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ZoHo Desk - Great tool for the price

May 17, 2021
Currently, we utilize Zoho Desk for our IT department. Zoho [Desk] is used to keep track of issues either reported internally, or from our …
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Zoho Desk for IT Departments

April 26, 2021
We are using Zoho Desk as a Help Desk product in our Technology department. All company users can open a ticket by sending an email to the …

All help-desk needs fulfilled

April 26, 2021
It is mostly being used by the customer support analysts in our company. It is a great customer relationship management tool that keeps us …
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Zoho Desk--great, free ticketing software

April 23, 2021
We use Zoho Desk as a customer support tool for a SaaS product called Samson's Classroom. It is only used by about eight people in our …
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The best customer service tool.

April 13, 2021
• We currently use the Zoho Desk tool to provide customer support and help them develop stronger relationships with our services and …

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Product Details

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a cloud-based context-aware customer service software boasting users among service teams in over 40,000 businesses such as Daimler, Essilor, and McAfee.

Zoho Desk helps service teams manage customer conversations across email, phone, live chat, and social media. It is designed to pack the automation and analytics necessary to scale to any volume of customers. It is presented as easy to implement, and tightly integrated with other software used by the team for context and continuity.

Zoho Desk aims to address real-time customer service challenges. It helps service teams with collaboration, productivity hacks, AI, and measures customer happiness.

Zoho Desk Features

Incident and problem management Features

  • Supported: Organize and prioritize service tickets
  • Supported: Expert directory
  • Supported: Subscription-based notifications
  • Supported: Ticket creation and submission
  • Supported: Ticket response
  • Supported: Automated responses
  • Supported: Attachments/Screencasts
  • Supported: SLA management

Self Help Community Features

  • Supported: Forums
  • Supported: External knowledge base
  • Supported: Internal knowledge base
  • Supported: Q and A
  • Supported: Surveys/polls

Multi-Channel Help Features

  • Supported: Customer portal
  • Supported: Live help chat
  • Supported: Phone support
  • Supported: IVR
  • Supported: Call scripting
  • Supported: Social integration
  • Supported: Email support
  • Supported: Help Desk CRM integration

Zoho Desk Screenshots

Log and monitor phone conversations, convert them into new tickets, or attach them to existing ones. Convert social media interactions and live chat into tickets, all at the click of a button.Bring your Help Center directly into your website and strengthen self-service. Chat with Zia, an AI-powered conversation assistant. Customers can chat with Zia right from your mobile app or website. Zia processes their questions and suggests appropriate solutions from your Knowledge Base.With advanced process automation, you can set up all your internal processes within your help desk, implement them automatically, and make sure that all processes are followed precisely every time.Instant responses for instant happiness. Respond to your customers the minute they reach out to you with Zoho Desk's embeddable chat widget. Your customers can get in touch with your agents instantly, right from the Help Center, so your agents can respond and help them find answers faster.Monitor your team's performance, customize and schedule reports. You can create custom dashboards with just the data that your business requires.Zia brings together predictions across anomalies, sentiment, trending ticket tags, and more into a common dashboard for decision-makers to consume. They can drill down further into the details from the same dashboard to investigate further.

Zoho Desk Videos

Is it even possible to build a world-class product from a small, rural town? Our answer to that question is the industry's first context-aware help desk software, Zoho Desk. Sridhar Vembu, our CEO, and the team narrate how we built Zoho Desk and what problems it solves for businesses around the world.
Head over to https://www.zoho.com/desk/ for a free, no-hassle trial now!
Customer centricity lies at the heart of any organization. Every process & approach is built with a sole objective of providing a positive and amazing experience to the customer.
Learn how Zoho Desk’s automation features can help your team remove manual, repeatable chores from their plate and instead focus on what matters - keeping customers happy.

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Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Support is a Saas help desk / ticketing system aimed at SMBs. I competes most often with Zendesk, and Desk.com.

What is Zoho Desk's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses Zoho Desk?

The most common users of Zoho Desk are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.

