Wordpress is an open-source publishing platform popular with bloggers, and a content management system, known for its simplicity and modifiability. Websites may host their own blogging communities, controlling and moderating content from a single dashboard. For The Win!WordPress is our CMS (content management system) of choice for all our blog content properties. Administration is extremely easy since WordPress is operated as a SaaS and does not needed to be loaded on a centralized system.,Flexibility - allows contributors to easily customize the content they are creating. Functionality - the ability to load various plugins within the environment bring about much-appreciated functionality (i.e adding contact forms, e-commerce front-ends, photo/video galleries, etc.). Security - WordPress as a platform runs more than 1/3 of the world's internet sites - with that in mind the community is laser-focused on maintaining high-security standards and ensuring that the platform is properly patched against security vulnerabilities.,Better controls around the inclusion of 3rd party written plugins within the Plugin Directory - search functionality and classification hasn't changed much in the past few years.,10,Less time spent on the administration side - no need to build a platform from scratch. Quickly able to adjust the size of the team (those contributing) via the dashboard and user interfaces.,Wix and Adobe InDesign,Microsoft 365 Business, Apple iCloud,Content Author / Administrator,1,000-10,000 pagesWordPress is my go-to tool for quick micro-sitesWordPress is a great tool for quickly building microsites without having to bring in your digital agency for an expensive and long-drawn-out build process. I can organize my wireframes and have a junior assistant hammer it out. Very intuitive for a novice to use and easy for me to go in as a senior manager to make my improvements.,The use of widgets to build page elements is so much faster than coding an entire page. The library of existing tools makes the design and page loading process very fast. The fact that I do not need to bring in my expensive digital agency is a very big plus in these times of tight budgets.,I have issues at times with the number of people that I can add to my admin account. I do not like sharing UNs and PWs so the more admins I can add the better. The updates are not automatic and some that I clicked on broke the site. Need a better process of sending software updates for the package you buy. I would like if comments could be filtered from spammers.,8,WordPress has allowed me to quickly add new micro-sites to our content offering, keeping my boss happy.,Drupal, SproutLoud and GoDaddy,Kentico Cloud, Marketo, ChannelAdvisor,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesWordPress - A great platformWe use WordPress for our own website as well as several clients. Using the new BigCommerce App integration we have two clients that are now selling their products on separate websites increasing their web presence. This is a very cost effective way to expand on the web. The amount of Plug-ins for WordPress make customization very easy.,Ease of Setup The extensive library of Plug-ins They have out-of-the-box themes for most site clients,It is difficult to use multiple themes on one website The dashboard is a bit dated and unorganized Some themes are difficult to customize,9,The cost to operate a WordPress site is extremly cost effective Gives a very professional look and drives customer leads The cost of some plug-ins is high and many do not have trial options,Squarespace,Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft 365 Business,Developer,10-100 pagesBest Website Builder in the Universe!Wordpress is hands down easy and intuitive to use. I have built many sites using WordPress and have always enjoyed the project. We use WordPress on 2 different websites and it solves all our website issues.,Easy posting of articles. Very easy interface for uploading images. Blogging is made super simple with WordPress.,The jump to v5 Gutenberg went smooth for me. I find that the classic editor meets my needs much better.,10,Wordpress has allowed us to create our own website without the need for high priced web designers.,Squarespace,Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugins,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pagesWordPress ReviewWordpress is used to build smaller sites that we need to look good, and be able to create within a timely manner. Wordpress also allows us to create great looking content/websites for our clients, and it's easy to hand over the editing capabilities to them with little training on the CMS.,Interface ease of use. Ability to train clients to use the CMS to edit their own content. Endless amounts of themes and plugins available to use for customization.,Regulations of who can create themes/plugins. There seems to be many glitchy themes/plugins created. Although there's a huge online community/forums with support, it would be nice to have a chat feature and be able to talk with an actual rep. Security. I seem to hear a lot about being easy to hack.,9,This CMS makes it convenient to edit content from writers, to clients and approve content to the blog. Helps launch content by nearly anyone, and in a quickly manner. It's simple enough that a non-developer can pick it up and create a website/blog.,ion interactive,ion