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What is WealthEngine?

WealthEngine in Bethesda offers their nonprofit fundraising platform supporting donor research with prospect location and screening, donor pattern analysis, and location of contact data.

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WealthEngine has been widely used by users to research new donors and donor prospects, providing them with valuable insights into their …
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Expand your portfolio

8 out of 10
March 27, 2022
We use WealthEngine for prospect research and portfolio development. We have recently started using it to build out our affiliations and …
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What is WealthEngine?

WealthEngine in Bethesda offers their nonprofit fundraising platform supporting donor research with prospect location and screening, donor pattern analysis, and location of contact data.

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Product Details

What is WealthEngine?

WealthEngine™, Inc. is a provider of predictive marketing analytics, audience development, and wealth intelligence services to nonprofit organizations, financial services, and luxury brands.

The vendor states approximately four thousand clients use WealthEngine's products and solutions for consumer insights. The solution offers insights on the user's existing prospects, and helps them to target new prospects based on wealth scores and lifestyle attributes using WE Prospect.

WealthEngine is a part of Altrata, a division of Euromoney PLC which provides organizations with unique data intelligence that connects them with the individuals who will have the greatest impact on their goals.

WealthEngine Features

  • Supported: Screening
  • Supported: Campaign Modeling
  • Supported: Analytics
  • Supported: Predictive Modeling
  • Supported: Scores & Ratings
  • Supported: Segmentation

WealthEngine Competitors

WealthEngine Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

WealthEngine has been widely used by users to research new donors and donor prospects, providing them with valuable insights into their net worth, propensity to give, philanthropy, and affiliations. Users have found it particularly helpful to flag high-capacity prospects attending shows at their theatre with a simple search, as well as find new addresses for patrons who have moved without notifying them. The software is commonly utilized for screening, segmenting, and identifying potential donors or upgrading opportunities for existing donors. It has also proven effective in feasibility studies and ask setting for mass appeals. Users integrate WealthEngine into their development database to identify single ticket buyers with considerable capacity who can now utilize their donor's lounge and other services. Additionally, the software enables users to determine the value of prospective clients/donors, making their outreach more efficient and effective.

One of the standout features of WealthEngine that users appreciate is the RealQuest Property Search feature. While some users feel that it may not be the best in the market, they have still found it to be particularly useful. By leveraging this feature, users are able to strengthen prospect pipelines, improving their nonprofit investor prospects and setting higher fundraising goals. Moreover, WealthEngine allows users to delve into the interests, net worth, real estate value, and family connections of potential donors, providing a better idea of who to pursue and who may not be interested. When coupled with foundation and corporate connections, WealthEngine gives users a complete and clear picture of a person's giving inclination and capacity.

Users have also found value in looking at the financial stability of individuals and how it factors into their work. The software provides valuable information about charitable giving, allowing users to pull data for their prospects. This helps in segmenting data into powerful groups, such as sending targeted communications to people over 70 or searching for families with specific characteristics. WealthEngine also enables users to research prospects in real-time, providing thorough public information and more data than other applications.

The email feature of the software has been extremely helpful for users to follow up with contacts after sending packages through mail and to find email addresses of C-executives. Understanding the giving patterns of prospects before reaching out has given users peace of mind and confidence in engaging them in conversations.

WealthEngine's versatility extends beyond nonprofit organizations. Schools have utilized it for wealth screening, admissions, and fundraising purposes. The software has helped schools target donors with higher giving ability and allocate resources more wisely. It has also been effective in identifying viable prospects and people with aligned affinity. WealthEngine allows users to look at political donations, donations to institutions, and other factors to develop profiles of potential donors, helping them identify new donors. By using WealthEngine's research, users have often discovered previously unrealized wealth and can ask for larger gift amounts. The software has also been used to evaluate prospects' capacity to give significantly and segment constituents for different appeals.

