TrustRadius Grantmaking Review 2018We use Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly GIFTS Online) to manage a funding program, including: all aspects of database and contact management, grantee reporting; our internal (staff and board) and external (funder) reporting; online applications; reviewer portal; budgeting, allocating and tracking grant disbursements. We utilize Blueprint for further ability to customize according to our needs. We disburse grants to individuals and organizations. It provides clarity in tracking project deadlines, completed and outstanding projects, financial tracking by project, contacts (and associated applications) as well as project and program outcomes. We used to rely on more paper and multiple programs / databases to manage this information piecemeal when the program was smaller, but this was not efficient when the program kept expanding. The data management and reporting functions are great at managing and extracting the information we require.,Pulling information from the online application portal into the main database Automating requirement and deadline reminders to grantees and relevant reports to specific staff members Applications and reporting functions are highly customizable,Because it is so complex it is not very intuitive to learn at the beginning - trying to align our workflow with the modules was challenging at first because we didn't have a full understanding of the capabilities of the software. When these is functionality we need which is not obvious, usually support can figure it out, but sometimes they say "no, but that is a great idea, post it to the community as a suggestion". If it is a great idea, why can they not just pass it along internally or post it? Taking the time to post to the community and / or search to see if my needs are already posted to the community so I can up-vote is not a good use of my time. Often I can't find the time to do it. I do appreciate that they are responsive and do make suggested changes, but this process is time consuming (reading through numerous posts) and unwieldy. Support people are very good, but would like to have access to them until 6 pm pacific time. The cost is prohibitive. We were hoping that the move from paper and multiple platforms into one online platform would lessen the time spent on admin (helping to offset the cost), but implementation has taken us longer than anticipated (we are a small org. with no dedicated IT staff). Some tasks are definitely more streamlined, and we definitely have a better overall handle on data management, tracking grant finances, deadlines and reporting, but sometimes it seems like some admin work has just been replaced with different work, such as: database management and providing support for the applicants / grantees. I think this may improve somewhat over time, but each year there will always be a certain amount of program changes to implement / program and new applicants to walk through the online portal submission process (including requirements and reporting) so time spent on this work will remain.,8,Value for money Features and functions Product reputation References from peers Ability to track and measure grant outcomes and impact,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Reduced time spent on proposal review Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better collaboration with grant applicants Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization,Best practices has been very helpful,Better data collection / security Better access to relevant information through collection and reporting processes. Better overall accountability.,SmartSimple GMS360,Sage 50 Accounting, Microsoft AccessBlackbaud Grantmaking is a comprehensive grants processing tool I would recommend to any nonprofit accountable for more than 100 grants annually.It is being used by our organization to manage our grant-making process from inquiry to reporting on grants awarded.,Easy to export data into multiple applications for various reports and requests. Mobile app for access to records in the field. The help desk is responsive.,Would like to be able to print letters, envelopes, giving histories directly from the organization's record versus switching to reports, queries or creating a template...too many steps. History of giving prints from first to last and this cannot be changed. I have to export to Excel and re-sort by most recent date.,9,Blackbaud's investments in research & development Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team User interface Features and functions Blackbaud SKY technology strategy Implementation team/process Product reputation References from peers Blackbaud's reach across the entire social good community Ability to track and measure grant outcomes and impact Ability to integrate with other Blackbaud products,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Reduced time spent on proposal review Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better organizational effectiveness Greater interoperability with other technology solutions,N/A,N/A,QuickBooks OnlineBlackbaud Grantmaking ReviewUsed by all staff. It is a tool that helps us manage our grantmaking activities.,Grant application information Grant review and approval process Grant monitoring Grant payments Track outcomes Document manager Contact management,Document manager needs folder structure You must check out a document to update and then re-post the document to the document manager when completed. Often you mail merge a document using Blackbaud Grantmaking, but to tweak it you need to save