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Good product

Our Marketing department, Product Management, and Sales department use GoToWebinar to present to our customers and prospects every month …

A GoTo Solution for Training

GoToWebinar is one of the many platforms I have used throughout many contracts with different healthcare organizations. We use it to …

Good connecting tool

We use it to connect to our congregation worldwide for the spiritual discourse, spiritual classes, etc. It is used across the whole …

Very helpful platform

We've used this platform for webinars with specific associations and publications on behalf of our clients. This has taken the place of …

Make your event easy with GoToWebinar

We have used this tool for our Marketo integration as [an] Event Partner. Our client hosts all the events on the GoToWebinar platform and …
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Use GoToWebinar For Going To Webinars

We've used GoToWebinar for a number of years to help us with our webinar needs. We've run everything from small, 20 person internal team …
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GoToWebinar is quick, easy and user friendly

Our association uses [GoToWebinar] for almost all our online webinars, which can be between 2-5 per month. Most of the programs are …
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Good webinar platform

This is a stable and reliable webinar software, which is used in our company very often. We have webinars with clients, partners, and …
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What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is an online webinar solution for preparing and hosting webinars seamlessly. Whether for marketing, training, or corporate communications, GoToWebinar aims to puts the fun back into webinar services with reliable technology that’s simple to use. Its features, integrations and analytics aim to engage audiences and make personal connections that drive business.

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  • Supported: Recorded Events (formerly Simulated Live)
  • Supported: Video Channel Pages
  • Supported: On Demand Video Platform
  • Supported: Source Tracking
  • Supported: Certificates
  • Supported: Polls and Surveys

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What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar is LogMeIn’s webinar and online conferencing solution, and offers features like audience polling and Q&A, flexible scheduling experiences, and webinar templates. It offers CRM integrations and reporting & analytics tools to help engage clients’ audiences.

What is GoToWebinar's best feature?

Reviewers rate Record meetings / events highest, with a score of 9.1.

Who uses GoToWebinar?

The most common users of GoToWebinar are from Mid-size Companies and the Computer Software industry.


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September 17, 2021

Good product

Mark McHenry | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our Marketing department, Product Management, and Sales department use GoToWebinar to present to our customers and prospects every month about our new and existing products and applications. It is a great way for us to reach a global audience and to answer their many technical questions in near real-time. GoToWebinar's polling feature also helps us get to know our audience and to gather market research info.
  • Identify registrants.
  • Solicit questions from the audience.
  • Share webcams.
  • Needs to include Australian states and "not applicable" in the picklist values.
  • It would help to have a way to read long texted questions from the audience more easily.
  • Ability for registrants to select multiple items from a question picklist.
GoToWebinar is great for allowing easy registration and identification of those who registered and attended the webinar and how long they stayed on. The Q&A report is good for targeting only those who asked questions during the webinar. The audiovisual quality has been good for people who join from all parts of the world. The auto-record on start feature is nice and the recording quality is good. The auto attachment of the recording to the follow-up emails is also a nice feature.
Easy to set up and have people attend and very scalable for large audiences. Very few audio/visual problems. The automatic email replies to attendees and registrants with a link to the webinar recording are very useful. Also, it is easy to track precisely who and how many people have registered and attended at any time.
GoToWebinar is very easy to use in terms of setting up new webinars, conducting the webinars, and using reports to follow up with attendees and registrants. Presenters can easily see their narrator notes on a separate screen. And it is easy to invite people outside the organization as guest presenters and panelists.
Dan Butler | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
GoToWebinar is one of the many platforms I have used throughout many contracts with different healthcare organizations. We use it to provide virtual training. We have started using it more frequently since 2020 and the pandemic. While software training is traditionally done in a classroom/in-person setting, the use of platforms like GoToWebinar has allowed us to expand our offerings, even during pandemic lockdowns.
  • Classroom Management: Many of the features in this product are designed around managing large groups of people with a single presenter.
  • Ease of Use: for first-time students, GoToWebinar is very easy to use. Everything is driven step by step after clicking on the meeting link.
  • Layout: The interface is laid out very nicely. It provides a pleasant visual experience that does not distract from the presentation.
  • Interactive Features: At times, some of the interactive features like polls and surveys can be a little challenging when done on the fly.
GoToWebinar, much like many of the GoTo products is very easy to use. I find that it is one of the better platforms for first-time participants and first-time instructors. The ability to have multiple presenters also makes this an incredibly versatile product. Many times the classes that we host have several different experts in class, allowing students to have access to a panel of experts. Being able to quickly and efficiently pass presenting from one person to the other gives the students in the class a seamless learning experience.
The platform itself is very strong and stable. At times there are issues with audio making it difficult to present. While these instances are few and far between, the frustration of audio loss can be seen in satisfaction surveys of students. I would like to see improvements in the audio stream to not only improve stability but also add multiple speakers at once.
GoToWebinar is probably the easiest of all the platforms to use. I particularly like that people are directed step by step what to do as soon as they click on the meeting link. The ability to join through the application itself or through the web makes the student experience much easier allowing them to focus on the actual presentation. Once inside the webinar, the user interface is laid out in a very logical manner. I find, as a technical trainer, that having an intuitive layout makes the overall experience less frustrating.
September 11, 2021

