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AppLovin Max
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AppLovin Max


What is AppLovin Max?

MoPub was a mobile ad server owned by Twitter since the September 2013 acquisition, acquired by AppLovin, and now part of the MAX mediation platform. MAX gives users a diverse set of auctions for supply.
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What is AppLovin Max?

MoPub was a mobile ad server owned by Twitter since the September 2013 acquisition, acquired by AppLovin, and now part of the MAX mediation platform. MAX gives users a diverse set of auctions for supply.

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What is AppLovin Max?

MoPub was a mobile ad server owned by Twitter since the September 2013 acquisition, acquired by AppLovin, and now part of the MAX mediation platform. MAX gives users a diverse set of auctions for supply.

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Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used MoPub before AppLovin Max. On the programmatic side of things, it worked perfectly for all of our apps. MoPub/AppLovin Max is used by the monetization team. We're using them to execute programmatically, which is helping us scale our ad revenues. Among all of our mediation platforms, AppLovin Max is the main source of our ad revenues.
  • Lightweight SDK with waterfall setup
  • Large support for every ad format possible
  • Great display of analytics
  • Amazing support team
  • Their take on ad monetization is one size fits all. They should consider treating every app differently instead of treating all apps as gaming apps.
  • eCPM are not comparable to what we were getting from MoPub
  • Not as many levers for the monetization team to pull as we had with MoPub
They have the lowest eCPM of any network. We're using them based on their team's advice, thus their eCPM isn't quite as high as their benchmarks. Since MoPub was retired, we have not seen the same eCPMs as previously, particularly in the US, which was their primary market.
  • A/B testing - experiment with ad formats
  • Growth support
  • Automation on in-app bidding
  • CPMs are very low compared to other mediation partners which has caused a negative impact on our revenue
We've been attempting to make AppLovin Max perform the same way as MoPub had for us. The value we get from AppLovin Max differs from the ROI we get from other mediation platforms. We keep convincing ourselves that AppLovin Max will eventually function similarly to MoPub.
Gabriela Band | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MoPub is being used by the online operations account management team. We are using them to run programmatic campaigns and it is helping us scale our campaigns with quality and being able to reach more users and complete our budgets. They are one of our key partners for the programmatic space.
  • Easy to use platfrom. You can set up QPS management system on your own.
  • They have MoPub Analytics to get inventory stats.
  • Their AM team is very supportive.
  • Their take rate is not transparent, its unclear the margin percentage.
  • Not a lot of premium publishers on the platfrom, mostly gaming.
  • Discrepancies keep arising between impressions served and billing numbers.
MoPub is perfect for US in app campaigns. They are able to offer inventory worldwide, but clearly the US is their home turf and the place where they feel most comfortable. They work well for performance campaigns, but I would not use them for branding purposes. They are very responsive and keep improving their product offering to stay competitive.
  • CPMs are low, CPC are low as well and that increases margin.
  • Take rates are high, reducing ROI
  • It has given us a lot of reach, thus allowing us to complete and deliver existing budgets and win more budgets.
MoPub is focused only on in app inventory and their stronghold is on the US. They created their own mediation platform which gives them advantages over smaller SSPs that do not have their own ad tech stack. However, in order to continue improving they should focus more on APAC and other regions to match Smaato´s offerings.
MoPub's support is really good. Their team is knowledgeable on their product and the programmatic ecosystem in general and they are very helpful. The only 2 things that I would point out would be that their response times are not very fast and that there is a lot of rotation on the account management team.
August 29, 2019

SSP that has your back

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We integrate with MoPub via one of our DSPs. We are using them for the mobile in-app campaigns as that is their strong suit. They have very vast traffic and specifically they have a great variety of publisher verticals as it is not too gaming-focused like many other exchanges. They are very strong in the Latam region and not so much in EMEA.
  • Vast network of publishers, from different verticals
  • Low CPMs which translate into good CPAs
  • Great support team, always eager to help
  • Not a lot of inventory in the EMEA region.
  • Not a lot of high impact formats. Mainly banners and not a lot of interstitials and videos.
  • Reporting tools not very advanced. You can't get a lot of granular details from the tool.
MoPub is very well suited for in-app performance campaigns. They have cheap publishers that are not very well known, so not suitable for branding. I would say their worldwide coverage is very good. They are big in APAC, although they could improve in EMEA. They provide a lot of support material so it is good for advertisers that are new to programmatic and need to learn about it.
  • CPMs are low, which translate into good CPAs and more budgets.
  • Possibility of rebate programs for big volumes can also increase ROI.
  • Lack of clarity on billing numbers reduces profitability for a few months.
MoPub is a great SSP. It is a trusted partner that can help you scale campaigns as well as educate the client about the benefits of programmatic advertising. They have a lot of inventory and a great support team. I wouldn't say they are perfect because reporting is not very good and some billing issues are not as transparent as they should be.
Their support team is very good. They are very knowledgeable and know about their products and the programmatic market as a whole. They are not the fastest team in customer support, but they make it up in service. They are willing to do marketing initiatives to evangelize programmatic among advertisers and that is a big plus for a strategic partner.
MoPub is an SSP that can help you explain the benefits (and hurdles) of programmatic advertising to the client and that is a big help in markets that are not very developed. Other exchanges are too big and they don't put a lot of focus on customer service but MoPub is different and that is very important for us.
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