it elsewhere and the upload to the document manager. There is no notification given if 2 users are updating the same record except when the 2nd user tries to save their work. Portal for grant seekers could be more user friendly. Connecting the Blackbaud Grantmaking email to Outlook would help. Blackbaud has made improvements in this area. If I send an email from Blackbaud Grantmaking it does not show up in my Outlook sent messages.,10,Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team User interface,Reduced time spent on proposal review Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better organizational effectiveness,We have not benefited other Blackbaud solutions at this time but may in the future.,ROI has been positive, the cost has been offset by less staff time needed during the review process as well as better documentation and reporting options. Our process flow has improved with the dashboards. As one staff member finishes an activity the dashboard provides a vehicle to move it to the next staff person.,Gifts Classic,QuickBooks Pro, Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat DC,7,1,Efficiency, saves time for program staff, grantees, grant seeker Using technology instead of people to complete a task.,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Prior Experience with the Product Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,Would not change.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,No issues encountered during implementation.,No,10,Yes,Blackbaud went beyond the scope of services when we transferred from Gifts Alta to Blackbaud Grantmaking. The Team assigned to us was amazing.,Dashboards are very easy to use. Grant payments/reporting Approval process,Online applications and requirements can be cumbersome. Some of this may be due to frequency of designing new forms. Different login for templates Document manager can become cumbersome. Adding folders to document manager would be useful.,Yes, but I don't use it,10GrantingWe are a charitable foundation that gives grants to other not-for-profit entities. We track our annual giving, giving categories, and QD for our foundation. Monthly reports and annual reports are supplied to IRS with our 990.,Reports are fairly easy to create ad-hoc items for your own accounting needs. Being able to categorize grants, areas, etc., allows for more reporting capabilities.,Reporting is odd because they clear your search fields each time so refining a report to get the information you're are looking to show can be frustrating... Old original GIFTS did this much better. Screens in online do not put curser in the first cell so you can tab....,7,Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team User interface Features and functions Ability to integrate with other Blackbaud products,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results,QuickBooks ProBlackbaud Grantmaking - very functional, but not integratedOur foundation uses Blackbaud Grantmaking to manage our charitable grants throughout the entire process from application to review to award and reporting. As Grants Manager, I consider myself the "power user" of Blackbaud Grantmaking. In addition, our two program officers and an admin assistant use Blackbaud Grantmaking. Using Blackbaud Grantmaking has enabled our foundation to transition from hard copy applications to a paperless process and also to paperless Board of Directors meetings through use of PDFs from Blackbaud Grantmaking for use on their iPads. I also use the tools in Blackbaud Grantmaking to create custom dashboards for each user which has been very helpful for the program officers to see only the requests/grants that are their responsibility. The Blackbaud Grantmaking tools also help me in creating informative reports and graphics using the data reported from our grantees.,Our foundation's program officers find the Blackbaud Grantmaking customizable dashboards very useful in focusing on the grants under their portfolio and filtering out other grants. Our foundation uses the Blackbaud Grantmaking document management tools to create large PDFs for use in Board of Directors meetings so that the meetings are paperless and the members use only their iPads. Our foundation uses the Blackbaud Grantmaking charting tools to create informative reports using the data reported to us by our grantees.,It would be great if Blackbaud Grantmaking could seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook so that contacts, email correspondence and calendar items are all updated with the same data and therefore eliminate the need for duplicate entry. For example, a grant requirement due date would automatically be added to the associated user's calendar. It would be great if Blackbaud Grantmaking could seamlessly integrate with the foundation's accounting software, Quickbooks. Currently, we have to make entries into Blackbaud Grantmaking and then duplicate those entries into the accounting software. Blackbaud Grantmaking is also missing functionality when it comes to online applications related to requests that are already in Blackbaud Grantmaking. For instance, our foundation creates a request in Blackbaud Grantmaking before we actually receive an application from the grantee. We assign a status of "Anticipated" to those requests and the program officers often record activities (site visits, meetings, phone calls) and attach documents (emails, general info) to the request before inviting an application from the grantee. When the grantee eventually submits an application, Blackbaud Grantmaking doesn't allow us to attach the application