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What is by Genesys? is an AI sales assistant and chatbot featuring dynamic lead nurturance and lead qualification process support, meeting scheduling, two-way conversation via chat, and other features.

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What is by Genesys? is an AI sales assistant and chatbot featuring dynamic lead nurturance and lead qualification process support, meeting scheduling, two-way conversation via chat, and other features.

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What is Conversica?

Conversica provides lead management software for marketing, inside sales and sales groups.

What is Oracle Digital Assistant?

The Oracle Autonomous Digital Assistant PaaS supports building and deploying mobile apps, digital assistants, and intelligent chatbots.

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Product Details

What is by Genesys? is a Conversational AI Platform that helps augment marketing and sales capabilities and processes through conversation automation to capture, engage, converse, qualify, and schedule meetings with leads at scale, with a personalized, two-way conversation over Email, Website Chat, and SMS. ​ helps users discover revenue opportunities with existing pipeline, provide prospects a better experience, and more time for sales and marketing teams to focus on doing the most impactful work such as building relationships with prospects, having meaningful conversations, and closing deals. ​ integrates with the user's CRM and marketing automation platform to nurture existing leads to revive, re-engage and nurture neglected leads from the CRM with human-like conversations to maximize marketing efforts and lower CAC.

It also automatically updates a CRM and marketing automation platform with the latest lead status when leads are qualified, change jobs, leave the company, not the right person, or ask to be contacted at a later time.

The vendor boasts companies such as Elkem, On24, LTSE, SugarCRM, and Hearst as users

Businesses use for:

  1. Inbound lead follow up - Immediately respond to and follow-up with incoming leads
  2. Convert website visitors into leads via chatbot
  3. Qualify leads (MQLs) - Verify a lead's intent and qualify before handing it to sales
  4. Sales touched but unresponsive - Follow-up after a rep has attempted outreach but the lead has been unresponsive.
  5. Activation of cold/dormant leads - Initiate contact with prospects that previously expressed interest
  6. Upsell - Reach out to freemium users to identify if they are ready to converse with a human rep
  7. Low scoring and recently engaged leads - Reach out to leads that recently engaged in low-scoring, first-touch activities like content syndication, social media etc by Genesys Video

Learn all about how helps companies boost their sales funnel. AI-Powered Sales Assistant that works alongside your reps to identify and secure customers faster and more efficiently by automatically contacting, engaging, following-up and qualifying leads via natural, two-way conversations. by Genesys Competitors by Genesys Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions is an AI sales assistant and chatbot featuring dynamic lead nurturance and lead qualification process support, meeting scheduling, two-way conversation via chat, and other features.

Conversica,, and Saleswhale are common alternatives for by Genesys.

