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Diego Gamez | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 19, 2020

Zimbra messaging and collaboration, a solid and scalable open-source platform

Score 10 out of 10
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We use Zimbra as a messaging solution, not only for its solid operation but also for how scalable it can be, the integration with chats and the agenda to ensure meetings, all the departments of the company access through a super intuitive web portal from any device to use your corporate emails.
  • Intuitive use for users.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Great scalability and integration.
  • The schedules are not yet synchronized for the open version.
  • Video calls not yet supported.
  • Mobile application not yet available for devices.
Zimbra helped us increase storage capacities for new accounts and mailboxes effectively and without disruption. Adding mailbox servers to the Zimbra architecture is very simple and agile - scalability.
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EDUARDO SANDOVAL | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 12, 2019

Zimbra is a secure, reliable application that can be customized to suit the provider

Score 8 out of 10
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Zimbra is our current messaging software, I use it daily to send and receive emails among colleagues, suppliers, and customers. This has turned out to be a very useful and efficient application when communicating within the company. Each employee has their respective corporate mail which is for personal and exclusive use to receive confidential and confidential labor information. The application is easy to use and has a graphical interface similar to others in the same segment, making it easy to become familiar with.
  • Filter emails with specific information required.
  • Very good storage capacity.
  • Has a mobile version and another web.
  • It has a friendly and modern graphic interface.
  • It is compatible with all operating systems.
  • In the mobile version, it is not possible to attach files, it only allows to send messages with text.
  • The mobile version is too basic and lacks functions that if you have the web version.
  • Lacks the facility to communicate with an online chat.
As I mentioned before, Zimbra has two versions - one web and another mobile. The mobile version is ideal for quick and short messages that only contain letters, as they can be read on any cell phone, the web version is ideal for the office where the messages are more careful and complete and should contain more information.

Zimbra is not good to use as an online chat tool.
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Eliz Marvic Melicio Carvajal | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 15, 2019

Do you have questions about your email manager? Read about my review of Zimbra

Score 9 out of 10
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We use Zimbra as our mail platform, contact management and to share some files within our group of companies. Zimbra supports one of the most important applications, which is our email system. It manages our companies on the same platform. The global and personalized management of contacts has facilitated the management of our users, regardless of the location they are in. Additionally, it gives us different ways of connecting to the mail and to the information, which allows more versatile management options, since our platform is heterogeneous.
  • The management of incremental mail backup. It is very simple, and the administrators of my company recover information quickly.
  • The management of the distribution lists is structured. This allows easy distribution of mass information.
  • The web application is very complete and intuitive.
  • The password change is not activated when you access by IMAP, Pop3 or Exchange sync. You have to know that the password change is required and you must go to the website to do so.
  • The management of mail rules should have more checking options.
  • There should be more applications compatible with Zimbra, the ones that appear in the Zimlets.
It is ideal for companies that wish to have their own control of their mail service and the management of their messages and contacts because it allows a complete administration of these systems. When it comes to a group of companies who want to manage different domains, the ideal is to have your own mail platform. ZImbra is also suited when you have to save costs. Although you pay for licenses, you have the possibility to pay as you go and therefore do not have to invest in this service for a long time. It is also suited for when companies, such as Venezuelan ones that have limitations to make payments or investments in USD or EUR, have a much harder time using expensive cloud systems.

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Alexander Palma Ibarra | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 22, 2018

Zimbra is a powerful email server

Score 10 out of 10
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We are currently using the Zimbra email service throughout the company. Zimbra allows us to efficiently manage our email server with a number of open source technologies, with built-in anti-spam, shared calendars and shared address books. We are able to easily collaborate, invite to meetings, and conference at the touch of a button. It stores all of our contacts and shows us who is busy and when we can seamlessly integrate new meetings and conferences. We have definitely achieved significant savings in the time required to manage IMAP, webmail, etc.
  • Zimbra offers advanced functionalities, beyond the IMAP protocol and better performance compared to similar mail services.
  • Zimbra offers the option to work from anywhere and device, with a very nice interface, from a desktop, mobile or tablet, compared to other similar services that are more complex to use.
  • Zimbra has the possibility of modifying the source code to customize its functions and services, an added value that other platforms do not have.
  • You can optimize the module to create and share content on the web to improve the publishing interface.
  • Zimbra must improve the management of user groups for different machines within a domain.
  • The password manager is sometimes complicated and requires the creation of new passwords.
One of the most outstanding capabilities of Zimbra is the low cost in the administration and implementation of the system. Zimbra creates a copy of the email and attachments per server, instead of an email per user. It supports anti-spam and existing infrastructures, has an efficient text comprehension system in emails, can review the content from any computer, at any time and with a web interface is very easy to operate.
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Sam Massanopoli, RHIT Superstar | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 27, 2018

