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What is MARMIND?

MARMIND is a Marketing Resource Management platform that enables marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results. Presented as a marketing cockpit to create seamless workflows for planning, budgeting, and result analysis across point solutions, departments, and locations, MARMIND focuses on enabling businesses…

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Marmind is a versatile platform that offers a comprehensive overview of marketing projects and workflows, making it easy for users to …
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Product Demos

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Product Details

What is MARMIND?

MARMIND is a Marketing Resource Management platform that enables marketers worldwide to optimize resources and maximize results.

Presented as a marketing cockpit to create seamless workflows for planning, budgeting, and result analysis across point solutions, departments, and locations, MARMIND focuses on enabling businesses to make better decisions.

Relying on a large network of marketing experts and technology partners, they offer complementary consulting, implementation, and support services to ensure customers have what they need to master their marketing.

MARMIND Features

  • Supported: Campaign Management
  • Supported: Budget and Expense Management
  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Content Management System
  • Supported: Visual Workflow Designer
  • Supported: Team Collaboration
  • Supported: Workflow Automation
  • Supported: Marketing Performance Management
  • Supported: Gant Charts
  • Supported: Scheduling
  • Supported: Resource Management
  • Supported: To-Do Checklists
  • Supported: Custom Notifications
  • Supported: Email Integration
  • Supported: Social Media Integration
  • Supported: Integrations with DAM/CMS/CO/PIM/CRM/MA/BI/etc

MARMIND Screenshots

Screenshot of Task managementScreenshot of Digital Asset Management


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MARMIND Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, German
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Marmind is a versatile platform that offers a comprehensive overview of marketing projects and workflows, making it easy for users to track daily work results. Customers appreciate how Marmind provides transparency and coordination across the organization, allowing them to get a full overview of their own and other teams' marketing calendars. The tool simplifies coordination and communication with agencies, saving time and improving efficiency in cross-functional collaboration. Users find value in creating and categorizing to-do lists within Marmind, as it eliminates the need for handwritten lists and reduces excessive email communication. Additionally, Marmind's customizable data fields provide flexibility and customization options for users. The platform enhances transparency and resource planning, enabling better allocation of resources and improved planning processes. Furthermore, with its organized representation of workflows, Marmind facilitates collaboration among all stakeholders involved, streamlining work processes. Users have found Marmind to be a user-friendly alternative to using Excel for campaign planning, eliminating the unmanageability and complexity associated with spreadsheets. Overall, Marmind is highly regarded for its ability to simplify task management, improve budget management and control, enhance collaboration across teams and locations, and provide valuable support for marketing operations. Its centralized platform serves as a repository for documents, allows for easy access and information sharing, supports collaborative work on documents, and enables effective leadership and preparation for management meetings. With Marmind's wide range of features, customers find it essential for organizing marketing activities within their organizations and fostering efficient coordination and collaboration among multiple teams.

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Clear arrangement and easy navigation: Users appreciate the clear arrangement and easy navigation of the workspace in Marmind, allowing for efficient task organization. Several reviewers have mentioned that they find it easy to navigate through the software's interface, which contributes to a smooth workflow.

Customizable dashboards: The ability to freely edit and customize dashboards in Marmind according to specific requirements is highly valued by users. Many reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with this feature, as it allows them to tailor their dashboards to their individual needs and preferences.

Continuous development and regular updates: Users like the continuous development and regular updates of Marmind, indicating that the software consistently improves its features. Some reviewers have specifically mentioned how they appreciate that the company behind Marmind actively works on enhancing the software's functionalities based on user feedback.

  1. Lack of Integration and Connectivity: Several users mentioned that there is no connection to other tools and experienced server issues, making it difficult to integrate Marmind into their existing workflow. Some users also expressed frustration with the lack of integration with accounting programs and the need for manual import.

  2. Complexity and Difficulty in Navigation: Many users found Marmind to be complex and not easy to get started with. They mentioned that it takes time to understand the tool, as it is not very intuitive and requires training. Users also criticized the system for having too many processes and indications to perform actions, which sometimes required help from their manager.

  3. Usability Issues: Users expressed various usability issues with Marmind. Some found the tool not self-explanatory, requiring them to show colleagues where to find certain features. Others mentioned that some terminology used in Marmind was not clear or easily understandable. Additionally, several users complained about slow loading times, a slow interface, and difficulties in accessing asset management from the campaign view.

Users commonly recommend the following actions when using Marmind:

  1. Allocate sufficient time for onboarding and implementation. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the tool and effectively utilize its features.

  2. Prioritize planning in advance. By having a clear plan, users can make the most of Marmind's capabilities and ensure a smooth workflow during their marketing campaigns.

  3. Utilize Marmind for campaign planning. Users find that this tool enables them to dedicate more time to strategic work and enhances transparency within the organization.