to the existing request and instead creates a new requests. We then are forced to manually transfer and/or recreate all the activities and documents from the existing request to the new request. Then we delete the existing request. This missing functionality creates extra work for me.,8,Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team Features and functions Product reputation,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization Greater interoperability with other technology solutions,Our foundation is a public charity and not only awards grants, but also receives donations and uses a Blackbaud product, eTapestry, to manage donor information. It would be great if Blackbaud Grantmaking and eTapestry could be integrated. Currently, we run them separately and have to manually reconcile information.,Nothing comes to mind.,good done great and foundant,QuickBooks Premier, eTapestry, Microsoft Office 2016, Dropbox, Nitro Cloud,4,1,Blackbaud Grantmaking allows us to have all the grant-related information in one online resource accessible through the internet to all staff no matter where they are located. Blackbaud Grantmaking has allowed us to have a 90% paperless process. Community organizations apply and report to us through online forms and we use the system to create electronic meeting materials. We still issue paper checks. Blackbaud Grantmaking's dashboard feature allows us to create personalized dashboards for each user. The personalized dashboards allow users to focus on the grants assigned to them and not be confused or distracted by other unnecessary data.,We use the system for the purposes it was designed.,In the future, our organization could add the Budget and A/P features to streamline the process even more and move to electronic payments.,8,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Existing Relationship with the Vendor,I wouldn't change anything in the evaluation and selection process.,Yes,Change management was minimal,Downtime during data migration can be frustrating, but it's a necessary part of the process and you have to just wait it out. There were some missing records immediately after implementation, but Blackbaud was able to resolve that issue quickly. Those missing documents did make me a little less confident in the rest of the data which led me to do a lot more random record checks than I had planned. Fortunately, those random checks didn't turn up any other issues and helped restore my trust in the data.,9,No,9,No,On one occasion, I accidentally deleted a grant record in the system. I contacted Support and they were able to reset the online application so that I could pull it into the system again and recreate the deleted information. When I accidentally deleted the record, I thought that it was truly permanent and I wasn't sure that Support could "undo" my mistake. I was very relieved that the could get the information back for me.,It's easy to accept online applications and have grant records automatically created from the application. It's easy to manage a grant record in the system from application to approval to payment and reporting. Blackbaud Grantmaking makes it easy to manage the multitude of documents related to each grant record or organization record. Blackbaud Grantmaking's personalized dashboards make it easy for individual staff members to focus on their assigned grants without having to sort through other unrelated records.,Customizing and formatting Blackbaud Grantmaking's standard and ad hoc reports is not easy. I typically avoid using the system's reports and instead export my data to Excel and manipulate and format the data manually. Blackbaud Grantmaking does not allow users to attach a grant application to an existing grant request in the system. We are forced to use a work around which includes manually moving documents and recreating coding data. Casual users of the system find the advanced search feature very complex and not user friendly.,Yes,8Tracking Philanthropy in a sundowning FoundationI manage our Annual giving by using Blackbaud Grantmaking. It is a way for me to compile and track all our grants in one cohesive platform. Blackbaud Grantmaking allows us to share our grant making amongst the various members of a philanthropic family. It compares and collates data across the multi-faceted and multi-generational grantmaking initiatives.,Blackbaud Grantmaking is great for streaming an electronic database of files and records as they relate to our charitable giving. Blackbaud Grantmaking allows me to access my database from everywhere and anywhere I am. Blackbaud Grantmaking helps me track 30 years of Philanthropic Giving in one cohesive platform which is accessible to me and to all the users. Blackbaud Grantmaking allows us to track the cross generational grantmaking of many family members,I would love it if there were live Chats for when I run into problems I would love to have an instant chat function when approaching the help desk,9,Expertise of Blackbaud team Blackbaud SKY technology strategy Product reputation,Better reporting capabilities Greater transparency across the organization,While I appreciate all the incredible work that Blackbaud does in the area of philanthropy, I regret that I do not have the time to make use of all the capabilities and networks which it offers for improvement. I do appreciate receiving the very regular communications with Blackbaud regarding webinars and support circles and environment. Although I haven't had the opportunity to attend any of the online best-practice and social good updates - I certainly hope to use