Good connecting tool

Yogesh Arora | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to connect to our congregation worldwide for the spiritual discourse, spiritual classes, etc. It is used across the whole organization. In the current scenario created by this pandemic, it has become important to use tools of communication [that] will enable us to keep in touch with our congregation worldwide especially when people are unable to travel and be at our spiritual center.
  • Host events.
  • Assist us to hold spiritual classes.
  • Assist us to hold spiritual discourses.
  • Volume issues, lots of our users complained about the volume.
  • Price value, we are also looking at other options and some other providers have a better price value.
  • Ability to broadcast our events on Facebook and youtube simultaneously which is present in Zoom.
It is a good tool to start with if your organization is small and has minimal requirements. Sound quality or volume has been an issue even though our internet is really good. If you need to broadcast your events to Facebook or youtube you have to look at other options as well.
Overall it is a good product however there are 2 main issues [that] made me give a lower rating.
1. Volume most of [the] feedback we received was about the volume and audio quality.
2. Inability to integrate and broadcast the events live on facebook and youtube.
Some of the technology needs to be updated and upgraded.
I would say overall it is quite useful and easy to use. There are only 3 main issues that we have with this tool.
1. Price value I would say for [the] same quality it is more expensive than some of the other services like Zoom.
2. Audio quality, lots of feedback about audio quality even though our internet is quite good.
3. Inability to broadcast the events live to social media platforms.
Valerie Carboni Castillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it to host internal and external-facing webinars. We are currently using it to host a quarterly Product Event for our customers and prospects and it has been a great way to share content with the industry during this time of remote working. It has helped us stay in front of our customers without being able to connect with them face-to-face.
  • Auto-recording.
  • Preview of screen sharing.
  • Multiple speaker sharing/organization.
  • Reporting - cannot create reports on multiple sessions in one view.
  • Unique backgrounds (like Zoom).
  • Some settings are automatically turned off, like capturing webcams while recording, and that has created some issues when we don't test a session prior to recording.
GoToWebinar is great for sharing content with a large group of people, but it could use some work on the interactivity of sessions. Virtual events have become more interactive and need to be more than just a webcam/presentation these days. By enabling more audience interaction features, I think it would be used more by Enterprise companies.
You can easily copy webinars and set new webinars up. There isn't a way to create a meeting for all speakers - each speaker, presenter, or co-organizer needs to do that themselves, or you have to set up a Google/Outlook calendar request separately. There have been a few times where the session has dropped out, but only in rehearsals and never live.
Very easy to use, and has had some great improvements in the last few years. About 2 years ago, I considered switching, but the new features that allow you to see what you're presenting, practice, and auto-record has made being a GoToWebinar host much more laid back and easy to do.
September 12, 2021