interactive,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pagesWordPress for the win (for content)The corporate website is hosted with WordPress and all users, content and digital marketing efforts rely on WordPress as a framework to support the organization.,User experience is fantastic - anyone can pick it up in minutes and it’s a pleasure to use. The amount of plugins and add-ons available are invaluable. Content separated from functionally puts the power of the web in the hands of people that understand users and their behaviors.,Speed is always a concern. A perfect implementation of Wordpress is fast, but add-ons and plugins can bog down the page load speed. Making that a priority for future releases would help. Allowing for a simplified UI for people that may be scared to edit a website for the first time (a first-timer option maybe?) Focus on mobile - the current mobile experience for editing content is only ok. Medium does it really well - but they are only focused on content - so maybe an option for content-creation views that are simplified on mobile.,8,While it’s not a hard number, WordPress improved the engagement metrics on our corporate site after the latest rebranding and much of our success was related to how easy changing content was. Improved pages views through easy-to-use content creation,Umbraco CMS, Sitecore Web Content Management, Progress Sitefinity and LightCMS,Sitecore Web Content Management, Umbraco CMS, Progress Sitefinity,Developer,100-1,000 pagesWordPress is Built to ImpressWhen we take on new clients, many times they need a website overhaul. Wordpress is our go to solution for this. I've been developing in Wordpress for a number of years that it's actually more cost effective for our agency to custom build a theme than find an off-the-shelf theme. This way we can address all the custom feature requests for the client. When the website is complete, Worpdress is very user-friendly. It is easy for us to train not only our internal staff on updates, maintenance, new content and upkeep, but also to train the client how to use their brand new website. Since most of our clients have a Wordpress website, it is very simple for our internal staff to work on multiple client websites. An issue or problem solved on one website, means the same issue is so much quicker to resolve on the remaining client sites. Our internal staff can make changes, updates to forms, add new content, add new calls to action, build new landing pages -- all without hours of training. It's a great resource we can add to our client and account management. This really helps keep our client costs down!,Worpdress is very SEO-friendly. The built in permalink structure, the organization and structure of post types and pages plus the addition of the 'rhymes with toast' SEO plugin gives you a great SEO foundation. Wordpress is a constantly evolving piece of code. Wordpress does a great job of maintaining the core product. As new features are available, as new security issues become known, the WP team keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest version. The Wordpress community is strong! As a developer, this is just fantastic. If I am having trouble implementing a highly custom piece for a client, chances are someone else has already done it! And if not, I can just ask the community, review the Codex or simply Google it. I've never had to say "No, can't do that" when working in Worpdress.,Because Wordpress is so popular, it is under constant attack from bots and hackers. New security issues are found and exploited. Our client's websites are at risk of hack or attack. Wordpress is a resource hog. Worpdress sites tend to load slowly, especially if you buy one of those all-in-one themes. You really need to leverage caching and minification to ensure your Wordpress site loads quickly. There are simply too many plugins. Wordpress needs to purge all the abandoned and non-functioning plugins in the repository. I'm always fearful of a client downloading and installing a plugin that crashes the site.,9,Since Wordpress is free and open source, the ROI is always strong. We get to build a custom website for each and every one of our clients. The client is thrilled and so are we. Our clients tend to want similar pieces and moving parts on the website. I often re-use pieces from site to site which really speeds up the development process. Sometimes clients already want to use Wordpress for their next web project. And since we are very familiar with it, it makes for a smoother sale and on-boarding process.,Joomla!, Wix and Drupal,Act-On Software, Terminus, Teamwork Projects,Developer,10-100 pagesA great content management solution/website builder for most businessesOur main website is hosted on WordPress, and I've been at several other employers who also used WordPress as their primary CRM. It is used across the company, from customer support, to product development, to sales and to marketing. Marketing owns the WordPress instance and is responsible for maintaining it, ensuring it is kept up to date, etc.,It is constantly being improved, with new features added, because of the community code-sourcing aspect. Security vulnerabilities are continually being patched to keep it secure. It has the best plugin repository, by far. So, anytime you have a needed new feature for your website, there is usually a plugin that already exists to allow you to do what you're wanting.,Because it is