The most common users of by Genesys are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Exceed.AI has helped our company scale by providing an effective solution to manage a large volume of consumer interest. During the past two years, demand for our products and how our company conducts business has more than doubled, to a point where it would be overwhelming for our teams to adequately communicate with every customer at the timing that best suited each customer. allows our team to focus on the most responsive and ready to purchase customers, while still maintaining communication and interest with those that will soon be ready to work with us. In addition, the customer experience we receive from is top-tier. Their team is proactive in providing best use practices and continually reviewing our partnership in order to better optimize the platform to fit our needs.
  • Sales Development
  • Long-term follow up
  • Post-purchase follow up
  • Excellent customer service
  • Better industry knowledge, especially in automotive retail
  • More integrations
  • Continual AI improvement is great for sales development, long-term follow-up, and post-purchase follow-up. This platform is not a "set it and forget it" AI solution, nor should it be. works well if you understand what questions and concerns your customers will have, and you need to have solid sales processes defined in order to get the most out of using
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The tool has been useful for our marketing team as it has helped reduce the amount of time and resources that need to be dedicated to specific manual tasks. The tool has been especially useful for helping with our recruitment process by providing a conversational system that can cover the most basic support for potential students without the need for dedicated staff to get involved with relatively simple problems.
  • Easy to use
  • Customisable
  • "Realistic" customer engagement
  • Though customisable, it is not the most intuitive and can take a while to setup appropriately for your organisation
  • It can be slow to pull in new inputs and it is difficult to integrate into other systems such as CRMs
  • A bit pricey compared to other options
This product is suitable if you are looking to implement sales enablement, customer engagement, or general marketing automation, especially if you need 24/7 support to be in place. Though the functionality for email marketing is in place, it is often slow at releasing emails and the process of setting this up can be quite laborious.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We looked into several Virtual Assistant services before trying and found that Exceed was a top contender for our use case (providing a human-like virtual chat experience to help drive customers from a "lead" to a "sale" with as minimal human support during the process). We've found that using human agents does provide a great customer experience, but required 24/7 staffing and having fully trained (and paid) agents at all times. Using a Virtual Assistant (with human-like responses) would allow us to help drive potential leads into qualified leads that our live agents would be better focused on.
  • Customer engagement. Having a "human-like" response rather than a typical automated response drives engagement and lets customers feel that they're dealing with a more personal company.
  • The ability to pre-qualify leads before handing them off to a live sales agent (rather than having the sales agent qualify them).
  • We found that the virtual service met all of our specific needs during testing. is helpful when a business wants to offer a 24/7 live service without live-staffing during that time, allowing the live staff to only focus on the pre-qualified leads (pre-qualified through Exceed's service). For example, if we can only assist a group of qualified customers who meet specific conditions, allowing Exceed to pre-qualify them may mean that 50% are qualified and 50% are not qualified, allowing our live sales agents to focus on the 50% who have already been qualified.
Deepak Kumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Incentivized is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant tool that improves productivity and organization of users by providing customized information based on the user's needs and preferences. It uses various natural language processing software to ensure maximum accuracy, clarity, and speed of answers, thus making it an optimal choice for rapid business decision-making.
  • Easy to use.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Provides customized information.
  • Integration with CRM is a bit difficult.
  • Has some preset limitations.
  • Less flexibility. is a smart assistant tool developed on the Chatbox platform, where users can easily use custom commands to get the daily task done by the tool. Also, it is an intelligent virtual assistant that learns from your behavior and recommends what you might like or need in the future. It is highly recommended by me to others.
Philipp Pettit | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User offers unique features and functionality. We typically connect it with our databases and platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot (among others). It has intuitive UX/UI, easy setup, and I can schedule meetings via my calendar (Microsoft Outlook) and accurately follow up. It is highly scalable and flexible, it facilitates fluid conversations in real-time with other people, it helps us to generate clients and increase new opportunities. A/B tests do not allow you to improve and obtain better results.
  • A/B tests.
  • The interface is clean and intuitive.
  • Intuitive AI.
  • SMS
  • Meetings can be scheduled directly in the calendar using integrations or calendar apps like Calendly.
  • Its price seems very excessive to me. works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a very powerful platform, suitable for anyone who wants to implement it to schedule meetings or conversations via live website chat and email, although it has to be mentioned that it is ideal for sales and marketing teams, noting that it connects to many CRM tools.
