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Ahmed Hamade | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Apollo Rocks!

Score 9 out of 10
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Apollo is our trusted sales automation tool. We use it to expedite the sales process and reach more potential prospects with more organized outreach in a quicker amount of time. Our entire sales team uses Apollo.
  • Ease of use.
  • Competitive cost.
  • Additional trainings for new features.
  • Filtering by specific sequences that were missed in the past.
Apollo is suited for any sales team that needs to book many meetings a month and needs a means of managing/organizing outreach. Apollo allows you to edit manual emails, which comes in handy when adding personalized touches to your outreach. Apollo is a good way to maintain a larger book of business. Likewise, it is not necessary when trying to manage only a handful of clients.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 18, 2020

Great tool for teams that rely on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a more mass-outreach approach

Score 8 out of 10
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Apollo was used for the past three or four years as the tool for the company's initial outbounding efforts. Apollo was used by the entire BDR organization, from when it was just 1 person to when we got to about 8 people. A few months ago we switched to Outreach.io.
  • For teams that are looking to scale up their outbound efforts.
  • Teams that rely heavily on LinkedIn information as opposed to DiscoverOrg / ZoomInfo.
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Integration into other tools
I think it depends on where the organization is and their goals. Apollo worked incredibly well for our small team that had more of a mass-blast style to our outbound efforts in the beginning. As we scaled, we needed a tool that synced better with SFDC and ZoomInfo, which is why we went to Outreach.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 14, 2020

Apollo is best in class

Score 9 out of 10
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Our entire sales team uses Apollo for our email tracking, logging, prospect searching, and their "cadences" feature. Particularly, their database of prospects is pretty accurate and allowed us to get rid of other tools like ZoomInfo and DiscoverOrg. The cadences and playbooks help keep our sales team organized and A/B test our messaging and outreach. Awesome software.
  • Built-in phone and email verification.
  • Proactive job change alerts.
  • Updates can be buggy at times.
  • Some recent changes hinder usability.
The tool is well suited for inside sales teams who have to be strategic with a book of named accounts. Contact status fields that push to salesforce easily help us identify which contacts to focus our attention on.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 24, 2019

Apollo Review 2019

Score 9 out of 10
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We currently use Apollo across the sales organization for prospecting, email sequencing and opportunity follow ups.
  • Captures inbound/outbound activity with contacts
  • Email sequencing
  • Lead scraping
  • Apollo desktop extension
  • Sometimes Apollo won’t recognize a contact and have it attached to a different account
  • I wish there was more customization with sequences
Apollo is well suited for sales organizations who are prospecting into a high number of accounts.
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Laura Cain | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 28, 2018

Apollo - Complex but worth it

Score 8 out of 10
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Our sales associates all use Apollo as one of the primary lead drivers for our organization, both from a prospecting perspective and from an outreach perspective. Apollo addresses two primary problems: it helps us find companies, individuals, AND their contact information (including email address), and we've struggled to find a lead source or list that does this at the scale that Apollo does. Secondly, it provides us with a robust email platform that allows us to create segmented drip campaigns.
  • Prospecting: While the prospecting feature of Apollo can be a little overwhelming, the sheer number of prospects and the available search criteria are superb. One reason this sticks out from other lists is that these are constantly updated, we can flag any incorrect info, and we are reimbursed if an email address is incorrect (and they have a 97% deliverability).
  • Email functionality: Their email drip campaign functionality is relatively similar to that of other similar platforms, however they're constantly adding new features and tweaks.
  • Willingness to work with our ideas: There have been a number of instances where we've asked for a feature that doesn't yet exist and they've actually built it for us, which has been amazing.
  • Job change trigger: Within Apollo there is a way to search for people who have recently started new jobs, an important lead trigger in our industry. Unfortunately, the information is typically incorrect or misleading, so we have to doublecheck the information elsewhere.
  • Overwhelming: The tool can be a bit overwhelming because there is just so much there to use. It takes some time to get really used to the tool, and even at that point there are often other features that we aren't even fully using, like the plethora of reports that are available.
Well suited: If you already have some email marketing experience and are looking for a) more lead sources and b) a more robust strategy, then this may be the tool for you.