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Humayun Farooqi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have integrated Zoho Desk with our web application to be able to have our existing customers submit tickets with screenshots and description of the problem being faced or for any general query of any feature. It is being used by the customer success and development teams currently and through Zoho Desk, we have been able to track all requests/issues by the existing customers as well getting them resolved or answered in the shortest possible time.
  • It provides a simple widget code with a few clicks once you decide to integrate it with your website or application.
  • There is a very user friendly dedicated mobile application for Zoho Desk for Android and IOS devices.
  • You can easily track all of your tickets and agents from the dashboard interface.
  • You can insert tags with each ticket to group them into specific categories for analysis and troubleshooting.
  • There is no Desktop application for Zoho Desk which is a crucial missing feature.
  • The shortcut icon for Recent items could have been placed better, maybe in the top header menu instead of in the footer.
  • The footer menu needs bigger icons as some are unrecognizable on smaller size monitors.
The user friendly android and IOS applications are one of the best features of Zoho Desk although if you are expecting a Desktop application then you will be disappointed and will have to access it from your browser which can be slow sometimes, depending on your internet connection. The work flow of tickets submission either manually through the dashboard or mobile application, and tickets assignment to other agents along with tracking tickets and agents' performance is very easily executed with no issues being faced.
Support is understandably excellent because if you face any issue, there is a list of options you have to get your query answered:
  • Email the support team.
  • Call the support team.
  • Send the support team a WhatsApp message.
  • Search the community for any relevant discussions on the issue you are facing.
Rose Carmela | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk has put customer service at the heart of our company. It is a tool in the help desk category that has helped us focus on the customer and deliver high-quality customer service to every single customer. Using this tool has led to improved business services and decisions while customers enjoy timely support.
  • Communicating with customers across multiple channels
  • Team collaboration across departments
  • Managing tiny gears and cogs
  • Assigning tickets automatically
  • When demand increases, the functionality depth of some features may feel limited
  • To get started with the system requires a lot of customization
It supports a wide range of support networks that can be used by agents to establish robust customer relationships that will improve business operations and result in bigger profits.
The customer support is always at peak and delivered in a timely manner in any case.
Sofia Martinez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk is one of the best platforms available for creating customizable support experiences for customers in the marketplace. It has all the best features of prioritizing requests, managing the requests, and closing more increasing requests on a different platform linked to the business. I have been a user of Zoho Desk for a long time and am still using the platform for better managing customer support and improving the overall efficiency of the customer team effectively.
  • Report features give the all insights of the customer team and customer support which enables us to make changes according to it.
  • The best thing about Zoho Desk is that it has a very beautiful and fully designed dashboard.
  • I have been using this software for a very long time in my organization, it is very easy to use with having the interface created on a very advanced module.
  • It is completely a feature rich platform.
  • The biggest drawback that I am facing while using the platform is that their ticketing system is not that great [in my opinion]. It does not give us the option to add sales tax and other charges in the invoices which leads to a big problem for us.
  • [I feel] its customer support needs improvement.
Zoho Desk is helping me a lot in managing the customer support along with the customer support team effectively. Clear and clean dashboard with robust UI helping me to be more productive at work. Support and ticketing need to be updated in the near future. Other than that, it is a great platform to have in the organization and I would recommend this to other businesses too.
Their customer support is not good [in my opinion]. They sometimes do not listen to queries well and do not provide a feasible solution to solve the problem which needs to be addressed and correct on the go. I would recommend that to improve the services of its customer support.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk is the program that clients use in our organization, to air their requests, and demands, and the support team offers them the answers that they require. Again, Zoho Desk creates a timely communication channel, where without delays, messages are spread effectively to the right people. Lastly, Zoho Desk is an organized helps solution, which has ticket management features for the customers.
  • Zoho Desk enhances or fosters the relationships we already have with clients as we easily communicate.
  • Again, questions and complaints are aired through Zoho Desk regarding our products.
  • Finally, Zoho Desk acts swiftly, through the concept of ticket management.
  • Zoho Desk sometimes loads or hangs, which lowers its efficiency and this should be improvised.
  • Also, Zoho Desk lacks compatibility on some Apple products, not ignoring the huge customer base which uses them.
  • Other operational challenges were effectively handled.
Zoho Desk is the right solution to recommend companies that have many clients, as it offers customer assistance immediately. Again, Zoho Desk is online, hence, far-reaching to those customers which are away from the company. Lastly, Zoho Desk ensures there is no wait time, as the ticketing concept is well maintained.
Zoho Desk has a technical team of professionals, who are well informed, and they know how to share the knowledge with the other players. Besides, they are competent in dealing with all kinds of customers, from divergent locations, and adopt their differences. Lastly, when called upon to solve an issue, they are quickly responsive.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, we utilize Zoho Desk for our IT department. Zoho [Desk] is used to keep track of issues either reported internally, or from our external customers through a support email address we assign within Zoho. There are many features including time tracking, workflows (automated), and customizations. There are also macro's that can be built for auto assignment based on many available fields within the generated ticket.
  • Macros - These are great ! You can auto assign based on many different criteria. Easy to build as well.
  • Customization - Easy to build customizations at your fingertips. It helps when you need just a little bit more information to perform the tasks at hand.
  • When utilizing as a ticketing system, it would be nice to have a better way to monitor when something is due. It's just a little cumbersome.
