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Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR


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Stay safe.

10 out of 10
August 31, 2022
We implement Adaptive Defense on all computers and servers. Sometimes you have to wait for the final installation for certain software …
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A good product that works!

8 out of 10
July 30, 2022
I have used Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR with a number of clients over the past 10 years or so. Initially, as the logical …
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  • Anti-Exploit Technology (76)
  • Centralized Management (77)
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) (77)
  • Malware Detection (79)

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What is Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR?

WatchGuard Endpoint Security (formerly Panda Adaptive Defense 360) combines next-generation antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), patch management, content filtering, email security, full disk encryption, and more, into one package. The platform touts a unique zero-trust…

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WatchGuard Endpoint Security Solutions - Endpoint Protection Detection and Response (EPDR)
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Endpoint Security

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What is Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR?

Unified Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities, with its Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service in one single solution, is designed to detect and classify 100% of processes running on all the endpoints within the organization.

By enabling continuous endpoint monitoring, detection and classification of all activity, the solution reveals and blocks anomalous behaviors of users, machines and processes. At the same time, it proactively discovers new hacking and evasion techniques and tactics to quickly arm customers.

Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR Features

Endpoint Security Features

  • Supported: Anti-Exploit Technology
  • Supported: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Supported: Centralized Management
  • Supported: Malware Detection

Additional Features

  • Supported: Zero-Trust Application Service
  • Supported: Threat Hunting Service
  • Supported: Forensic information

Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR Screenshots

Screenshot of Main dashboardScreenshot of PUPs activityScreenshot of IoAs Panel- Threat Hunting ServiceScreenshot of Service provider-Trials

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WatchGuard EPDR

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationAndroid
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Swedish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese

Frequently Asked Questions

WatchGuard Endpoint Security (formerly Panda Adaptive Defense 360) combines next-generation antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), patch management, content filtering, email security, full disk encryption, and more, into one package. The platform touts a unique zero-trust security service that certifies the legitimacy and safety of all running applications thanks to a combination of automated, AI-driven processes and investigation services provided by a team of malware analysts.

Sophos Intercept X and CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection are common alternatives for Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR.

Reviewers rate Anti-Exploit Technology and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Centralized Management highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.
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August 31, 2022