Very helpful platform

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We've used this platform for webinars with specific associations and publications on behalf of our clients. This has taken the place of live events since the pandemic hit in order to generate leads for our clients and ultimately get them more business.
  • Live events.
  • Pre-recorded events.
  • Responsive design on multiple devices.
This platform is the perfect way to host panel discussions or give educational "lectures" that are virtual.
We've had multiple GoToWebinar live events, to which only a couple have had live glitches. This could be due to a high volume of use during that time of the day (at least that's what representatives at GoToWebinar told us).
Besides a few live glitches we had in the past, everything else has gone smoothly with GoToWebinar and we've been happily using it with outside publications and associations on behalf of our client.
Ejaz Hussain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been using GoToWebinar tool for some quite time now & I must say it does its job exceptionally well, every time. This tool is used across different departments be it sales, marketing & sometimes for internal employees as well & it mainly used for showcasing a new product demo to potential customers & sometimes for training employees as well. It very well manages a large gathering of as expected in a large setup webinar, virtually with almost every functionalities in built there.
  • Ability to record the whole session.
  • Easily integrates with other software.
  • Intuitive user interface which is easy to understand.
  • Audience polling option.
  • Should be given with virtual background templates.
  • Becomes a bit slow when internet is not reliable.
  • Pricing could be made more flexible.
My experience with using GoToWebinar has been very smooth & good. It's fairly an easy tool to understand, having so many basic features that make it very easy to understand for almost any customer & end-user. So this tool doesn't assume anyone to have any pre-requisite as anyone can pick it up right from the start.
GoToWebinar is a very versatile & reliable tool for the kind of pre-built features it comes with. It has a very easy-on-the-eyes UI & not so complicated components which make it a go-to tool for conducting virtual webinars.
I have given this rating for its overall user experience & the kind of problems it helps us tackle with a lot of features.
Chad Jackson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting are our primary platforms for hosting product demos and webinars of our no-code SaaS solution.
GoToWebinar is used by our marketing and solutions teams, using it to host client-hosted and internally created webinar content.
GoToMeeting is used across the company Sales, Solutions, Marketing, etc. Primary use is for sales for hosting product demos.