  • Search Functionality - The search functionality could use a tweak or two. Too many times I am unable to find tickets. This would also be very helpful for the "Recycle Bin" when you just need to find that ticket you accidentally deleted (we are all human!). :)
[Zoho Desk] is well suited for support as well as maintenance and new projects.
When utilized for support, the ticketing portion works well. It's not an "over achiever". You get what you want and can either keep the fluff, or remove it based on your needs. You can even customize what you see on the screen. With the workflow, you can view all work queues and easily tweak them.
The good thing is, in the two years that I have used [Zoho Desk], I have only had to open one support issue.
It was resolved rather quickly.
David Yates | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We trialed Zoho Desk, hoping that it would be a workflow improvement over Zoho/ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, but that was not the case. While I'm generally a fan of Zoho products (very extensive for any marketing and support organization) the steps needed to accomplish basic tasks can be daunting, and there isn't as tight of integration between modules (such as Desk and CRM and Social and Office) that I would hope for.
  • Very feature rich.
  • Zoho's cloud is stable, and I've never experienced an outage or data issue.
  • Price point is generally lower than any comparable product or service.
  • Workflow is sometimes not intuitive.
  • Automation for tasks needs improvement.
  • Integration with other Zoho modules could be improved upon.
If you need a general-purpose help desk platform that isn't sharing a lot of information with other systems, it's hard to beat Zoho Desk. Their product is fast, and does what you ask it to do. Good reporting abilities and if you're in one of the upper pay tiers good integration with social media for monitoring and remediating support issues.
Zoho's product support for this and other products has always been great.
Dave King | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using Zoho Desk as a Help Desk product in our Technology department. All company users can open a ticket by sending an email to the designated published email address.
  • Email notification
  • Searching
  • Resolutions
  • Adding graphics or video to the solutions of a ticket.
We are using the free version due to a limited budget . We have two IT staff that actively use it to track Help Desk issues in a small to midsize company. It is well suited as it is nothing you need to install, dedicate a server, or manage. It is 100% WEB based and for no cost is an excellent solution.
Whenever I had an issue they were responsive. Sometimes it may have taken a few hours or so but it is a free product, so the support you receive for free is good.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is mostly being used by the customer support analysts in our company. It is a great customer relationship management tool that keeps us upto date with all the queries that are regularly raised by the customers. Problems and issues are tracked via tickets and also there is a live chat feature which makes work a lot easier.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Ticket creation.
  • Ticket collaborations.
  • Live chat feature.
  • Live chats have limited customisation.
  • Workflow can be interrupted sometimes.
  • Settings can be confusing sometimes.
It is well suited for collaborative work environment where an organisation can directly collaborate with the customers. The customer feedback option is really great which helps us keep a track of how well we are doing or what is lacking. User interface is really very clean and intuitive. Multiple options are available for ticket submission.
Their support is excellent. They are always available to answer all your queries and doubts. Be it a call or email or even live chat. You will always get a prompt response from their customer support executives. They are very much familiar with the product and all its functionality. Sometimes you get stuck and don’t know what to do. They are always there for your questions.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Zoho Desk as a customer support tool for a SaaS product called Samson's Classroom. It is only used by about eight people in our company. It helps us organize our support inquiries from customers and assign them to the appropriate people. Organization is important for this product, as some support questions are merely functionality questions whereas some are billing questions and we have different employees that handle each.
  • Organized
  • Ticketing system
  • Collaboration/teamwork
  • Data privacy concerns, since it's a free product
If you need a free ticketing system for customer service, this is a great option. It's also great for communication, as you can have private conversations about the issue with your team. And one of the best features is the warning that another teammate is working on the same ticket as you.
N/A - never used. I've never needed to contact support for Zoho Desk. The reason is probably because of how easy the product is to use. I met with my team a few times to run through the software but we never had questions/concerns that lead us to contacting support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho [Desk] is used for several reasons in my company:
We use it as a helpdesk ticketing system. Emails get directed into Zoho Desk which create tickets. Tickets are dealt with in a queueing system and time spent per ticket is recorded.
The helpdesk system is customized based on the department within the company, so different tickets go to different departments.
Zoho Assist is used to allow us to remotely log into our customers systems to identify issues as required.
We also use Zoho CRM as a full customer list, with all relevant customer info entered for each customer separately.
We used SalesIQ to offer an online chat system to our customers.
We use Zoho Projects for our Project Management department to set out and monitor all stages of a new customer onboarding.
We also build many different reports based on the different Zoho modules which gives the company a powerful insight into how the company performing.
  • Zohos reporting system is extremely powerful and reports can be built and customised in many different ways, including any information from any service.
  • Zoho Assist helps for those customers who may not be as PC literate as others as you can log into their PC and do a task for them, while chatting to them as you to it through a chat window.
  • Zoho CRM is great for entering as much relevant information as you can get for any customer.
  • Sales IQ is great for quick fix issues as you can chat to a customer in real time and explain an issue, which otherwise might have taken an email or phone call
  • The filtering system at times can not be as responsive as expected. On Zogo desk can try to filter out non-relevant tickets but they can still show in results
  • You can run reports on Zoho based on any built in fields, but cannot run anything that comes from freetext, or responses based on keywords
  • Zoho Assist at times fails to send the invite to the customer
Zoho [Desk] is well suited by certain services which are aimed at certain departments.
I would think that each department uses one Zoho module based on what they do.
As someone who is Admin on Zoho I have access and overview of all Zoho modules, but even I would not use most.

