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What is Weekdone?

Weekdone is software built around the best practices of the OKR goal-setting methodology and with an aim to speed up teams’ OKR learning curve, by providing high-quality educational materials and team-tailored OKR coaching throughout the implementation process. Weekdone is…

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Product Demos

Weekdone demo vi


Weekdone - How to link weekly plans to OKRs (demo)


Weekdone Product Demo and Walk-through

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Product Details

What is Weekdone?

Weekdone software is a goal-setting and goal-tracking tool for companies and teams. With Weekdone, quarterly company and team goals are always visible to everyone, so employees know what’s expected of them as they start planning their weekly activities. Automated reporting and live dashboards help leaders stay updated, track goals, and manage weekly activities.
  • Using Objectives and Key Results methodology, Weekdone provides the structure needed to set and manage goals throughout the company
  • OKRs are always visible so employees know what’s expected of them as they plan their weekly tasks and larger projects
  • With live progress updates, employees can encourage each other while leaders support team members with personalized feedback
  • Automated status reports and live dashboards help team leaders and colleagues stay updated at all times, and adjust what needs to be done
Weekdone software helps users know where they stand in terms of achieving quarterly goals, and plan the next steps to making company vision a reality.

Weekdone Features

  • Supported: Organize company goals and improve team coordination with OKRs
  • Supported: Track weekly activities to create more visible and interconnected teams
  • Supported: Support and guide your employees with timely feedback
  • Supported: Praise progress towards goals and boost morale with peer recognition

Weekdone Screenshots

Screenshot of Company level OKR dashboard - view status at a glanceScreenshot of Employee Weekly Check-ins help everyone see what teams are working onScreenshot of Hierarchy view or company level Objective and connected team level OKRsScreenshot of Team level OKR dashboard - easily see progress, add Objectives and Key Results, and link Initiatives (projects)Screenshot of Personal weekly plans view - add new plans, move done plans under progress, and state problems you hadScreenshot of Updating goal progressScreenshot of Convenient live TV Dashboard for easy presentations at meetings, or to have on the wall at all times

Weekdone Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Portuguese
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Score 10 out of 10
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Our organization uses Weekdone on a daily basis as a way to track quarterly objectives and key ratios. Each department head creates a road map and uploads their objectives into Weekdone for the team. From here we can easily track progress for our teams and teams that we work with regularly.
  • Creating plans, tracking progress, and logging potential problems on one page is very nice.
  • The company dashboard allows colleagues to stay up to date on quarterly progress.
  • I don't know that the weekly job satisfaction rating is necessarily helpful. Since this score is shown to our entire network at the end of each week, I'm unsure how truthful employees actually are in that aspect.
Weekdone is an incredible tool for helping teams see what their future plans are and the progress that has been made to get accomplish those plans. We use the platform for a way to track things we're working on during the quarter by breaking them down into weekly tasks. It is helpful that we can link each task to our quarterly objectives and set a due date. We can also tag colleagues in our plans and add comments and/or attachments for easy sharing throughout the organization.
  • Using Weekdone has helped us meet our quarterly business objectives by tracking each employee's progress.
  • We have been able to shift resources based on the progress tracked in Weekdone. If we find that a particular project is taking too long or costing too much, we are able to evaluate as needed. We were not able to see this as easily without Weekdone.
We have a lunch and learn session with Weekdone next week so they can share their tips and tricks for making the most out of the platform. Since we have been using the platform for a while already, this will be helpful so we can ensure we are making the most of the tool.
Miles Baltrusaitis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My globally distributed marketing department has about fifteen different teams in it. These cover everything from social, pr, web development, events, seo, brand, media/advertising, campaign planners, content writers, and creative services. Every Friday, we collectively built a recurring status report called the Marketing Reel with a shared word doc where we each write in our weekly accomplishments so that company leadership can understand what we did that week. It was a simple enough request but, as you probably expect, there were lots of issues with this approach:
  • Each team report had no logical connection to the efforts of other teams. They just dumped everything they did into their section.
  • As time went on, it became a competition to see which team added the most content. For example, "PR has 4 pages of accomplishments this week, why does Social only have half a page?"
  • It was completely untethered from the context of the previous week. Some teams reported the same recurring responsibility every week just to have something in the Reel.
  • There was no acknowledgment of the work that was planned to be done for that week.
  • The accomplishments reported had no logical connection to personal goals, team/department/organizational goals, or quarterly/annual goals.
  • Most of all, it was a pain in the rear to do. Everyone stopped what they were doing Friday morning and spent an hour going to their project management systems to summarize what was most important.
Weekdone was brought in to solve those problems.
  • It connects daily work to personal, team, department and organizational long-term goals.
  • Provides leadership with visibility into the output of individuals, teams, and departments.
  • Improves employee engagement with a modern approach to 360-degree staff/manager feedback, complete with emoji.
  • Connects status reporting with existing systems of record (Basecamp, Asana, Trello, Teamwork, etc) to avoid redundant data entry.
  • Brings the OKR discipline to an organization who needs a structure for their prioritization planning.
  • The mobile app makes entry effortless. I could give weekly feedback to direct reports as I was walking between meetings on my phone.
  • User setup and management and team/department creation is not a trivial effort. Requires some deliberate planning.
  • The deadlines for plans don't connect to the due dates for tasks in systems of record. That can get confusing when Asana says a task is due next week but Weekdone still has a due date of tomorrow.
  • I'd love to see more contextual support for sections like employee feedback. Maybe a sentence or two suggesting feedback based on the report's weekly entry. If a person had three Problems and only one Progress, Weekdone could suggest some corrective action to make it easier for the management to mitigate problems before they get ugly.
If the company...
  • Wants to replace a painful status reporting process.
  • Has stated company, department, and team SMART goals.
  • Wants to connect daily work to long term individual/team/department/organization goals.
  • Is concerned about company culture and employee satisfaction.
  • Wants to facilitate better communication and alignment without adding more meetings.
  • Believes in the OKR method for planning and prioritizing work items to be done.
  • Is digital.
  • Catching employee dissatisfaction before it grows and spreads.
  • Saved time from having to manually summarize accomplishments from project management systems.
  • Provided context into work planned vs work completed and added context to common blockers.
  • Provide visibility into progress over time (week / quarter / annual goals) and trendlines for individuals/teams/departments/organization.
  • The only negative is, some people grumble at adding yet another system to their workday.
Weekdone started as a pilot within a single team so we didn't have a formal evaluation and selection process. When the pilot was over, we had developed a skill and affinity for the tool with no clear objections, so no other tools were considered. Our process for regular evaluation of incumbent technology at renewal time asks us to consider the cost to value ratio and user adoption/satisfaction. I don't anticipate there being any reason to consider alternatives, other than the long term viability of small software companies.
Since I was likely one of their biggest early customers, I was able to speak with the chief technology officer and system architect when I first implemented Weekdone. That was a big help in getting started.
Whenever I needed support thereafter, I was able to hop on a call with knowledgeable staff. They have great communication skills, understand the varying use cases for their system, and could accommodate long tail requests with ease.
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