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Help Lightning

Help Lightning

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What is Help Lightning?

Help Lightning in Birmingham aims to reimagine how businesses, customers and employees are able to give and receive help using Virtual Expertise. The vendor states their merged reality adds missing visual cues, gestures, and non-verbal communication methods to any session.…

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Help Lightning is a versatile tool that has transformed virtual support and training teams, providing cost savings without compromising on …
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Product Demos

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Help Lightning - Merged Reality - Desktop Demo

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Product Details

What is Help Lightning?

Help Lightning's Remote Assistance Software provides video collaboration services that enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world. The company’s cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D annotation to improve real-time communications and solve difficult problems. Help Lightning is used for the installation, inspection, training, servicing, and repair of complex equipment and products.

Using augmented reality features, Help Lightning blends two real-time video streams, that of the agent and of the customer into a collaborative work environment. This technology allows an agent to virtually reach out and touch what the customer is working on. The agent’s hand displays in the customer’s field of view where they can annotate, use hand gestures, and even bring in tools, parts, images or instructions to quickly resolve the problem. Also, users can capture pictures, session recordings, and call data, which all become part of the call record for later review or training purposes.

Help Lightning Features

  • Supported: Real Time Video Collaboration
  • Supported: 3D Annotation
  • Supported: Document/Image Sharing
  • Supported: Multi-Participant Calls
  • Supported: AR-Enabled Merged Reality

Help Lightning Screenshots

Screenshot of Our AR-enabled remote assistance software.Screenshot of An expert providing help can reach into the field of view of an onsite technician or customer.Screenshot of Common tools can also be brought into the field of view to help solve problems.Screenshot of Tour experts can be made available to work virtually side-by-side with anyone, anywhere in the world.Screenshot of Are we support your ability to solve problems evolving complex and critical equipment.

Help Lightning Integrations

Help Lightning Competitors

Help Lightning Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesNorth America, EMEA, APAC
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Help Lightning Downloadables

Help Lightning Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)20%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)40%
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Help Lightning is a versatile tool that has transformed virtual support and training teams, providing cost savings without compromising on quality or execution. Users have consistently praised the program for its strategic updates to the User Interface, which continuously enhance efficiency and user-friendliness. The software allows users to troubleshoot equipment breakdowns, view device status lights, and provide clear troubleshooting instructions to clients. One of the standout features of Help Lightning is its camera-in-camera function, which has received high praise from technicians. This feature enables them to receive virtual assistance regardless of their location, resulting in significant savings on travel costs. Users have utilized Help Lightning for a wide range of issues, including thermostat wiring, working with security devices, diagram confirmation, and site evaluations. By leveraging this software, users are able to properly guide customers, eliminate user errors, and improve the overall troubleshooting process. Not only does Help Lightning reduce the time it takes to fix hardware issues, but it also enhances the end-user experience.

In addition to its use in technical support scenarios, Help Lightning has proven valuable in other industries as well. For example, it has been instrumental in monitoring livestock, minimizing the need for physical presence and reducing biosecurity risks. The program is also widely used for virtual training sessions, on-boarding new employees, and conducting maintenance tasks without the need for physical transportation. Users have found Help Lightning particularly helpful in troubleshooting various issues, providing remote support when needed, and minimizing instrument downtime. In fact, organizations that have incorporated Help Lightning into their troubleshooting processes have reported a decrease in parts ordered and improved problem resolution for commercial foodservice equipment. Furthermore, Help Lightning enables virtual training sessions, quality checks, compliance audits, and checklists without the need for travel. Engineers especially appreciate how the program facilitates virtual assistance and reduces unnecessary dispatches - ultimately saving time and resources.

The versatility of Help Lightning extends beyond specific industries; it has proven useful across multiple sectors such as healthcare and automotive. For instance, hospitals have utilized Help Lightning for remote support, gemba walks, product transfers, supplier visits, and communication during travel restrictions. By using the software in these scenarios, organizations are able to reduce costs and risks associated with travel while still maintaining easy access to expert guidance. Users have praised Help Lightning for its effectiveness in avoiding unnecessary dispatches, minimizing downtime, and deploying resources to urgent problems. In healthcare settings, the program has been used for technical support issues, resulting in cost savings and immediate problem resolution. It has also played a crucial role in training surgeons in developing countries, matching them with mentors and advancing their skills. Help Lightning has proved to be a valuable tool for explaining and troubleshooting issues, providing real-time feedback, and solving customer problems quickly. Customers have praised the product for its customer-centric approach and dedicated customer success team.

