Zapier is an automation platform designed to integrate data between web apps. It is scaled for small to mid-sized businesses, with a functional but limited free version of the program. great product for automating your daily tasksZapier is being used by the technology department to assist the whole organization. We use Zapier to automate our social media postings to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, and also to automate our RSS feeds and comment feeds to individual Slack channels, and to sync data across our marketing and sales platforms.,Large library of apps: Zapier supports most major platforms and softwares. Zapier has a user-friendly design, especially for beginners. Helpful testing features: Zapier allows you to test all automations before going live.,For active Zaps, their error messaging is not great. It would be helpful to have more data on why a zap has failed. When connecting accounts, I wish they would allow you to sign-in separately, instead of using the accounts you are currently signed in on in your browser. Accounts will occasionally disconnect for an unknown reason.,9,Positive: it has saved us time and labor by automatically posting articles to social media. Positive: it has saved us time and labor by automatically syncing data from Mailchimp to Salesforce. Positive: Adding filters to zaps allows us to keep the data clean.,9,9,Workato,, Constant Contact, UpworkA great little orchestratorI currently use Zapier to connect apps that we currently don't have native connections with. One very useful one connects JIRA with my mailing system. If I put something in a folder, the Zapier connection will automatically create an issue for me.,Quick and easy to set up. Good set of compatible apps. Fairly quick if you are using a paid version.,It does break on occasion. You can't debug issues and sometimes have to recreate your connection. Not enterprise ready.,5,Saves me time in my day-to-day, but is frustrating when it stops working. Overall, has room for improvement.,5,4,,Azure Active Directory, Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), Azure DevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server)Zapier makes you happier!We use Zapier in our organisation and with our clients to optimise and automate business processes. It allows us to increase the consistency of our workflows, saves us time, reduces the risk of errors and increases the efficiency of so many processes the involve web apps.,It's a very intuitive interface. We learned it fast and we don't need to know any code to automate so many processes. The number of web apps Zapier plugs in to is mind boggling! The rate of growth of: A. the amount of apps and B. the amount of triggers and actions on each app is impressive and means that, if it doesn't do what you want right now, it probably will soon. I wouldn't bother taking on a new app for us or our clients if I knew it couldn't plug in to Zapier. One of our favourite tasks for Zapier is to automate our spreadsheets. Google Sheets (and Airtable) are far more powerful when you can trigger actions right from within your spreadsheet workflow.,It's frustrating that steps within a Zap can't be duplicated. eg. If you setup a formatter step to capitalise first name, you can't just duplicate that for last name you have to go through the process again which is time I could be spending elsewhere. It would be wonderful if Zapier could become a fully functional visual programming tool. For me the two key tools it'd need to do that are branching and looping. They are fundamental to actual coding but aren't available in Zapier. This means making some long hacked processes around it with clunky filters and multiple parallel Zaps which is far less efficient. (Edit: Paths on Zapier has solved one half of that problem!) I'd like to be able to setup a client's account within our's and effectively "host" their Zaps as long as they're with us so that they don't need to see monthly bills. Then, have the ability to break their account out if they wanted to go it alone. (Edit: I've heard this problem is on the roadmap),10,We don't have exact numbers but our process efficiency gains have been massive since we started using it three years ago. Instead of working on admin, we're able to spend more time on optimising processes so that Zapier has been crucial for giving us the tools and capacity to continuously improve.,IFTTT and PieSync,Airtable, Trello, Slack,Its very easy to work out what actions and triggers are available for each app which makes starting your first Zap surprisingly simple Once you've setup a Zap, testing it is very easy and efficient so you can have piece of mind, knowing that your Zap will do what you think it should do. If a Zap does go wrong, it's often fairly straight forward to find it in the task history, check what went wrong, fix it and replay the Zap without losing any crucial data (unless your fix makes a major change to the Zap).,It's a nuisance to keep two separate databases in sync. eg. Two CRM's, where there are lot's of different types of data to keep in sync. If you want a workflow to be able to decide which branch to take based on certain conditions, Zapier can't really do this. Zapier also can't loop through a batch of data and make changes to it. Unless you use a code step which is a little more complicated for the everyday user.,No,9Zapier: Connecting the Dots through the Internet pipesWe are an online marketing agency. We use Zapier to connect online services for our own use and for our clients. In many cases it works as complete integration, saving us the trouble of working directly with (and having to support) APIs from multiple services. In other cases, it helps to supplement other connections between systems.,Zaps (the core unit of functionality in Zapier) are very easy to get setup through a simple workflow. List of supported applications, especially for paid accounts, covers a very wide range of services. Multi-step zaps provide a way to do slightly more complicated tasks and can often reduce the need for manual processing.,Although the list of supported apps is robust, some apps have limited functionality. Be sure to check the details on apps you are planning to use. I'm not aware of good shared account functionality. This might be available at higher account levels, but I don't know that it is possible for multiple users to manage the same set of zaps. The most common frustration that I have is realizing that a functionality isn't available in Zapier because an app doesn't support it through their API. It can take some digging to figure this out.,8,Zapier has reduced the need for manual coordination of information between systems, saving significant time and reducing errors. Zapier has allowed our team to consolidate notifications multiples platform into a single system making it easier to see what is going on for a client across multiple systems. Zapier quickly pays for itself in efficiency gains and opens the door to new opportunities through integrations that would be too complex to build or manage on their own.,IFTTT,Slack, Teamwork Projects, Evernote, Microsoft Office 365, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Tag Manager,Selecting applications and reviewing available features. Organizing Zaps into groups within the dashboard. Building new connections between applications,Troubleshooting more technical issues. Most of the time things work great, but sometimes there is a glitch and it can be difficult to track down where it is. Transformations of data can be tricky to get working just right, especially if you don't have a very strong sense of how all the potential data will be formatted. It might work fine for the test data and quickly fall apart when dealing with real world data. I'm not aware of a way to share management of a zap or set of zaps with another user. When I set something up for another team or a client I end up using their account, which is less than ideal.,8
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Score 9.1 out of 101
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211 Ratings
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Score 9.1 out of 101

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August 19, 2019

A great product for automating your daily tasks

Score 9 out of 10
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Zapier is very user-friendly. They walk you through each step of the zap-building process in an orderly and easy to understand way. Each step of the zap is tested before moving onto the next step. For simple zaps, you can have them up and running within minutes. For more complicated zaps, it may take some experimentation, but Zapier is there to help you troubleshoot.
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August 21, 2019

A great little orchestrator

Score 5 out of 10
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I think Zapier is a fairly usable product, but it doesn't stand out too much. It's got issues staying up to date with the changing APIs out there. It would be great if there was a way for it to partner more with the vendors and be an out of the box solution.
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March 15, 2017

Zapier: Connecting the Dots through the Internet pipes

Score 8 out of 10
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Overall the system is very well thought out and organized. The issues that I run into are likely the result of supporting connections to so many different systems and are generally easily worked through. But it worth being aware of if you are hoping to have non-technical people creating business critical connections between systems.
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About Zapier

Zapier is a platform designed to integrate data between web applications. Zapier automates the communication between apps by relying on “Triggers” within apps to catalyze pre-arranged actions, such as data formatting, and transfers of data between apps. The program featured pre-designed connections for more than 1,500 apps. It is scaled for small to mid-sized businesses and features a free version with limited connector complexity and quantities. According to the vendor, Zapier’s user interface was designed with the goal of users being able to establish connections, or “Zaps,” without developer help.

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