Stay safe.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We implement Adaptive Defense on all computers and servers. Sometimes you have to wait for the final installation for certain software because Adaptive Defense sends the files which are questionable to their sandbox, where they are tested. If everything is fine, you can proceed with installing that specific software. You also have the option to skip this step.
  • Low maintained.
  • Up to date database.
  • 24/7 protection.
  • On site management.
  • More software which is already tested in sandbox.
  • Sandbox speed approval.
Well suited in all types of companies, regardless of the company size. Everywhere where you have to protect personal data for yourself or for the customers. Especially if you are well known to the public. Easy implementation and maintenance. Less appropriate if you have a small budget for maintaining or none if you don't have important files.
Simply because it is very easy to use, you do not have to interact with the program unless there are some bigger problems. It protects you on a daily basis with up-to-date databases which are updated daily. It gives you comfort and calm when you are using your computer.
It showed me that endpoint security could be very easy if you are using web management for all your clients. It's also important that all computers in a local network are protected because ransomware and viruses can very quickly spread over the network. My opinion is that our efficiency is very good and what is more important, very quick.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Panda Adaptive Defense offers us a comprehensive next-generation AV solution offering both endpoint protection and detection and response capabilities for our servers and workstations accross three sites using one cloud management console. We now have an integrated group wide solution that can be centrally managed and also offers a patch management add on that can run under the existing endpoint, further simplifying administration.
  • Threat Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Easy configuration
  • Notifications - can sometimes receive many for the same\similar issue.
This is a great solution for the SME market as it is simple to configure and requires only moderate admin input to maintain. The dashboard gives a quick and full oversight of network health and it is easy to drill down and quickly see what's going on. It works very well as a central management tool to bring together a number of small medium offices for centralized management.
Very easy to use, thanks to its simple but effective layout and dashboards.
We now have a more comprehensive security solution than before, with greater visibility across the group thanks to the centralized management console.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
I use and recommend Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR because I want the highest level of security in defending against malware and other attacks on my computers. I also appreciate the ability to set and monitor computer security for customers via a web console. There is also the possibility to monitor where sensitive data is on my computer and who is accessing it.
  • Malware blocking.
  • Regulation of access to websites.
  • Rapid response to threats.
  • It would be nice to know why some websites are blocked.
It is usually difficult to tell whether a protection program is working well. You simply have to rely on it. Adaptive Defense 360/WatchGuard EPDR, on the other hand, makes many protection actions visible and traceable. That is reassuring.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR is well suited for companies with multiple workstations. It's easy to install and does not make work for the users. Setup and management are done by an admin via a central web console.
As an IT consultant, I serve many clients in different locations. The Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR Central Web Console gives me the ability to set and monitor customer security from my office. This is a great advantage for me and also for the customer because I don't need to take away working time on his computer.
Watchguard provides extensive documentation and training videos.
Gianluca Fiuzzi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been using the product since it was released in production and being a customer of the standard version (Endopoint) I decided to upgrade to this Adaptive Defense version as the security that protects against zero day's threats is unique. I use it and recommend it to all the companies with which I have had contact as even if the product is a little "oppressive" it is extremely effective, plus the after-sales assistance received over the years has always been at the TOP in resolving problems that a software product can always give. The cost ? Well the product is worth all the money it costs.
  • The product essentially does not allow a file with a different or totally unknown signature to be executed: you can disguise yourself but Adaptive 360 blocks you.
  • Clearly, a product that is not in international use must be recognized because Adaptive 360 does it correctly
  • It is an Enterprise product so it must still be managed either by an IT Manager like me or by your reseller
  • It is a mature and widely evolved product and today there are no shortcomings
The product can also be installed to a small company that only needs to protect 3 endpoints / servers. It is certainly ideal when companies are larger than at least 10 endpoints / servers.
I have been using the product since it was born and I know all its evolution
the impact on my figure has been very positive as the companies I follow are very satisfied with my work
Emmanuel SCHOHN | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR software stops nearby 100% of all attacks possible. I use and resell the products for 22 years, with not one major default. I protect computers, tablets and Android phones with it. For me, this product is the best available on the market, not only for the product itself but also for the technical service if the software has a default. The technicians solved 100% of all. I've only had 3 defaults in 22 years of using the software.
  • pro-active stopping attacks before the hurt the system
  • not many ressources used
  • runs on all systems from win2k to 7 or 10/11, Android
  • Possibility of implement on iOS
All possible systems can be used with Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR like Microsoft Windows or Android-based devices. It's simple to implement, using an e-mail, p2p, or QR code scanning. It is fully parametrizable and can be centrally controlled, for businesses, and/or customers. Fine-tuning is difficult, and you may need an IT specialist.
Because it is always possible to make a product better.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR is relatively easy to manage centrally on all computers. We have 12 licenses, so it is much, much faster than making the tuning on each computer and/or phone. Thanks for this central management!
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We utilize Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR as a standard for all of our Managed Services Clients. We found it to perform very well as an EDR and is very easy to maintain as a Managed Services Provider. We have a central portal where we can maintain all of our clients and the clients also have their own access to only their settings as well. In the past year of usage Adaptive Defense 360 has been one of 3 products to catch and stop many malicious zero days in the wild before they became known and caught by other solutions. In reality, nothing works 100% and anyone serious about security knows a layered approach is needed, but for us, Adaptive Defense 360 is a big piece of that layered approach
