIWYG editor has been instrumental in being able to get our A/B tests up and running quickly.,Google Tag Manager, Usabilla, ResellerRatingsUseful for simple changes, but developers needed for complex testsVWO is used by the UX &amp; CRO department of our digital marketing agency to facilitate running A/B tests on client websites. It solves the business problem of not needing to much developer resource to run tests, allowing our team members to mostly set up tests themselves rather than needing complex code.,Quick to set up AB tests on sites, with multiple variations allowed and the ability to use segments to control who sees the test. Easily links with GA for accurate analysis Heatmaps are included which allow you to see differences between test variations,Setting up multivariate tests can be very difficult, particularly if you want to test something which requires custom code rather than using the VWO editor. Using the VWO editor to create tests can create excessive amounts of code to do quite simple changes, compared to if custom code written by a developer was used. The heatmaps could be more detailed, and seeing how far users had scrolled would be useful. Integration with more tools, such as Hotjar, would be very handy,7,The ability to offer a CRO service is greatly enhanced by VWO, as it allows us to run tests for clients The editor means to some extent we don't need much developer resource to run the tests, lowering costs of doing so,AB testing has benefited my organisation, due to being able to run AB tests for our clients, the basis of our CRO offering. However, testing hundreds of changes simultaneously through multivariate testing has not benefited my organisation particularly, due to the difficulty we found in setting up multivariate tests. The test took a disproportionate amount of time to set up, needing lots of developer resource so costing a lot. Tracking conversion goals via VWO can be tricky, as they can be difficult to set up, so we prefer to use GA to track the results of the test. We also find GA to show more accurate results. Likewise, due to not using VWO to track conversion goals, we use third party tools for understanding the statistical validity of results.,It's handy being able to set up custom segments to set tests live to IP addresses for clients to view them. We've also used them to exclude specific browsers, or target certain devices. However, once we experienced difficulty with targeting paid search traffic using the pre-made segment. It only captured traffic with the medium of paid search, and didn't account for Google Ads using gclid to autotag paid traffic (or Microsoft's msclkid). So we ended up with no visitors in the test at all.,It's enabled our team to create simple tests themselves, reducing the need for developer resource. However, it spits out a tonne of code for even the simplest of changes, which can cause issues for the site. Therefore we tend to ignore the editor most of the time and use custom code written by developers instead. However, the editor is still useful for identifying the class of elements, or an initial play around with layout or whatever to see how something looks when it is changed. But for actually running the tests, we used custom code.,Hotjar, Google AnalyticsJust an honest review about VWOIt is currently being used by CRO and UX department, it's main focus is to AB test.,Allows split testing Allows any traffic split Allows segmentation,Horrible usability - the navigation within each account is quite something, not clear where you find certain features, imagine someone using it daily and having to deal with these issues - it's really a perfect recipe to ruin anyone's day. The reporting isn't great either, it's difficult to understand how VWO reports as it never matches up with data in other platforms i.e. GA. Another issue is related to the glitches and bug fixing, sometimes VWO agents don't have an answer and it can be frustrating. Site speed - it can negatively affect the website and user experience, however not much has been done about it over the last few years. MVT testing is too complex and in many ways impossible to actually execute.,2,It has certainly contributed to generating/helping generate revenue for our clients.,It's an exaggerated and sugar-coated statement, while VWO is a good platform, in no way it allows to test hundreds of changes simultaneously before causing issues, bugs, problems which normally result in more time spent trying to work things out. It would be beneficial to improve the troubleshooting system or even come up with a good system which would enable users to better understand how to fix issues.,Again, I would think that (based on experience) it's not that easy to set the content to be personalised and specific to visitor segments. We have certainly tried this function however it does have it's limited functions and the segments you create don't always work.,It's a good feature but let's be honest, it always beaks the dynamic content. Sometimes we would experience issues with changing the imagery, it has to be all uploaded on VWO before being able to use however it's not always possible so it can create some friction when trying to set up some testing.,Optimizely, Qubit, Qubit Opentag and Monetate,Hotjar, Google Analytics, Optimizely, QubitRecommended for websites with high volume trafficWe use VWO across two markets. It helps us extend a test beyond the fundamental of AB Test. It has a 360-degree view of funnel and goal. Each test can be customized depending on traffic volume and specific to its conversion rate. As no pages value are equal, it makes sense to adjust conversion or improvements as you'd expect. It solves the issue of a number of concurrent tests you can run on the case of Google Optimise. Solves some flicker issues and nuances you get from using free testing tools. Tool also helps us from hypothesis to agile recording of insights and conversions to implementation, reporting and insights.,360 degree view of your tests helps you frame