Both provide our business with the ability to remote-based presentations of content and product showcasing. Internally it is used as a platform for hosting dept and company meetings.
  • Works well, low bandwidth requirements.
  • Uniform functionality across product suite.
  • Recording capabilities and ability to convert in the solution.
  • Replay functionality.
  • Confusing controls for screen sharing, between Screen and Applications, cuts off the viewing field.
  • PowerPoint presentations and controls views are not easy to use, some views of controls are condensed.
Well suited for hosting external demos, webinars, internal webinars. It gives the ability to present to groups of individuals and allows attendees to share content on the platform.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Reliability
  • Feature-rich.
  • Central platform for all the above.
It does what it was built to do
Thiago Girotto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
GoToWebinar is being used as an essential tool in the last 4 years for the company. We use it for all departments and [it has] helped us to create more engagement with our clients and stakeholders. We are using it to do live and recorded webinars. We are able to reach more audiences than ever imagined. And the tool is very very very easy to use. Very friendly. Anyone that can join a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex call can do a live webinar with GoToWebinar. And there are options to do [a] recorded webinar. You can [also] do [an] OnDemand webinar. You can have a gallery of webinars so your customers can see all webinars that you have done.
  • Live webinars
  • OnDemand webinars
  • Webinars gallery
  • Easy to use
  • Analytics for webinars
  • DIY webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • Simu-Live webinars
  • 1080P streaming quality.
  • Better image for webcam in the webinar.
  • Not need to download application.
  • Browser friendly.
  • Smartphone friendly.
GoToWebinar is a very easy-to-use platform, for live/on-demand/simu-live webinars. [It is] well suited for company events, lead generation events, end marketing events, selling events, people who want to sell an online web product, teachers, schools, language schools. Training: for company, for per to per training. [It's also good for] church events, all kinds of online events that you want to have information from the audience. But, GoToWebinar is it is less appropriate for high-quality videos and streaming. (That's the only coin that it has)
GoToWebinar is very reliable in my opinion. It has a lot of features that can help you immerse [yourself] in this webinar world without any problem. You can schedule webinars, duplicate/copy a webinar, edit webinar information, use old webinars, do a simu-live webinar, that will happen and you don't need to do [anything] else... all automatically. GoToWebinar has a status page blog that you can access [as well].
GoToWebinar deserves [a] 10 considering its overall usability. Anyone that can join a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex call can do a live webinar even a simu-live webinar. You create the webinar page in 2 steps: Select the date/theme/time/webinar type. Insert the webinar information, e-mail reminders, webinar bio, speakers bio, survey questions, UTM links, etc... So in just 2 pages, you have created your webinar!!!
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have used this tool for our Marketo integration as [an] Event Partner. Our client hosts all the events on the GoToWebinar platform and it sends the event status with Marketo for further targeting of the lead. One of the best event platforms to connect with any marketing automation platform.
  • Native Integration with Marketo.
  • Unique event ID.
  • Webinar Status (i.e. Attendee, Registered, No show, etc.).
  • Sync issue can be improved.
  • People registered won't get the trigger information.
  • Sometime people [have] audio issues frequently.
We mostly recommend GoToWebinar because of the native integration with various marketing automation tools. That makes life easy for the marketer to get the webinar data very easily with the status sync in the marketing automation platform. The platform is very smooth for the attendees to get the webinar information easily with the interactive layout.
We have various options within the tool like Q&A and the personalized layout in the GoToWebinar. We can do the poll between the audience to make it more interactive. There [is an] option [where] we can do custom branding of our website to make it consistent for the end-user. The network security of the tool is strong enough to handle any unwanted attacks.
Nowadays webinar is the initial requirement of any organization to reach [a] wider audience with effective communication to inform about [their] product and services. GoToWebinar is helping the marketer to increase [their] popularity within the audience without putting [a] hefty amount on the offline events. Due to [their] strong network connectivity it is very easy to watch the live or on-demand recording for the user.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We've used GoToWebinar for a number of years to help us with our webinar needs. We've run everything from small, 20 person internal team webinars, to upwards of 1,000 people on the webinar for free events and even run paid webinars through the GoToWebinar platform for our clients. We're able to record everything and use it again in the future.
  • Registration form.
  • Integration with Pardot.
  • Technical and day-of support.
  • Pardot integration can be difficult to set up initially.
  • Higher limits for webinar attendance.
  • More customization of the landing pages.
External webinars are great to run through GoToWebinar. We've done it a few times for internal webinars but without being able to have people ask questions through voice makes things difficult. Anytime you want to stick with Q&A through the chat function, using GoToWebinar is perfect to present to large groups of people remotely.
GoToWebinar solved many of the audio issues we were having with our previous webinar platform. Scheduling assistance during the event is simple and we've always had fantastic help on the line. They're very professional and assist the webinar attendees with any technical questions they may have. They're also wonderful in helping the presenters get comfortable with the platform.
GoToWebinar is simple and easy to use. There are various ways you can get assistance if you need help. We've integrated it into Pardot and it's quick and easy now to set up new webinars and copy over previous landing pages in order to set up new events really quickly and with limited effort.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
GoToWebinar is used by HR for announcements when they roll out new policies or need to engage the wider firm i.e quarterly CEO to connect where CEO shares his plan for the next quarter and engages the rest of the team via the platform. The other teams in the firm primarily use it to conduct training sessions internally as well with clients during key delivery phases like User Acceptance, System Integration as well as Key User Training.
  • Controlled trainings for the large groups.
  • Company wide interactive announcements.
  • Training sessions with clients.
  • Interface
  • Mobile App
GoToWebinar is a time-tested application to conduct large-scale discussions and training, and works really well not just for internal purposes, but also externally. Of all the other competitors, GoToWebinar is one of the oldest (not as much as Citrix) and most time tested. We routinely use it with our clients as well as to conduct training, because, unlike other alternatives, GoToWebinar doesn't need a full-fledged software install to attend the webinar and the light web version works just as well.
We have used GoToWebinar for years now and absolutely recommend them because it's reliable and has [a] host of features which makes it a must-have. It lacks the shiny new features some of the competitors offer such as AI-based tools and other cosmetic features but what it lacks there, it makes up by being [a] robust tool that does what it says it does. Managing the events is [a] breeze as well with their plugins.
As mentioned earlier, it's a very reliable tool that can handle large online events of any and all natures. Whether it's internal training and quarterly meet with the CEO or the training sessions at your client, it can do all of that and in a very reliable fashion. The plugins it comes with are very good for productivity.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use GoToWebinar to speak with our partner clients on upcoming programs and educate them on the different offerings we provide their company. It allows us to have multiple users presenting to multiple groups/clients each day/week/month. We can schedule the webinars and set reminders and [follow] up with the recording/link to access the webinar they [either] attended or missed. GoToWebinar is extremely easy to use and manage, you can schedule one or many webinars at a time and the volume of participants is fairly large so you [shouldn't] run out of seats for those who want to attend. It's also simple to run and chat with participants are you are running the meeting.
  • Set reminders to the participants.
  • Follow up emails to participants.
  • Providing information to participants such as the presenter contact information.
  • Easy to run and attend meetings, very few technical issues.
  • Makes [it] extremely obvious to the presenter if they are on mute, i.e. a red screen outline.
  • Confirmation it is recording.
  • Email a list of all participants.
GoToWebinar is well suited for scheduling a live webinar with participants up to 1000, but not for over 1000 participants. GoToWebinar is great when you are educating people on a product or service but not for a 2way conversation or questions that cannot be answered over chat. I also like the ability to get a spreadsheet of the individuals who signed up so I can follow up with them immediately and over a course of time or assign them out to a group so we can reach out to them in a window of time.
GoToWebinar is [extremely] easy to use in terms of scheduling, [event management,] follow-up, adding documents, pulling reports, and sharing documents with attendees. It's easy to run and keep private for a small group/company so they can feel comfortable asking questions that might only pertain to them. Having the option of the recording is helpful for those who cannot attend and the only thing I've ever had happen is I started with no volume or on mute and wish it was more obvious if [you are] on mute so you don't [waste] time.
I find the GoToWebinar is a perfect fit for the purpose of why I use it, presenting to clients within a specific company. I can present to multiple companies over a span of a month and it [is] effective and easy to schedule and use. I'm able to see how many are registered and can determine [the] future frequency and it helps guide if I should schedule more or less and what day of the week/month works best for that company based on respondents. So many details make it easy to see what is working and what isn't.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company uses GoToWebinar currently for a soil education program that, before Covid, used to be an in-person workshop. I've been the primary user and moderator in setting up, recording the sessions, and assuring that our attendees all join in before we begin presentation - as well as assure that their questions are answered and they're being interacted with through our series of courses. I have been deeply supported and assisted by my team in that I have had lots of help editing our live transcripts for the recordings, and I directly support our two main presenters during the events.
  • Polls/Survey.
  • Looks very professional.
  • Easy to interact with attendees (Chat, Q&A).
  • Easy to mute audience, have control over a presentation.
  • Ability to use breakout rooms from a presentation (like in GoToMeeting) but still have the functionality of a webinar presentation. This would be helpful after a big event, especially in replacing live events.
  • Hand raising tends to feel a bit hokey - maybe more options for the audience to interact, like how Zoom has multiple options.
GoToWebinar is best suited for companies that are presenting information in a single event or in a series, need to train a large number of people internally or externally, have an educational focus or component to their company, or are looking to easily expand and share their expertise through connecting people across the country, continent, or world. Scenarios where GoToWebinar would be less appropriate in the situations where you'd hope to connect and interact with your attendees in a more 'team' style, in this case, I would recommend Go to Meeting instead. However, GoToWebinar does have very good interaction tools -- just better suited to mirror the amount of interaction you'd get from a large audience in person (hand raising, chiming in, etc.).
GoToWebinar was awesome when it came to scheduling our events, and made it easy to set up recurring events -- for example, our educational series was approximately 24 events, once a week, over a period of a few months. This worked very well for that context. We had registrants sign up, and from there, they received reminder emails for each event. I think this helped in securing attendance each week. It was nice to be able to plug in our logo and some 'branding materials' like customizing the colors on the screen and email. It could be improved by increasing the number of locations you're able to personalize the webinars, and perhaps have an easy way through the software to send a 'thank you for attending email' immediately after the registrant signs out of the event.
Overall, usability is pretty seamless (PLUS, I have to say their customer support was pretty helpful every time I had to reach out for clarification or troubleshooting, which wasn't often - but they always helped right away and were very, very useful to us. Compared to other programs we tried like Vimeo, it was a whole other level of care.)