Luis Alcalá | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Thanks to this software we have been able to provide our customers with a better service, as we have been able to implement chatbots on our website and guide users to an effective sales process. It is allowing us to select potential customers from those who are not and in this way our agents will be able to close sales.
  • It allows us to capture leads through email or visitors coming to the company's website.
  • We have been able to occupy our sales agents in closing business, while the software gets the data from potential customers through surveys, questions and forms.
  • The software naturally strikes up conversations with customers, allowing us to learn about their interests in products and leading them down the path to purchase.
  • It can be a bit complicated to set up and adapt to the company. It took us a while to adapt to the software due to the complexity of its functions and tools.
  • It can be a bit slow to pull in customer data and the chat on the page makes it cumbersome.
  • It takes a considerable amount of time to set up questions so that the system knows how to handle the customer and this process must be reviewed from time to time for it to be effective.
This software will greatly help the entire marketing and sales team of the company. In our company we have been able to streamline the work, serve more customers and close many more sales, because we put the human staff to close the deals and exceed is responsible for capturing new customers.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Automate lead qualification processes through conversational AI, integrated with CRM to streamline sales funnel. Nurture the leads by leads follow-up to guide leads through the funnel. Using the in-suite tool like meeting schedules to set up sales meetings.
  • Lead qualification.
  • Personalization
  • AI
  • CRM Native Integration.
  • AI bot reachout can create confusion to owner of lead.
  • Quite tedious to send an email.
We are able to achieve what we wanted from Exceed, that without it we would not be able to set up as many sales meetings. It helped the sales representatives with tedious tasks so they can focus on other priorities. Another important aspect is to capture the reasons for dropping on the leads that do not follow through with the sales. We were able to create an umber of sequences without a limitation according to the workflow and use cases that we desire.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a part of sales outreach, we try to reach as many potential clients as possible. For obvious resource crunch, you cannot reach everyone personally. So this helps in reaching out. Their customer success team is also extremely helpful and willing to put in the extra time in order to make sure the platform works for your organization.
  • Their customer team is also extremely helpful and willing to put extra time in order to ensure the platform works for your organization.
  • automatically updates your CRM and marketing automation platform with the latest lead status.
  • It can be deployed in Cloud, SaaS, Web-based.
  • Conversations could be better and customized.
  • Takes too much time to send an email.
  • Too many steps required to start working with the platform.'s ability to handle mass outreach to a large number of people at once. With a single press of a button, the AI virtual assistant may start a conversation with many prospects. Which is a great feature. The software worked well with our existing CRM, allowing us to re-engage contacts that had been neglected.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used to get a lot of leads and it was not possible with human interaction to cater to all the leads we were getting through the website. So we explored the product if it can handle and eliminate the non-qualified leads. And it works as it states, you just need to feed it with all the data and it works wonder after that.
  • Making conversations same as humans.
  • Available all the time 24*7.
  • Integration with the CRM.
  • The integration was a bit tough, could be made easy
  • Using the product itself requires some depth knowledge of converations which not every one possess
It is well suited if you get a lot of inquiries from your website. It helps to know which ones are qualified and should invest time in and which ones are not so one should not waste time on them.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our sales team has been overwhelmed by the increase in customers since the pandemic began. We're using in our sales department for follow-up with prospective customers. We have a few different types of outreach that helps us accomplish. New prospective customers are having weekly outreach through for a series of 6-12 months that we've customized based on the type of prospect we are speaking with. It helps our sales team focus on active prospects and allows older prospects to still have outreach. We love it!
  • Customer service is great
  • Prospective customer outreach
  • Prompt responses and feedback
  • Working out time zone issues
  • Sometimes the outreach happens too often or there are duplicates
  • Phone call outreach - we currently use email and text
Exceed is great for constant outreach to your prospective customers. We were able to customize the outreach based on the type of lead and it's been working very well for our company. If you need help keeping up with your prospects or leads, is for you! If you have warm leads or cold leads, this is the platform to assist!
Christina Kay | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have a small team so we needed a conversational marketing product to help fill in some gaps. We use for prospecting as well as for customer success for free tiers. It helps the sales rep move quicker and just focus on the “hot leads”. We learn a lot about our customers from the interactions.
  • Customer service is amazing.
  • Have a lot of pre set templates to get you started.
  • The exceed bot on emails is a great help with feedback or predicting the success of that email.
  • Easier to create questions/answers within sequence would be nice.
  • Add qualification questions yourself.