insights. It's always challenging to put together reports if you're using multiple testing tools. I like the collection of hypothesis and problems to solve, and you can reuse them to other tests rather than starting from scratch. The best thing is that it's simple to use. Features are arranged in a simple and easy to understand manner.,Form tracking is one of its features that I really like. However, our websites are using Angular forms and it needs a bit of customization from their support. For us the volume of traffic is not yet that huge, I had to spend quite a bit of time to calculate what should be the right conversion rate to achieve. Would be great to also cater for low volume traffic in running tests.,5,It's currently neutral I'd say, but one of our tests proved a hypothesis in one of our big UX projects.,We've yet to improve and make our AB test more robust.,The segments are a very good feature of VWO, as one of our brands is exposed to mobile, with more than 80% of visitors coming from a mobile device, segmentation really helps us improve our lead and conversion rate.,Visual editor is easy to use, much more steady against Google Optimise.,Crazy Egg, Google Optimize and Hotjar,Google Optimize, Crazy Egg, HotjarVWO: The tool you never knew you needed.We use VWO primarily for its A/B testing functionality, secondarily for its ability to edit website content on the fly and implement flexible customer experience surveys. We use VWO in our EBSCO Mags business line, a B2B magazine agent. It allows us to implement A/B tests based on user behavior and other criteria and it allows the marketing department to make changes to the website before the Web Development team is able to implement permanent changes.,A/B testing. VWO users are able to use all sorts of criteria to trigger and serve an A/B test, and the editor functionality is extremely flexible in editing page content. Surveys. We're looking to expand our surveys with the new logic functionality that VWO is beta testing. Web content editing that circumvents the web development "wait time". If marketing needs something simple changed on a webpage, all we have to do is go in VWO and edit or hide it.,Continued learning. I think that quarterly product update calls would help us understand what's new in the VWO universe.,10,Optimized our checkout process to increase conversion rates by as much as 3%. Prospected high-value customers with triggered surveys based on customer on-site time.,We have, we've implemented seven A/B tests and learned about our users' behavior. Our most significant test was removing buttons that showed up above the "Check Out" button in the shopping cart, increasing our conversion rate and giving us the knowledge that we should move that button elsewhere. We've also tested things like implementing sticky product-page CTA buttons and creating a different homepage experience for logged in users.,This bit has been tricky - I think the functionality is there, we've just been limited on our end about how to best take advantage of it. I think in the future we're looking to pass our custom customer segments as javascript variables so that VWO is able to read those variables and serve the user the appropriate version of the page we want them to see (as of right now our variables are PHP).,The editor is easy to use! Seriously, anyone that has used MS Paint can use VWO's editor. But it does allow for HTML/CSS savvy users to go in and make custom changes too, which is nice.,Google Optimize,Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager,1,1,Changing web content on the fly A/B testing and optimization Web personalization,Implementing website banners for promotions Customizing content based on user data,More A/B tests Prospecting high-value clients Finding new ways to personalize content,10,No,Price Product Features Product Reputation,I wouldn't - we evaluated three similar services and I think we made the right decision.,Implemented in-house,We didn't have any issues - we implemented the script and were able to use VWO. For reference, we're a relatively small business (<50 employees).,10,Online training Self-taught,7,The upside is the product is very intuitive - easy to learn and has enough depth for complex tests.,9,Just paste the VWO script into the &lt;head&gt; tag of your website. Make sure that the script is implemented correctly by trying to edit a page within an A/B test.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,Some - we have added small pieces of custom code,No,10,No,I needed help replacing any instance of a page element with another page element on a webpage. The customer service rep wrote some javascript for me that did exactly what I wanted to do. I didn't need to know anything about Javascript and they did it for me, when they easily could have just sent me a link to a w3schools page.,Project management flow. The track - plan - analyze - test - and target modules take you all the way through implementing an A/B test, from observing user behavior to implementing a permanent change to your website. Content editing. It's built for anyone to use, but if you know HTML/CSS/Javascript it's friendly to use too!,Sometimes making changes to an existing A/B test, even if they're insignificant, can cause VWO to give error notifications. I'd like to be able to ignore these if possible. Occasionally, I'll need to add a bit of Javascript to a page to make sure all of the elements load correctly. A customer support rep helped me with this.,9,9,10,9,Google Analytics,Google Analytics data in VWO,Javascript widgets,4,If you want to see VWO tests in Google Analytics, follow this link:,9,10,We didn't negotiate, we signed on to one of the prepackaged plans.,Just make sure you have a clear understanding of each of VWO's different plans and what each plan provides. Make sure that your business will use the plan that you're thinking about getting and that the number of sessions matches up with the traffic your website gets. Other than that, just pick what you think is right for