It does not combine all these services into one "complete" solution for all departments.
It might be helpful to have all services netted together to create one complete solution that all departments use and can all pull the relevant info as required.
If this is already the intended purpose then perhaps more instruction needs to be given when onboarding clients as I am not sure how clear it is currently.
As Zoho Support is based in a different timezone to ours it can be an issue that we cannot get an immediate response to an issue.
But I will say that once their Support is in the office they are fairly good to respond.
they have resolved almost all issues I have told them about, but Zoho have also made system changes and not communicated these beforehand which means we are faced with something new and cannot get support on this until their support team is in the office
Jack Mattheus | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
• We currently use the Zoho Desk tool to provide customer support and help them develop stronger relationships with our services and products. And in this way improve the response rate towards problems or concerns that our clients may have within our platform.

• This customer service tool is currently implemented in two of our departments. In the Marketing and Human Resources sector.

• Communication has improved significantly. Facilitating our work to help and advise those who have problems or doubts about our services and products. We have also noticed an increase of at least 10% in new clients requesting our services, and it is all because we have improved the response time to their concerns.
  • One of the most useful features that this tool has. Is that it allows us to address the problems of users according to the type of problem they have and assign them a categorization. For example Urgent, normal, standard.
  • Another very useful feature that this tool has. Is that it allows us to visualize in a panel what are the unresolved activities or problems and thus any authorized active member can follow up and solve the problem.
  • It would be very useful to have the drag and drop functionality when we are running some problem tracking tool.
  • I would also like to see that the functionality of being able to receive and send voice memos has been implemented. This would be truly innovative.
• A suitable scenario to use this tool It would be to use it for the purpose of providing advice or assistance to someone who needs information and guidance on what to do to acquire a service or product.

