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What is is presented by the vendor, Neticle, as a professional survey creator and customer review analyzer. According to Neticle, has analyzed and quantified 14.7 million pieces of feedback for more than 170 clients.

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$30.33 (36.40)

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$394.32 (473.19)

Annual subscription (monthly subscription)

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Product Details

What is is a professional survey and form building tool that analyzes long textual answers. According to the vendor, Neticle, has analyzed and quantified 14.7 million pieces of feedback for more than 170 clients. Neticle ensures that businesses are equipped with customizable and easy to implement tools. This platform offers a wide range of features that combines text analysis, customer experience insights, and data collection.

Text Analysis incorporates a Voice of the Customer strategy into feedback analysis with tools that recognize different languages, irregular grammar, suffix and prefix systems. The platform offers emotion mapping that provides deeper insights into the tone of textual answers. It detects customer sentiment with human-level precision, and the opinion index system converts detected phrases into numeric ratings. automatically tags important topics and enables users to create custom labels, saving time and eliminating the need for manual coding.

Data Collection

The platform's WSIWYG editor is user-friendly and designed to simplify the process of creating new surveys. customers value the ability to create complex survey questions. The customizable feedback button, iframe options, and HTML widget help businesses improve their methods of feedback collection. allows users to embed surveys into emails and conduct a sentiment analysis of incoming or outgoing emails. It can also conduct a product review analysis with reviews on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery. This feature is extremely useful for gathering product insights and running a comparison with competitor reviews. The final component of's multi-channel feedback collection is data pulled from Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. You can use social data to to measure the efficiency of your organization's customer support.

Customer Experience is well suited for businesses that want to develop a better understanding of the customer journey with thorough data collection and analysis. The platform uses customer experience metrics to transform feedback into actionable insights. The surveys are designed to provide an enhanced brand experience and improve response rates. Those who are interested in adding to their Customer Experience strategy have the option to set up a free meeting with a CX consultant. Features

Survey Format & Appearance Features

  • Supported: Online surveys
  • Supported: Survey library
  • Supported: Themes
  • Supported: Custom logo/branding
  • Supported: Single page survey
  • Supported: Progression bar

Survey Content Features

  • Supported: Multimedia content
  • Supported: Drag-and-drop editor
  • Supported: Changes to live survey
  • Supported: Question bank
  • Supported: Question design help
  • Supported: Multiple question types
  • Supported: Matrix questions
  • Supported: Translation/multi-lingual

Survey Logic Features

  • Supported: Survey logic flexibility
  • Supported: Response requirement/validation
  • Supported: Skip logic
  • Supported: Conditional questions
  • Supported: Randomization

Survey Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Response tracking
  • Supported: Data export
  • Supported: Real-time results
  • Supported: Standard reports
  • Supported: Custom reports
  • Supported: Visualizations
  • Supported: Analytics

Survey Integrations Features

  • Supported: E-commerce integration
  • Supported: Testimonials widget

Survey Automation Features

  • Supported: Notifications and alerts

Survey Distribution Features

  • Supported: In-tool invites
  • Supported: Email distribution
  • Supported: Cross-channel distribution
  • Supported: Custom survey URLs
  • Supported: Site intercept surveys
  • Supported: 360 Degree feedback
  • Supported: Anonymous responses
  • Supported: Unlimited questions per survey
  • Supported: Unlimited responses per survey
  • Supported: Respondent restrictions

Survey Administration & Security Features

  • Supported: Multiple users
  • Supported: Access controls Screenshots

Screenshot of Screenshot of Video

Taking your customer’s opinion into consideration is extremely important in terms of blossoming up your business and improving your products and services. With you can learn from your customers in seconds. Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAustria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine
Supported LanguagesAT, BG, CZ, DE, EN, GE, HU, ID, NL, PL, RO, RU, SK, UA

Frequently Asked Questions is presented by the vendor, Neticle, as a professional survey creator and customer review analyzer. According to Neticle, has analyzed and quantified 14.7 million pieces of feedback for more than 170 clients. starts at $30.33.

SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Typeform are common alternatives for
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