GoToWebinar is professional, clean, and looks good from both sides -- whether you're the attendee, moderator, AND/OR presenter.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our association uses [GoToWebinar] for almost all our online webinars, which can be between 2-5 per month. Most of the programs are generated in the U.S., but we also use it for international webinars that are launched by our team in Malaysia. It has been a great way to reach a very large, international audience for our educational programs.
  • Reports are quite thorough for attendee tracking, Q&A submissions.
  • Overall the online technology and connectivity is very reliable.
  • They have good help screens, and if needed the live help staff are easily accessible.
  • It would be nice to be able to run customized reports.
  • Running a presentation with embedded videos can be hit or miss; typically only 50% of the audience can see and/or hear the videos.
  • When needing to enter webinar information in a foreign language, the auto translations on the platform are not 100% accurate, and there are only so many languages to choose from.
[GoToWebinar] is great for conducting webinars in general. It is a widely used & accepted online program, which makes it user-friendly. It is easy to set up webinars, and easy to execute them. It is also relatively affordable if your organization hosts many webinars, but it may be worth [GoToWebinar] to explore or allow one-off use of the platform instead of requiring a subscription.
I give [GoToWebinar] a 9 out of 10 because no platform is perfect. As mentioned, [GoToWebinar] is rather easy to use as an administrator/organizer, and most presenters/panelists have told me they have very few problems with it. The Handouts section is very nice to have. A more enhanced polling feature may be useful.
[GoToWebinar] is very user-friendly and easy to set up, use, and navigate as an administrator.
September 07, 2021

