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We use Playbooks by XANT to manage our Sales cadence. We were users of their former product, PowerDialer by Inside Sales.
  • Provides multiple options for selecting and sorting opportunities using various filters.
  • Enables a recommended flow for phone conversations and follow-up communications.
  • Allows reps to control what they do and when. It has maximum flexibility.
  • No suggestions at this time.
Playbooks is great for medium to small companies. It is less suited for those companies that prefer less control over the sales cycle. It is very prescriptive.
Not relevant to our business.
Cason Green | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use it for prospecting, and to connect with warm and cold leads.
  • It organizes our rep's workflow.
  • Allows visibility for our Leadership team.
  • It provides intelligent insights to our reps about what they should be doing.
  • Minimal outages, but it has happened in the past.
Our reps did not like Outreach. Playbooks allow our people more functionality, and it is more intuitive. Our adoption is better as a result.
We have not optimized the model or turned it on yet.
April 12, 2019

Game Changer

Norma Vergara | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Playbooks is being used by the Sales department to keep track of cadence and make it easier to keep track of accounts that come into our pipeline. It is an amazing tool that makes it easy to go through a full cadence with all accounts. With Playbooks, you can see exactly what accounts you have to call or email on each day. It is truly a game changer. The only thing I wish it could do is to make it so I don't have to go back to the dashboard and select my emails to continue getting my email tasks done.
  • Keeps track of what part of the cadence you are at with each account.
  • Lists every account that you have to email or call that day.
  • Is able to schedule calls and put them on your calendar.
  • Would like to be able to navigate from one list by simply clicking the next task instead of it taking me to newly assigned
  • Would love it if we could use it to keep track of accounts where we have already reached a decision maker.
  • Make it so that when there is a call scheduled it will make it more visible, sometimes the notifications are easy to miss.
It is well suited for any sales department, to try to get ahold of the person you are trying to get ahold of. Playbooks has increased the number of decision makers that I can get ahold of on a day to day basis. This tool would probably be less suited for people that do not have calls to make outside of the company.
I have not used this aspect of playbooks much. I turned on Natural send for emails. Since turning it on I have noticed an increase in the number of replies I get back. I just simply click send like normal but it will send it when it is most likely for it to be seen.
Matt King | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Playbooks is being used in our sales organization. Before we used the Powerdialer and that worked fine, but Playbooks has taken our cadence & prospecting to the next level. Before we had reps who would call accounts one time and not reach out again until a few weeks had passed. With Playbooks, it creates the next steps to direct the reps more on when and how to reach out to merchants to have a better chance of opening up a conversation. All in all, Playbooks is a great tool and is easy to integrate.
  • Playbooks does a great job of letting reps know when phone numbers are not a working number.
  • Playbooks does a great job being able to be tailored to your specific organization or business.
  • Playbooks does a great job of having a very friendly user experience.
  • Playbooks could do better at being able to send emails while still being on the phone with the merchant.
  • Playbooks could work better if it would link to Yesware.
  • It would be nice to ad hoc emails and schedule them just as you would with calls.
Playbooks is great for sales organizations that need help with efficiency and cadence. It is well suited for heavy calling and high emails on accounts. Playbooks also does a great job at taking the guesswork out of accounts for my reps. The only time I would think that Playbooks would be less appropriate would be if a company already has a similar system in place.
The likelihood of the account to close with Playbooks is so much higher. We have had reps before in the past where they would call and email an account one time and then never reach out again. The fact that it forces the rep to make more touches per account, statistically, the account has a higher chance to close. Playbooks does a great job of this.
Britni Berg | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Currently, the sales reps that I manage are using Predictive Playbooks for their daily prospecting. It is helping to address issues associated with heightened admin work - sales reps are now able to focus on their prospects and using their time efficiently, rather than spending too much time attempting to organize their process with each account.
  • Organization with tasks - Playbooks tells reps what step they are on with each account
  • Keeping reps focused & accountable - now, they know exactly what is expected of them for that day
  • Time efficiency - realizing what accounts to continue working, and what accounts to stop working
  • The ability to filter specific plays or pieces of information so that it's more user-friendly for the overall organization. Essentially, more room to customize the organization of accounts and how you're working them.
  • The initial onboarding process of accounts results in high levels of tasks - the ability to break these down in an easier way to help with time management would be helpful.
Playbooks is extremely helpful when it comes to knowing where you are with each account - it eliminates the extra "thought" behind each prospect as it organizes it for you. When attempting to be a bit more strategic though, beyond simply when to reach out to an account (ex: wanting to organize accounts in a certain way), there's less of a customized ability here, making reps look elsewhere for support on this.
Very helpful when it comes to who to call and when, but not as much currently when it comes to account prioritization/likelihood to close because it doesn't allow for a lot of customization.
February 25, 2019