In addition, users appreciate Marmind's simplicity and its ability to provide an overview of projects while also serving as a centralized platform for collecting all relevant information.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have the software for the advertising analysis used for campaigns for events carried out by the organization, in such a way that we can visualize the actions to be carried out before, during, and after the event, when working on objectives and dates. The software is a powerful tool for being able to really analyze what you are looking for. Added to this, it has provided an excellent organization and management of content, management of expenses, and communication channels.
  • Analysis of advertising campaigns.
  • Marketing calendar management.
  • Content and channel management.
  • Overall project management.
  • Automation of actions for campaigns.
  • Search for data in the software.
  • Multiple campaign classifications.
- Campaign management is a clear point in favor of the software, since the features it has are exceptional, from planning, distribution channels, strategic planning, budgets, and also forecasts.
- It gives the team monitoring the project and campaign be able to know the participation of the staff in the projects.
- Carrying out multiple projects and campaigns at the same time without setbacks, errors, or confusion.
  • Clear and precise management of campaigns and events.
  • Campaign planning with fluidity and clarity.
  • Monitoring of objectives from established dates and deadlines.
  • Greater profits by having adequate forecasts for campaigns.
  • Greater efficiency in delivery times and planning.
  • Greater management and monitoring by the campaign coordination teams.
Steffen Jäschke | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were appealed especially by the integration of the perspectives planning, budgeting, and result in one platform. MARMIND convinced us as a sure steering concept for our complete marketing efforts. We respect MARMIND as an international leader for marketing-resource management. We optimized our resources and outcomes in comfortable processes. We met the return-of-investments event early after we purchased the solution. The workflows were readily accepted by our team and we were able to spend efforts on other key performances earlier. MARMIND has a fresh design and intuitive actions. It offers informative perspectives as well as instructive workflows for marketing campaigns and resource setup and control. It was fast even after we implemented all of our goals. As a collaborative tool, we achieved more communication with more certain conveniences. Our experience is therefore very good. We had a no-problem experience altogether. Our organization was very glad to introduce and use MARMIND. We used MARMIND for our production, budgeting. We reached before unknown new market audiences. MARMIND changed our media planning processes throughout and led us to perform better strategies with more success. We started a new level of customer journey monitoring for new market research methodologies.
  • We conducted omni-channel marketing.
  • We planned, produced and evaluated our marketing efforts.
  • We colaborated and communicated in all stages of our marketing.
  • We automated and personalized our customer journey efforts.
  • We would like a local installation.
  • We would love an Apple platform version.
  • A mobile client would be a help.
  • A chat support would be a plus.
  • More connectivity to marketing automation tools would be a great improvement.
MARMIND helps for the simple and complete structuring of complex marketing efforts. MARMIND is great support for marketing automation with room atop. We did communicate better within our marketing team. It was a big performance enhancement throughout marketing. MARMIND is easy and comfortable to learn and use with no delay starting. The adaption to our needs and wishes was really great and left a tight binding to it. We are convinced that the support by MARMIND was a great help and sustain to our intents. We realized that we did the very right decision to change to this marketing platform. We gained more overview and control in the right mixture between grossness and detail. We change after the first success with all our marketing to it. This change was really a no-timer and we were very satisfied with this change and the change in the underlying strategies. The app shortened our processes and made us enhance every step of them. The overall result was a closer communication at the more motivating steps of the marketing processes and a great plus in employee satisfaction. We had several impressive feedback loops and are convinced we will still make several in the future. The notifications, annotations, commentaries, assets, and drafts gave us an important new perspective on which we will develop our company further. Setting targets and arranging better-pre informed meetings and events in the marketing team and with external companies and customers enhanced our experiences.
  • We conduct more satisfactory budgeting.
  • We plan better and have better experiences with all involved persons.
  • The overview over outcomes gives an impressing motivating feedback loop.
  • MARMIND integrated our marketing at all stages to our very best conveniences.
  • Our ROIs are throughout rigorously improved.
  • There might be more roles and restricted views on the marketing process.
  • We got faster and really more successful.
MARMIND had a better efforts-to-outcome factor. We consider it for our needs as much more suitable. This is a matter of scale and resources. We loved MARMIND from the very first impressions. It stimulates our company marketing efforts very much. The overview is very satisfactory. The software suited very well the educational level of our employees and made them quick very successful users. The role concepts matched very much our own. We are convinced that will still are in progress in getting better at MARMIND in all modules and with all processes. We consider ourselves at a very good level in using the software integrated tool landscape of MARMIND. It is stimulating and very satisfactory to plan, create, and evaluate marketing efforts of all kinds. We stopped leaving out marketing or procrastinating it. The overview is overwhelming. Everyone has great feedback and can watch the progress in the company. This is former missing feedback. So MARMIND transformed our company a lot not only our marketing. Because of the high standards in the modules that are implemented the difference may not be so big. The process standards are compliant and it is more or less a matter of personal preferences between the different brands.
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