• A bad example of how to use this tool. It would be to do it for personal and unprofessional purposes.
• Personally, I give them this score because they always respond on time and resolved any questions at the moment or during the day. They are always timely.
David Cook | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk is used as a customer relations and support tool. It is used to gather customer information and issues encountered as people use technology in their everyday lives.
Zoho Desk allows issues and solutions to be processed in a timely and organised manner while creating a self-support system for future customers and support staff.
  • Connects customers with support staff in an easy manner.
  • Solutions to issues can be repurposed as articles for future support and education.
  • Works on popular platforms including mobile apps so you can provide support on the go.
  • Integrates well with other Zoho products.
  • Although it connects well with Zoho CRM it could be a little smoother and automatic so that you don't have to think about it. It should just happen.
  • The interface is colourful and attractive however looks slightly dated.
  • Great value as part of Zoho One but could be a little expensive for very small operators.
As an educator in technology, many of my customers are not tech-savvy and they need a simple form they can fill in to start a support session and to have simple questions answered. Zoho Desk provides a system where the support person can record the issue and provide the solution by responding directly with the customer via a ticketing system. Once the problem is solved a resolution can be written and saved as an article for future reference as an education tool or self-support resource for subscribed customers.
Zoho support, in general, has been very good and this would have to be extended to the Desk product as well. This is partly to do with the people hired to provide the support and you could say it is a good demonstration of the support software itself as it is used to provide the help when you ask for it.
María Fernanda Cruz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Zoho Desk to manage queries for our existing customers, only for a particular department in our organization, managing multiple languages. Clients submit tickets to ask for changes in setup, new reporting needs, questions or issues with a particular service, ask for training, troubleshooting, etc. It its wonderful to consolidate several channels and keep track of time involved in the resolution of each item.
  • Timetrack
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use
  • Automation setup
  • Advanced customization
  • Default reports aren't as good
It is great for managing general queries, or where all queries independent of the client are similar. If each client needs a specific layout, this might not be a right fit. It is best suited for customer service, maybe project management as well. It works well with different departments independent of each other as well.
Leonard Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk was used our ticketing system for many years. It helped us separate the client tickets from internal tickets. We were able to communicate back and forth with our clients. We used it as a way to track projects and manage workflow. It served as our primary service desk until we switched.
  • Easy to assign agents
  • Message updates were easy to follow
  • Not a whole lot of features
  • Tickets are bare bones at times
Zoho Desk is excellent if you have other software to support billing. It is terrific for internal work and harder if you have projects. If you’re looking for a basic ticketing system without diving deeper like other robust ticketing systems, then Zoho Desk is right for you. There isn’t a huge learning curve with Zoho Desk, either.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Before Desk, we weren't using any sort of ticket system, instead of relying on direct emails to individuals. This was an issue for a multitude of reasons, including vacations or the individual leaving the organization without a proper knowledge transfer. Desk gives everyone on the team visibility to all client communication, allowing anyone on the team to jump in and get information for a client, or handle an issue without having much of a background with them previously.
  • Very intuitive UI
  • Easy for multiple team members to access and jump in
  • Full accountability on team members
  • Integration with email is not the smoothest
  • Escalation rules take into account weekends but not holidays
  • Reports can be a bit confusing
Desk is great where there is lots of back and forth between clients and your entire team. It allows anyone to jump in and fulfill a request, and to keep a record of it that anyone else can access going forward. It virtually eliminates email siloing by team members as well as keep analytics of responses and response times for KPIs and reviews.
September 20, 2019

Good service for tickets

Miguel Useche | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used to handle all support for customers and also as an internal communication tool between our organization's departments. It helps to give a quick answer to customers and suppliers, to avoid repetitive tasks from employees, and to organize works between departments and employees.

It also acts as a database for contacts, and allows us to have a history log of all our organization's communication, for later use or to improve workflows.
  • It offers everything you'll need to handle communication between your organization and external people.
  • Offers a great integration with other Zoho Services so you can increase the possibility of your data/workflows.
  • It has a good API to automate some things or feed any custom-made applications inside the organization.
  • It lets you organize support tasks and keep track of the organization and employees current status.
  • Their API is limited and there are many things you can't do.
  • Their search API is not on real time. If you wanna automate real time things, you can't.
Zoho Desk is a great tool to handle all your organization's public and internal communications. If you have more than a few employees this tool will help you organize the work by adding tasks, private messages, ticket organization, etc.