Playbooks = Game Changer

Nickolas Pulido | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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It's being rolled out to the Sales department. The business problems it addresses are the ability to save time researching who you need to call or email. Playbooks does it all for you. It plans out my prospecting list and I can personally follow up with leads that are moving forward in the sales process. It's an efficiency tool.
  • Ability to send pre-recorded voicemails.
  • Ability to send emails at a high rate and have the track-ability of effectiveness.
  • Really easy, intuitive user experience. It only took a day or two to get used to.
  • In the optional notes section a drop down with commonly used notes would be helpful.
  • It's bugged out a few times where I've had to restart it.
  • Can't send mass personalized emails at the moment.
Well suited for sales team looking to be more efficient/effective. In my opinion, it is less appropriate for a small team. With large teams, it ensures everyone is hitting their activity metrics.
Really helpful because it saves me time in researching who I need to reach out to. It also allows me to focus on preparation and messaging rather than who I need to contact.
Score 5 out of 10
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Playbooks is being used by the entire sales organization. It assists with the organization of leads, call/touch cadences, and navigation through your book of business.
  • It let's you know exactly where you are in the sales process.
  • It allows you to quickly send out emails so you can get through a large number of leads efficiently.
  • Organizes merchant contact information so you know exactly which phone number to call next and which number has already been contacted.
  • I feel my computer has overall slowed down since downloading Playbooks.
  • Sometimes I would rather just keep calling instead of sending an email. Not every lead has the same cadence.
  • Requires additional clicks and loading which can be kind of annoying.
It is nice when you quickly need to navigate between newly assigned accounts and already worked accounts.
It has helped when I am working several different accounts that are all in different steps of the process. Playbooks allows me to pick up right where I left off.
I am not sure what this is.
March 19, 2019

Playbooks 101

Score 6 out of 10
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We are using Playbooks as a cadence account management tool. This allows representatives in my position to monitor and manage the accounts they need to be calling. It helps each employee to make sure they are staying on top of their accounts and utilizing the sales model we are supposed to follow.
  • Keeps track of accounts
  • Allows prioritization of accounts
  • Enables Filtering dependent on progress
  • Sending emails on one chain
  • Allowing emails to be sent while on calls
  • Changing interface for phone numbers
Playbooks is a good tool to use for fresh accounts. It can allow you to prioritize accounts that you recently received and understand what days and times you need to contact accounts. It is less appropriate if you have a lot of accounts as you need to manually skip steps if you do not complete them all.
Helpful. There could be more features on what to filter by as each organization should have customizations depending on what they find important. I would like to see a change on the amount of filters to allow reps to filter on multiple options. If reps could filter on ascending total account GPs it could give some valuable changes in cadence
March 19, 2019

