HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps. Free - Great product at a great price!I currently use Hootsuite to schedule social media content for my personal business as a fitness instructor. I have also used in publishing content for my work at the university. Hootsuite is very intuitive and was extremely easy to use on the desktop and mobile app. I have only used the free version. In my previous position in another department, I used Sprout Social.,Mobile App is very intuitive Easy to schedule content It is very simple to add social media accounts,The analytics are not as smooth and intuitive. It is certainly better than previous versions. The reports need to have clearer titles and filter items. The analytics screen tabs need to be smaller in size.,8,1,It saves time and money by manually publishing information. Schedule content weeks in advance. The free version is great for a small business. For more detailed reporting/analytics, the premium version should be purchased.,Sprout Social,Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe PhotoshopHootsuite, so easy to use even our entire department can use it!Hootsuite is utilized at our organization to help schedule and share on our social media pages by the personnel within the marketing department. It helps us organize posts across different markets we serve, submitted by different people in our organization. This is a real game changer in how we can see who is posting when, where and what.,Hootsuite allows us to schedule postings days/weeks in advance so we can manage other aspects within our work functions and not miss a beat. I love Hootsuite because I can see my post before I schedule it to go live, which allows me perfect my messaging. Hootsuite allows me to page through my social platforms, see the activity on my page, upcoming scheduled posts and what others are posting. This really keeps everything in front of me to help manage all of the different social platforms I manage.,I wish Hootsuite would update their Facebook feed icon. Currently, it shows as a flag, which is very confusing when trying to manage multiple platforms. For example, twitter is the bird icon which makes it super easy to identify that it is Twitter... no guessing games. To view all of my posts in the planner page, I would like to see the whole month, versus only showing weekly. It's a strong asset to see your scheduled posts on a calendar, but to see the entire month would be most beneficial. When you are already viewing your streams for facebook, twitter, etc., I wish Hootsuite would automatically refresh new feed, rather than me having to click to refresh the stream.,9,5,Hootsuite has really saved us time, which is the most important positive impact in my opinion. When you are super busy, you always need more time! Bringing awareness and growing our social media presence has led to clicks/web leads/sales. If you are not using social media, or are not using it enough, you are missing an opportunity to gain business. We have seen a growth in our social media interactions, and an upswing of activity on our company website.,,Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesignHootsuite is efficient, effective, and relatively affordableIt is being used by our Marketing department, specifically our social media team. The problem that it addresses is that in today's age of constant information overload, we as a company do not want to be drowned out of the social media picture, but we don't want to have to employ someone to constantly be posting and/or monitoring. Hootsuite specifically allows us to develop a strategy for the day, week or month, including holiday messages and other posts that can be planned in advance. We then develop and prepare the posts and let Hootsuite do the actual posting at appropriate times so that our team members can move along to something else. We know that the post will show in our company feeds at the predetermined time, sometimes, for example, on holidays when no one is working, which is, in fact, the origin of our Hootsuite usage.,Schedules social media posts - it is easy and efficient and once you have completed you can walk away knowing it will be done properly. Links easily to social accounts - this is important for the tool to be effective, if it was a challenge or had to be updated every time, it would take the ease of use out of the product. Communicates - If there are problems, they are communicated quickly so that they can be addressed prior to anything "not being posted" on your behalf.,I cannot think of anything that comes to mind that would really improve functionality. I would love to see a redesign that was easier to "look at" but that is simply a design preference on my part.,10,2,It has allowed our marketing team to be more efficient and effective at a relatively low cost,TweetDeck,Procore, Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Adobe Illustrator CCGive a Hoot... your organization will be glad you did!We use Hootsuite in our Digital Communications Analytics class every semester to assist students in their preparation for the working world. Students often asked for more insights and education in the tools used by today's brands