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CareTend, powered by WellSky

CareTend, powered by WellSky


What is CareTend, powered by WellSky?

CareTend is an integrative healthcare solution that is customized to meet the needs of a dynamic industry. CareTend is used to schedule visits, record patient records, create claims, fill prescriptions, manage inventory, bill, and record.

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Product Details

What is CareTend, powered by WellSky?

CareTend, powered by WellSky, is used pharmacy software to streamline tasks, improve communication, and facilitate collaboration. CareTend addresses the needs of home infusion and specialty pharmacy organizations, including:

  • Intake and scheduling

  • Dispense and fulfillment

  • Delivery and shipping

  • Clinical practice

  • Decision support

  • Billing and collection

CareTend, powered by WellSky Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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WellSky CareTend is utilized by our entire organization for Pharmacy, Nursing, Billing and on a limited basis by Accounting. It is a medical documentation system with Pharmacy dispensing and billing of medical claims.
  • I am very unsatisfied with WellSky CareTend. The original CPR+ program was efficient and this copy they forced provider to switch to has many issues and does not include all of the capabilities in the prior program or as promised.
  • Poor customer service. Upper Management fired much of the staff soon after our transition.
  • Outrageous fees that keep changing and increasing multiple times since we transitioned 9/2019. Getting a contract up front proves pointless as they find crafty ways around agreements to charge exorbitant fees. We are always overbilled. Just transitioned and bought a new server and now they tell us they are eliminating that process and we will be forced to host with them at a price of $66k/year for 20 users. This is above and beyond the 5% increase they gave us across the board 3 months after transitioning and the quarterly support fees that are outrageous.
  • Any attempt to discuss or protest the charges is met with the explanation that WellSky is a very big company and CareTend is such a small component that they are not interested in our concerns.
  • They do not have any clinical staff consulting or employed and are definitely missing functionality for what is needed in different clinical components or operations of the program.
  • WellSky bought the CPR+ program that we were using and decided to eliminate all support of that program and forced customers to purchase the CareTend program. They promised we could do everything we could in CPR+ plus much more. That has not been the case. Our staff has spent unbelievable amounts of hours just to try to get some of the basic functions of CPR+. We have adapted many work arounds. CareTend sees fixes to their program issues as enhancements and insists on charging exorbitant fees to add these corrective updates.
This company is extremely difficult to work with. They have expressed that CareTend users are not important to them since that is such a small part of the WellSky business. They are very focused on extra fees and extra charges for everything. We have not even had the program for a year and they have changed everything initially promised related to pricing. They continue to come up with new ways they can get more money out of you. I would recommend for anyone considering this program, to look at other options first.
  • Our annual computer/program budget has risen beyond what is affordable since 9/2019.
We utilized CPR+ prior to WellSky and it was basically the same product. Much more cost effective and many fewer issues.
They fired most of the support staff. When your staff is new to the program, yet knows more than who you speak to when you call into support, you know that there is an issue. It can take a week or longer at times for a support person to get back to you about an issue. We have met with management on these issues and when they do acknowledge a functionality issue, they want to charge you a fee to provide the fix even though you already pay support fees.
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