Super user-friendly

Score 8 out of 10
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We are using PlayBooks to help organize cadence within our prospecting accounts. These are accounts where we have not been in contact with the decision maker, so we are using this tool to get in contact with them.
  • It helps to organize cadence and make sure that new accounts do not fall through the cracks if you were unable to reach someone on the first attempt.
  • It is fast moving and helps me to make more dials and activity through the day, ultimately equaling to more sales.
  • If you have an account with more than one phone number and are wanting to call them all, it can be a bit of a hassle as you have to add the activity in before moving to make another call. The reporting can get messy as it is not a simple step.
  • You are unable to send emails while on the phone, you have to wait until you hang up to compose an email.
  • There is no undo button on emails. Since adding this tool, I have sent a few emails with "unknown" in the name fields and have not had a quick way to recall them.
This is a great tool for taking on new accounts and helping to get in contact with the decision maker. Prior to this, I was working on a manual cadence which was taking up a lot of time and if not properly edited, could result in things getting missed. This helps to put less time between touches on an account and does it quickly.
The predictive insights are very useful on when to call etc. I have not spent much time looking at the analytics but the cadence feature has been very useful in saving time and helping with organization.
Briana Hernandez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Groupon has recently implemented Playbooks into our day to day sales process as a part our Inside Sales teams in Phoenix & Chicago. Currently we use it for multiple things. We use it as a form of contact to communicate with our accounts, to build our cadence, stay organized, and overall, to help maintain organization within our job. We manage a book of over 300+ accounts and with a program like this we are able to stay on top of them by taking the right steps into building a relationship with our merchants. Playbooks has allowed to us to create a 10 day cadence where we have ongoing communication with the attempt of featuring them on our site. I believe implementing this program into our day to day job can only result in generating successful results.
  • Having a pre-set a 10 day cadence where we know what is expected on each of those days throughout the prospecting period. Whether that be a call, email, or even both.
  • Being able to insert our own personal templates into the email portion of it all to allows us to be more personable.
  • Being able to import accounts easily.
  • Being able to go back into editing a task that has been done, such as an email, and being able to bump that same thread could be helpful.
  • Being aware of new accounts.
  • Not having to insert a note each time we are skipping a step.
Playbooks is still very new to us as a company but is something that has worked out really well for me personally. It helps me stay accountable to what tasks need to be performed. I believe Playbooks does a great job of having us remain organized and making that extra effort in helping us build up our accounts.
I believe it is super helpful! As a rep who did have her own cadence built up from Day 1, one thing I did lack was being able to navigate who to call and when. I knew who I needed to contact, but I never had a specific order, or payed too much attention.
Emily McLaughlin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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At Groupon we are using Predictive Playbooks as a way to keep track of our accounts in the form of a cadence. It is being used by the entire Sales Department at Groupon. The reason for adopting this software was so that reps can keep track of all of their accounts and give ourselves the best chance possible at talking to Decision Makers and then closing.
  • Reminding reps each day what accounts they need to call.
  • Showing reps exactly where they are in their cadence with accounts to make sure they are on their A game whenever they go into a call.
  • Sets up the process for later steps such as Presenting and getting to know as much about a business as possible.
  • I wish it had the ability to automatically link to the account we are working when we pull it up in Salesforce instead of having to click View.
  • I wish that Playbooks could also help with our cadence for further processes such as the needs assessment and presentation.
  • I wish we could create our own "Play" with what works best for us.
I think that Playbooks is a great tool that was given to reps as a way to keep track of their accounts. I have been at Groupon for almost two years now, and while in my time here, I have seen many great reps lose track of where they are at with an account of an account may fall through the cracks. With Playbooks that will make our lives easier as we are now able to have a software that automatically does it for us.
It is very helpful! It tracks all of that for us, and has a list of who we need to call and where we are at with that account which I think increases productivity. Before we never had a software that did this for us so I think it will greatly impact our productivity.
Gareth Simms | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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For the London office and the sales arm, is used by our organisation to enable our team of prospectors. InsideSales improves productivity and increases the likelihood of engaging with a prospect which generates improved sales results. I believe the intention is, following the acquisition of StyleLabs, for Sitecore to set up an InsideSales team solely on the purpose of selling that, in a traditional and transnational B2B sense, whereby InsideSales will become the primary tool to drive business.
  • Automation
  • Ease of use/simplified UI/straightforward functionality
  • Tracking engagement
  • Updates need to be better signposted/integrated
  • Salesforce integration not always the smoothest
  • Maybe add option of differently aesthetic themes
  • Email signatures are a nightmare to embed
Suited to high functioning sales teams who need to increase their outreach to drive business. Not so suited to account managers who might balk at the idea of automating messages to important clients. Its usage massively enables sales people to get their messaging out there as quickly and as diversely as possible, but is less important for targeted, personalised messages without going against its main USP.
Not entirely helpful for the UK as the data is currently based more on US clients. However, I believe once the system has been further implemented across UK sales organisations, this feature will really come into its own. The likelihood to close is improved primarily by increasing outreach within organisations and speed of engagement.
March 16, 2019