and agencies to measure success. By providing Hootsuite in the classroom, we give our students a better chance at success right now and in the future.,Easy to get started Training videos that are not hard to understand Industry-leading platform,Sometimes the dashboard can "lag" behind Does not always show posts in specific sections, like mentions Layout can be an issue at times,8,10,Great certification program for students, leading to more robust analytics class The Hootsuite brand name/reputation allows our school to highlight the importance of early analytics education Led to the launch of a new online focus in analytics and marketing in our school,Meltwater Media Intelligence Platform and Brandwatch,Meltwater Media Intelligence Platform, Brandwatch, Google AnalyticsIs Hootsuite too sweet?The marketing group used Hootsuite to manage several social media channels at once. It allowed the team to easily plan when posts were going to go live and what posts would be published on which channels. This made it easy to move quickly and adhere to the publishing calendar.,The scheduling feature is fantastic. It allows you to easily plan the exact day, time, and channel that a particular post will be published. Mobile functionality is great with the app. The team could use it on their phones or tablets, which made it easy to make changes or additions on the go or in-between meetings. Social channel integration. All of the major channels are integrated with the tool, making it easy to sign in and start using it.,Photo editing. The editing capabilities are rather minimal. We typically had to edit our photos and make changes to them outside of the tool before using them. No functionality to post multiple photos to a channel like Instagram or Facebook. You can only post a single photo at a time, which is not ideal for some types of posts. The UX is pretty bad. It is a multi-column setup, which was great when Hootsuite first started because it was a Twitter-only platform. Now that there are so many more channels, this layout doesn't work well.,7,5,It allowed us to grow our social media following by nearly 50% because we were able to publish relevant and exciting content on a regular cadence. It continued to negatively impact our budget due to the cost of adding users as we grew as an organization. It helped reduce the team's time spent on publishing content on several channels by more than 70% due to being able to schedule posts and content for whenever we wanted it to go live.,Sprout Social,Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, BuzzsumoHootsuite is Free...So why aren't you using it?In marketing we use Hootsuite to manage our social networks, quickly share content across multiple platforms and stay plugged into what our audiences are saying about our brand.,Design - I am able to design posts using the free media library, which reduces my iStock costs. It provides dimensions by social platform, eliminating the need for resizing in iStock or Photoshop. Manage content and time - I can create multiple posts and schedule them over a period of time, which enables me to stay abreast of my social media efforts without a major impact to time. I can post content to multiple sites with the click of one button, which is a huge time saver.,Tagging - there are times that I would like to tag individuals or places in a photo. This feature is not offered in the version I have, forcing me to visit the actual sites to complete these tasks. While I can add links to a post, I cannot hyperlink words which would be helpful.,8,5,It helps us to better manage our social presence and post more frequently.,Bitly, OpenText Hightail, SharpSpringGreat tool for individuals and businesses!We use Hootsuite almost daily to post to our multiple social media platforms. It is only used by the Marketing department, which oversees the management of social media for the entire organization. It allows us to easily manage and view all of our social platforms at the same time in a comprehensive dashboard view. We can execute our social media strategies in one place and report on our social activity with their analytics tool.,Scheduling social media content posts across multiple platforms. A comprehensive dashboard view of all linked social accounts to easily view content published. The analytics tool is very helpful to get a sense of what type of content is doing well.,Very Twitter orientated, and gives the best views into Twitter streams. No preview options for how posts will look. Social networks get disconnected often, and I'm not sure why.,10,1,Easily promote content on social platforms, which produces leads. A huge time saver, so easy to set up social posts for the week in one place.,,Marketo, GlobeNewswire, Cvent Event ManagementEasy to use social media management toolHootsuite is only being used by myself. I manage social media in my department and I use it daily.,Easy to schedule out content. Easily adjust images to meet the recommended sizes per channel. Easily to retweet and like content.,Hootsuite's tagging feature sometimes acts up. It usually works but sometimes you will try to tag someone and it won't return any results.,10,1,Positive: It has made scheduling and