you.,No,N/A,We don't plan to upgrade.,No,NoA great suite of UX tools to understand your users and test ideasWe use VWO within our digital design team to conduct on-site surveys, observe how users interact with our site, and perform A/B tests, all with the aim of improving the usability of our site.,On-site surveys allow us to gather information directly from our users without having to seek them out and ask in person. For example, what information they would find useful for specific pages. Recordings of users allow us to see exactly how people use our website, so we have a greater idea of where improvements can be made. A/B tests give us vital information on if an idea really does work or not. As a UX designer myself, I appreciate how well VWO has been designed. It really is easy to use, especially for something complex like creating A/B tests.,Our front-end team has a huge issue with how long VWO takes to load, which obviously will have a negative impact on user experience. More needs to be done to reduce this issue.,8,We've managed to consistently increase our conversion rate with the range of features VWO offers.,We've absolutely benefited from A/B testing because we know when a new feature or idea works well or not, saving us a huge amount of time. It also allows me, as a UX designer who knows HTML/CSS and some JS, to implement tests on my own without the need for development work, which is a huge time saver.,We have only scratched the surface of visitor segmenting, but it is extremely easy to use thanks to the well-designed interface.,As a UX designer who knows how to code, I almost exclusively use the code editor section to create our A/B tests, but I have found the entire A/B testing creation experience to be very intuitive.,SketchVWO: An All-in-one CRO platformWe use it to run A/B tests, surveys, form analysis, and web recordings. It is primarily being used by the product team and to a certain level by the marketing team. It helps us to analyze how users behave and respond to various pages. Apart from this, it helps us choose one variation over the other while running experiments at any scale.,Conducting A/B tests. Segmenting their reports to get deep insights into which variation is performing well for what segment of users. Form analysis. Knowing how users are interacting with the survey. Surveys. Conducting various levels of surveys via the platform.,Segmentation in Surveys. Connecting it with other tools like CRM, GA, etc. Running multiple experiments on the same page simultaneously.,7,Helped us optimize conversions. Helped us narrow down what works and what doesn't.,Yes, we have benefited from these categories as there are multiple landing pages we use and we have tracked conversions effectively by using the tool.,This is useful in quickly creating different variations that are copy level changes. It helped us in moving fast with experimentation.,Optimizely,Google Analytics, TrelloVWO Review from agency perspectiveVWO is being used to analyze client's sites and improve their conversion rates. It addresses issues related to UX or poor conversion performance. We use this tool across a variety of templates and sites to gather insights on user journeys and flows.,Insights. Reporting. Integration.,Hard to build tests when dealing with dynamic content. The WYSIWYG can be confusing as most tests require development. It would be good to have an easier integration with Google Analytics.,9,Increased CR for clients. Increase in sales. A better understanding of how users navigate thought the sites.,When using VWO we undertake a thorough process of understanding and auditing the site in question. Thanks to the analysis tools like heat maps and recordings we are able to do so. The funnels are also a feature that provides great insights on bottlenecks. The different tests then allow us to find the best pages and remove as many blockages as possible on the path to conversion.,We use segmenting in order to tailor our tests to specific channels as well as users. As we are a performance agency, we control the traffic that we deliver on the site which then is carefully segmented to tailored tests based on traffic intent. Paid media being different than organic for example.,We do not really use it, as most of our tests involve dynamic content, and therefore we build our tests from scratch.,Google Optimize,Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Datorama,3,2,Conversion rate optimisation User experience optimisation Conversion funnel analysis,N/A N/A N/A,We might use it more to analyse user journeys through a site,9,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,If I had to do it again I would look more into the way you can create tests and the limitations of the WYSIWYG editors. All the platforms tend do say creating tests is as easy as plug and play but when you look deeper into it, you'll notive that development tends to be involved if you one to create in-depth testing.Our VWO reviewVWO was used within our digital team primary by myself and the developers, mainly for user research, collecting and analyzing the user feedback within surveys. The other main functionality we used was for MVT and AB testing throughout our UK website. With detail, reporting was helpful for board meetings and quickly grabbing data for presentations.,Great customer service and support. Easy to use testing tool. Clear and simple reporting of stats/data.,There is a lot to the tool that can add confusion. Lots of guides that sometimes are confusing too. Although there's great service, sometimes you are dealing with different people about one issue. Might be the time difference.,9,VWO practically paid for itself within a couple of months, from one test alone..... if your research is good, VWO as a tool will compliment any experiments you want to carry out.,The testing tool works rather well for us within the initial tests we carried out. We MVT the product pages and quickly found ways to optimize these pages for a better conversion. The tool struggles where we had a