Field engineers in countries facing travel restrictions have been able to visit customer sites thanks to the remote support capabilities of Help Lightning. The integration with smart glasses has provided an effortless and functional experience for teams, resulting in cost savings and improved customer experience. In the private healthcare industry, healthcare professionals have utilized Help Lightning to provide remote doctor consultations using augmented reality. This enables them to guide patients through remote procedures, instilling confidence in the encounter.

The product's wide array of applications extends beyond healthcare. It has been successfully used in the installation of car seats, allowing experts to guide parents remotely and ensure proper installation. Customers have praised Help Lightning for its exceptional performance and outstanding customer support provided by the company. Moreover, during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, Help Lightning has served as an excellent tool for visual collaboration and teamwork. It has allowed teams to connect with experts and easily share different files, overcoming the barriers imposed by physical distance.

Help Lightning has proven itself as a versatile solution that addresses various challenges across industries. Its ability to enhance troubleshooting processes, provide virtual support, facilitate training sessions, and enable remote collaborations has made it an invaluable tool for organizations seeking cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced user experiences.

Superior Customer Support: Reviewers have consistently praised Help Lightning for its superior customer support, with many stating that it goes above and beyond to help them achieve their goals.

Effective Augmented Reality Feature: The AR feature of Help Lightning has received high praise from users, who find it valuable in troubleshooting and providing technical support. Many reviewers appreciate being able to see exactly what their clients are experiencing, especially when dealing with a wide range of products.

Integration of Various Technologies: Technical support agents commend the integration of various technologies such as text chat, photos, videos, and live video calling into one coherent package. They believe that this consolidation enhances their ability to assist customers effectively.

Compatibility Issues: Some users have encountered compatibility problems with certain phones, particularly Android devices. They have reported that the app does not allow them to view live camera feeds on their end while the image generates on the client's side. There have also been instances where the app significantly affects their computer's performance, leading them to consider upgrading their device's hardware.

Unintuitive Customer-Side Program: Users have found the customer-side program to be confusing at times. They mentioned situations where they accidentally close out of a call when they receive a text or call and struggle to figure out how to reconnect. There are also cases where they face difficulties in transmitting video after rejoining the call.

Need for Faster Software: Some users expressed a desire for faster software that can maintain a smoother stream. They also mentioned that the launch time and overall responsiveness could be improved.

Users commonly recommend the following three points based on their experience with Help Lightning:

  1. Users appreciate the quick and excellent support of Help Lightning's team. They recommend reaching out to the support team for any problems or questions that may arise during product usage.

  2. Reviewers suggest working closely with the Help Lightning team during the rollout of the product. They highlight that the HL team offers excellent support and ideas during this phase, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

  3. Users find that Help Lightning carries many unique features that are missing in other collaboration platforms. They describe Help Lightning as a tool that is easy to use, making it excellent for problem-solving any issues remotely. Moreover, recent updates have fixed most issues and made it easier for customers.


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We use it to collaborate visually with others, remotely or physically. In this sense, it is important to highlight that it has contributed to teamwork, even with the conditions that the Covid-pandemic has imposed on everyone. On the other hand, I must highlight that it is an excellent tool to connect with experts and share different files.
  • Sharing graphics, images and other resources.
  • Connect remotely with different experts.
  • Favors team work, even remotely.
  • It needs a strong network or signal connection.
  • Nothing else.
I think that there are different scenarios where the platform can be used, an example is the realization of remote consultancies, individually or in the group. In this sense, I must highlight that it is great whenever you need to work with other people while sharing information, videos, or specific content.
  • Share resources as videos or graphics.
  • Remote connection with teams and experts.
  • Video collaborations.
  • Makes work team better, even remotely.
  • Allows to share important information and get constantly retro alimentations.
  • Helps us to respect the Covid-19 prevention measures, while continue working.
I think it is very important to make it clear that most of these tools compliment and complement each other rather than oppose or surpass each other. In this sense, it is important to know when to apply one or the other, in addition to taking the time to get to know them thoroughly and master their functionalities. However, the different tools that Help Lightning contain put it above most platforms used for remote conferencing.
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