WealthEngine has helped in qualifying prospective donors for larger asks and provides a better understanding of donors' motivations and effective budgeting of time. It has saved time for researchers and provided a starting point to examine a large list of names. The software has also been helpful in finding prospects near nonprofits and identifying people with similar affinities and giving capacity. WealthEngine has been a valuable tool for organizations looking to find people to reach out to for donations or target customers interested in supporting their company.

In the education sector, WealthEngine has helped institutions identify alumni with the most capacity to make an impact. The software has made strategic planning easier and assisted in identifying the right prospects, accessing a collection of information that enables effective strategizing for fundraising campaigns. It has also helped in finding new prospects for capital projects and screening potential board members. Users have been able to create targeted strategies and purposeful outreach using WealthEngine, instead of blindly targeting potential donors.

The software has helped prioritize major gift suspects for outreach and allows for strategic segmentation of donor lists. With WealthEngine's instant qualification of prospects, users save valuable time. Additionally, users have found WealthEngine to be a valuable tool for validating purchasing power and determining the appropriate level of products or services to offer based on the net worth of prospects.

WealthEngine provides a convenient snapshot view of prospects, allowing users to quickly prioritize them based on their capacity for giving or engagement. The software has also helped users find new addresses, which is particularly useful for organizations like hospitals or foundations that need to evaluate patients for outreach and prospecting purposes. It is commonly used to create profiles for alumni, providing information on their giving capacities, stock information, and charitable giving history.

By identifying donors with significant giving potential, WealthEngine has helped users save time by allowing them to focus their attention on specific donors. The software has enabled users to screen donors and assess their giving potential, helping to prioritize relationships and increase revenue. It has been beneficial for customer database management, assisting in research and providing insights into prospects' interests and capacity to contribute.

WealthEngine has proven to be a helpful tool for building donor pools and donor research departments, streamlining and organizing the research process. The software has also aided in feeding annual giving prospects to gift officers and facilitated targeted direct mailings based on analysis and ratings from WealthEngine.

Integrating WealthEngine with Salesforce has allowed users to access comprehensive information about prospective, current, and past donors, including their potential ability to give, click rates, campaign influence, etc. This integration provides greater information about donors and alumni, improving knowledge and insight for organizations. The software has been effective in streamlining moves management strategies and increasing annual fund donations with easy-to-run wealth screenings.

WealthEngine has been utilized for donor prospect research, donor cultivation strategies, and decision-making in donor moves management tracking. Users have often referred to WealthEngine to gain a complete picture of a donor's giving potential when looking at their profile. The software has been used for prospect research, portfolio development, and building affiliations and relationships within CRM systems. It has served as a valuable tool for verifying donor information and potential, providing a spark of knowledge or confirming established donor details.

Overall, WealthEngine is a versatile tool that offers a wide range of use cases for various industries such as nonprofits, schools, and businesses. It empowers organizations to identify high-potential donors, research prospects in real-time, prioritize outreach efforts, validate purchasing power, and streamline fundraising campaigns. With its comprehensive data insights and user-friendly features, WealthEngine supports organizations in effectively engaging their target audience and maximizing their fundraising potential.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experience with WealthEngine.

Users recommend using WealthEngine as a tool for building a look-book reference guide for development staff at non-profit organizations. This is seen as a great way to access useful and up-to-date information. Some users suggest testing its accuracy and value by using it on people they know well.

WealthEngine is regarded as a worthwhile investment for anyone trying to raise money, with no substitute for its information. Users recommend doing a trial with the top providers and conclude that WealthEngine is the best option available.

Users suggest taking advantage of the training included in the package and integrating WealthEngine into their current CRM solution. They believe WealthEngine is improving with the addition of new databases and business information. However, some users mention that WealthEngine needs to keep up with the market, as it seems to be passing them by.