low volume of traffic, the tool-- and rightly so-- estimated a vast amount of time to come to a conclusion.,Unfortunately, due to the size of our team and per priorities, we use unable to utilize this functionality.,This is a great feature to VWO, as anyone within a team can learn this from a quick demo from someone who has used it, or by simply reading a few of the very detailed guides VWO provide. We have dev, management, and even PPC and SEO team members who use the WYSIWYG editor.,Qubit and Optimizely,Hotjar, InVision, Pure360, JIRA Software, BitbucketMuch better than Google Optimize!VWO is being used within the marketing team to help improve on-site user-experience, increasing brand advocacy, and helping to deliver continual conversion rate improvements for our lead generation campaigns.,Simple to create very detailed multivariant tests. Good heatmapping and scroll depth software. Easy to understand results and reporting.,Faster support. Simplified segmentation. Easier to use form testing tools.,9,Helped us to double our conversion rates. Helped us to better understand the reasons users would not convert.,On average we have 5-10 concurrent tests working on different user journeys. Not all tests work but when they do they dramatically reduce our costs and when they don't we learn a little more about why.,This is an area we have struggled with. We certainly have not yet utilized aspects of the tool to its full potential (yet).,Compared to Google Optimize this aspect of the tool is light years ahead. Very easy to change things with the WYSIWYG editor and when it's not possible its easy to jump into HTML edit mode. Also, the fact that you get no flicker on page load is very impressive.,Google OptimizeVWO is a great fit for our company!We use VWO for marketing, and particularly A/B Testing! We A/B test our paid landing pages and website pages. From content to hero images to CTAs, VWO helps us A/B test everything we need to understand how users are using and converting on our websites. VWO is also seamless in allowing us to manage four websites in one account.,Nice data reporting. Easy step-by-step instructions to set up your tests. Easy to collaborate on tests other people on your team may have set up.,We would like the option to not add a hypothesis, as sometimes our tests aren't developed enough for one. Date range on data reports. Download screen recordings.,8,We've made changes that have helped increase the conversion rate on our website! We've made changes that have helped the conversion rate on our landing pages! VWO has helped us make smarter, more responsible decisions in the marketing department,We have benefitted from these capabilities! Across our four brands, our websites and landing pages have all seen an increase in conversion rate, thus increasing our leads and demos. Not only have we seen a higher number of leads and demos, but we've also been able to determine exactly what is the catalyst behind these increases, and apply the changes across the board to other brands. It's streamlined our testing abilities!,We have not used this feature of VWO, but if it is like the other features, I am sure it is helpful and useful!,I personally haven't used this feature, but again, if it's like the other features on VWO, I would assume it works well and can produce results!,Optimizely,HubSpot, OutreachVWO -- Great for small companies and teamsWe use it for A/B Testing, Customer recordings, Heatmaps, reducing page load times, and making decisions. We find that we can show through their data why a customer will or won't behave a certain way. This allows us to stop making business decisions off of hunches and start taking action based on data that will move the needle for us and provide an overall better customer experience. That has translated to better sales for us.,Customer Recordings. Take a page, watch how your customers behave, and start making tests to reduce friction. Heat Maps. We have long, evergreen content posts and we want to see how many people identify with the content, because then they will continue to scroll further on the page. A/B Testing. If you have a simple website built on basic code, you should not have to integrate or bring on a developer. It's an easy drag-and-drop functionality. You can also request hours to have them help you if your IT resources are limited.,I think the UI could be a little more modern. At times, it can be touchy. I would like it to be easier to export a customer recording into a small MP4 file. It's not the easiest way currently to export. I think most of the company is based in India, which I don't have a problem with, but the time zones can make things a little challenging.,8,ROI has been huge. We've decreased our page load speed from 7 seconds to 3.5 just by making some tweaks. We tested some things we could prove would work but we decided not to implement them. However, we know they work because of VWO testing. The session recordings allow you to skip blank time, which saves you time in the end.,Most definitely. Most companies around us hire CX or UI Designers to test things and make decisions. We don't have to employ a new person to do testing but rather, for an affordable price, we can do the testing ourselves. The hardest thing is it takes time to do. VWO goes above and beyond to help their customers. In fact, in our latest test, they had it ready for 5 days and we took some time on our end to implement it. We hardly are ever waiting for them and because they work with so many different clients, they can provide quality recommendations for new tests.,Yes. We targeted organic and email visitors specifically. I think with the way Google Analytics reports data, they try to be secretive with organic search and we can't identify what users are doing from organic specifically. Email was pretty similar. We wanted to know if our email customers behaved differently or similarly to organic customers.,I think this is the thing I was most hopeful about being successful, but I found it to be touchy. I will say