monitoring content fast and easy.,Salesforce Service Cloud, PardotHoot-bitter-Sweet: It's Great, When it WorksWe have used Hootsuite Pro primarily in our social media and marketing departments. Ostensibly, Hootsuite Pro addresses the cumbersome process of cross-posting content to our various social media platforms and managing the scheduling of those posts. It helps with post creation, post scheduling, and management of comments, etc., on existing posts.,When it works, the ability to write ONE post and apply it to multiple platforms is great. Huge timesaver, and ensures consistency of content across your platforms. The customizability of streams is a cool feature. You can really dial in a dashboard that fits your unique needs, instead of trying to adapt yourself to a default vanilla setup. Whichever content streams (both existing and scheduled) are important to you can be placed front and center and edited as needed.,Retaining connection to social accounts has been quite unreliable for us, particularly our Facebook Business account. When this connection breaks, Hootsuite essentially becomes useless until the connection is repaired, which often requires an arduous manual removal and re-adding of permissions. Comment management is in some stage of depreciation, and it's not clear to what degree we can expect that functionality to work going forward. As a new user, streams are not well-explained by a tutorial and aren't particularly intuitive to figure out on one's own. They're a great tool once you know how they work, but it would be nice to have a little more exposition provided by Hootsuite right off the bat.,6,3,Honestly, Hootsuite has been pretty close to a wash for us. The frequency with which we've had to wrestle with our Facebook Business connection has caused us to repeatedly put Hootsuite on the shelf and opt for manual posting to both FB and Instagram. During the times it functioned properly, Hootsuite probably saved us around an hour of work per day, if you factor in both time required to post to various platforms and potential time spent ensuring/editing consistency between posts.,Sublime TextHootsuite Free helped us to get our social media back on trackWe use Hootsuite to automate our social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our entire organization. We also use it as a convenient platform to monitor engagement with our target audience of interior designers. Having our social platforms accessible in one place is a real time saver for us since our marketing team is lean and responsible for many functions.,Consolidated platform for multiple social media properties Ability to preview & schedule posts Planner view to see easily what's going out and when,Can't post multiple images on an Instagram post. That's a real pain!,8,1,We were struggling to keep up our social media engagement working with individual properties, so Hootsuite has helped us manage them much more efficiently. In combination with hiring a Marketing Coordinator, Hootsuite has also become an effective lead generation tool since we have capacity to post and respond to potential customer engagement.,Buffer,NetSuite, Bronto Marketing PlatformScalable social media management dashboardHootsuite is used as a social media dashboard at our agency. We use Hootsuite both on behalf of our client teams where we oversee social media buying & planning, as well as with content curation and oversight. The primary social channel that team members collaborate on within Hootsuite is Twitter, in addition to support within Facebook & Instagram.,Create one-stop dashboard for social media collaboration & management Specific strengths include monitoring, scheduling posts and assigning team members specific roles within each account Hootsuite's built in analytics suite provides a high level overview of campaign performance across networks managed via Hootsuite,Hootsuite's training tool can be overwhelming Hootsuite is very much a user-generated experience and sometimes the lack of an account person can slow down the customer service process Hootsuite's pricing model can escalate quickly depending on how many team members & accounts you're working across,7,4,Low cost for small team deployment Builds efficiencies by having more content live in the dashboard than in separate communication chains/emails Decrease time spent on monitoring and scheduling social media content since more can be automated/done in advance,TweetDeck,Pardot, NetSuite, MS SharePointAwesomely Accessible Platform for NewbiesHootsuite is a wonderful product for Social Media scheduling, monitoring activity and engagement, and competitor research. The community with Hootsuite is quite large and useful for determining how others are using the tool. I find it to have a very user-friendly interface, therefore, it is simple to get a new user on the system and immediately executing use within minutes. For managers or editors, it is easy to pop in and see only what you want to see without wasting a lot of time.,Scheduling Social Media posts - for my clients, typically they schedule the majority of their activity on a Monday and for the week. Ease of use - you can be on and publishing immediately without a learning