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Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault


What is Zoho Vault?

The Zoho Corporation offers Zoho Vault, their password management application for teams supporting credential-free convenient login and safe access share between members of a team.

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What is Zoho Vault?

The Zoho Corporation offers Zoho Vault, their password management application for teams supporting credential-free convenient login and safe access share between members of a team.

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What is Zoho Vault?

Zoho Vault Technical Details

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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Zoho Vault to store all of our login details for all kinds of accounts, as well as for storing business credit card information. All users in our organization that utilize the accounts have access to Zoho Vault. These accounts include job boards, client systems, and email accounts, for example. It is a great way to have all login information in one place and ensures no one is having to keep their own logs and create a security issue for these accounts.
  • Easy to use: easy to add new data and edit existing data.
  • Admin functions are straightforward/easy to add new users or remove old ones.
  • The ability to organize logins is convenient, especially when you have hundreds.
  • They recently changed the look/feel as an upgraded experience, but my team prefers the old look.
  • The ability to share "chambers" (organized buckets of logins) should be a feature. Right now, we can create chambers, but not share them with other users. So everyone has to create their own chambers.
  • I would appreciate the ability to have automated reminders from the system to update passwords or to change after a designated amount of time.
The reason I selected 7/10 is because I don't have any experience using other systems similar to Zoho Vault. It works fine for us, but I also have experience with Zoho Recruit, and based on that experience, I know that there are better choices out there. I would encourage anyone I was recommending this product to, to also research similar products.
  • Ability to store an unlimited amount of data.
  • Ability to utilize system-generated password suggestions.
  • Easy to view list of "secrets" (or logins) and ability to organize.
  • Creates efficient login process, saving time while doing multiple job postings.
  • Sense of security knowing all passwords are stored securely.
  • If not organized in lists, new users have trouble locating some information quickly.
No, I did not know it was available. We would not need this add-on. We do not need support for this product.
I selected 8/10 because while I don't have any experience using other products similar to Zoho Vault, I do believe it is easy to use and maintain. We do not have any problems using this product and have never needed to contact customer support.
  • Adding new data.
  • Adding and maintaining users.
  • Password audit logs.
  • Sharing new secrets with users - it would be nice to be able to set up sharing while setting up the secret, but the secret must be set up first and then accessed from the list to initiate sharing.
John Hinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zoho Vault is used by our organization to keep track of all login information. We store credentials for not just websites we access, but client data/login credentials that we need as well.
  • Organizes credentials.
  • Keeps them securely stored.
  • Chambers/options to restrict views.
  • Browser plugins are very buggy and rarely work.
  • Overall layout can be more user friendly.
Zoho Vault is a great app if you just need a place to store credentials. Browser plugin integrations leave a lot to be desired though.
  • Credential storage.
  • Login efficiency.
  • Efficient logins.
  • Secure data storage.
Storage works the same, but the browser integrations from Zoho Vault are still very buggy.
Jaideep Tibrewala | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Zoho Vault is currently being used across our organization to manage and share passwords with team members based on roles and responsibilities. As a startup, there are numerous services one signs up for, each one having a unique registration/login system. Startup founders cannot always be there to then manage these external services, and hence the passwords need to be shared with people based on roles and level. Zoho Vault enables us to do that and much more.
  • Zoho Vault integrates into your browser with an add-in, which makes it easy to access websites that need authentication.
  • Zoho Vault enables you to create users and groups, and share authentication details either at a group level or at a user level.
  • Zoho Vault gives you the capability of defining the level of access a user or group has to the authentication - read-only or read/write. This is one of the most unique features that I have come across any online password managers.
  • Zoho Vault allows you to download and store an offline encrypted copy of your authentication details for the time when the internet is restricted.
  • Zoho Vault is relatively new, so for those who are used to using apps like LastPass for personal use, there is a switching cost.
Zoho Vault works very well in situations where one has multiple online services that need to be shared with different people across the organization. It also works very well when you have no other password manager already in use and need to set-up one company-wide. Zoho Vault could benefit from being more widely available and advertised as a free password manager, as most people look at it only as enterprise software.
  • Cost savings from subscribing to the paid version of LastPass for the team.
  • Since we are already subscribed to Zoho One suite, there is no additional license to pay for to access all the features of Zoho Vault.
Zoho Vault is very competitive when compared to LastPass for Business. It has all the features that LastPass provides and then some. When compared to KeePass, being an online application, Zoho Vault is cross-platform so overcomes the advantages of KeePass being a cross-platform opensource tool, that is especially used by Linux users across the world.
Never really needed to use the customer support of Zoho Vault, but all other Zoho services have excellent support and excellent forums to participate in, and I don't assume Zoho Vault would have anything less.
Leonard Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We switched over to Vault after using other various password programs. Vault was easy to use for our clients. We could make different categories and then assign passwords to each company. We could each log into Vault and search for a company password. It was also easy to edit each entry.
  • Categorizing each password
  • Assigning permissions for other users to view passwords
  • It was easy to import into IT Glue
  • The user interface can be confusing at times. You can wind up in a different category very easily.
  • Maybe a notification for duplicate entries would help manage passwords a lot better.
  • An integration with Zoho Help Desk would be nice
It works well when you have an MSP with multiple passwords to manage. It's easy to use. It may not be helpful if you need to keep your documentation in the same program as your passwords. When used with other software it can get very confusing.
  • Inexpensive when packaged with other Zoho products.
  • Saved time on projects by being easy to access
  • We ended up importing all of our Vault passwords into another program very easily.
IT Glue combined all our needs as an MSP. Vault was great until we got out of using Zoho Help Desk. We were able to monitor server information and client documentation better with IT Glue. Vault is easy to use, but in the end wasn't what we needed. Vault is a great program, but if you're looking to have a much more detailed password documentation system then I'd suggest looking for something similar to IT Glue where everything is combined together. Vault is great for passwords and passwords only.
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