You can adapt or increase your work based on tickets assigned and task to do.

Also it works great as a contact information database; you can contact or search any information from any supplier/customer/employee inside your organization.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk is used by our marketing department for responding to candidates' queries received through multiple platforms, like email and an embedded form on our website. We have a fellowship program so that candidates can apply online on our portal. We have widely used Zoho Desk to resolve all queries, either technical or theoretical, about filling the application for the fellowship. Earlier we were doing it on a phone call, but it was not feasible to connect all the candidates, and we faced many difficulties in handling the record.
Now we are also using its knowledge-base, which also helps candidates get FAQs on applying and the application process.
  • Give a basic ticketing platform to resolve queries received through the platform, email, or embedded forms.
  • User-friendly dashboard, which shows all the tickets' statuses.
  • We can embed support form in our websites to get queries.
  • Zoho Desk also supports a basic knowledge-base, which helps us to create FAQs.
  • Connecting with a social network like Facebook.
  • There's less customization capability in the support page, which needs to improve.
  • A feature like showing FAQs while a user is trying to create a new ticket would be helpful.
If you don't have any platform to help resolve your customers' questions, then Zoho is the best option to start using as a small CRM. It works well as a tool where you can receive customer's queries through various platforms, like email and a support page. However, we did not find it suitable to create a big knowledge-base or FAQ's, because it doesn't have a lot of features for those purposes.
Julien Bras | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are a software company. Zoho Desk is used in our company as the main entry point for customer support.
  • Support as a Service well executed
  • Easy to setup
  • Good link with existing Zoho products
  • Support team behind Zoho Desk is really deceptive (long response delay / not always accurate)
  • Customer enhancements are never done
I think that Zoho Desk is a good product for small to medium-sized company. But when you want to support your customer at a high level like we want to do, it is really difficult to rely on Zoho Desk. The exchanges we have are not very constructive and we are not having the level of support we expect from a Support Service company.
Khashi Rahmani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Desk has been a great assist for the startup medical software company I work for. It provides a web portal to bring in our customer support inquiries and provides an easy-to-manage dashboard to view and respond to customer support inquiries. Through the use of our email server, clients send in questions and inquiries regarding our software, allowing our support team to assign these support tickets and respond to them through Zoho Desk. This replaced the need to respond to support directly through email. Zoho Desk provides email alerts when clients respond or when new tickets come in, making it easy to manage. Desk also allows reports to see outstanding tickets, customizing tickets to include priorities, departments, and even adding in JIRA tickets for software requests that ultimately need to be handled by our developers. We do wish their was better API capabilities to link our software directly to Zoho Desk to provide customers their own portal to see outstanding tickets. Another flaw is that tickets cannot be assigned to strictly Accounts, they need to be assigned to a Contact which is sub to an Account. It only links with the Contact email which is usually a specific person.
  • Managing support
  • Delegating tasks within a small, medium, or large support team
  • Accessibility via a web interface and not a local download
  • More Customization of fields inside the tickets created in Desk
  • Allowing Desk tickets to be assigned to Accounts and not required to be on a Contact within the account
  • Better API integrations
Great for startup companies from my experience. Cannot speak for large companies (50 support reps or up) however, it does a fantastic job of proving an easy-to-use interface. Great for software companies and also likely a good fit for brick-and-mortar retail store customer support for email and phone.
Alexis Correa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Zoho Support has been very important for the quality of the support that I present to my clients. I work with clients who regularly forget their passwords but that's no problem because they have a notification on their device and we both save time for example on the reset process.
  • Quality support information
  • Help desk for my clients
  • It is an easy and friendly way to provide help to the needs of my clients
  • Traceability of everything related to the support of my clients
  • It helps me organize my company
  • Quality that makes your company look great
  • The change from free to payment seems a bit high for small businesses but the features are excellent.
  • It is a very complete software. The improvements have been great.
  • The communication with the company has always been excellent. I do not remember having issues.
[It's well suited to] Give support to your customers. It is excellent. The clients learn to make requests, they are organized to be taken care of and they are always satisfied and very surprised. They do not expect you to have such a powerful tool. I have been recommended many times for the quality and organization of the answers given.