New Day, New System

Erica Mayes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It works fantastic! I was missing calls and emails in my cadence before using Playbooks. It is useful to keep everyone on track and be more organized.
  • Easy to use.
  • Less time to do the same process, it's a huge time saver.
  • Very easy to see what is needed to be completed.
  • It has a nice look.
  • No auto-populating.
  • Opens slowly at times.
I've found that Playbooks is solving missing steps in my cadence as well and seamlessly sending emails off quickly. It has been a huge benefit! I now realize that I didn't send all the emails I should have or made all of the calls I should have. I think the main benefit of Playbooks is I can now work smarter and not harder.
It works fantastic! I was missing calls and emails in my cadence before using Playbooks. The support of the staff in our office during the launch was fantastic. There were many people from the company available to help immediately if needed. I haven't found anything I dislike. If I had to find something, I guess I would say it took a couple of days to get the hang of it to work. Maybe another thing would be to have a quick search available to look up how to do something... or a cheat sheet possibly as well?!
Amanda Satre | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Groupon is using Playbooks to make our work quicker and more efficient. We needed a way to take the busy work out of our day-to-day so we could focus on the bigger picture of sales, and Playbooks is the key to that. Playbooks has changed our daily tasks for the better.
  • Playbooks has helped me complete tasks more efficiently than before by scheduling them for me and reminding me of them quicker.
  • Playbooks has made emailing faster by automatically filling in templates.
  • Playbooks has eliminated having to have a ton of tabs of accounts open at once.
  • I wish Playbooks saved the comments I made when dispositioning calls so I didn't have to always type "DM not in" or "left message w/ GK".
  • I wish Playbooks opened our salesforce view a little quicker when going through accounts.
  • I wish calling multiple numbers on one account was a little smoother.
Playbooks is useful when you have an abundance of accounts to handle and need help following a cadence to attack them. If you don't like doing busy work like writing out full emails or setting timed tasks for yourself, Playbooks is great in helping take the guessing out of all of that and doing it for you.

Playbooks may not make sense if you don't have large books of accounts, or if you do not follow a cadence/prefer to have a cadence preset for you.
Very helpful so that I know how to prioritize my day and tasks. I love being able to see time zones, see which task I'm on in an account (email or phone icons), and have the ability to take plays in and out of my book accordingly when I contact a DM.
March 15, 2019

Play with Playbooks!

Constance Solinski | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Playbooks has changed my organization of my cadence and I love it! It automatically keeps track of my next steps for me and helps me work more seamlessly and efficiently. This in turn aligns with my goal to make more money in a smarter, not harder way!
  • Great support in office on launch
  • No weird glitches happened during launch
  • Created a way for sales reps to do less admin work and concentrate on sales
  • A quick search for answers button would be good
It is great for sales roles where organization is a need (all sales roles)!
I love the automated cadence on knowing who and when and how to connect with my contacts!
Christina Tolman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The Predictive Playbooks is part of the prospecting process to reach business owners and persons who make the marketing decisions for small to large organization.
  • Easily provides a way to call and email businesses without overthinking the process.
  • Pulls pertinent information from the Salesforce platform for ease of access.
  • Saves email templates on the same interface.
  • The use of this tool initially slows down the sales process but it improves with time.
  • Alphabetical and numerical template organization is not currently available.
Playbooks is a very useful tool for initial prospecting.
March 15, 2019