Good webinar platform

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This is a stable and reliable webinar software, which is used in our company very often. We have webinars with clients, partners, and developers every week. It's easy to manage and set up. We use it mostly in marketing, tech, and support departments, sometimes it's necessary for the financial team as well. GoToMeeting, which is included in the package is also a very good option for the whole of our company, especially now, when we often work remotely.
  • Offers stable connection.
  • Records webinars.
  • Sends out reminders and follow ups.
  • Includes polls.
  • Includes GoToMeeting.
  • It can be less expensive.
  • The UI should be improved.
  • Is still desktop and requires installation.
This is one of the best options I have ever tried for webinars and webcasts, and, of course, GoToMeeting, which is also included, helps a lot with online in-team or cross-team communications. I didn't have any issues with GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting, perhaps for some users, it's a minus that this software requires a setup.
GoToWebinar has a very wide feature list, that covers all our needs: event planning and promotion, webcasts, recordings, different templates, customization options, scheduling, polls and surveys, granular reporting and analytics, and much more. This is a great choice for marketing and tech teams for getting the best results from webinars and online collaboration.
This is a very good product and a good concept overall. I can't even remember some tech or any other issues connected with this software, stable, fast and reliable, good audio and video quality, a lot of useful functionalities, reports, and more. I think we'll continue to use it for many years.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization uses GoToWebinar to collaborate with some of our third-party vendors. It allows us to communicate with support in real-time so they can help address the concern(s) we may be having at the time. It allows for a quicker resolution to the problem so we can take care of other issues.
  • Provides quality voice calls.
  • Provides quality video calls.
  • The tools allow for quick resolution of problems.
  • Some of the meeting controls could be done differently.
GoToWebinar is well suited to help ease the burden on our workers by allowing for real-time collaboration with our vendors, which, in turn, allows our issues to get resolved quicker than say, email threads.
GoToWebinar is a leader in its field and has always been reliable to my organization.
GoToWebinar's usability is next to none. It's easy to manage multiple users at once while collaborating.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use GTW for less critical webinars within our organization. For higher-profile events, we use a more premium webinar platform that provides more flexibility and customization.
  • Simplicity of presenter interface.
  • Good video capabilities.
  • Quick to set up an event.
  • Sharing a PowerPoint can be cumbersome. Presenters can't see the other attendees if they only have one monitor. There are workarounds, but it's not great.
  • Registration form options are limited.
  • Post-event emails are wonky. Very little ability to customize.
  • Getting an event started is confusing. Their "Practice", "Start", and "Start Broadcast" options are confusing.
It's good for situations when you don't need a lot of customization. It's also good for rookie presenters because most controls are fairly intuitive for presenters.
The Q&A feature is lacking. You only have the ability to direct a question to a single presenter. There's no way for all presenters to see a question simultaneously (unless you make them event producers -- but that would give them far too many controls that they shouldn't have).
Aside from the difficulty in sharing a PowerPoint presentation on a single screen, it's fairly intuitive for new users who are giving a presentation. We can get them up and running with minimal coaching.
Score 8 out of 10
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We host two lead-gen webinars per month and GoToWebinar is our platform. The marketing team uses the platform to run our webinars. We use the panning and analytics features. We use Zapier to send the leads to our marketing automation platform and then nurture them from there. Webinars are considered a low-cost lead generation source for us, along with other tactics like content marketing, SEO, PPC, events/field marketing, etc.
  • Reminder emails to participants
  • Data re: attentiveness of attendees
  • Reliability of the platform
  • Q&A panel needs a UI update; it's hard to see/type
  • Q&A needs a multiple moderator feature, so if two people are moderating questions you can tell
  • Would like data to go back to a year for past webinars; now it cuts off at six months
Great for lead-gen webinars! The interface is easy to understand and you can be up and running in just a few days. We pay annually, and the cost is quite reasonable for the amount of usage we get from it (two webinars per month). For more technical webinars or virtual events where there is more interaction, downloads, etc., another platform like Maestro may be better.
We have had very few issues. The platform is very reliable. We are live on it two times per month and we don't worry about technical glitches or issues. We run a test webinar with all of the presenters two days out just so everyone can see the interface and be comfortable with it. We've never had a problem with a guest presenter using the platform.
It is easy for newbies on our team to understand how to use GoToWebinar after just a little exposure to it. The UI is very intuitive. Also our guest presenters take to the platform very quickly. The Q&A box is a little difficult to navigate since it is small, but otherwise, no complaints.
Andy Ryan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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For the past ten years, I have used GoToWebinar off and on for my business and my client's businesses. In the online webinar space, I believe that GoToWebinar is the standard that everyone else compares to. When you need a solution that works, use GoToWebinar. I have not ever experienced a failure with running webinars on the GoToWebinar platform.
  • It works as it says it does.
  • It does well reporting metrics
  • The registration system works seamlessly
  • Great for when you want a webinar to have a replay at another time
  • Clunky, outdated interface for both back of house and end-user experience
  • It doesn't have all the latest tricks built in that other webinar software do.
  • It's not an all in one solution, so you have to integrate other third-party apps.
I have recommended GoToWebinar to colleagues and clients. I believe that it is a little on the expensive side, but it works. If you're using webinars to sell a product, usually, you can recoup your investment with the sales that result from a well-done webinar. GoToWebinar ensures that things work and that your webinar goes off without a hiccup.
I have never had GoToWebinar fail during a live webinar. I have worked with other webinar platforms that have not worked during a live webinar delivery, which ended up in a loss of sales. I would recommend GoToWebinar if you need a software that works every single time without an issue or hiccup.
GoToWebinar is a little bit difficult to learn how to use. I believe it was designed by engineers and not by an end-user experience expert. I would recommend having a techy person on your team handle the set-up and all the integrations you need for GoToWebinar. There are plenty of helpful video tutorials on YouTube. Still, if you're the type of person that finds it difficult connecting multiple pieces of software to work together in automation, then it may be best to outsource or delegate that task.
Amanda Moran | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Marketing uses GoToWebinar to execute those external-facing webinars that we host ourselves. It integrates with Hubspot which makes registration and follow-up a breeze.
  • Integration with Hubspot is great.
  • User interface is easy.
  • reporting have improved.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: It is almost impossible to do this.
  • They could improve the chat functionality during a live webinar.
Although there is certainly room for improvement, the close integration with Hubspot, the overall ease of use, and the price point make this a tool I would still recommend for a traditional webinar. It would not work for those that would like break-out rooms and more advanced functionality. The lack of backgrounds is a concern.
The interface is a bit confusing at times. It feels like you have to search to update certain things like the waiting room slide. This means if someone new is helping out they may miss it which leads to the issue of the wrong webinar name and presenters displaying day off. An overall preview functionality without having to click into each section once you have finalized the setup would be a great addition.
The tool is easy to use, but not always very straightforward. There are areas of auto-generated emails that are populated in such a way that is not always straightforward. This can get missed and errors can occur. But, overall, everyone on my team has been able to use the tool to set up a webinar.