curve. Value for the money - it's very accessible for small budgets. Customer support - their customer service is exceptional.,It is very Twitter-oriented and does not offer as much robustness for other platforms such as LinkedIn. I wish it could detect whether social interaction is a bot versus a real person. Like them all, if you wish to schedule a post with multiple images, you have to schedule it directly on Facebook or on Tweetdeck for Twitter. That creates additional redundancies - unfortunately, I don't believe there is anything Hootsuite can do about that, as this is an issue with other competitor platforms. I would love to see more robust reporting features - I often have to take the time to extract the data I am looking for to create the reports I want, which is inefficient.,8,1,Hootsuite removes the somewhat nebulous idea that Social Media is superfluous, which can be difficult for older organizations to grasp. I like to think of, and coach clients to think of, Social Media as a Return on Brand Investment (ROBI). It's a customer success tool and a brand magnifier. I have had great success with clients who have expenditures on Social advertising. ROI is not free when it comes to engagement anymore.,Moz, Zoho Social and Buffer,Moz, Zoom, Slack,Yes, but I don't use it,10Hootsuite is a great company with a quality productHootsuite Pro allows us to schedule out over 2 months of posts ahead of the dates we actually have them post. They help us keep full track of what is going on with all of our social accounts by providing great insights (data) on what the outcome of each post is and our social account as a whole.,Scheduling content. Posting content remotely. Collaborating with team members. Shows great stats. Helps us keep track of conversations using keywords we care about. Makes it easier to post random content we find online on other websites.,Instagram data is limited. Cannot post directly to Instagram through Hootsuite Pro. There is no automation at all for following/unfollowing/responding to people.,8,5,Helps us save time by making the posting experience faster. Saves time by making the searching for potential customers on Social Media faster. Helps us show clients what is going on in their industries.,Buffer, Sprout Social and uberVU via HootSuite,uberVU via HootSuite, Buffer, Sprout SocialA very useful tool that will make it much easier to manage several social networks at the same time.It is very useful for our company when it comes to keeping all our social networks up to date. Everything is managed from a single platform and allows us to see the statistics and schedule a post quickly and without complications. Currently it is the most important tool of our company when it comes to promoting our products.,The best thing about Hootsuite is the panel system with all the social networks at the same time. Automatic publication programming is very easy to use. The reports are very detailed and help monitor trends and measure growth. Campaign tracking is very simple and efficient. Create custom analysis control panels, or use our templates, to get more information about how your followers interact with your content.,When scheduling Facebook posts with several photos attached, Hootsuite publishes each photo separately but with the same description, instead of a single post with several photos. If you manage the social networks of a company, sooner or later you will need to pay for the business version since it has more essential functions to boost the publications. The free version is only limited to 3 social profiles.,9,1,This software represents a very positive impact on my company. Nowadays social networks handle a very important factor in the strategic decision making of the company. The initial investment is little compared to the profit potential that can be obtained through an optimal management of publications and the recruitment of followers. If you want to implement Hootsuite in a small business, I recommend the use of Hootsuite Free to start, since it does not represent a waste of money and meets all its objectives, the only counter is the management of only 3 social profiles.,Asana,Asana, WordPress, WooCommerceHootsuite Enterprise ExperienceWe used Hootsuite for our non-profit organization. It was only being used by our chapter, not the whole organization. This was a really useful tool in order to manage our social media accounts. It saved us time and energy by posting regularly without having to take time out to post to three individual social media accounts. In addition, it was a great tool to measure the effectiveness of our work. We used Hootsuite to increase the awareness of our organization.,Being able to schedule the posts User-friendly interface It has a free version,Facebook API fails sometimes Only one person can edit social media postings with one email address The navigation bar on the left is not easy to use on mobile devices,7,10,Social media engagement increased by 40%,Google Drive, Dropbox, Skype for Business (formerly Lync)Fast, Easy, Affordable, but with LimitationsHootsuite is being used by both my organization as well as a few of my clients for scheduling, reviewing and approving social media