these features in the near future. The contact friendly reminders are great!,Blackbaud Grantmaking allows me to keep my bosses and supervisors well apprised of our grant making in a timely and effective manner. That overall improves our 'business' objectives,Microsoft Dynamics GP,4,1,We use the product to track grantmaking across Canada, the United States and Israel We use the product to host an electronic record-keeping - filing cabinet for the organization We use the platform to be able to access our grantmaking information remotely from our mobile devices,I use the platform to connect my colleagues from North America and Israel on a like-minded platform I can access and evaluate the status of a grantee on all the watch lists and websites which track a charity's status (Guidestar and the CRA website) I use the platform as an electronic filing cabinet!,I hope that with improved mobile device uses - I can seamlessly use the platform with my mobile device and at home on my laptop I hope that the report features are more user friendly and that I no longer need to call the help desk for report writing assistance,9,Yes,Product Features Existing Relationship with the Vendor,I think that one must do their homework when choosing a grant management software which accurately reflects their organizations needs. I feel that one should have the confidence and support when ultimately making an informed decision about which products software should be purchased. That being said, I have no regrets when choosing MicroEdge and now Blackbaud Grantmaking and would always be willing to act as a reference to prospective buyers of the software.,No,7,Yes,There was a report that I needed to prepare for an important meeting being held at our company head-office in New York. I was at a loss as to how to prepare. When I called tech support, I was ever so lucky to get a wonderful support agent who stayed with me for well OVER an hour and supported my requests and helped me prepare the reports seamlessly. In fact, I had to leave for the day as I had children to pick up at school and could not miss my train home and the customer support rep insisted on completing the report to my satisfaction on HIS OWN and sent me the clear go ahead when I got in to the office the next day! Was stellar support and confirmed that the company really took the time to care for my needs!Blackbaud Grantmaking for Multiple Funding SourcesBlackbaud Grantmaking is used by our Philanthropic Services department to manage the grantmaking activities of our foundation clients. We use Blackbaud Grantmaking to: Manage the processing of all grant applications (using the IGAM module);Manage written and email communications with applicants and grantees;Track and schedule and record payments;Set reminders for critical tasks;Generate custom reports for our clients.Blackbaud Grantmaking is the only product we know of that allows us to manage the grantmaking processes from multiple funders simultaneously.,Custom reporting: in addition to providing many standard reports, Blackbaud Grantmaking makes it very easy to create and save custom reports. Writing effective queries is simple and requires no knowledge of SQL (though you have an option to write SQL queries if you prefer). Robust template system: Blackbaud Grantmaking's Document Template Manager greatly facilitates our written communications with applicants. Approval/decline letters, check letters, and proposal summaries are just a few of the documents we generate on a daily basis, and unlike some other systems we've used, you don't have to export the data from Blackbaud Grantmaking before using it in a mail merge document. The Document Template Manager integrates with Microsoft Word. Managing multiple funding sources: We have over a dozen foundation clients who have supported hundreds of organizations over the years. Blackbaud Grantmaking makes it very simple to keep the client data separated, even when multiple clients are contributing to the same organizations. Blackbaud Grantmaking is a budget-friendly document management system. We have documents associated with organizations (e.g., IRS letters), individual grant requests (applications, budgets, approval letters, etc.), requirements (grant evaluations and reports), and payments (check letters) and it is very easy to save and search for these documents when they are needed. Blackbaud Grantmaking makes is easy to keep everything where it belongs (and move documents when you misfile them).,The existing portal for applicants to submit online applications (IGAM) is too confusing for them. Instead of logging in through one link, they must use follow one link to begin a new application and a second link to view or resume working on their in-progress applications. Submitting progress reports and grant evaluations through IGAM is also very limited in its usefulness. Users can only upload attachments of completed forms. Ideally, Blackbaud Grantmaking would allow users to create online forms for grantees to fill out. Responses could then populate fields in a database table that could, in turn, be used in conjunction with the report generator and document templates.,10,Value for money Features and functions Product reputation,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Reduced time spent on proposal review Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better collaboration with grant applicants Better organizational effectiveness,We have not take advantage of any of these offerings yet.,Blackbaud Grantmaking allowed us to increase efficiency and provide more services to our clients than