Erin McAnally | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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GoToWebinar is used by several teams at RamQuest including marketing, training and product. This product makes communicating with our customers and prospects easy, and if we need support to better enable us to use it, the support team is responsive and helpful.
  • Easy interface for attendees to know how to ask questions, access resources, etc.
  • Similarities across all GoTo platforms make moving from one to the other an easy transition for our internal team.
  • Thoughtful and useful additions to functionality over the years (have been a user for 10+ years) have enabled us to keep up with the trends and have a strong presence of our online presentations.
  • Would be nice if this had an easy integration with our marketing automation solution (Eloqua/Oracle) to share data.
  • Would love to have the flexibility to change the way a webinar (live/recorded) is set up after scheduling it. Sometimes last-minute changes necessitate different methods but the flexibility to work with that is not a current feature.
GoToWebinar is well suited for a mid-sized business that needs to have an online presentation application to communicate.
GoToWebinar performs as expected every time we use it.
Platform is intuitive and easy to use from both an attendee and a user perspective.
Score 9 out of 10
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One of the top notch products we have used so far! Amazing with every aspect. We have been using it for a couple of years for video/audio conferencing. It's a fantastic tool when you want to communicate within a team or with vendors/clients.
  1. Cristal clear audio/video output
  2. Works well with low bandwidth
  3. Seamless connectivity
  4. Great customer support
  • Cristal clear audio/video conferencing experience
  • Works well with low bandwidth
  • Great customer support
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Graphical view could have been better
  • Could have a better price
It's best for internal calls or to connect with client/vendor meetings. Seamless connectivity and clear audio and video output make it easy to communicate with others. Screen sharing is very easy with large audiences and works well with low bandwidth. I think GoToWebinar is a complete package for corporate use and best in the market.
Its easy and straight forward graphic interface where anyone can use it and It is very much flexible for event scheduling, event management. We have been using for long time. Life make easy when its comes about meeting / screen sharing and video/Audio conference calls and they have excellent customer support. Thanks to Webinar!
Top notch product! Simple and best in the market.
Zach Gilbert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use GoToWebinar for our clients and our prospects. For clients, we use it to share software release announcements and to gauge feedback and answer questions, and for prospects, we use it to showcase our product, thought leadership topics, and other various ways to communicate with a larger, more diverse audience.
  • Q&A Management--helps with our release announcements
  • Digital Recordings--allows those who attended or miss a webinar to receive it, without needing to send an actual copy of the file
  • Reporting--there are many reports and data access points
  • Tech Support--GoToWebinar has a good email tech support; however, when something goes wrong on a webinar, there isn't really a great 911 solution.
  • Consistency of Service--many times our service will drop audio, video, screen recording, etc. It seems to be after the 1-hour mark. Internet remains for all hosts and panelists, but it just seems to struggle.
  • Stronger HubSpot integration, being able to build the landing page and webforms in HubSpot to capture attendees is wonderful, and being able to capture contacts is also helpful. However, it would be great to connect some analytics to HubSpot--such as getting a list of contacts who attended webinar XYZ, or those who asked questions, what questions did they ask. If someone signed to watch the recording at a later date, allow that contact to pass to HubSpot.
GoToWebinar works well if you already have HubSpot and you want to build custom landing pages/webforms instead of using every webinar provider's stock pages. It also works well as a relatively robust platform. If you are looking for 100% consistency and guarantee that it will be reliable in all circumstances, then I would look at another provider. Like I mentioned previously, we host multiple 1+ hour webinars and are often confronted with technical issues.
As mentioned, the system struggles with webinars over an hour. Whether it's one of my panelist's computers, their internet connections, etc., it seems like it's a server overload on the GTW side and we've tried multiple solutions and unfortunately none of them pan out. It's a great platform; however, every time I host a webinar I feel I have to sit on the edge of my seat in expectation that something could go wrong.
Overall GoToWebinar is a fairly simple platform to use. We haven't had any major issues with learning it or adopting it. I would say it is on par with its competitors. There are a few quirks regarding setup of panelists and hosts; however, their FAQ and email support is very good and has solved many of our problems.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use GoTo Webinar for product trainings and discussions.
  • Ease of Registration
  • EaSE OF Navigation
  • Ease of Communication
  • Unknown
Training, Product Demonstrations, Group Discussions.
I've never had any issues.
As I mentioned, it works great for us and I've never had any issues.
June 18, 2021