My Experience with Zimbra

Score 8 out of 10
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Zimbra is being used across our whole organization. It solves the problem of communication. At a moment's notice I can communicate with my entire team. They can receive my mail on their phones, tablets, laptops and desk tops, no matter where they are in the building. I also use it for getting paper records to essential team members by scanning them to their email.
  • One example of something that Zimbra does particularly well is the capacity available to attach large files, up to 25MB. For me, this is a strength as it allows me to email medical records files instead of printing them. This saves my department the cost of ink, paper and shipping.
  • The calendar sharing feature of Zimbra is also a strength because with it, the IDT team are all on the same page. This is critical for maintaining compliance with CMS regulations regarding MDS assessments. I utilize our shared calendar to perform quarterly audits of the IDT team.
  • I particularly like the auto search when entering the contact who will be receiving an email, this saves key strokes and time.
  • I am quite satisfied with the features that I currently use. I am an advanced user, not an expert.
Zimbra is well suited as a communication tool. I also use it for data storage and data sharing. It is easy to create distribution groups and make changes to the signature line. I'm hard pressed to come up with any scenarios where it is less appropriate.
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Vinicius Lima | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 31, 2017

Zimbra - Powerful and reliable collaboration suite

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Zimbra to increase collaboration using e-mail communication, file sharing, task control, invitation for events, etc, for everybody in our company using multi domains and several dedicated servers. We have distinct user types and with Zimbra we can address specific necessities of each one.

We use Zimbra in an University and email are fundamental here. Zimbra allowed us a way to increase the collaboration between teachers, students, and even our workers, allowing them to share files, their agenda, and any information to improve their work.
  • You can share your mail folders, contact and task lists, work together on a text file, all that defining what kind of level of share a person can have, from view to full control of it.
  • Great search engine that allows you to search even inside some types of archives (pdf, txt, etc). And in the paid version, you have a working backup system.
  • Supports external connectivity like IMAP/POP.
  • Multi language support and possibility to expand it using plugins are also available.
  • Supports several platforms and you can use the one that you are most familiar like Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, Suse, etc.
  • Support external authentication (LDAP).
  • User web interface could be more friendly, but it is enough for daily use. It could be renewed and has to consider some usability concerns. Improving usability would significantly improve users' satisfaction.
  • Message backup recovery is not a simple activity.
  • As an administrator, some of the features work better using the command-line interface.
  • The webclient uses ajax requests in almost every event. Because of that you may need a fast internet connection to have a good experience. You can switch to HTML version but it will limit what you can do.
Zimbra is well suited to environments that need a collaboration suite to improve users' and teams' integration and productivity. You can rely on Zimbra Collaboration Suite features to work together in different projects without messing things up. Keeping everything organized is very important in these situations.

If you have a large environment you will probably feel that Zimbra administration can be difficult. You have to use a lot of command-line integration to configure it properly and to maintain routines. So be prepared to do that. If you want more friendly administrative tools Zimbra may not be totally suitable to your needs.
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Paul Chauvet | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 29, 2016

Zimbra - used to be great, still good, could be great again.

Score 6 out of 10
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We use Zimbra for all faculty/staff email accounts. We use it for individual email accounts as well as a large number of shared email accounts for departments or programs. We find the shared accounts to be especially useful for how we do business. We primarily use the web interface instead of a desktop client like Outlook. Most employees that use mobile access on their devices access Zimbra with the iOS or Android built-in Exchange/ActiveSync clients.
  • Zimbra's web interface is second to none. It is better for most than even thick clients like Outlook. It provides a consistent experience across platforms so we don't have to worry about Mac vs. PC for how it works.
  • It is relatively easy to maintain and administer, and far less complex than other locally hosted environments like Exchange.
  • It has a powerful scripting interface, and a RESTful API that makes it easy to write scripts to manage accounts.
  • Zimbra needs to get their act together with their multi-server environment. It is long past when they initially announced their "Project Always On", which would allow accounts to be hosted on multiple mailbox servers at a time for high availability.
  • The need to work on their bugs. The product releases have been significantly buggier since the 7.x era. Upgrading from 7.x to 8.0.9 introduced a lot of problems. Later releases fixed some, but caused others.
  • Our experience with technical support staff from Zimbra is not what it used to be. They used to have one of the best technical support groups, but our experiences with them in the past two years haven't been as positive.
Zimbra is great for an email system for a medium or large organization with appropriate IT staffing. The system is easy to use for end-users, and has a fantastic web interface. Unfortunately, it is overly complex, when considering staffing requirements and price, when compared with Office 365 or Google Apps for smaller organizations. For other education customers, it is hard to compete with Microsoft and Google providing their services for "Free" now though.
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Task Management (7)
Gantt Charts (4)
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Workflow Automation (4)
Mobile Access (7)
Search (7)
Visual planning tools (4)
Chat (5)
Notifications (5)
Discussions (5)
Surveys (3)
Internal knowledgebase (4)
Integrates with GoToMeeting (4)
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts (3)
Integrates with Outlook (4)
Versioning (6)
Video files (6)
Audio files (6)
Document collaboration (6)
Access control (6)
Advanced security features (7)
Integrates with Google Drive (3)
Device sync (5)

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Zimbra offers social collaboration software.
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