we had been able prior to implementing it. It has increased our capacity at every stage of the grantmaking process.,,Adobe Acrobat DC, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Illustrator CCUsing Blackbaud Grantmaking at a Family FoundationI use Blackbaud Grantmaking (BG) to manage and track our grantmaking process from proposal invitation to close-out, including document/email generation, internal workflow management, board reports, and deliverable follow-up. I'm able to track the status of every application and grant. Our program assistants use BG to update the program directors on their grants, find contacts, and generate documents. Our program directors look up various types of information in BG.,Easy to create and modify coding as your processes or programs change over time Connects to GuideStar for tax-exempt status confirmation; the update info feeds directly into the database Very convenient and easy to use OFAC and other terrorist watchlist checking,Needs to be browser agnostic - full functionality in any browser on any system End reliance on Silverlight - needs to be a browser-based product you can use from any device with an internet connection Ability to add attachments to emails generated from templates More robust reporting functionality - I notice that some fields are not available for searching,7,Blackbaud's investments in research & development Value for money Features and functions,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization,We have not yet benefited from this but we don't use Blackbaud Grantmaking to its full capacity yet. As we move into accepting online proposals and reporting, and tracking outcomes in the system, I think we would see more benefit from Blackbaud's collaboration with organizations that receive grants. I'd also like to eventually integrate with our accounting system.,Blackbaud Grantmaking is more expensive than the Essential GIFTS product we were using, but it enabled us to move away from a paper due diligence tracking system so that I and our program staff know the exact status of an application without having to be in the office looking at a piece of paper The percentage-based coding allows me to provide more accurate reporting on geographical areas and populations reached so our program staff can use that data to monitor trends in their grantmaking and determine whether they are being responsive to the priorities of our board,fluxx, smartsimple, foundant and CyberGrants,Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks Online, SlackHow Blackbaud Grantmaking Can Be a Gift to YouBlackbaud Grantmaking is only used in our grants department and one fund area as limited access to it. It addresses the problems of reaching out to grantees who are getting grants, and forgetting to report on the grants they have made. It aids the Finance department when it audit time as the software used allows a 990 format that is quick and easy to process.,We like to create our own numbering system and Blackbaud Grantmaking allows us that flexibility. When we were having issues with items being in numerical order the tech support was amazing. Creating your own forms is very important for us. We have several different donors and we have a grant application form and a report form for each one. They are easy to create as well as update and access. Alternative ways to hunt for information. I can access a grant by the organization name, project name, grant number or even the name of the person who submitted the grant application. This is critical in a case where the program officer has a nickname for the grant (you can include that as well in the profile) and can't remember anything else.,For months I have had a report that cannot be opened because of some kind of error. Support has tried but it is something that remains on my system despite efforts to remove and open it. I know it is there so I work around it because Blackbaud Grantmaking has so much more to offer We cannot always help grantees get back the information they have saved on their applications. Many get frustrated when having to start over because they expected the grants administrator to be able to see what they have already submitted. While it protects the information of the grantee so that it cannot be changed by the grant maker, it create considerable difficulty for busy grantees who must start over again I am not sure about this, that it does or doesn't exits, but it would be great to be able to download signed grant agreements into the system. I believe can add reports that were not submitted online but I have never been trained how to do it. I would love the ability to scan signed checks into Blackbaud Grantmaking so that I can reference them. Checks do not go out from my Blackbaud Grantmaking account but from our finance department.,10,Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team User interface Features and functions Product reputation Ability to track and measure grant outcomes and impact,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better collaboration with grant applicants Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization,We have not accessed any of these.,It has given us the ability to make grants faster. Example: one donor wanted applications to 50 grantees in a short period of time. Even with other items of work on my agenda, having to research where at least 30% of these grantees were since this was their first time getting a grant and going back and finding other ways to contact these grantees- old and new- when the people were not longer at the organization, it got done by me