  • Stops many Zero Day Exploits
  • Easy to Manage and Intuitive
  • Low Overhead for Agent installation
  • Alerting on blocks could be better sometimes you have to dig deep to figure out if something was actually blocked
  • Would like to see integration into PSA software for direct ticket/alert integration
If you are looking for a good, single pane of glass Managed and low resource usage EDR solution; Adaptive Defense 360 will fit the bill. It stops known malicious programs as well as many zero-day ones. Currently, Adaptive Defense 360 doesn't directly integrate into the major PSA software packages so that may be a deal breaker for those looking for that type of solution
Easy and intuitive MSP management portal to manage all of your clients from a single pane of glass. Policies can be pushed down globally or individually based on needs. The client portal allows access to their tenant information and installs only which is nice if you are working with clients who might have an internal person or an IT team that also wants access to things to manage themself.
Since moving to Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR, we were able to eliminate 2 different vendor products that we were using before which made management much easier and more efficient since they were combined into a single product. We also found Adaptive Defense 360 to perform much better from a security posture (better detection for zero days, ability to isolate machines) than the other solutions we were previously using
Rodrigo Rosa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We have been using the product since when Panda Security company had the server-client-based version. We looked at the growth and progress of the cloud-based solution and saw that many issues were being resolved with faster updates and efficient technical support. After the acquisition of the company Panda by WatchGuard, we felt the professionalization of the services offered and also the improvement of the technical support. The cloud-based solution needs to improve on faster detection of files that are not malicious, but the tool ends up blocking. We have to add a lot of exceptions in the control panel. Anyway, we continue to use and recommend this solution to our customers!
  • Blocking possible intrusions
  • Detection of viruses and malicious software
  • Phishing Blocks
  • Blocks many non-malicious software, some even known
  • Excessive intrusion detections, but no source detail or cause
  • Greater control of stations, such as temporarily disabling isolated protections directly from the console via buttons
No tool is perfect, however, with the ease of updates and bug fixes in the cloud solution, it's easier to locate a problem and for the technical team to release a patch update. In this way, we feel safe in using and recommending the tool. However, in companies that do not have clear rules and information security standards, where users access content without company supervision, using the product may not make sense.
As mentioned before, some improvements need to be implemented, but they take time. A few details on the dashboard will be important, perhaps a remote access tool built into the dashboard and a risk analysis report that we can present to the cybersecurity team.
It has improved our control over the use of computers owned by the company, brought more peace of mind in knowing that they are protected, and also made employees more focused on work with restrictions on access to internet browsing. The cloud control panel helps to have real-time information and helps in making decisions about network security and implementing future improvements.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Robust and efficient protection for our servers and workstations. Ease of deployment and simple, intuitive central management console. In fact, EDR Technology works wonderfully; any dubious application is immediately intercepted and subjected to analysis. In these almost two years of using the tool, zero problems. Initially, we made our company a testing laboratory, but the tool was so mature and efficient that the other day we were implementing it with our customers. Efficient protection and lightweight agent with virtually no impact on workstation performance.
  • Simple and fast deployment.
  • Top-notch detection and response.
  • Efficient centralized management.
  • Collaborative user support.
  • Releasing trusted applications at times can be complex.
  • Updates are frequent, but synchronization with the management panel sometimes takes a while.
  • Creating custom policies is sometimes not so user-friendly.
Practicality in its deployment, central management in fact efficient. As it consumes minimal hardware resources, it is recommended for installation on any station, even low-performance ones. For its maturation, trust with the deployment in servers. Adaptive Defense 360/WatchGuard EPDR is the best alternative in the cost-benefit segment for small to large organizations.
Adaptive Defense 360/WatchGuard EPDR efficiently delivers everything it commits to. Simplified deployment, practical and intuitive central management console, state-of-the-art detection and response resources, it has as a complement the storage device manager and also access control to sites by category with all the expertise of WatchGuard.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR has really brought us centralized management of our servers and endpoints. Access to the central console is simple and intuitive; with it, we can create granular policies and have an overview of everything that happens. It reduces the work time of our technicians since it has automated adjustments that are very fast to implement.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
I have used Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR with a number of clients over the past 10 years or so. Initially, as the logical replacement for on-premise-based protection, I used Panda and Watchguard to protect users' devices both in an office setting and on agility users. It has been successful in preventing damage as a result of ransomware attacks and general malware.
  • Speed of installation
  • Reliability
  • Ability to managed via responsive web console
  • I would welcome a better client-end app as the current one is dated.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR is well suited for quick deployment and is emailed out as a link for users to install. The recently added shadow copy features and it has been well received. The timely reporting of detections allows us to respond to emerging threats immediately.
Adaptive Defense 360/WatchGuard EPDR is generally easy to deploy but in order to get the best from the reporting, it is worth spending some time setting up groups and configuring specific options.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR has worked well for us in our ability to deploy home user PCs during Covid lockdowns as it has the ability to remove competing products easily.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
We use it internally and resell it to all our Customers. Adaptive Defense is the perfect allrounder solution as antivirus and we will recommend this to all our customers in the future.
  • Blocking programs
  • Whitelisting
  • Website blocking
  • automate
  • better cloud implementation to offce 365
In big companies with different departments, so you can easily manage the different requirements