GoToWebinar review

Score 8 out of 10
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We've been using GoToWebinar for educational webinars. Our webinars are available live and then we keep the recording available for viewing on our website. We started this as a members-only service but opened these up to anyone that wants to participate and have had a lot of success. We also sell our webinar managing services to other companies that want to use our branding on their commercial webinars.
  • Very easy to set up a webinar-scheduling, branding, automated emails are great
  • Intuitive controls-very easy to figure out the controls while running a webinar
  • Audience participation-chat and audience questions are available. there are other tools as well that we do not use so I won't mention them
  • Customer service is quick to respond when something does come up
  • No self- testing for panelists - we have to run a test session prior to the webinar to be sure that a panelist's webcam, screen share and audio work with the software. Macs in particular need troubleshooting on occasion. It can be tough to nail down multiple panelists and would be great if there was a way for them to run through a test on their own.
  • No virtual backgrounds or web camera mirroring
  • Webinar descriptions have very limited text editing capabilities and the automated emails cannot have attachments included
  • Give the panelists the ability to share their own screens if the organizer wants to allow it. Currently the organizer must send each panelist a screen share request in turn.
[GoToWebinar] works great for a live webinar where multiple panelists give their own presentations. I don't know how well this would work for something with a lot of audience participation.
For myself, this has worked great. It's very easy to use and I can put together a webinar in minutes. It's never crashed on me once during a webinar. I'd rate it perfectly if it would reliably work on our presenter's computers.
[GoToWebinar] is an easy product to get into. Setting up a webinar takes a few minutes once you get the hang out it. The moderator controls are easy to use as well.