that we are on NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and it's not the best e-commerce platform that I have worked with. It's one of the most challenging, so I would say that VWO would work more soundly with a Shopify or other quality e-commerce platform better than us. That's the main reason I think the WYSIWYG doesn't work seamlessly.,Crazy Egg and Optimizely,Bronto Marketing Platform, TrendKiteGreat tool CRO from A/B to Z ;-)VWO is used within Orangedotcom to analyze clients' websites and run A/B tests. Within our company, two departments make use of VWO: the SEO team and the SEA team. It helps us and our clients to get insights into how users navigate websites, and what we can do to improve their user experience.,Show clickmaps and heatmaps of specific pages, so that we can see how users interact with these pages. For example, we can see which element they click on - or don't click on - and use that information to try and improve the page. Run A/B tests to find out which version of a page gets the best results. It's easy to add or delete elements, change elements' colour or size, or change certain text on a page. When we have a question, the VWO team is always very quick to respond over the chat on the website. They are friendly and super helpful.,It's currently not easy to run a test on multiple pages at once. For instance to test something on 10 product pages at once. We ran out of credits used for heatmaps and clickmaps really fast, and I am not sure how this is possible. VWO could improve their user instruction/explenation on this specific subject, or create different packages that contain more credits for heatmaps in the first place.,8,With the use of VWO, we were able to successfully launch Conversion Rate Optimization as an extra service for our clients.,VWO A/B testing platform allowed us to:create multiple versions of a page rapidlytrack conversion goalsand understand the statistical validity of results. We have used VWO for the 3 means above. We did not create multiple websites, nor test hundreds of changes simultaneously. I am actually uncertain if creating another website is possible with VWO. I believe it is only possible to create versions of webpages - an important difference.,We have not used VWO for this.,The What You See Is What You Get editor of VWO works pretty well. It made it easy for us to create new tests for our clients websites. Only once in a while, the preview we saw in the WYSIWYG view was not the same as the actual variant we created.,Optimizely,Searchmetrics Suite, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Majestic SEOGreat pick for getting up to speed quickly with AB testingVWO is used by our e-commerce team for conversion optimization. Through VWO we create experiments to validate hypotheses aimed at business growth and customer satisfaction. We use quantitative and qualitative data to generate insights on which elements of our product and service can be improved. Next, we validate solutions through AB testing with VWO.,Intuitive interface. Relatively easy entry level for creating experiments Excellent support. Fast response times and explained in a clear way Comes with a one-month trial version. Easy 'plug and play' - like implementation,Improve documentation and troubleshooting for Google Analytics integration Lack of use of Artificial Intelligence. Some other providers are heavily experimenting with AI,8,Optimization through experimentation is, at the moment, one of the drivers of growth. In our opinion it's pretty hard to get a negative ROI on AB testing.,Our organization is hugely benefiting from AB testing as a method to validate ideas, assumptions, and hypotheses. Every single AB test provides insights and information that solves another part of the puzzle of reaching your goals. I honestly cannot think how I should do my job without being able to experiment (rapidly).,We are using segmentation to test different content for our most relevant audiences. Examples of segmentation are desktop vs. mobile users, users which arrive at specific (landing) pages and users which perform a certain action before they get triggered. Segmentation is enabling us to experiment with more personal approaches and has proven to be a success.,We are not using the WYSIWYG editor, other than showing employees within our company how the process of setting up an experiment works during demo's. Our developers use the code only mode to create tests.,Optimizely,Google Analytics Premium, Usabilla, HotjarVWO is by far the most advanced tool for A/B testingWe use VWO to track conversion funnels and perform A/B testings mainly. We use it across departments but mainly most of the VWO's features are being used by the eCommerce team. They use it to track performance, conversion and so on, whereas the product design team uses mainly the A/B testing functionality to perform tests using the inbuilt editor to make small design or text changes. It helps us decide which idea leads to more conversion and which one doesn't work.,A/B Testing. The tool is very advanced and the editor allows you to make live changes to the existing website Heatmaps. We love to see where people click the most and which CTAs trigger the most conversion Funnels and Goals. You get clear details of what steps people take to reach the end goal,The recordings feature. It's practically useless. You have so many videos to go through to actually identify what is happening that it's a waste of time.,9,It helps us convert more people by helping us make the right decision for our target audience. I don't think there is a negative impact,Yes we have. We have performed multiple A/B tests, from small CTA color and text changes, to actually completely changing the designs and layout of the pages we are testing. The A/B testing tool is very powerful and one of the best I have used.,We haven't really used much of this feature. To create visitor segments we mostly use Google Analytics and take data from there. We haven't done anything in VWO that has required