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Yii Framework

Yii Framework


What is Yii Framework?

Yii Framework is a free and open source PHP framework.

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Yii is a versatile framework that has gained popularity among companies for over a decade. Users have found Yii to be effective in quickly …
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What is Yii Framework?

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Yii is a versatile framework that has gained popularity among companies for over a decade. Users have found Yii to be effective in quickly recoding large applications and tackling various challenges. Financial applications, including ERP and payroll systems, benefit from Yii's rapid form development capabilities. The automation features in Yii streamline tasks and enhance development efficiency. Yii has also been utilized to create queue systems, improving application functionality. The built-in CRUD generator simplifies database table creation and maintenance. Companies have successfully developed multiple projects using Yii, making it an excellent choice for their development needs. Project management and education are other areas where Yii shines, enabling efficient project management and educating stakeholders on the framework's benefits. Notable extensions like gearman and mongodb enhance parallel code execution and offer impressive functionalities. Yii's reputation for fast and robust PHP development aids in resolving personal initiatives and maintaining clean codebases. Additionally, users leverage Yii to create customized CRUD applications that cater to their company's requirements. In logistics applications, Yii excels in providing high performance and reducing development time through its comprehensive tools and components. With REST API integration, Yii serves as a main backend technology for numerous applications, facilitating seamless information exchange with customers.