the most-used CMS, there are a lot of hackers targeting it. As such, you need to make sure you're always updating the software and patching plugins to the latest version. Not hard to do, but something you need to be vigilant about. Plugins are hit and miss. If it is a new plugin without many existing users and reviews, it is truly hard to know if the software package is any good. Sometimes there are too many options. For example, there are a dozen or so plugins for any given functionality and so you have to sift through to find the right thing.,9,WordPress has allowed my company to quickly get into content marketing (blog posts, ebooks, case studies, etc.) without any support from the developers, as marketing owns the delivery mechanism (WordPress)! One negative aspect of our WordPress usage is that, because it is so easy-to-use and we've made it apparent we don't need developer help to support it, when we actually do need developers for a non-WordPress related project, we can't get the help! WordPress-hosted forms/landing pages bring in the majority of our leads, which end up in sales demos and eventually new revenue.,Joomla!, Drupal, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace,Marketo, Shopify, Asana,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesThe best Content Management System!I always wanted to have my own website and I used to think that I have to contact someone who can create a website for me but after some time, I started learning on my own about how to create a website. WordPress helped a lot when I created my first website that was a free website and I learned a lot about it. After learning many things I decided to guide others about it that's when I started freelancing. Now I can offer many services to people when it comes to WordPress.,WordPress is an open source software. Open source software provides awesome features which make it easy to use, modify and build upon. You can make your website the way you want it to be There are many Content Management Systems (CMS) available but WordPress is a popular one. It is a free and open source, the large number of developers making it popular. The thing which I like about WordPress is its simplicity and usability you don't have to be an expert to use WordPress everything is already set up you just have to install the plugin and there you go,One of the major advantages of WordPress is it is an open source software but sometimes it becomes its disadvantage since it is an open source it is always at the target of hackers especially if the codes have been written by someone else. When you install lots of plugins the website becomes laggy or stutters it takes time to complete the process.,10,There is no negative impact on my business. I would say it has helped me learn many things. Now I can create websites on my own and I can help others when it comes to creating a website.,,Google Drive, Adobe Acrobat DC,Content Author / Administrator,1-10 pagesQuick, intuitive solution for hosting a blog/siteWordPress is used to host all of our blog posts and pages on a server purely serving these pages. We use it as a combination of a CMS, editor, and designer for all of our articles and pages. It is used mostly by Engineers writing articles or founders writing updates on progress.,Super intuitive, well-designed UI. WordPress is one of the older, more developed CMS products out there, and their UI has gotten very good through the versions. Integrated SEO. This is a really helpful tool. There is no need to export blog/article info and add it to an SEO service, it's mostly done within WordPress. Full customizability. There is an extensive list of plugins, themes, etc. that can be added to WordPress sites, and the general compatibility of software with WordPress is really good.,Open-source. WordPress is all open-source, so sites can be more vulnerable generally, but this also makes the process of releasing and integrating updates into WordPress sites super transparent. Speed. There are definitely parts of the UI that are still quite slow and decrease in speed as you increase the amount of content on WordPress sites. HTML/CSS skills are necessary. While WordPress does simplify the process of developing any sort of website, there is still not enough customizability for it to be possible to edit websites without purely without using HTML/CSS. It's necessary to either improve the customizability function of WordPress or have knowledge of HTML/CSS.,9,Positive - Free to cheap themes and extensions. It is possible to self-host a WordPress site and CMS for completely free or a fairly low price. Negative - Some of the better themes/extensions cost quite a bit of money, or require a fair bit of coding experience/knowledge to implement from scratch. Positive - Self-hosting capable. For companies with personal servers or trial credits for a computing service, WordPress hosting can be completely free and can completely offset of set the costs of typical monthly hosting plans available on third-party web hosting services.,Ghost,Node, Medium, Atom,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesWordPress - The world's most popular content management systemOur firm uses WordPress for all new websites that it builds for clients. It provides a stable, well-known and accepted foundation for all websites that our clients employ. It is so well-accepted as an industry standard for website construction