Wufoo is a web application for creating online forms. The tool automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed making it easy to collect and understand data. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011. Forms CreatorMy company uses Wufoo to enable electronic on-boarding and time sheet submission for our temporary employees. This process has proven far more efficient and has greatly improved the accuracy of the information received.,The forms are easy to create and easy to use. These factors are a plus because you don't have to be a super savvy tech person to manage the forms and the end user finds them easy to understand and complete.,There are limits to the number of fields one can use in a Wufoo form. This became problematic when we needed to create a complex expense form. Additionally, the form needs to be completed in one session. It isn't possible to start a form, save the information entered to that point and then complete it later.,10,Wufoo has had a positive impact on our business,Cognitoforms,1,1,Electronic on-boarding and time sheet submission,Timesheet submission,Surveys,10,10From a self-proclaimed Wufoo guruI work for a small non-profit in the Health Care industry. We are limited in resources and WuFoo has really been an awesome product for us. We use it for everything from the Contact Us portion of our website to Event Registration to Evaluation Surveys and everything in between. It's so easy to use, fun to play around with and has helped me to learn such things as CSS code and basic HTML. In the event that we've needed to contact Customer Service for assistance, they've been extremely helpful and they also are appreciative of feedback. I'm known as the WuFoo guru here so WuFoo makes me look good!,Wufoo is VERY easy to use. When we started using Wufoo, no training was required. I was able to just jump right in. The Help features are very useful. If I'm struggling with figuring out something on my own, I almost always can find the solution in the Help section. If not, I've emailed Wufoo and received assistance really quickly. Wufoo is fun to use! We use it to create staff satisfaction surveys, party invites, and other creative things in addition to the standard registration forms, evaluations, etc.,The reports can be a little rough looking when we have a longer form. The data grids are nice but often cumbersome for someone to view. In those situations, we export the data to excel and plug into our own report forms. A cloud-like situation would be helpful for saving old forms. It's nice to reference previous forms but our main page gets bogged down. It would be nice to have a second page to save old forms and have the main page be for active forms. Simpler formatting would be nice for those who do not know HTML. To be able to bold or change font size with the click of a button would be helpful.,10,Increased efficiency. We used to do all of our event registrations via paper form and then have staff enter into a database. This is much easier. We provide better customers service. It is very easy to register someone over the phone if they are unable to do it themself and to answer questions about registrations. Easier reporting to management. If a manager wants to know how many people are registered for an event, I can easily provide real time data witout much effort on my end.,,10,15,4,Registration forms Evaluation Surveys Employee questionaires,Party Planning Customizing surveys,Hoping to use to to collect payment for event registrations. Currently we only accept check or cash payments.,No,10,NoWufoo DeliversWufoo is being used across 3 of the associations we manage. We use Wufoo for internal forms as well as order forms, membership applications, conference registrations and more. We have found great success and response from our associations' membership with regard to the ease of use and look and feel of the forms we are currently using through Wufoo.,Ease of usage by not only our employees but ease of usage by the membership of our associations Wufoo takes the hassle out of form building with a simple interface that even the most novice user can understand Wufoo's customer service cannot be matched. They have tremendous response time and spot on assistance with any issue you may have. I have not had a problem that they did not have an answer for.,I would like to see an area where you can build your own custom field clusters similar to their address field(s) option. It would be helpful to have that to make some of our more mundane fields quicker to load in. Maybe add some wysywig type editing features, ie. bold, italic, underline, etc. for the descriptions. I know HTML and it works in the text areas but it would be helpful for those in the office that do not know how to code. Can't think of anything else, Wufoo is darn near perfect at what it offers.,10,Great reaction from our clients and employees as to the ease of use Higher response from our association's membership. They know when they see our forms now that they will not be complicated to fill out. Higher efficiency from our employees and myself after implementing an internal work order form. Our client's work is done in a more efficient and timely manner now that things have been organized through the work order form I have created.,,10,5,2,Membership Applications Conference Registrations Order Forms Internal Work Orders,Streamlining the overall workflow by using internal work orders,I am attempting to get my co-worker to use Wufoo as the only survey system we use in the company.,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I wouldn't. I went into the selection process with the goal of finding the service that would meet every need for our clients but also be easy for myself and our employees to use. It was very important that there be no gigantic learning curve and Wufoo nailed it on all fronts.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Just some internal training. Basically gave a small lesson then set everyone free to explore on their own. Wufoo was so easy that not a lot of instruction was necessary.,10,Self-taught,Wufoo is easy enough that even the most novice computer user can figure it out. The team at Wufoo has taken the guess work out of learning their product. They have done all the hard work already for you, it is just a matter of playing around with it for an hour or so and it can easily be figured out.,10,No,I can't say that I have. I know they are associated with one another but I know my responses have always come from the Wufoo team directly. I can always count on them to help me with any question I might have. Except maybe the meaning of life but we all know the answer to that is 42.,Ease of form creation through simplified slections Setting form rules and page rules to further the experience beyond the basic fill out form,None,10,10,10,Their pricing is very cut and dry, they have the fee structured in such a fashion that you know exactly what you getting from them. So it was a matter of simply choosing which level we wanted to go with. For us we needed the highest level to best assist our clients with their needs.,Be prepared to be amazed. The vendor is pleasant to work with and they have a sense of humor about the way they do things as a business which is something that you do not come across very often. You can really tell that they believe in their product and enjoy working with it.,No,Updates are integrated right into the online service so they are simple,Some additions to the text editing in the descritions,No,No
97 Ratings
Score 8.2 out of 101
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97 Ratings
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Score 8.2 out of 101

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March 07, 2014

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Unmatched response time and incredible support. When you submit a support e-mail you get an immediate response to let you know that they are on it. Within 10 to 15 minutes you get a detailed and educated response to the problem you are having. They either direct you to documentation on their site or they give you other avenues in which to Achieve fixing your issue. The response is always personal and never feels automated.
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Wufoo is a web application for creating online forms. The tool automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed making it easy to collect and understand data. Wufoo was acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011.

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