It is a bit too expensive for small customers.
It is a perfect allrounder with many features which should be all used for customers
less spending time on reviewing or solving attacks which are blocked bei adaptive defense, easier to manage for the administrator to install the program itself on all different computers
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I adopted the Adaptive Defense 360 in my enterprise for delete an Emotet we have catch last years. When a lot of antivirus solutions I've tried have failed, with Panda Antivirus (and then WatchGuard EPDR) i fixed the problem on the root; it discovered the pc infected and in one day all computers stopped to send email.
  • Update definitions.
  • Install panel.
  • Suspicious elements are reported.
  • Italian translation (like Panda was).
  • None
I suggest installing this suite in all SMEs where it is presented only to IT clerks or it is present external IT support companies. Easy to configure and install in all clients and servers, in one day has solved a big problem in the corporate network so I suggest this product.
Certainly, its simplicity of use and configuration are the strengths of this antivirus. I also add that having the T-55 as a firewall I must say that I have the complete solution against external cyber-attacks and I feel very calm. only the Italian translation is missing right now while panda antivirus had before.
The impact that the implementation of EPDR watchguard has had is remarkably positive; now from the general control panel I can also see minor security warnings such as advertising malware. Having Wachguard on all corporate clients makes me feel a lot calmer now and without fear of possible external company data leaks
  • No Training
The speed with which Watchguard support is able to assist their corporate customers is exceptional.A few times have I needed the assistance from the antivirus software support that I had before Watchguard and I must say that no support has been as fast and conclusive as that of watchguard
With the implementation of watchguard (at the beginning Panda Endpoint, but it is the same) I was able to insert in the control panel all the unauthorized software previously installed by colleagues without any authorization from the various department heads.Now any licensed software goes into lockdown and can be unlocked from the control panel
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Adaptive Defense 360 has been my go-to product since the initial release. When one of the original worms invaded a network I was managing, Panda was the first vendor to release a free tool to defeat it, which brought this company (which was virtually unknown in the U.S. at that time) to my attention. When the time came to renew our AV protection, I took a chance and switched to their product. I never regretted it. Through the years, their products continued to evolve, and when I first heard of AD360, the concept of a Zero Trust approach was new to me, but eminently sensible. I moved all of my clients to AD360 on their next cycle, and I do not sell another brand, even if asked to do so by my customers - my faith in the product is so strong that I have convinced all doubters, so far. Since Watchguard acquired Panda, I have added their lineup, which continues to broaden the shields for my customers. End users WILL make foolish choices, no matter the time spent educating them, but a proper array of protective products can minimize the dangers to the network, and the current offerings by Watchguard are (in my opinion) second to none. From network edge to end-users, forethought and protection are the key!
  • Centralized management makes monitoring simple.
  • Deployment is quick, easy, and automatable.
  • Zero Trust means exactly that - if a process is not KNOWN to be safe, it is blocked until evaluated.
  • IT managers can block or grant authority to override the automatic protection in case of the immediate need to allow a process known to be safe.
  • As with many products, licensing has room for improvement.
  • Per-endpoint modification could be simpler.
  • Per-User permissions can be tedious.
I deal with businesses using fewer than 50 endpoints, and they typically do not have anyone on site with expertise in security. They typically ask that I assume deployment, maintenance, and monitoring responsibilities. This could be seen as either a business opportunity or a liability. So long as you have the manpower to take on the duties, this is an excellent revenue stream. Larger businesses will find that their IT teams can spend less time on security, due to the centralized management and real-time reporting ability of the Watchguard family of products.
The product is designed for professional management, not for end-user convenience - and I consider that to be a positive approach. However, there is always room for improvement, so I rated it 9 out of 10.
AD360 allows me to quickly evaluate the general status of all of my clients, with the ability to drill down into those clients (usually none) who need further attention. The individual client displays show the most relevant data (endpoints not updated, disabled components, etc.) in a manner that brings problems to the forefront. Most clients require little scrutiny on a day-to-day basis, but the real-time notifications give me immediate notice if a problem arises.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
It's a really good and easy to use product for securing our customers and ourselves. The change that WatchGuard is now behind it is also very good because we use both. Our customers are also very satisfied in our Watchguard Service. But the partners were really badly informed about the progress of the takeover, training, and certification from my experience.
  • Security
  • Usability
  • Technology ahead of everyone else
  • The templates or configuration are sometimes confusing knowing where to find something like the password of uninstalling, it should be recategorized.