us to segment visitors, except perhaps allowing a certain % of the traffic to see a certain variation during an A/B test.,It has made things very easy. I think it's great and people with no prior coding knowledge can actually use it and achieve results.,Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Optimizely and HiConversion,Google Analytics, InVisionVWO Is The Best When It Comes To Easy To Use, Quick, and Effective Testing PlatformsWe currently only use VWO for our e-commerce division. While it does solve intra-personal ideas on what designs work, it allows us to maximize our ability to provide a better customer experience. When we use testing, we aren't looking for little lifts in conversions but large leaps - and VWO allows us to do that easily and quickly.,Easy Set Up Easy Modifications Fantastic Support,With cons - keep in mind it may be we are just not aware of functionality. I would say targeting segments could be better Better flexibility with 3P design integrations (to test their effectiveness) Being able to see test elements in various screen sizes,10,Eliminate things that dont work Improve Customer Experience Improve Site/Product Conversion,This has definitely been a crucial part in a strategy we have moving forward. We have made leaps in what we were doing back then to now - and moving forward it will also give us the opportunity to test more, to understand more and to act more on things that impact our business as a whole.,We have targeted based on device which allows us to optimize performance for better conversion for mobile - which plays a significant factor for any website owner.,As a coder, I appreciate the ability to not have to hand code anything, allowing me to focus on things that make a bigger impact to our business.,Google Analytics,Springbot, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google AnalyticsA good enterprise web analysis packageIt's being used to analyze our marketing and e-commerce site. We use A/B testing, recordings, heatmaps and surveys to gather information about how users are able to use our sites and what they are understanding. A/B testing has been valuable in getting buy-in from decision makers as we are able to directly prove the effectiveness of the changes we are proposing.,Visual editor for A/B testing is really solid, especially if your site is fairly static. It gets a bit tougher when you have very dynamic content but it's still much easier than having our dev team make two versions of a page and try and split traffic. Recordings and Heatmaps are invaluable assets for figuring out how well certain pages are working. While they don't replace standard user testing they can supplement it very well and reinforce your position to make a design change. Support has been fairly quick to resolve rather complex issues, even with a bit of a language barrier a lot of the time. Discussing technical challenges over chat is not easy but I can usually get these difficult challenges ironed out in a day or so.,I don't really use the "plan" features much. They seemed nice at first but they are too slow and cumbersome to use in practicality. I don't like being forced to use it to do testing. Goal tracking seems limited. I'd love to be able to use advanced e-commerce goals (like how many people bought a specific product) for my test but have to use overall revenue and 3rd party tracking like GA to fill in the gaps. Dynamic content is really hard to edit. Anything built on a modern JS framework is hard because manipulating multiple states on the same page starts to get really complex. There's a lot of workarounds, and I haven't found a better solution, but it's not as easy as point and click if you have something more complex than a static site.,7,I cannot think of anything negative other than the price of enterprise options. While we certainly get value out of it, huge returns from A/B testing that is, it's not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.,Unless it's your sole job, rapidly testing hundreds of changes is a bit silly. Changes, even just tests, take time to get approval. We'd like to rapidly test but organizational processes make that somewhat of a pipe dream. It has given us good statistical validity of results which we have used to convince those higher up of some fairly radical ideas.,We haven't really used segmentation too much. Some pages we test barely get enough traffic to them to have a test conclude quickly so filtering it to smaller portions doesn't seem to work. We'd love to have the pool of users to do more specific segmentation and gain those insights, but we just don't have the traffic to do so right now.,It's okay. Editing a headline here and there is fine. Editing dynamic content breaks down. Oftentimes, I need to resort to editing the code itself because editing it with the visual editor breaks that element or something else. If you have a static site it's probably easy to use. Add in dynamic content and you have a recipe for disaster if you aren't careful to review your variations before you start the test.,Hotjar and Google Analytics,Hotjar, Google AnalyticsUps and Downs with VWOWe use VWO for A/B testing smaller features on site (e.g. hiding some text) and split testing with larger features (e.g. layout and image changes). It's primarily used by engineering currently, but we are trying to move priorities to product and marketing (with some constraints) for the majority of tests. It allows us to make business decisions around the wording of text that's shown, or the user experience around a new UI.,General overview of which test variation is doing better Simple A/B and Split URL tests Simple testing mechanics (e.g. blanking the page before simple tests are run like with the WYSIWYG editor),UI/UX for finding certain options are confusing. Even having used the tool for a bit, can't remember where certain editing options are . Bugs with the visual editor and preview mode (having to refresh the page until it works) More complicated tests (which may involve mechanics