posts. Internally, it is only being used by the Media Department. Externally, a few of our immediate stakeholders at client companies are using it. The business problem that is solved is the need to be at a computer at a certain time to post on social channels for a client and am able to schedule large quantities of posts so that i spend less time posting and more time engaging. It also addresses having a formalized review process for clients once we create and upload social media posts, rather than screenshots or some other archaic option.,Setup, including connecting your social media accounts, is easy and intuitive. Scheduling posts is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. I love being able to create different streams of content to monitor, this feature of the dashboard is great for keeping an eye on multiple campaigns and types of accounts at once.,Inability to tag companies or people on LinkedIn is a huge annoyance. Due to time constraints, we've had to eliminate the use of tags for LinkedIn since HootSuite can't do it, and we don't have time to go into the platform, tag, and post at the exact right time. Random errors and temporary ceasing of posting/scheduling function happens at least once a week. Slow to incorporate newer features, such as the lag between Twitter increasing the character limit and Hootsuite recognizing that fact in its post creation.,7,3,It enables me to spend less time worry about posting and I'm able to schedule and walk away. Saves time, which increases productivity. Being unable to tag companies and people on LinkedIn impacts the reach and engagement of my posts, which impacts monthly success, which negatively impacts my social efforts overall. Having an easy, formal review process between us and client is a huge help in saving time for us and the client. Saved time = saved money/productivity.,Oktopost, and Radian6,Brandwatch Analytics, EveryoneSocial, Social Studio, GaggleAMP AmplifyEngage and interact successfully with a social marketing tool that actually plays well with others.My company uses Hootsuite Pro for engaging with customers, growing awareness, building relationships, social listening, and content scheduling and management across 40 networks and 6 different brands. It's used by every member of my team. Hootsuite allows us to schedule ever green content far into the future while still consistently adding time sensitive content whenever its needed. With the scheduling feature, my team is allowed to manage most social network tasks in minimal time- all at glance.,Hootsuite Pro excels with their dashboard organization. For our purposes we do very well with the 20 tabs with ten streams in each tab. This allows us to create different dashboards for specific purposes- its easily customize-able to suit our needs. We are able to group streams by network and/or by brand. Further, it's a snap to monitor influences and track keywords and hashtags as well. Other social media management tools don't allow near as much flexibility. Unlike other social tools, Hootsuite Pro has an extensive app directory that allows brands to include tumblr, blogger, sound cloud, stumble upon, Pinterest via tailwind in their dashboard. Past that, their app directory includes an impressive number of services for further dashboard capabilities and increases productivity options. Popular services such as Trello, Slack, Reddit, Pocket, Flipboard, Dropbox, Evernote, SugarCRM and many, many other services are integrated into the dashboard via apps. Hootsuite Pro can handle a large portion your marketing needs. While Hootsuite offers several packages, marketing bundles, services, and add-ons, to accommodate larger companies at an enterprise level also- - the Pro package is perfect for small to mid-level companies with many features and capabilities at a price that beats the cost of most social media marketing tools available.,When I first began using Hotsuite Pro, the allowed social accounts were unlimited. As their offerings increased, the number of social accounts available to Pro account users dropped to 50. Granted, 50 social networks is more than sufficient for most small companies the number is too small for companies managing multiple brands with multiple profiles. It's perfectly acceptable to offer a package with a 50 profile allotment- most social management tools have limits also. However, those that signed up for the Pro account with unlimited profiles felt a sting when the number was dropped, without warning, to 50. As for us, managing six brands, each with multiple social profiles, and a few of those brands have multiple profiles on the same network to address customer service, sales, and/or vetch. support. For a time, we thought we would need to purchase add-ons to meet our needs. While we love the services, technically the service offers less that what it did when I signed up. Hootsuite Pro only offers one advanced analytics report each month. You can purchase additional reports or build custom reports. However, what's offered isn't sufficient for the allowed social profiles. The analytic capabilities exist in Hootsuite, but the Pro package doesn't offer enough reports to handle extensive analytic reporting