Playbooks Review

Emily Sykes | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Playbooks is used in our Sales and Account Management departments in order to improve cadence, activity, and overall conversions. Playbooks was introduced to our sales team in order to eliminate the amount of steps it takes to create tasks and to improve the organization of reps (especially those who didn't have their own cadence to begin with).
  • Playbooks has a clear and easy to use interface that is simple to learn and master in just a few days.
  • Playbooks makes it easier to complete tasks like follow-up call reminders, sending quick emails, etc.
  • Playbooks also creates an easy to follow cadence for reps who need a clear and concise plan of action to attack certain accounts.
  • Playbooks can be rather slow when loading, especially when transitioning from Salesforce page to Salesforce page.
  • Customization could be better. It would be nice to be able to create our own cadence for specific accounts, or to sort by specific categories when viewing all my tasks for the day.
  • We've had a few bugs being able to completely remove accounts from Playbooks despite them not qualifying to be in the tool at all.
Playbooks is well suited for a company that deals with short cycle sales like Groupon. I don't think it would be as fitting for a company that has very long sales cycles, or for companies that are primarily outside sales. This would definitely not be appropriate for in-person sales meetings (in my opinion)
There are times when the tool does not give me the next best account to call, I hope this is something we can fix. For example, I tried sorting by time zone when calling accounts. I clicked on a PST lead and expected my next call to be another PST lead, but instead, it took me back up to the top of the funnel where all my EST leads were. Just could be more predictable.
March 15, 2019

Get Playbooks!!!!

Score 8 out of 10
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Playbooks is used by the Sales Teams here at Groupon. It helps with keeping up with all of our accounts and keeping a cadence!
  • Manages the cadence
  • Gives call reminders
  • Gives a "to-do" list for the day
  • Being able to have more control over the accounts in the playbooks cadence.
  • Having a play for after reaching the decision maker.
I think it is an excellent tool for inside sales. Outside sales may not have use for it.
They are very helpful. They help to reach the person that we need to speak with when businesses ask to have a follow-up call at a later time.
March 15, 2019

Great Tool!

Dave Harkensee | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We are using Predictive Playbooks to prescribe a better sales cadence for reaching the DM to set an appointment or get a firm "NO". Historically, newly assigned accounts and ones that live in prospecting would fall through the cracks or not get the attention they deserved because reps did not know how to attack them. Reps would historically put a call on them and forget about them until they were about to lose the account or had not contacted them in a while because they were only focusing on accounts that were already moving forward. This should allow reps to cast a much wider net and pull more opportunity into their sales funnel.
  • It provides a prescriptive cadence for newly assigned accounts and ones being prospected.
  • It helps reps reach more DMs in a shorter period of time.
  • It helps reps organize accounts they're prospecting.
  • Allowing reps to perform multiple tasks at one ie email and call at the same time.
  • More sortable functions to better organize and prioritize.
  • Quicker load time between actions.
Playbooks is a great tool that keeps reps organized on accounts they would historically not know how to attack. Reps no longer need to make a task for every step of the process which was previously cumbersome.
Very helpful. The prescriptive cadence takes out the guesswork and allows reps to focus on what they do best and that is sell. It will open far more convos by casting a much wider net. Once we get the DM we can either set an appointment or get a NO and move on to the next opportunity.
March 15, 2019