that clients never question the choice and in fact most of the time they expect us to use it.,It is stable and reliable. It is so widely-accepted that there are many, many many resources available for working with it, many of them at little or no cost. It saves us countless hours of development that we otherwise would have to do ourselves.,WordPress has become caught up in the trend toward "drag n drop" page builders with the advent of the new "Gutenberg" block-based editor, despite the fact that many in the WordPress community don't want it and resent the manner in which it has been forced upon them.,10,With WordPress we save money by not having to build our own CMS (content management system) for work done for clients. With WordPress we save money because there are thousands of addons that provide excellent features and functions that are free or very low-cost. With WordPress we save money because there are thousands of expert-level developers with WordPress skills available around the world with whom we can contract for development work.,Wix and Squarespace,Google Analytics, Ahrefs Site Explorer, SEMRush, Majestic SEO, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Google Drive, Accounting by Wave,Developer,10-100 pagesBeginner's Guide to WordPressWordPress is being used to manage the State College of Florida Foundation website. The Foundation started using WordPress about 3 years ago when a new website was developed. The website allows the Foundation to provide constant communication to potential students and donors.,From a user perspective, WordPress is pretty user friendly and intuitive. I had no website experience before using WordPress and was able to quickly teach myself how to use WordPress. I am impressed with the amount of customization WordPress provides and the options you have to make your website unique. My organization pays for WP Live support and I find them to be extremely courteous and helpful.,The main issue I have run into is the theme my organization chose is no longer being updated, so it has decreased the functionality of the website in general. Being new to website management, I had no idea this was a possibility, so conveying that more clearly would have been helpful for me. At times, there is a significant delay between when I make changes on the back end and when those changes take effect on the front end of the site, so reducing that lag time would be great.,8,Being able to reach more donors has provided a positive ROI for my organization. The only recurring negative I have experienced is the site being extremely slow to load from time to time. Both WordPress and BlueHost blame each other when this happens and I have found it difficult to fix the issue in a timely manner.,,Raiser's Edge NXT, Financial Edge NXT, Constant Contact,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesWordPress From a Low-Tech Small Business PerspectiveI initially started using WordPress as a hobbyist, but as my restoration business grew and my blog began to get more popular it became a way to generate revenue through affiliate advertising. It is also essential for advertising the vapor blasting & ultrasonic cleaning services that I offer to motorcycle restoration enthusiasts. The biggest reason for choosing WordPress is the ease of use & customization. Being able to purchase and use different themes for appearances without have to do any coding is a big plus. If you still can't get the exact appearance and features you want from a prefab theme there are literally thousands of resources to guide you in customizing your website. There is a huge community of users and terrific support to help you make the most of it. Most web-hosting companies also offer basic 1-click WordPress installation, making life really easy for the beginner. WordPress is easy for the beginner but can be customized to extreme levels by an advanced user.,Ease of installation. Making regular posts is quick & trouble free. Huge number of themes, apps, and plugins easily available for WordPress.,Finding the best options for your use can be time-consuming due to the huge number of choices. Not all plugins and themes play well with each other.,10,Most of my services are supplied remotely by people shipping parts to me to be refurbished. This is very much a niche business that could not grow without national publicity as there are not enough customers to support it locally. WordPress enabled me to build an attractive & informative website to drive traffic to my business. In addition, the affiliate ads also provide a small amount of revenue, as well.,SOLIDWORKS, Adobe Acrobat DC, AutoCAD,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pages,1Great for Small BusinessThis is used for the main organization's website. It helps us host and update the website on our own without getting IT involved. It also hosts our blog for us. It can help us schedule posts and save drafts so we can work on something together as a team without posting first.,It has a lot of blog options. The pricing is very fair, not too expensive.. Its simple and user friendly. You don't have to be a computer expert to use this.,I wish they had more all-inclusive features like an email campaign program or a photo editing program. There is no drag and drop tool. I wish there was a place I could call for tech support.,7,A positive impact...makes updates to the websites easy and painless. Less time