needed for future planning. Yes, these are available as add-ons- but the Pro package will never be a stand alone social media marketing tool until more reports are available. In the past, Hootsuite Pro included Linked In Company Pages, and groups as well as individual profiles. Pages and groups are no longer included so. LinkedIn is not covered as well as it once was.,9,5,Thanks to Hootsuite Pro and its long term scheduling capabilities, my team can focus their effort on growing the business and not just mainlining. We have more time and energy for creative marketing development. Hootsuite allows my team to interact with audiences easily. Multiple conversations in one setting saves time and eliminates confusion. This increases workflow and and decreases downtime. Social media marketing and management is easily contained and controlled so there is little fear of falling behind. My team always feels as if they their efforts are productive and not rushed.,Buffer, Sprout Social and Tailwind,Trello, Airtable, OneNote, Bitrix24, TweetDeck, Google AnalyticsHootsuite is a solid choice for social media planningHootsuite Pro allows for easy scheduling of multiple social media accounts. It is used solely by the Marketing Department and was brought on to allow for proper time management and easy planning. The ability to schedule a month+ of social posts throughout numerous networks enables us to focus on other areas for business development.,Scheduling Management Analytics,UI Enhancements Get rid of the point system for reports Enhanced reporting/insight,8,1,Content planning Social media scheduling Lead generation via social media,Buffer and Sprout Social,Buffer, Act-On Software, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Acrobat DC, Flow, Twitter Ads, Facebook for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google Analytics, Google Tag ManagerGreat ValueI am the marketing and social media coordinator and I use Hootsuite nearly every day to schedule social media across platforms. It saves me a ton of time and energy while being able to produce consistent content for all of our brands.,Scheduling social media - it helps me control when things are published and can even predict when a good time to publish would be. User-friendly interface - the interface is very easy to use and nearly anyone could use it! Convenient tools - it's nice to be able to scroll through different feeds and interact with posts from one tab.,Formatting issues - I have to save images and PDFs in different formats and sizes in order to share on different platforms. Sizes - The max image size you can upload is 5 gb which means I'm having to resize my professional images before uploading them Instagram integration - this could really use some help. I manage 5+ Instagram pages and it does not integrate well with that many accounts. I'm constantly getting error messages.,8,1,Hootsuite has made us more efficient and able to reduce time spent on social media scheduling Hootsuite has helped us strategize which content to utilize on different platforms Hootsuite also has great reports that you can pull regarding reach, metrics, etc.,Buffer,Adobe Marketing Cloud, GoDaddy, Yoast Wordpress SEO PluginsThe Industry Standard in Social Media!Hootsuite is used by our Marketing Department to schedule our content across all our social media profiles. This helps streamline our Social Media marketing practices into much easier tasks.,Schedule Postings at Optimal Times to increase reach and visibility of posts. Streams are useful when wanting to track if people are talking about the brand online. Content sources, like UpContent, are great when need inspiration for what to post.,I wish the Instagram Scheduling had a grid preview where you could see how the posts will look on the profile. A lot of other schedulers are already doing this. The reporting isn't always correct, sometimes the numbers are inflated. I wish you could schedule at Optimal Times across multiple days instead of just on the same day.,10,2,HootSuite has saved our Marketing Coordinator tons of time every week by letting her schedule all of the week's posts at once and check in lightly during the week. HootSuite has made it very simple to connect with our audience using Keyword Streams. HootSuite has made it easy to have a bird's eye view of our brand on Social Media.,Buffer,Buffer, CoScheduleHootsuite Pro: The Social Media Manager's FriendI use HootSuite Pro on behalf of my clients to post to their various social media outlets. It allows me to generate multiple posts in one location. It also allows me to effectively pre-schedule social media posts days, weeks, or even months ahead of time. It also allows me to monitor their social media feeds and keep up with other employees who made me posting on their behalf.,HootSuite pro allowed me to post to multiple social media platforms from one location. HootSuite bro allows me to pre-schedule multiple posts days, weeks, or even months ahead of time.,It would be nice if HootSuite bro added more networks such as Pinterest and Snap Chat. It would be really great if HootSuite pro integrated with Facebook messenger. It would be very helpful if Sweet bro integrated with local search