alone in less than two days. Blackbaud Grantmaking allows us to keep track of everything from how many times a grant has been given to an organization as well as the amount donors have given. Because of Blackbaud Grantmaking I can create a grant and process letters for payments faster than I can get a check for the grantee, thus making it harder on the finance office to keep up with what I am doing.,None,Windows Server, Microsoft AccessBlackbaud Grantmaking User ReviewWe are a Family Foundation and we utilize Blackbaud Grantmaking to maintain and track the organization's applications, payments, requirements and overall life-cycle of a contract. It is mandatory that all our operating agreements go through Blackbaud Grantmaking from inception to conclusion. We are an invitation only foundation so we send out applications to organizations that we would like to partner with for specific projects. At the end of the day, every aspect of the life cycle of the agreement goes through Blackbaud Grantmaking.,Online Applications- Being able to send out applications to partners has allowed us to minimize confusion and allowed us to obtain detailed organization information faster. Reporting- Able to house all information in one location which helps with tracking progress of a request and pulling out detailed data . Accessibility- With Blackbaud Grantmaking being a cloud base database, I can access it from anywhere. Tracking Payments- All of our payments are tied to requirements which allows us to easily track if it has been fulfilled to initiate payment. Modifying information (specifically coding)- The foundation adds and modifies coding frequently and its very easy to make those changes in Blackbaud Grantmaking.,Requirements/Payments- Sometimes when we input consulting agreements into the system there is no payment schedule. The system does not allow to attach a submitted requirements with the new payment. Tabs- Sometimes it becomes overwhelming when you click into a request to upload or modify it and tabs appear on the bottom after every click. I do think this system could modify that. Workflow- Our staff would like an easier way to be able to know when it is their turn in our foundation process. We have heard that this would be a feature but we are still waiting for it. Blackbaud Grantmaking levels- You can only share if another user has the same permissions as you. It has become a problem when trying to share certain dashboards with individuals.,8,User interface Features and functions Implementation team/process Product reputation,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better collaboration with grant applicants Better organizational effectiveness,We use Blueprint and online applications as of now. We have received quotes for other products but the foundation decided at that time not to move forward with those. Maybe in the near future when we expand we will re-evaluate certain Blackbaud products and utilize them. I do think we could utilize some of Blackbaud's other products, but the foundation would need to sit down and map out how we would utilize it and how it would benefit the organization.,I cannot provide information on this since I do not know.,,GIFTS OnlineFaithful user since 2007My organization uses Blackbaud Grantmaking for the full lifecycle management of our contracts/grants. The system is used by 20 programmatic staff, out of 50 total staff. There are some gaps, in terms of utilizing an automated workflow, but for standard grant/contract agreements the system design is great. 1. Invitation to Apply Process i. Utilize an invitation only process ii. Receive applications via the online application module -Submit the online application checklist to trigger the development of the application (internal process outside of Blackbaud Grantmaking) -Develop and test the online application, then issue to the contract manager for distribution to potential partners -Download the completed application, confirm the correct coding and files -Review the narrative request, budget and related attachments iii. Track status of pending applications 2. Develop the Contract/Agreement i. Generate the contract template from Blackbaud Grantmaking and it prepopulates: -Contact information of the partner, -Payment schedule, -Requirement schedule, -Coding (budget, geographic, service area, etc.) ii. Use the Document Template Manager to ensure that the legal language of the contract remains consistent, unless a ‘redlined’ contract with proposed changes is indicated iii. Review, finalize and print the contract for signatures 3. Manage Contract Requirements i. Input full schedule of contract deliverables into BG ii. Utilize the online reporting feature to allow service providers/grantees to submit their reports via the online portal iii. Track status of receipt and approvals iv. Tie attachments and narrative reports to the request record v. Upload subsequent analysis of the progress of the project to BG 4. Manage Contract Payments i. Input full schedule of payments into BG ii. Track status of payments and approvals iii. Generate the payment cover sheet from BG and it prepopulates: -Payment schedule, -Actual payments processed, -Contingent requirement(s), -Coding (budget, geographic, service area, etc.) iv. Copy of the check is manually uploaded to payment tab in BG5. Closeout i. Determine final payout (or need of a credit memo to deobligate the remaining balance) ii. Confirm that all requirements have been fulfilled and corresponding analysis has been uploaded iii. Generate the form from BG and submit to Finance iv. Update BG and mark the record ‘Completed’,Online application and reporting - having an online portal for submission of applications and reports from our partners is extremely helpful and minimizes confusion Direct link between contract/grant requirements and payments - all of our payments are tied to deliverables and we want to easily confirm that they have been fulfilled Widespread usage - I know a number of other Foundations that use the system and can easily share tips and tricks. I also find the customer service to be extremely helpful.,We're awaiting the functionality regarding an automated workflow. Staff would like to be automatically guided to the next step. The version control for documents is tricky and I recommend staff not use it. If they need a shared space to finalize the scope of work for a project, etc. we use SharePoint, then upload the final version to Blackbaud Grantmaking. For a casual user, the layout and way that records are connected can be confusing. We recommend having a power user planted in every program area, to guide those on their team that have access, but get frustrated with simple tasks.,9,Value for money Expertise of Blackbaud team User interface Features and functions Product reputation References from peers Blackbaud's reach across the entire social good community,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization,Well, we use Blueprint and the online applications and reporting. I think the cost for additional users and additional Blackbaud solutions may be cost prohibitive. We have received quotes for additional products that we will not consider at this time.,I cannot provide an estimated ROI for our Blackbaud Grantmaking usage,granted GE,Cvent Event Management, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365Blackbaud Grantmaking ReviewBlackbaud Grantmaking is used throughout our company's service footprint for our overall charitable giving program administration. Blackbaud Grantmaking enables us to organize, track and provide reporting information measuring impact and population demographics of organizations and nonprofits we support.,Provides a robust tracking system Integrates well with Microsoft Outlook Customizable reporting capability,Customer Support/Help Desk process is cumbersome. (Majority of communications is via e-mail with a delayed, untimely response). Integration with Blackbaud has been more complex than anticipated and has caused technical difficulties for not only clients but also grant applicants (users). Clients and applicants have also experience system slowness. Several administrative rights were removed when we migrated to Blackbaud Outcomes without advanced communications.,5,User interface Features and functions Implementation team/process Ability to track and measure grant outcomes and impact,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better collaboration with grant applicants Greater transparency across the organization,Our organization is still too early in the Blackbaud relationship to respond to this question at this time.,User interface and reporting is favorable Applicant experience is not satisfactory,,Microsoft Office 365Love BG but don't like the lack of support from Blackbaud.BG is the grantmaking software our organization utilizes to maintain records and manage grants. We also use IGAM as our online application process.,Very user friendly. Lots of users to collaborate with.,User support, particularly with user conferences. Microedge used to have a great conference for users but after the merge with Blackbaud, I no longer attend because the conference has very little content for BG users.,7,Product reputation References from peers,Reduced time spent on administrative tasks Better reporting capabilities Better able to communicate grantmaking activities and results Better collaboration with grant applicants Better collaboration with grant Better organizational effectiveness Greater transparency across the organization,We have not utilized any other Blackbaud products and do not intend to do so.,It has had a positive effect on productivity.,,QuickBooks Premier
Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly GIFTS Online)
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Blackbaud Grantmaking
35 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101

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Blackbaud Grantmaking (formally GIFTS Online) is part of Blackbaud’s extensive portfolio of innovative software, services, data intelligence and expertise that powers social good. Blackbaud Grantmaking delivers grantmaking capabilities configured to meet your needs, and improves your efficiency with personalized online grant applications and report forms, personalized user dashboards, and simplified financial processing tools. By providing access to giving data, including standard, advanced, and ad hoc reporting tools, Blackbaud Grantmaking also allows you to measure, understand, and improve your results. In addition, Blackbaud Grantmaking allows funders to become actively involved in the Foundation Center’s Glasspockets initiative with Grant reporting capabilities, allowing for greater collaboration and more impactful giving. If your organization’s goal is to provide guidance, transparency, and accountability throughout the grantmaking cycle, then Blackbaud Grantmaking is the only solution to meet your needs.

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Blackbaud Grantmaking Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported Countries:All countries
Supported Languages: English (US), English (British), Welsh, Spanish, French, Portuguese