consuming...I can make updates myself without having to make a request and wait for the changes. Good for the budget!,Drupal Commons and Blackbaud NetCommunity,Blackbaud Online Express, MailChimp, Facebook for Business,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesWordpress - The only limit is your desire to learn and growWordpress is our primary platform for our online courses (including hundreds of videos, community interactions between teachers and students, a paid membership system, and more), our main site (consisting of blog, live event scheduling, and more), our shop (selling a sizable selection of physical goods), and a handful of other offerings.,Versatility - If you're comfortable learning some computer code, the sky is essentially the limit on what you can do with Wordpress via the thousands of available plugins. Reliability - Wordpress has proven to be more stable and reliable than other services we've used. Huge community for support - because of its renown and popularity, the Wordpress community is huge, and you can consequently find ideas and support among peers very easily.,User-friendliness - As is usually the case, there is an inverse relationship between a software's power/robustness, and its ease of use. Making a functioning site beyond a basic template will require a learning curve, especially as more plugins are introduced to the process. It's easy to make things ugly - Because Wordpress offers so much freedom of design and function, you have all the power in your hands to make an ugly, dysfunctional site--other services we use have a paradigm against this, and restrict design freedom to prevent you from making something "ugly." Back-end interface feels dated and cluttered - The back end of Wordpress could use a little streamlining and updating. Controls and menus feel like they haven't had a face lift in a few years.,9,Online courses - Our online course site made a gigantic leap in quality when we moved from our previous platform to Wordpress. This has resulted in hundreds more membership subscriptions. Shop - Wordpress has served us well for our physical goods shop too, and has been consistently reliable at completing a customer's online ordering process.,ONTRAPORT,Adobe Premiere Pro, Zendesk, Asana,Content Author / Administrator,100-1,000 pagesCreate web pages professionally and in a short time from any device.In our company we use WordPress to keep all our customers up to date through our website. As the company deals with tourism then WordPress is extremely ideal for displaying packages and excursions, as well as having contact forms and subscriptions. WordPress saves us a lot of programming time and we focus on design.,It is an excellent content manager, you can do almost anything you want, web pages of all kinds of topics. The amount of topics that can be found on the web is incredible. There are many free themes of great quality and with very accessible prices. It is very easy to install and use. In addition you can expand its original functionality by installing plugins.,If you want an original website, you should choose the topics you want to install carefully, since you run the risk of having a website very similar to another one. Customizing WordPress at your whim is a bit difficult and you must have a lot of knowledge of web programming. It is risky to install plugins or cracked themes, as they can cause serious security failures.,10,It is low cost. WordPress is free, but there may be some extra expenses if you want to install premium plugins. If you are a programmer you will not incur significant expenses, however, if you are not then you will need the help of a professional to customize your website and that translates into paying the professional fees. It is necessary to be constantly aware of WordPress to monitor all updates, both CMS and plugins, to preserve the integrity and security of data, and consequently avoid loss of information and money.,WooCommerce,WooCommerce, Trello, TeamViewer,Developer,1-10 pagesWordpress is great for most website demandsIt's been used to create websites that requires the users to be able to easily edit and update information on their pages. It is used by the organization as well as the organization supports other clients using the Wordpress platform. Among different open source content management systems available in the internet, Wordpress is highly user-friendly and easy to set up which helps save time in operations and maintenance of the website.,Easy to set up and configure Easy to edit, update, delete, content on the website Easy to integrate with plugins and themes,Wordpress just released a new version and the editing experience has changed quite a bit from the previous version. While it is already an improvement, an overview of the interface with the new installation would be helpful.,10,It creates better engagement with the users who are able to update their own content. They are happy and thus bring more clients. Update and maintenance for a website is hassle free which improves efficiency of the maintainer. The availability of multitude of themes and plugins makes responding to customer's request quick and effective, which increases customer satisfaction.,Drupal, Joomla! and OpenCart,Drupal, Acquia Platform, Pantheon, Slack, Asana,Developer,10-100 pagesGet Your Students Blogging Like a Professional With WordpressI use WordPress in my school district to house