Less appropriate: First and foremost, if you're not willing or able to invest the time, energy and resources into having someone dedicated to using this platform, it may not be worth it. Additionally, if you're not looking to drive leads with an outbound approach, this may not be the best investment.
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DJ Kline | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 24, 2018

Apollo vs SalesLoft

Score 6 out of 10
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We use Apollo in our sales department. Its main use case is outreach management, sourcing within the app, sourcing outside the app. Managing outreach is needed for sales rep daily averages are around: 200 emails, 50 new prospects sourced, and 50 calls. Also with the ability to pull information from LinkedIn, this saves a lot of time when it comes to sourcing new prospects.
  • Manage outreach - a prospect is put into a sequence of 30 days and emails can be automatic, and you are alerted when it is time to call, etc
  • Pulling information from LinkedIn when sourcing - saves time on manually inputting data
  • Sourcing in-app - being able to find leads not in LinkedIn
  • Stability issues - recently switched from Azure to Google cloud
  • Data entry delay - about 10% of the time it can lag up to a day when adding info to salesforce
  • Data being dropped between app and Salesforce - 2% of the time it will not add info to salesforce
Well suited for sales teams who are finding their own needs and outreaching. Great for set it and forget it email only sequences etc. 99% accurate when it comes to pulling data from LinkedIn.

Not well suited for large departments with a high number of users. This is due mainly to the maturity of the product at this point.
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Parker Thomas | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 16, 2019

We use it and we love it!

Score 9 out of 10
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Apollo is being used in our sales department, to build sequences and target potential customers. It addresses a purely bandwidth related problem. It works in a way that you can target a large audience of a specific demographic without having to spend all the man hours.
  • Finding specific companies based on specific prospect search qualifications
  • Creating multi-touch email sequences
  • Linking to linkedin to gather customer information
  • Linkedin information is often times incorrect, high email bounce backs
Apollo is better suited for creating sequences. Although some helpful information can be found, you would not want to rely on it completely for finding prospect info.
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Jordon Sargent | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 31, 2019

Definitely worth trying out. Takes some patience but I like it.

Score 7 out of 10
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Apollo is being used to find new leads to contact for our outbound sales team. It's a database of thousands of leads. It saves time for our reps so they don't have to spend hours searching for contact information.
  • Filtering by location, title, company size, funding, etc. is extremely helpful so I can narrow my results to what I want/need.
  • The export is very clean and helpful
  • Apollo provides a list of emails that are verified vs some that are "guessed."
  • There are way too many unverified email address. In fact, one of my reps got their account suspended because there were too many bounces.
  • The Salesforce integration is foggy - not quite sure how to use it.
It's okay because it's free and they give you quite a bit of free leads if you follow the "tutorial." Compared to other software, it's not as accurate, but it's a great place to start.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 03, 2018

Apollo (formerly ZenProspect) Review

Score 7 out of 10
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We use Apollo for sourcing and outreach purposes on the sales team. Majority of the other departments don't really put Apollo to use. Personally, I use Apollo daily and can give you some background on how I use it in my day to day. I use Apollo to automatically send out emails, create email templates, make cold calls, and source new prospects. There is a nifty tool that integrates decent with Salesforce that allows you to add leads to your database with the click of a button.
  • Allows users to easily add new prospects to database without much manual effort at all
  • Allows you to make cold calls from different area codes that are relevant to where your prospect is located
  • Allows A/B testing for emails so you can figure out which ones are gaining the most traction
  • You can also find prospects based off of title, company, technologies, etc
  • Their reliability has been an issue for our team. The product has been down multiple times since I've been a user.
  • Some times prospects titles/roles are out of date, so keeping up with those a bit more would be helpful during sourcing
  • I've received a lot of spam calls that are completely irrelevant to me, but it comes down to an issue on their side with using so many numbers from different area codes. This was a major pain in the beginning, but has subsided a bit.
Apollo is well suited in cases where automation is essential in your outreach. It sends out as many emails as you'd like daily and you literally don't have to spend any time on them. Another form of automation is the way it tracks your stats as well. We keep tallies daily of our activity and the reports do that for you, which is very helpful.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 25, 2018

Apollo has the robust email and contact features to enable your outbound efforts

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Apollo to find the right contacts to target for our email marketing, ABM strategies, and other outbound marketing outreach. This is only used by our marketing and sales team. It helps us segment lists of the right people as well as provide their contact information, from job title, email, phone, etc.
  • Provides verified emails
  • Integrates well with your CRM
  • Filters contacts by revenue, size, job title, etc.
  • Could use more background on the companies that they provide
  • Would be useful if they provided the copywriting for email sequences
  • Make it easier to switch whether individual contacts can be put into CRM or not
While few lead prospecting tools are cheap, Apollo is one of the more affordable options because it incorporates robust email functionality with a massive contact database that makes finding the right person relatively easy. If you need a deeper dive into the person or company, this won't be able to serve those needs as well. For the price, it is certainly worth your consideration though.
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Ali Shakeri | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 09, 2017