specific to certain companies),7,Helps us A/B test features for site improvement Helps us direct traffic to one variation before we implement the feature into code Helps us plan future tests with current test results,We make business and UI decisions based on VWO tests that help improve our conversion rates on the site (e.g. overall purchase conversion and conversion through the funnel). VWO helps us test and implement these potential decisions and gives us data to make the actual decisions.,We have not targeted specific users. Though we may do so in the future if the case applies.,It allows simple tests to be done by non engineers, which allows us to direct some responsibility to non engineering teams.,Google Analytics, Woopra, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Clicky,Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, WoopraVWO: Easy to realize big improvements on your websiteVWO is being used by our marketing department for optimizing our website. We will have a look at the heat maps to see what people click on and think is most useful. And we use A/B tests for continuous optimization of our homepage and landing pages. We try to answer questions like: how can we best serve our (potential) customers on our website?,Heat maps Easy set up of A/B tests Easy implementation of the tool,Last time I wanted to add a B-variant in a A/B-test on our homepage. I changed the existing content (that was separated in two columns), but in the preview it kept showing elements I already deleted. In the end I decided to skip this test, because I couldn't find a solution. Integration of Google Analytics can be more easy, so I can easily use my existing measurement goals for example. Exporting of the made heat maps into images.,8,I don't have hard figures, but we measure the conversion rate on our lead page. We continuously have an A/B test running and after a winner can be decided we test something new. I am sure the use of VWO will contribute positively to our amount of leads. By using VWO, we are triggered to think of new experiences all the time. It will help us improving our way of doing business and because we can visualize it, other colleagues will get excited about it as well.,My organization has benefit of the use of A/B testing. We have a special landing page for lead generation. We often have a B-variant live. In this variant we make one change. We tried to vary with images, or images versus video, with the colours of our page, with adding call-to-action-buttons and by the size and location of our lead form. We optimize it all the time. The variant with the best conversion rate is the winner.,I have to say we have used the targeting option yet. As our company has specific target groups this can be a good feature to use in the coming months. I would like to test if the target group would like to see specific content for their group, or more general content. And if we can see differences between the target groups: like use specific terms or not.,The WYSIWYG editor is very easy. I can easily click on the part of the website I would like change. So I just click on the text and can change the text for example. Without the help of the, always busy, IT-department. As an online marketeer the editor gives me freedom and speed. And the improvements can be easily done by other colleagues at my team as well, so we as a team feel very concerned with testing.,Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and Google Tag Manager,Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google Analytics, Google Tag ManagerGreat product for getting started with web testingVWO is being used primarily by a consultant agency of ours, who is using it to facilitate work on our website. My team has full access to the results, but we rely on the consultant to develop the tests and analyze the results. I personally access VWO mainly to dive deeper into the results and approve testing plans.,A/B testing in a way that does not require changes to the website instance itself. Heatmap testing with minimal negative impact on load times and performance. Specific user recordings for more information when desired.,We still have to rely on Google Analytics for a lot of user data and tracking. No good way to connect to Google Analytics goals and funnels, so there are redundant options. Forms do not provide better UX than other survey tools, so we have to choose UX over data collection.,8,We have been able to run small tests to improve the performance of CTA's and conversions. We have streamlined our website experience as a result of seeing where users get lost or stuck. We have been able to partially replace more expensive UX testing with this low-cost, high-volume option.,Our relatively small organization has absolutely benefited from having the ability to run tests, determine winners, and push out the resulting changes like a large organization would at a fraction of the manpower. We can create a culture of constant testing and improvement that is directly traceable to the bottom line.,We have not used this option, as we are still getting our process figured out around user segments and personas and how this testing would integrate with our outer databases and tracking tools, but we will definitely be using this feature in the near future. It is a great, low-cost way to start to dabble in personalized web content.,I personally come from a web development background, and the resulting changes to the website need to be lightweight and easy to maintain, so I prefer to handle testing and changes through the code directly. VWO does a nice job at facilitating all kinds of users in this way though.,Hotjar and Google Analytics,WordPress, Squarespace, Google Analytics, Hotjar
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About VWO

VWO is an A/B testing and conversion optimization platform that enables growing businesses to conduct qualitative and quantitative visitor research, build an experimentation roadmap and run continuous experiments on their digital properties.