everything regarding professional development and educational technology. Teachers access our WordPress site, designed more like an elaborate blog, to access: weekly tech tips, a booking calendar to schedule me for trainings or to work with their class, to see highlights of other teachers and what they are doing, to see what apps/programs we subscribe to or pay for in district, and to access lesson plans and ideas that we share. I update this site weekly and push out updates/tips via Gmail that invite my staff and teachers to check the site. This has been a nice way for our teachers to stay informed, learn some tech tips, and share what everyone is doing.,Blog writing is simple and effective and allows you to embed images and YouTube videos. Professional look and feel with an easy to understand navigation. Syncs with other domain sites like GoDaddy, etc.,More features or ability to customize more. A lot is dictated my the theme with minimal editing allowed, at least for free versions. Ability to embed other apps. Other than YouTube, teachers utilize apps such as Padlet, polleverywhere, etc. Although these have embed codes, this feature doesn't work with WordPress.,9,Wordpress has afforded our students another platform to build and publish their work in school professionally. Has helped me design a site for our teachers to access anytime, anywhere with tips tricks and lesson ideas. Has helped our staff and teachers share ideas and stay in contact.,Wix, Weebly and Blogger,Google Drive, Schoology,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pages,,1Best CMS PlatformWordPress is used by my business to establish a web presence and publish content easily and affordably,Wordpress is fast Wordpress is easy to use and setup Wordpress is cost-effective,Security,10,My business’ Wordpress site is our number one source of new clients,Wix,Clio, Google Analytics,Developer,10-100 pagesThe safest content manager on the market.I use WordPress as a content manager to develop the pages of my clients because it is the best way to deliver a complete and fully self-managed website.,for developments of web pages that need to be delivered quickly. dynamic websites where information will be constantly loaded. (Manageable Auto) if you need a secure solution and a development that you can start with a theme or a template.,is not very good with very elaborate developments as e-commerce, in my opinion, there are more complete alternatives. free websites because they fill the advertising site. mobile apps.,6,productivity increase. Increased response times. greater autonomy when managing your site.,Joomla!,Joomla!, Wix, Slack,Developer,1-10 pagesBest CMS platform providing a number of features without any knowledge of codingIt is used by the department to maintain blogs. To make a different type of websites which are describing small and larger business of people. With the help of WordPress number of online stores, websites are being made every day to provide best and stylish experience to the users of the website.,Wordpress is an open source CMS system that provides plethoras of free features. There are varieties of plugins by installing them. We can add new functionalities to the website without any knowledge of coding. Wordpress is the best platform for customization of websites and millions of free themes are there.,The security of WordPress websites is not up to the mark. This should be improved so that we can overcome the threats and attacks on the websites. Premium version of plugins is more costly. Plugins are making websites slow.,8,Well income from making websites Income by adding new functionalities in existing websites Pro version of plugins are very costly,,Azure SQL Database, Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugins, Amazon API Gateway,Developer,1-10 pagesCome for the Price, Stay for the CommunityWe use WordPress to create and maintain websites for multiple universities across the country. These websites are used to capture prospective students contact information and inform them about our education programs. We also use WordPress for some of our internal websites. This is our main source for any public facing, robust website we created for ourselves or our school partners.,WordPress is quick to implement and have up and running. The combination of the quick installation to the user-friendly interface of the back end, makes WordPress a great tool for experts and novices alike. There is a huge community of developers and experts to provide customization and tips for any website. A quick Google search will find numerous solutions to most WordPress and website issues that may arise. Plugins everywhere! This is great because there are options for plugins. Some other CMS solutions offer one or two options for different features, but WordPress has multiple options and allows you to find free and more premium options. Because it is built using free and open source platforms, there are no additional software or specialty hardware costs needed to get a website up and running. Just a basic website package will do.,Security can be an issue, because you are dealing with both core WordPress code, and any plugin code. WordPress is usually quick with updates, and does a good job of keeping up on any possible security issues. But, plugins can be a different story. Add to that, as one of the largest CMS systems around, it is often a target of attackers. The