A New Way to Work

Chris "Magoo" McGeough | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Playbooks is being used for Groupon's sales teams. It addresses the difficulty of keeping track of your contact cadence for each account in your book of business. Very helpful!
  • Automatically uploads your Newly Assigned leads and places them in Step 1 of a 7 Step cadence.
  • Schedules your next touch and funnels it into your routine automatically.
  • Increases your productivity by automatically prompting an email template of your choice following a phone call.
  • I would like if I could customize the order that my cadence is set up. I prefer 3-4 calls before sending an email.
  • It's difficult to sort my accounts manually. I prefer sorting using list views like Salesforce provides.
If you have a large book of accounts, Playbooks really helps maintain a consistent cadence for all your accounts. It takes the guess work out of which account you need to reach out to and how you should do so, i.e. phone or email.
Very helpful. One of my weaknesses is keeping track of more than 50 accounts at a given time. This has helped tremendously so far.
Dakota Keller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We have just implemented it across all of our sales offices and we are utilizing it for outbound and inbound activity. It addresses tasks management, saves times, and allows me to also keep track of everything cleanly as it is easy to send notifications to my calendar.
  • Awesome job at task management!
  • Great job at organizational and calendar scheduling.
  • Takes away the manual aspect of the day to day, makes my day much cleaner and efficient!
  • The template aspect for emails is quite congested.
  • When you type in the placeholder value and backspace, often times it erases too much of the message.
It's awesome in regards to making outbound calls and sending out emails. It allows me to send invites to my calendar from within the application. I am also able to sync all contact information of prospects. It's less appropriate on the back end of the sales process. However, even then it is still efficient and I am able to make dials out of the dialer in Playbooks.
Predictive insights are awesome! It puts it through my 10 step cadence and I never have to worry.
Christin Carter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Groupon uses Playbooks for outbound calls and emails for our accounts. It helps us make dials easier and get in touch with merchants quicker. It allows us to see exactly what stage each account is in making it super easy to stay on top of tasks. Playbooks also lets us know how many to-do tasks we have each day so we know how many people we should be contacting based off of what stage they are in.
  • Being able to schedule calls and add them to your Gmail calendar
  • Clear interface that is easy on the eyes and easy to use
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Including the contact's name and not just the number/email
  • Display side by side mode that merges better with Salesforce window
  • Make deleting accounts easier
At our company, Playbooks makes our days easier and more organized. This wouldn't be the best fit for companies who don't constantly call people.
Predictive Insights are very helpful. Before, we would have to click into each account to determine what stage it was at. With Playbooks, we are able to see right on the screen without needing the account page.
March 14, 2019

