ZenHub is a project management solution that runs native within GitHub with collaboration boards, file sharing, and pipeline selection. - So seamless you'll forget you use itZenhub is used within our development team. I flat out expect it to be acquired by Github at any time because it works so well and integrates so seamlessly into Github using the chrome extension. We use it to easily organize, plan, and run our sprints with our existing github issues and development flow. It's easy enough to use that both the product and engineering teams can use it effectively without training. It's a feature Github should have by default, but doesn't.,Makes it very easy to get a high-level overview of sprints and sprint progress, creates burndown charts, etc UX is top notch, almost everything works intuitively You can create issues and epics right from the interface, basically all github issue functionality is available through zenbhub Embeds into github using an extension so you don't need an external site Free starter plan good to test and for small dev teams,Mobile experience is hard as it's a board layout. Could use a dedicated app. Has some UX quirks that rear their heads randomly, i.e. can't convert an issue to an epic if you click the wrong button when creating May have recently moved to all-paid for companies with a 14 day trial, used to be free for small teams,8,Saving dev time, making it easier to create a process they enjoy and use without issue (intangible) Making conversations between developers and product teams/easy to facilitate (intangible) Sped up the entire process (intangible),Trello and JIRA Software,Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Dropbox, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC, Vidyard, HubSpot, HubSpot Sales, TSheets, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon CloudFront,Issue creation/management Epic creation/management Sprint statistic access,Mobile anything Editing an issue into an epic,Yes,7
5 Ratings
Score 8.3 out of 101
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5 Ratings
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Score 8.3 out of 101
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About ZenHub

ZenHub is a project management solution that runs native within GitHub with collaboration boards, file sharing, and pipeline selection.
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