I feel Exceed would be great for really any tech / SaaS company. It can help you scale quickly and really find out the content that people want to know. I love the easy-to-use UX and customizable features.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We had too many top of funnel leads for our sales team, so we weren't able to call all of our leads. was able to nurture and communicate with these leads personally and only notify us when someone was ready to see a demo. It was amazing to see the software message thousands of leads every week and deliver high quality marketing demo requests.
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Automation
  • Simple to implement
  • Integration process
  • Had a few issues with spam and using their email servers
  • AI wasn't perfect is perfect for any company that has too many leads and doesn't have the budget for more sales people. was able to message thousands of prospects a week and respond back to them as well. For the cost of one new SDR you could have the functionality of a whole team.
Ravi Chahar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ever since I have started using, the overall lead percentage has increased. I am fond of its chatbot that acts like a human to the query to customers.
The AI-Powered assistant will be a big change in the marketing industry where people are still struggling to follow up.
Isn't it great to have an interesting email from you to all the potential clients? saves a lot of time that helps our marketing team to focus on building better strategies. In the past few years, we have faced a few issues with automated emails and interacting with people on a business site. I am glad that we could use this amazing tool.
  • I am a big fan of the AI-Powered Assistant that follows up with emails and SMS.
  • The Website Chatbot acts like a human that helps us maintain a friendly environment.
  • Asking questions to generate better leads is always a plus point.
  • The Website Chatbot is amazing, but it still needs some improvement.
  • There could be more templates for automated emails.
  • An option to integrate with more tools should be there.
1). If you want to save time and focus on other marketing strategies, is best for you.
2). Engaging your site's visitors is always a big deal, and the Chatbot will be helpful.
3). If you use Zapier, I suggest to integrate with it for better automation.
4). Automating customers' renewal is also there that will help you track subscriptions.
5). If you do webinars, will do wonders for you to automate.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm using, because I needed a tool to help me follow up leads and convert them into sales. The AI chatbot is working automatically on my website to gain new leads, without spending more of my time. It answers users' questions, improving customer experience. I felt like I was losing opportunities and leads, but thanks to I can sleep peacefully because the AI does the work for me.
  • Increase site user engagement with AI assistant
  • Nurture leads to convert them into sales thanks to AI
  • Gather data and information from AI to complete leads
  • Manually approve or edit certain messages/communication with users
In e-commerce websites like mine, I needed a tool to automate communication with users. Questions and answers are usually the same, and the FAQ page is not enough (users are lazy). The AI sales assistant works like a chat and users feel like they're talking to a real person. helped me increase leads and actually convert them into sales.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Exceed platform is being used across our global Sales team for both cold outreach and the re-engagement of aged leads. The intent being to foster a conversation with the prospect that leads to them requesting a meeting with an account executive. The problem we are looking to solve is industrializing personalized outreach, which leads to a high volume of discovery calls.
  • Personalization options available in the email sequences.
  • A/B testing options for the email sequences.
  • Ease with which an email sequence can be modified once the sequence has been started.
  • Ability to define which elements of an email sequence are automated and which require user intervention.
  • Factor that Exceed validates email addresses before they are sent, reducing the negative impact on the email domain of hard bounces.
  • Offline steps (such as telephone call follow-up) can't be incorporated into the sequence.
  • Attachments can't be added to an email, although the platform does support incorporating links.
  • Once a contact is added to Exceed (outside of the name, email address & company), all other data pertaining to the contact can only be updated/enriched by reimporting the record. It would save time if you could edit these fields through the native UI.
I have found Exceed to be great at managing both cold and warm outreach. You have to remember that the engagement is as good as your copy; if your copy isn't engaging, that isn't any fault of the tool. With that said, the tool makes it easy to see who is engaging with your emails and empowers you to modify email subject lines and body copy whilst the sequence is in flight.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use in several use cases:
1. Nurture our leads in our marketing automation.
2. Follow up with leads that downloaded content, attended an event or visited us at a trade show.
3. Follow up with leads who downloaded content.
4. Qualify inbound lead which we are unsure if they are right for us.
  • Lead followup (out of office, talk to me later, etc.)
  • Schedule meetings with qualified leads on reps calendar
  • Campaign analytics, like how many contacts were interested, left the company, wrong person and what questions have been asked
  • has lots of insights about the conversations we are having with our prospects and leads. They can do a better job serving this data to the end user
It is a best fit for companies who have lots of inbound leads and need to qualify them before handing them over to humans. Any time you are trying to scale your lead engagement with people you will have diminishing returns. That's where and its automation comes in.
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