  • The reports aren't correct in the porta in my opinion and when a customer gets a message that something was blocked it doesn't appear in the portal.
  • Better contact to partners like it was some years ago
Every customer will get Adaptive Defense 360. We have no other antivirus or anti malware system in our portfolio and we don't even want it. Expertise comes from using 1 product and the customers are getting the benefits from it. After the false positive some years ago, all customers and ourselves were absolutely surprised by the engagement of Adaptive Defense 360 by informing us as soon as possible, the customers appreciated that.
It's fast, it's usable for every customer, we can sell it at ease, there is a good partnership on pricing, and after the fusion with Watchguard it was not canceled, the technology and the customers see it as we see it, there is no other good alternative on the market.
As I mentioned before, there are no trojan exploits anymore, no computers that are infected and need to be cleaned, and the installation process is significantly less elaborate, customers are amused how the deployment is in a blink of an eye ready.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
In addition to protecting our endpoints, Adaptive Defense 360/WatchGuard EPDR offers us a better understanding of what's going on. Installing the agent couldn't be easier or faster. We like the ease with which onboarding policies can be created and the organizational tools that are available. Everyone who wants the best-in-class endpoint security tool should use this software.
  • Use a list rather than a blacklist.
  • It's simple to handle.
  • Automated deployment is a breeze.
  • Files that should be whitelisted sometimes take a long time to be whitelisted.
  • The ability to view prohibited URLs in the console and add them to the whitelist.
  • Improved user experience.
Appropriate for detecting abnormalities and monitoring every procedure on endpoints. It's impossible to predict when it'll be less suitable. It's a great tool for Windows-based businesses looking for comprehensive endpoint security. It's simple to distribute and keep track of. You don't have to wait for the Panda software/servers to alter the rules at all endpoints because it's fast and responsive.
It's so simple to use. If you don't know a lot about Adaptive Defense 360, you don't need to know a lot of particulars to utilize this endpoint protection because they display it all in a relatively broad way and put everything in its proper place. Also, the Adaptive Defense 360 program has never caused any problems for us, unlike a previous endpoint software that had a defect that caused the network card to be deactivated.
Endpoint management has improved greatly as a result of this change. All of our clients may be accessed directly from our partner account without the need for multiple accounts. As a result, we have significantly reduced the number of passwords we need to keep track of.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use the Adaptive Defense 360 solution on our workstations in all the company's units. We utilize important features such as USB blocking, zero-day threat protection, and the tool's monitoring features. Since the implementation of the solution, we have greatly reduced incidences of viruses on our network, and we have had a performance improvement on the workstations because Adaptive Defense 360 has little consumption of hardware resources. In my work, people were used to using external flash drives in the company, but specifically, some flash drives needed to be released for everyone, and we solved this problem with the Adaptive Defense 360 lock feature where it is possible to release only some specific devices.
  • USB device management.
  • Real-time threat detection.
  • Simplified and easy implementation.
  • Improvement in scheduled scanning function.
  • A quick button to activate/deactivate the agent at the station.
  • Function for release of executable as excess directly by the agent.
A really necessary solution for corporate environments where you have several workstations and you need to maintain the security management of both in a centralized and easy way. Companies that have more than one unit need centralized management. Companies with low human resources also need a solution like this delivered by Adaptive Defense 360.
Because of the benefits and features of the tool, and ease of management. But it has improvements that need to be applied in some aspects, such as in the workstation agent, where the function of temporarily disabling the agent is a little confusing because when disabled a function and mark to cancel the changes on exit, the changes they do not seem to be canceled promptly.
With Adaptive Defense 360, it was possible to centralize all the management of workstation protection in a single simple and functional console, which caused agility and ease of management by the responsible area. It was also possible to act quickly on detection of infected machine issuing it from the network through the Adaptive Defense 360 agent.
Gabriele Diana | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
I distribute the Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR solution to my clients. Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR has a great threat prevention system that's as simple as it is effective, which essentially prevents everything it doesn't know from running. It practically does not affect the performance of the PC, unlike other similar products. It has a good configurability obtainable through the cloud console.
  • It does not impact system performance.
  • Prevents unknown programs from running.
  • A reorganization of the management console would be useful, some features are not where you expect them and are a little hard to find.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR is suitable for extended networks and when you don't want to worry too much.