Playbooks Biggest Fan

Micaela Carney | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Playbooks is being used as an everyday tool to help organize my prospecting accounts and as a dialer. It tracks which 'step' I am at with all of my accounts as well as helping me stay organized. It's being used throughout the sales department. It took the confusion and guessing game out of my day. I work more efficiently and am better at time management. I know exactly what I need to do throughout the day. It also helped me keep my accounts organized. Previously, when manually entering tasks, I would occasionally forget to. I would then forget about that account and a lot were slipping through the cracks. It's impossible for accounts to get lost now.
  • Filter my accounts - I love the filter feature. Being able to sort by step, time zone, segmentation, etc. It makes it very easy to call similar accounts all in a row.
  • One stop shop - I love that all of my prospecting accounts and their progress is all clear and concise. Aside from additional appointments I have, all my accounts are organized for me.
  • Dialing - Dialing has been very seamless for me and I have not had any issues.
  • Pausing accounts - I love that I am able to pause accounts. Very awesome feature for when I was on vacation/my merchants are.
  • Syncing time - it sometimes takes a while for information I add into Salesforce to sync. Specifically emails, when I get a new email on the phone and want to email right away, it is annoying to have to wait. Adding an "add email" feature in the task itself would be nice.
  • Emails - I wish we could 'favorite' certain templates, making them easier to pick out right away. I also wish we could unsend messages like Gmail. If I make a mistake it stinks I can't bring it back really quick.
  • I almost wish it could sort all of my acounts, prospecting and accounts further in my pipeline.
I think it works great for my prospecting accounts. Because I have so many, it is hard to be on top of all of them without letting anything slip by. I like that everything is organized in a clear way so that when I come in in the morning, I know exactly how many things I need to do.
Very helpful, vetting accounts takes the longest and anything that can help cut that time down or suggest who to call over who would be amazing. It's also a lot of trial and error as far as what time to call certain accounts/PDSs. I mostly have been operating off of segmentation so anything would be nice.
Marilyn Quito | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source Predictive Playbooks is being integrated across the sales department slowly. The goal is to solve problems with cadence or account management and organization.
  • Predictive Playbooks is easy to navigate and sort through daily tasks. They can be sorted by step number in play, timezone, segmentation, etc. This saves time when going through daily tasks.
  • Predictive Playbooks integrates with Gmail and our CRM - Salesforce to ensure that all emails and calls are accounted for and that there is no duplicate activity.
  • Predictive Playbooks allows you to skip steps in a play or remove accounts from plays and schedule calls in plays so that you are able to customize your play by account.
  • When Predictive Playbooks was first integrated, there was a very tedious manual process for updated accounts on our CRM to Playbooks. It did not help with time management. A more seamless integration process would be helpful.
  • We are unable to undo emails sent through Predictive Playbooks.
  • Loading accounts on our CRM take a while if loaded through Predictive Playbooks. Predictive Playbooks is well suited for organizing accounts that are in the "prospecting" stage. It's not too helpful for accounts that are further in the sales process. Predictive Playbooks is very helpful in keeping a cadence on who to call, when to call, and account management overall. It helps reps keep up their cadence to ensure that they have made enough attempts to get in touch with decision makers to hopefully close accounts.
Allison Delacy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
InsideSales is currently being implemented throughout our business development reps and inside sales reps. It helps manage our task cadence and the large amount of accounts that we have in our name. It truly makes us work "smarter, not harder." It makes my day run very smoothly and I know what I have to do every single day when I get to my desk.
  • Playbooks helps manage my day. I know exactly how many calls I'm going to make and how many emails I have to send.
  • Playbooks makes me more productive. I work mainly out of Playbooks so I only need a few tabs open on my browser. Working strictly through playbooks allows me to get things done very quickly.
  • Playbooks has made my metrics go up. Following plays makes sure I touch each account enough to set more appointments and ultimately close more contracts.
  • With email templates, I'd prefer to have a section where we can favorite things. There is a "frequently used" area but it doesn't seem to be very accurate as some templates I've never used are in there.
Very suitable for sales organizations. It helps in being more organized and more efficient. It will aid in making sure reps are hitting their metrics and ultimately becoming more successful in an organization.
Honestly, I just call different plays at different times of the day. I haven't played much with predictive insights.

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Scorecard Summary

What is Playbooks, from XANT (formerly

XANT (formerly Playbooks aims to help SDRs and AEs quickly build closeable pipeline, by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. uses their A.I.-platform called Neuralytics to target likely buyers combined with their cadence engine to help sales reps consistently engage all of their prospects in a personalized way.

Just like Waze from Google helps drivers get to their destination quickly based on the data from other drivers, Neuralytics uses the collective knowledge of the user base to help you build pipeline quickly. For example, Neuralytics can tell you which phone number or email address for a prospect is best, or the best time to call or email, based on the experience of others. Predictive Playbooks uses Neuralytics to gives sales reps an edge over their competition.

The Cadence engine works for small or large teams, global teams, and international calls. The product also conveniently syncs all activity data back to your CRM. Since sales reps only spend 18% of their time in CRM, it also works outside your CRM ... wherever your reps work.

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Features

  • Supported: LocalPresence
  • Supported: Email Tracking
  • Supported: Email Templates
  • Supported: Browser Extension
  • Supported: CRM Sync
  • Supported: Rep Dashboard
  • Supported: Reports
  • Supported: VoicemailDrop
  • Supported: Appointment Scheduling

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Screenshots

Playbooks DashboardEditing a RecordCreating an EmailAdding NotesScheduling a CallViewing Task List

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Video

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Downloadables

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Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Pricing

Playbooks, from XANT (formerly Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesGlobal, North America, South America, Europe, Asia
Supported LanguagesEnglish

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What are Playbooks, from XANT (formerly's top competitors?

Outreach, Salesloft, and HubSpot Sales Hub are common alternatives for Playbooks, from XANT (formerly

What is Playbooks, from XANT (formerly's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 9.8.

Who uses Playbooks, from XANT (formerly

The most common users of Playbooks, from XANT (formerly are from Enterprises and the Internet industry.