1 hour in ZenProspect keeps the opp gen doctor away

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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My sales team uses ZenProspect every day to find & develop opportunities for my organization. We were using PersistIQ previously, but found that ZenProspect was better suited to our needs at the time. The customer support team has been instrumental in keeping its customers up to date with best practices for outbound lead generation. What separated ZenProspect from its competitors was the ability to find new accounts & leads to reach out to, without having to subscribe to a service like Clearbit or Datanyze. This has allowed our SDR team to cut back on the amount of time they spend in spread sheets, in addition to helping our AEs find high value accounts in our immediate area. I'd highly recommend the software to any company that is serious about outbound sales.
  • Handling multi-step outreach sequences -> email -> phone call reminder -> LinkedIn addition -> follow up email -> leave voicemail -> break up email
  • Finding new accounts & contacts to reach out to
  • Having easy to understand reporting for how your messaging is converting into meetings
  • Reporting which messages ultimately lead to a closed opportunity
  • Syncing with other CRMs (happening soon from what I've heard)
  • Improving how to find similar companies (happening soon from what I've heard)
Let's say I'm trying to generate 1 new deal for my business. Using ZenProspect, I can find 100 accounts in the entertainment sector that have more than 50 employees & use "Facebook Custom Audiences". From there, ZenProspect will provide me with the contact information of each marketing rep at each company. Then, ZenProspect will let me put those contacts into a 4-step automated sequence. From there, ZenProspect will consistently reach out to the individuals until they reply and/or turn into an opportunity. Didn't even need to use Excel.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 14, 2017

Not worth the time investment - buggy, becoming overpriced, and poorly run

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I used ZenProspect because I wanted a solution that included prospecting and outbound sales in one place. Their value proposition is that they can combine your prospecting, your outbound sales, and a lite CRM into one. We signed up with the promise that although they were young, they were growing and improving quickly.
  • The fact that leads you prospect within the system automatically won't be prospected in the future is pretty awesome. That makes prospecting a lot easier, and ultimately solves the problem of double prospecting someone.
  • Their lead data is quite good, and the amount of bounces was very minimal. Better accuracy than manually list building, and you could often times get a long list of leads within the data just by requesting it.
  • They also have a lot of leads so if you're in a generic business space and have broad targets, it'd be hard to run out.
  • Their customer service is just terrible. You get an assigned account manager but 9/10 times they wouldn't know what you wanted and/or how the product works or how to fix it. Vast majority of the time it was a canned response that made you question if they read the message, or if they read it and did not understand a word.
  • The software was relatively buggy and lacked features that were promised upon signup. They seem to have some large corporate clients and if you aren't one none of your bug submissions, feature requests, or concerns will be addressed.
  • Their growing quickly so they seem to be very understaffed which I believe caused many of the issues above.
  • The data, while good, can quickly run out if you're looking for specific types of leads. If you're looking for something generic like Managers at companies between 10-5000 people, you can pull leads all day every day. However if you're looking for a specific industry, specific title, and specific location - don't count on having an endless supply of leads (or even really enough to use month after month).
I would recommend ZenProspect to a company looking to do generic outbound prospecting if they have no experience doing this with other software. They have good lead data, have a lot of leads if you aren't too specific, and the platform for emailing is straight forward enough.

However, if you have really specific markets you prospect, and have used good outbound prospecting platforms in the past, prepare yourself to deal with buggy software, a frustrating customer service team, and a lack of leads over time. They also won't hesitate to screw you on price, loyalty as a customer doesn't really seem to mean anything to them.
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About Apollo

According to the vendor, Apollo accelerates the growth and success of your entire sales org with the first truly reliable, scalable revenue engine and account-based sales platform. We’ve created the solution for the persistent pain that reps aren’t sending the right messages, to the right people, at the right time despite the three to six sales point solutions they use each day.

Managers and reps alike can trust our unified platform, which includes an up-to-date database of 200M+ contacts, a full engagement stack, and the industry’s only advanced Rules Engine and fully custom Analytics suite. Reps get a platform with their team’s best practices built in, so they can focus on selling, and managers can build strategies based on advanced revenue data, not guesswork.

Apollo is the foundation of your entire go-to-market strategy.

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