Adaptive Defense 360 / WatchGuard EPDR is effective and relatively simple to manage.
Managing endpoints centrally is much easier than doing it on an individual basis.
  • Online training
Competence and speed in replying
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have more than 100 licenses installed on workstations and servers and some Android tablets. It's a very good product, with lots of protection and it keeps getting better year by year.
  • Antivirus and firewall protection.
  • Device blocking and auditing.
  • Content blocking and auditing.
  • Intrusion prevention.
  • It could include XDR functionality.
  • iOS version.
  • MDM management.
  • User behavior.
  • IA integration.
I could recommend it to everyone. The price range is right for today's market and the protections provided are more than sufficient. Nevertheless, they could include virtual patching and more legacy support, apart from iOS versions for iPhones and iPads.
The Adaptive Defense 360 console is user-friendly. Even a user which doesn't have IT experience could use the console without problems.
Central controlling all the PCs is time-saving for the IT Department. With a good security policy established, you can sleep well at night knowing you're protected.
They are answering really fast to every query and they solve everything we needed so far.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Adaptive Defense 360 [/ WatchGuard EPDR] allows us to increase our layer of endpoint security and gives us insight [into] what is happening. The agent installation is easy and quick. We like the ease of creating onboarding policies and the tools to help with [the] organization. I'd recommend this product to anyone who is looking to increase endpoint security with best in class tool.
  • Adds advanced protection to endpoints
  • Cloud management is easy
  • Alerts are great to keep you informed
  • Automation to increase protection after baselining
  • Better UI for end users
  • Integration with RMM tools
This is suited for any business environment to add a layer of device protection. I'd highly recommend [replacing] your traditional signature-based AV solution with Adaptive Defense 360 [/ WatchGuard EPDR].
Everything from onboarding to management is easy to manage. The documentation is easy to follow along with, and the support team is very responsive.
We now have central and cloud management of endpoint security that we didn't have before. This allows us to easily check on [the] status and set alerts for what we want to know.
Bernt Silvhagen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Adaptive Defense 360 helps me (and other users) to protect my computers in a timely fashion.
  • Preventing malicious software from infecting computers.
  • Keeping computers healthy.
  • Possibilities to change and tweak Firewall settings for several computers at once.
Well suited: Preventing illicit software to be executed on computers.
NOT so well suited: For (serious) programmers that frequently create new executable files, Adaptive Defense 360 does not recognize these new .exe files and removes them even though these are legit .exe files.
Thinking of the Firewall feature, end-users are not quite able to easily modify Firewall settings to their preferences.
Having a good overview of enterprise security from a single point of view (the Portal) is a great advantage.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
It is an "Install and forget about it" protection that I think is reliable and secure. With the possibility to manage other users, it is a very comfortable tool for protection.
  • Installation
  • Stable
  • Secure
  • The user GUI on the web.
  • The possibility for endusers to change settings.
  • The speed of viewing the security log on enduser GUI.
The protection has extremely good functionality when attacked by ransomware.
Changing the settings on the web for end users is quite tricky.
There are some improvements needed for settings and GUI.
With the centralized WebGUI, I have control over the entire organization and also my customer's protection.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use it daily on all our servers and endpoint PCs in the company to secure our network and users and monitor unexpected behavior in the network. With advanced protection, web access filtering, firewall, device control, and antivirus.
  • Easy to manage and monitor.
  • Flexible license management.
  • Good management of email alerts.
  • Ability to see blocked URLs on console and from there add to whitelist.
Appropiate when wanting to monitor every process on endpoints and detect abnormalies. Cant say when it would be less appropriate.
Haven't had any scenarios where it didn't fit the purpose.
By monitoring the status on the console on a daily basis it provides a good health status for our devices.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Adaptive Defense 360 for nearly all our customers as endpoint protection. We really like that it uses a whitelist instead of a blacklist that maybe not always be up to date with all the new threats coming these days. This makes it much more secure for people working from home outside the office network.
  • Whitelist instead of blacklist.
  • Easy managing.
  • Auto-deployment is really easy to use.
  • Sometimes it's a long time before files that should be whitelisted get whitelisted.
It is really good to use as a total company endpoint protection in a Windows ecosystem. Easy to distribute and manage. It is well done for IT partners working from a distance as it's very responsive and you don't need to wait for the Panda software/servers to change the policies at all endpoints.