Platforms such as Yelp.,8,1,The main return on my investment for sweet bro has been the savings of. For all that it lets me do, It offers Sirius efficiency.,,SharpSpring, SEMRushHootsuite Free a favorable experienceI use Hootsuite in the department where I work, when tracking different topics of interest at the Twitter level, such as the different updates on minimum wages and the different regularizations and decrees issued by different countries, it is important at the moment to follow up on news.,It is useful at the moment to follow up on informative topics, that is, to follow up on media. Customize Hootsuite to your liking and work wherever you want, the interface is very flexible and you have a great freedom to visualize the data in different ways, create lists of themes or media, adapting it to your way of working. Have all the information you need a click away....,With the monitoring of social networks you can get key information about your competitors. This kind of intelligence will allow you to create strategic business decisions that will keep you above them. For example, you can create search channels in Hootsuite to monitor keywords within the industry and see the mentions of the names and products of your competitors. With the monitoring of social networks you can obtain key information about your competitors. This kind of intelligence will allow you to create strategic business decisions that will keep you above them. For example, you can create search channels in Hootsuite to monitor keywords within the industry and see the mentions made to the names and products of your competitors. With Hootsuite, you can manage up to 100 different social networks. You can disseminate several advertising campaigns at the same time. You can promote your company, product or services. You can achieve direct assistance to customers.,10,,212/5000 I work in a state company, that is, without profit, but from the positive point of view, the Hootsuite is a very useful tool when reviewing information and presenting monthly reports.,none,DropboxHootsuite Pro is great for organizing multiple social accounts for multiple brands.We are using Hootsuite Pro to schedule and manage our social media campaigns for multiple brands.,Scheduling campaigns. Posting to multiple social media accounts. Multiple social media profiles.,The interface can be confusing at times. The pricing is a little on the high end.,7,3,We are still evaluating because we've had a revolving door of social media managers, so there hasn't been someone consistently monitoring.,Adobe Photoshop, WordPressHootsuite - Perfect... But Needs ImprovementsWe are a company that manages 5 different brands and we use Hootsuite to help make the social media aspect a lot easier. For the most part, Hootsuite’s platform is quite useful for our day to day activities and we genuinely use it a lot for scheduling upcoming blog posts.,Managing multiple social media accounts Providing a platform to manage multiple brands Giving real-time updates of the activity on your social media feeds,Should find some way to reintegrate the now out of use Chrome plugin The interface could be a bit more intuitive as right now it appears a bit clustered Provide more robust support options for your clients,7,6,Allows us to easily communicate with our customers for direct marketing Provides much quicker means of communicating with customers about customer service matters Improved the trustworthiness of our brand,,Adobe Illustrator CC, Bronto Marketing Platform, Google Analytics PremiumGreat Social Media Tool for multiple accountsHootsuite Pro is used as a tool to schedule and monitor Twitter and Instagram mainly. We also use it during Twitter parties and to track hashtags. The newly added feature to schedule Instagram posts for biz accounts was a very welcome update.,Create streams for multiple accounts and platforms and offer an easy overview Schedule, comment on, like and reshare posts on multiple platforms Track trends, hashtags and search terms in separate column,I've used the platform for a long time but do get some resistance sometimes from others saying it's not very user-friendly Maybe add more features to the analytics side,10,3,The mobile function is great for on the go tracking and posting (since up until recently there wasn't an option to post directly to Instagram). It's a cost-effective social media tool.,repost, command, Viraltag and Mention,Cision PR Software, Mention, Viraltag
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387 Ratings
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HootSuite Enterprise provides a centralized platform for managing streams from different social media channels and posting/ engaging across channels simultaneously. It also has strong team / workflow features and good mobile apps.

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Adobe Social, Conversocial, Sysomos Expion,, Oracle Social Cloud, Radian6, Sprout Social, Viralheat, MavSocial, ThoughtBuzz, Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Khoros Marketing (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium), Sprinklr Social + Messaging Suite

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