In summary, users recommend WealthEngine as a helpful tool for prospect management and research departments, as well as for individuals working in Advancement.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use WealthEngine for donor prospect research to help gift officers in their development of donor cultivation strategies.
  • Donor wealth rating
  • Donor propensity to give rating
  • Donor connections
  • Modeling
  • Very user friendly and intuitive.
  • Nothing
WealthEngine is an excellent prospect research tool. P2G scoring and other ratings are easy to understand. This allows for easy segmentation of prospects and prioritization of work for gift officers. We utilize this data for researching first-time donors, grateful patient prospects, and major gift prospects as well. All of our team are very satisfied with this tool.
  • Accuracy of data
  • Ease of analysis of rating
  • Ease of use of product
  • Better data been a factor to help us almost double fundraising over the past 4 years.
  • Wealth Engines data has helped to develop a much more focused major gifts program. Increasing productivity of gift officers.
WealthEngine provides the same quality of data at a more affordable price point.
March 27, 2022

Expand your portfolio

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use WealthEngine for prospect research and portfolio development. We have recently started using it to build out our affiliations and relationships throughout our CRM. It's a great tool as a spark of knowledge, or to verify established donor information and potential.
  • Affinity research.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Donor verification.
  • Information accuracy ratings.
  • Contract options.
  • Geo-locations.
WealthEngine is a great tool to expand your current donor base. I use it to flesh out our CRM, building data connections to strengthen our portfolio. **All information NEEDS to be verified, as I have found incorrect "knowledge," but it does help your web grow and discover information that may not come forth in a typical donor touchpoint.
  • Past donation data
  • Political donations
  • Depth of data
  • Portfolio expansion
Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Power Automate (formerly microsoft flow), Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)
Lori Riegel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use WealthEngine to screen sinkers, both potential new donors, and to analyze current donors to make decisions in donor moves management tracking. When I am looking at a donor profile, I will often click over to WealthEngine to look at a donor’s giving potential, which helps provide a complete picture.
  • Donor contact info
  • Confirm donor identity
  • Does not show which nonprofits donor has contributed to.
  • Does not always have complete contact info.
WealthEngine is well-suited for development professionals to use in their donor moves management planning, as well as to look up donor profiles of new donors, to analyze giving potential. I have also used it when a piece of mail is returned to see if I can find an updated address.
  • Great for use in moves management efficacy.
  • Great tool for keeping database updated for correct addresses.
The online help databases and tutorials are helpful, and I have been able to find the help and solutions I need from those sources. I have not had to use other forms of support from WealthEngine. I like being able to find the help I need through a simple search.
The Raisers Edge, Raiser's Edge NXT
Edward Phillips | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use WealthEngine as a tool to see the giving capacity of our donors. We use this information across the entire organization for interaction with donors. This has provided a solution to the problem of not knowing the capacity of our database of supporters.
  • WealthEngine has very detailed data to support its scoring for each donor. Some other similar tools don't provide this.
  • WealthEngine has a connection with Salesforce that is very helpful. It allows us to run reports on donors right in Salesforce and be able to run mass reports and save the data into each person's contact.
  • WealthEngine also has great prospecting tools. This is not something we have used in its full capacity but hope to this year!
  • WealthEngine is expensive for most nonprofits when looking at how to spend their money.
  • WealthEngine seems to have a lot of turn over. Every time I email our account manager, they seem to have changed.
  • WealthEngine can have glitches and does not work at times which is very frustrating.
  • I would also like for WealthEngine to have better mobile service or an app.
WealthEngine is for mid-size to large nonprofits -- providing a perfect tool for wealth data and prospecting. Smaller organizations with smaller amounts of donors or smaller budgets would not be able to justify the cost.
  • WealthEngine was able to provide wealth information for all of our event attendees and allowed us to know which guests to target with more direct touch points at the event.
  • WealthEngine has allowed us to better asks for funds based on the donors' giving capacity, ultimately providing more money for our mission.
I did not look into any other options. I've always known WealthEngine to be the best so they were my first and only choice.
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