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February 04, 2019

Best PHP framework

Miguel Useche | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently Yii Framework is the main technology behind many applications in the company. It helps to reduce development time by offering many tools and components, that helps to build applications faster and saving money. Also, there are many developers out there that knows PHP and helps us to find good developers. Lately Yii has been moved from being the only framework to make web apps, to be the main backend technology.
  • Yii is fully MVC and object oriented. It implements the patrons really well and helps developers (and company) to stick to a single way to do things.
  • Yii offers a lot of components to build any application fast. Just read documentation and implement it. Also there are many 3rd party projects that you can use for extend Yii functionality.
  • It has a really good documentation where you can find all required information for classes, components, etc. There are multiple examples in the Wiki and if you still need to find more information there's a good community forums where you can find information.
  • Yii it's easy to use because it uses components very known for developers like bootstrap or jQuery. It's easy for any average developer to learn how to use Yii and start working with it.
  • Yii lets you build small CRUD applications instantly, Web or REST API CRUD applications can be done in a single click
  • Database migration process is really simple to use, fast and let us implement database changes really quick without any worries.
  • Maybe support to update their main components like jQuery or Boostrap. It's too attached with the included versions.
  • Their view template engine is simple, doesn't offer support for better options like competition.
  • Wiki can include more tutorials for common examples or problems.
Yii is very well suited if you love to program with Object Oriented PHP. This framework uses OOP very well and if you know this pattern you'll love it. The same applies for its MVC architecture and if you come from formal software development education. Also if you are in a bussiness enviroment and need a stable framework. This is the tool for you. It uses very formal scheme but I would like more open and hackable framework, and for this Yii2 is not a good option. Also, if you like to have bleeding edge technologies I don't recommend this framework.
  • Initial learning was hard, it has very specific tools and requires a basic knowledge that takes time to learn. But after that it's really fast and easy to do apps.
  • When it changed to version 2, servers had to be be upgraded due to the new requirements. Also it required to learn many things that were not backwards compatible.
  • It saves time by help us to create great applications in less time but very powerfuls.
I loved Yii because it was similar to .NET development (as framework), it is very OOP and applies formal technologies very good (like OOP, MVC, etc), it's really stable and it's perfect for a corporate environment. Yii includes very good tools to reduce development and lets you to save time, like CRUD, migrations, multiple error logs, etc. Development cycle is not so fast so you are able to work on stabilization and keep up with the changes. Documentation is very good and usually developers who know how to use Yii have a great experience and comes from formal software development education.
They are software developers that create applications for internal processes in the company. If company needs a software to automate a process o reduce time thay call programmers in order to implement it (mostly with Yii Framework). Also they create web applications to make solutions for many customers problems. Also they maintain some cloud apps that company sells.
They need to explain new programmers how things works, initial installation, teach how to use all the different tools. They also know how to code some solutions based on its experience so programmers request them to help them when they are stuck with a problem.
  • It's being used for the main purchase department automation software. Frontend and Backend is done with Yii Framework.
  • It's used as training tool to teach new developers how to build software according to company's standards.
  • It helps to define many software features, because if they are similar to what frameworks offers, they get adapted to it.
  • None for the moment. There has not been any unexpected way yo use of this tool inside the company
  • It will be used for a new cloud service tool. It will provide the main backend.
  • It will be used as the framework to server the frontend's main structure to serve JS frameworks applications.
I think it's the perfect tool make web applications with PHP. It lets you build things fast, easy, very secure and powerfuls. Also include a lot of tools to save you time and make better application.
It replaced Symphony, we were looking for a new PHP framework to build a customer's app. We wanted a stable, fast and good tool to build future apps. Yii covered all this topics and a consulting company also offered us to use this. Also, we wanted something that help us create secure apps but with new technologies, many frameworks were stuck in the past (around 2010) so we migrated to this framework.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
It was a combination between a consulting company's experience and all the features that Yii framework offers. Also the learning curve was good (not as easy as other frameworks) but we tough it didn't required too much time and money to learn this tool the first time. Also many third party reviews gave good opinions about this framework.
Nothing, we might repeat the same experience. Maybe check how framework changes between each major version. Because for Yii it required to learn many things from scratch and migrate code between major versions was hard.
  • Implemented in-house
  • It was hard to find experience people to us (not inline but in person) so we had to study the documentation a lot.
  • It required to change server's technology to support minimum requirements. It wasn't a bad problem, because it help us to upgrade company's technologies. But it was an additional task that we had to do.
You have to check their documentation, they explain everything so don't skip it.
It's has a really good support based on online documentation and official forums. But sometimes I wish there were a paid service where to report some urgent issues.
Yes, it was resolved in the next realease. It didn't required any more that creating their issue in the issue tracking service. After giving some details about the problem they could find it and fix it.
Yes, I was having problems with the REST API codification and forums helped me a lot to find issues and how should I code the response headers to do things right. They were very nice and interested in my problem.
  • Any CRUD application is really easy to do. Just execute some commands and you'll have a basic application with CRUD operation and event for REST API support.
  • Its Active Record classes lets you do great queries without writing a single SQL sentence. It helps you to find and query for data without having many SQL experience.
  • Maintenance is easy, switching between versions is easy to do. Also database changes, cache, logs, etc are really easy to maintain.
  • Integration with frontend frameworks is not so obvious or not flexble.
  • View templates are really simple and doesn't have advance things like other frameworks.
Default app is done with Bootstrap CSS so it has support for mobile view. Also there are many methods and classes that you can use for mobile-specific applications.
I think is really easy to use, it's not perfect but many developers with great experience will know how to exploit this framework to create great apps!
Shameemah Kurzawa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Yii Framework is used by the PHP team to develop customer portals. We do a lot of REST API integration with our internal applications. It helps providing and collecting information from customers.
  • Generating forms and integrates bootstrap
  • Provides great CRUD functionality with active record
  • Provides lots of useful HTML helper widgets for UI enhancement
  • Provides good access control (RBAC)
  • There should be more flexibility to extend or add capability for theming
  • Provide in-build REST API integration tool rather than using 3rd party
  • More hands on documentation around consuming REST API and access control
Yii Framework is well suited for medium size application and gets a bit hectic to work with for bigger application as more files get added.
  • Overall Yii has speed up our development and help to cut down on development cost.
  • On the other hand, the bloated vendor library does cause space issues when we have high volume of applications on our servers.
We have used Zend Framework. In comparison Yii Framework is much more lightweight and has smaller learning curve.
Application Development
Senior Application Developers
  • To rewrite some of our old applications
We are in the process of migrating our old application to Yii Framework.
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