plugin marketplace can be a minefield. While there is a review process, we find that we have to be very vigilant in looking for plugins that are actively being patched and updated. The extensible of WordPress can make it slow. If we are not careful with our plugins and customizations, we can sometimes create sites that do not perform up to web standards.,8,Zero/low up front cost. (Depends on plugins we choose to buy.) Loads of talent to help us create and maintain the site. Quick turnaround when launching new sites and updating existing sites resulting in less downtime. Need to monitor for updates and verify updates don't break plugins or customization.,ExpressionEngine, Joomla!, Adobe Experience Manager and ASP.NET,CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WooCommerce,Developer,10-100 pagesGreat for blog managementI used Wordpress at a marketing agency to manage and post blogs for various clients. It was is an integral tool for the content team to ensure that content is published across clients' websites. Posts could effectively be uploaded by the agency content team and reviewed by the client before publication.,Flexibility of design Ability to check drafts Ease of use,One Wordpress account I have been locked out of and can't get back into despite requesting reset email,9,Enabled business to demonstrate thought leadership through blogs Increased SEO visibility Driving leads through form creation,Canva, Buzzsumo, Slack, Hootsuite Enterprise, Oktopost, Dropbox Business, Evernote, Google Analytics,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesGotta love open-sourceWe use wordpress as a lightweight microsite CMS for our clients. It is used by our entire marketing department. The different user roles gives each individual within our department access to the appropriate level of editing without creating a workflow bottle neck. It also gives us a great platform for our content markteing efforts with the built-in blog post type. And with it being an open-source CMS, there are several great plugins that are easy to add onto our sites.,User roles. Plenty of variety here that gives different people appropriate access. Easy to write your own plugins. Or if you're not that tech-savvy, there are several great, free plugins out there that are easy to install & easy to use. Multisite support, which is great if you have several locations or subdomains to manage. You can use the same install across all of these.,Security. Being open-source, it is a big target for hackers. The folder structure is very predictable. Page speed. It is relatively lightweight, but there are a few script files that are built into the CMS that makes compression tricky at times.,9,We launch new sites regularly throughout the year for new clients. Using wordpress has literally zero impact on any associated costs.,Joomla!,Box, Moz, Salesforce Analytics Cloud,Content Author / Administrator,10-100 pagesWordPress - I'm Impressed!I have used WordPress in various capacities, both in its original implementation as a blog on an otherwise larger site and to host entire sites with posts (such as products and blog posts). I have created themes for these sites to customise the appearance and features of the CMS on the front end, and have contributed to the content, so have used it as both an administrator and author. WordPress provides a relatively easy solution to put a platform in place to create and manage content, with its large number of plugins to add functionality and features to the end product. I have found the availability of plugins exceptionally useful in filling in gaps within the original CMS, and have also found the availability of tutorials and documentation very useful in modifying the platform in-house too.,Quick to set up Highly customisable, especially with the regular updates the platform receives A large number of available plugins and themes Extensible and versatile Relatively simple to manage,Relatively open to hacking (if not properly maintained and set up) Plugins can break with platform updates or clash with each other Can be overkill if inappropriate for your project Some themes are slow to load,8,Excellent solutions for professionally displaying content Robust contact form plugins have generated leads Quick development on a low budget have saved cost,elucid and glob,Qubit, Google Analytics, Rackspace,Developer,10-100 pages
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Wordpress is an open-source publishing platform popular with bloggers and a content management system. The appearance of a Wordpress site and many of its functions are managed through themes, and further customizable through altering code, though altering code is not required; templates and plugins to expand its capabilities are plentiful. Wordpress features integrated link management, and a search-engine friendly permalink structure. WordPress now allows multiple blogs to exist within one installation. Websites may host their own blogging communities, controlling and moderating content from a single dashboard.

Wordpress is popular due to its simplicity and modifiability. Furthermore implementing Wordpress costs only time. Two paid versions exist. The $99 premium plan allows a user an ad free custom domain with 13GB of space and advanced customization. The $299 Business plan allows unlimited space and supports eCommerce as well.

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