With its 5 capabilities Plan, Track, Test, Analyze, and Target, it brings the entire CRO (conversion rate optimization) process at one place. VWO helps online businesses follow the process- and data-driven conversion optimization to boost their conversion rates.

With features like heatmaps, surveys, visitor recordings, and others, VWO enables businesses to develop an in-depth understanding of on-site visitor behavior. VWO facilitates conducting research-driven A/B testing to optimize web experience across desktop, mobile, and other devices, to deliver a unique experience based on visitor preferences.

According to the vendor, VWO has helped more than 4,500 brands across the globe to run over 600,000 experiments to date. VWO’s global customer base includes brands like Vodafone, Samsung, Toyota, and eBay.

VWO Features

Testing and Experimentation Features
Does not have featurea/b experiment testing
Does not have featureSplit URL testing
Has featureMultivariate testing
Does not have featureMutli-page/funnel testing
Does not have featureCross-browser testing
Does not have featureMobile app testing
Does not have featureTest significance
Does not have featureVisual / WYSIWYG editor
Does not have featureAdvanced code editor
Does not have featurePage surveys
Does not have featureVisitor recordings
Does not have featurePreview mode
Does not have featureTest duration calculator
Does not have featureExperiment scheduler
Does not have featureExperiment workflow and approval
Does not have featureDynamic experiment activation
Does not have featureClient-side tests
Does not have featureServer-side tests
Does not have featureMutually exclusive tests
Audience Segmentation & Targeting Features
Does not have featureStandard visitor segmentation
Does not have featureBehavioral visitor segmentation
Does not have featureTraffic allocation control
Does not have featureWebsite personalization
Results and Analysis Features
Does not have featureHeatmap tool
Does not have featureClick analytics
Does not have featureScroll maps
Does not have featureForm fill analysis
Does not have featureConversion tracking
Does not have featureGoal tracking
Does not have featureTest reporting
Does not have featureResults segmentation
Does not have featureCSV export
Does not have featureExperiments results dashboard
Platform Features Features
Does not have featureAPI
Does not have featureWeb analytics integration
Does not have featureContent Management System Integration
Does not have featureSearch Engine Optimization/Marketing Integration
Does not have featureIntegration with CRM or DMP software
Additional Features
Has featureA/B Testing
Has featureSplit Testing
Has featureCode Editor
Has featureMulti-Page Tests
Has featureGeo Behavioral Targeting
Has featureOn-Page Survey
Has featureSelf Hosting
Has featureComprehensive Reporting
Has featureRevenue Tracking
Has featureIntegrated Heatmaps, Clickmaps and Scrollmaps
Has featureDIY Visual Editor (WYSIWYG)
Has featureAdvanced jQuery based API
Has featureEnterprise Level Security
Has featureLog Observations
Has featureTesting for Mobile and Tablet Websites
Has featureAdvanced Segmentation
Has featureCross-Browser Previews
Has featureMobile App A/B

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WordPress, Drupal, BigCommerce, Mixpanel, Shopify, Google Analytics, Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento), Joomla

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Adobe Target, Optimizely, AB Tasty, Omniconvert, Frosmo, Google Analytics,, Adobe Test & Target


Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
TESTINGGet a DemoThe classic VWO A/B testing solution
CONVERSION OPTIMIZATIONGet a DemoThe all-in-one platform for all your optimization needs
ENTERPRISEGet a DemoCustomized solution with advanced AB testing and conversion optimization capabilities

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