Because it's so straightforward and easy to use. You do not need to know a lot of specifics about just Adaptive Defense 360 to use this endpoint protection, because they show it all in a pretty general way with a good portal where everything is where it should be. Also, we have never had any conflicts with the Adaptive Defense 360 software, for example, another endpoint software we used before got a bug where the network card got deactivated.
It has made a big improvement in a centrally manageable endpoint system. No need to use different accounts for every customer, we only use our partner account and can access all our clients directly. This has made us much more efficient in that way and so much fewer passwords to store.
Score 9 out of 10
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The combined antivirus together with advanced protection technology which classifies all processes exactly fitted our requirements. My customer experience continued spam attacks and adaptive Defence 360 helps us mitigate the threat. Running the software in Locked mode eliminated unwanted program executions and highlighted users and devices where threats originated from.
  • Website filtering.
  • Phishing and SPAM attack elimination.
  • Mail attachment filtering.
  • Easy remote management and troubleshooting.
  • Device control.
  • Email content filtering.
  • Program execution control allow list.
Easy deployment in SOHO environments Systems Management Agent is a little more complicated to manage and roll out to none IT literate users.
Perfectly suited for IT Admins with experience in managing IT infrastructure. New users may find it difficult to navigate and manage all its features.
Perfectly as we manage clients remotely.
Score 6 out of 10
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AD360 is used in about half of the companies we manage. For Windows-managed clients, it works really well. The web blocker is a nice feature that mimics the WatchGuard firewall web blocker but is now not confined to only working while in the office or on VPN. However we have one client that is a hybrid of windows and mac, and for MAC computers, it's just not there yet. There are a lot of features left out that are only designed for windows, such as auto-deployment, which is great but unfortunately, macs do not get this feature. For us, it was a huge deal since we can push it out via jamf to all devices but something to consider if you don't have something similar. On top of that, there are 2 features that need to be turned off for the macs to work properly with outlook in our case. web blocker needs to be disabled and web antivirus as well. This was what I was told via the panda rep and it's a known issue. So while the windows side feels pretty complete and happy with that side, the MAC side feels left behind and for that reason, I cant fully recommend the product. But, if windows are all you deal with, it's solid!
  • Windows Computers
  • Webblocker (windows only)
  • auto discovery and installation
  • MAC Side feels incomplete
  • not as often but core programs do get blocked every now and then
I explained in detail in initial post, but the Windows side of AD360 feels solid and works quite well. The Mac side is incomplete, not as many features, and features that do work, need to be disabled for outlook to work properly So for windows only environments its great, if hybrid with macs or solely MACs, a different solution will probably be better
The console is where everything is managed, it's relatively simple to use and easy enough to figure out. There are areas I think could use improvements, such as when you have multiple clients to manage, and entering new customers, if you don't create the group first, you need to discard changes, create the group then go back to create the client, there should be an easier way to do that.
It Makes it easier to manage since the customers are all on one client page, and adding and removing licenses are simple too. I would not say it impacted our security posture or efficiency all that much since more work needs to go into configuring the macs to work correctly
Score 10 out of 10
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We manage many different companies IT network and utilize Adaptive Defense 360 for all of our customers and their machines (as well as internally). This product has been amazing in terms of transition to the product and using it on a day-to-day basis. It provides real-time monitoring with so many details on each computer and activities that take place. You are able to customize most features and policies to work with your needs. This product allows us to feel 100% certain that our customers and personal machines are protected from outsiders/ other bad stuff. Each program is analyzed by their AI to ensure it is safe and if it isn't recognized by their system, they have a dedicated team that is actively researching unknown programs and processes to classify it as safe or not. With this product, you can be sure you are fully protected.
  • Manage all active processes being run on machines
  • Actively alert to real time breaches or risks
  • Visually pleasing portal that shows main data clearly
  • The Advanced Reporting Tool can be quite confusing at first. More for dedicated security analysts.
All of the small companies that we manage utilize this product for all of their machines. We are able to manage all of our customers from a management portal while keeping each business separate from the other. I think this product works great for small to mid-sized customers, but could also work very well for a large organization.
The entire process from setting up the policies and groups, to installation, to management, is very simple and easy to learn. Their support team is extremely helpful as well and they have many pieces of training and knowledge base articles online to help walk you through different aspects of the product.
It has allowed us to manage all of our customer's endpoint security aspects much more efficiently and with more ease than before.
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