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We use Monster to source candidates for our Federal Government IT, Engineer, Technical, Cloud/DevOps, Web/Internet, Cyber Security/Info Sec, Functional DoD/IC, Financial, as well as our back-office positions. It's being utilized by recruiting including the sourcing coordinator to build pipeline resources for bids and proposals.
  • Allow us to view candidate profile so we can manage the views for ROI!
  • Flexible Services for various needs!
  • Allows us to manage the search criteria in a creative manner!
  • Track status of candidates
  • Intelligence search is more effective.
  • Provide more profile information when sourcing.
  • Track status of candidates including follow up action items.
Creative and resourceful search options. Ability to set automatic searches to view new candidates! Ability to manage candidate status and follow-up activity!
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We use to post for current job openings. We use it in HR department only. So far we had a very pleasant experience with that software. It is easy to manage, easy to navigate.
  • Easy of use.
  • Advertising for open positions.
  • Doesn't force you to change your password every other month or so.
  • Very logical layout of the website.
  • Customization of job postings activity.
  • Ability to buy packages online.
  • Choose posting date. is suitable for companies that are looking to fill positions and looked for new hires constantly.
If there are two or more people in the same department who work in recruiting, it is a little harder to manage notifications. Since they can only be send to one address. So I would say users at the same company should be able to customize notifications or who receives what and when.
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I use Monster to source candidates all across technology positions and sometimes even for manager positions. I have an individual account in Monster and I use it for filling vacancies that are required for my company. Apart from sourcing candidates on Monster, I have also used the job posting service that is available through Monster. I have been a regular user of Monster and I use it very efficiently for different roles that I have to find candidates for.
  • The search strings are very accurate. If you put in the right keyword you will definitely get the right candidate. I have used the asterisk (*)keyword, and every time I use it, I get candidates that I am looking for. This keyword will help me to find candidates writing the same base word in the resume.
  • The job posting is another service that Monster excels at. There is a filter question within the job posting option which lets you make sure that only relevant candidates apply to your job posting. This is a very efficient method with which you do not waste your time dealing with not relevant candidates.
  • The search options can be a little more stringent. For example, only the first two or three pages might have relevant candidates. From the third page onwards, there are not many relevant candidates that you find. If I search for Java developer the first two pages might be full of Java developers who have done the level of work that I need. However, if I go to the third page I might come across interns or people who have taken courses on Java and do not have any relevant work experience as search.
  • The database for non-technical candidates needs to be improved. The amount of resumes that I get while searching for technicians, clerks, manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, and plumbers is very few compared to the technical or software crowd there is on Monster.
Well suited scenarios:
As I have mentioned before, Monster is a very good job portal when you are searching for software related candidates. A classic example of that would be a Java developer. You can use the correct keywords and you will definitely find the right candidate. If you need further help, then you can use the filters that are provided on the main page. This will help you to narrow down the search results.

Less appropriate scenarios:
Monster is not a very great place to search for non-technical or non-software requirements. Another issue with the search options that I have in Monster is that I would like to get candidates based on work authorizations. For certain clients, I have certain work authorizations required and there is no filter that is present in Monster for that. Some candidates do not put in their phone number while some others provide the email address of their vendors which is not very accurate information when you are recruiting somebody for a specific job. Expect to find a lot of resumes in image format which will make it tough for you to download and convert it into PDF and Word in the long run.
I have used the technical support team's help for Monster a few times in the past. Overall, it was a good experience and they were able to help me. In instances when they could not, they were able to get in touch with their technical team and get back to me within a day or two with no need for me to follow up with them. The manner in which they approach the problem and how the team talks to you is very encouraging.
Art Stiefel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I have used for many years as an employer looking to hire and also as someone looking for a new job. As an employer, we used Monster as a reliable platform for us to post open positions with the knowledge that we could rely on a solid response of viable applicants. This definitely made it easier for us to approach the hiring process with a sense of confidence.
  • Monster makes it easy for us to post jobs on their platform.
  • Working with Monster does an excellent job of providing alerts when applicants submit for open positions.
  • Our applications that we get from Monster applicants are easy for us to segment out for faster sorting and selections.
  • It would be nice if Monster could autofill resumes from applicants from information they provide once.
  • Applicants complain about having to fill in all of the fields for their applications - even though they have submitted their resumes.
  • As an applicant, it would be nice to have greater transparency and updates for when a submitted application is shared, opened, or reviewed. Otherwise there can be a sense of being "ghosted" after having applied and not hearing back.
I give a high rating and recommendation to employers and applicants alike. I find that as a platform in a competitive environment, Monster has been a long-time, reliable resource for job placements and for searching for new jobs. With the proliferation of other job posting sites, Monster has remained a place that stands above the lesser quality online job boards that feel kind of like they are looking just to get your personal information that they then will go on to sell to the scammy, spammy online jobs posting sites.
I would rate support with a high rating of 10 because even though the platform is super simple to use we do occasionally have a question or two that come up and we've found that the Monster support team is pretty quick at getting back to us and providing clear answers.
Score 9 out of 10
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Since I work for a company that hires resources in the United States, I, as a recruiter mostly depend upon for all my technical hiring needs. It is a powerful resource for any organization that is looking to hire talents across the said region. The whole of my department works on and has been benefited from it. It has many unique features and has established better standards compared to those rival job boards that are out there in the market. not only has the largest database of candidates but also offers some of the most comprehensive career tools and resources that help in finding the right career for the right candidates. There are a lot of job listings in the job portal for the candidates to pick the right one that matches their skill-sets. It is not only about going through all the job postings that have been made in the portal, but also about the services and the outcomes that it provides for both the candidates and the employers. There are a lot of different ways one can search for resumes from the database so that one might end up in finding the right fit.
  • It has a very streamlined application process that enables users/job-seekers to upload and update their resumes in a timely manner. They can also apply for multiple jobs with just a click of a button that saves time.
  • For employers, it is one of the best offerings on the market. Multiple job postings and a handful of premium features enabling the optimal use of the resource to find the right talent quickly.
  • can improve on its data redundancy aspect. It frustrates the users to look at or access the same sets of results or the same applications again and again.
  • It can also look into the spam feature. There are ways one can spam it by taking out information.
It is absolutely free for job seekers, and in many ways, it helps the job seekers in the market to find the right job for them. Also, there are numerous career advice for the users to follow and get benefited out of it. It has resume writing services as well so it helps the job seekers right from scratch until they find the right job. So for job seekers, it's a win.
On the other hand, let's consider a small business. They will find it very difficult and expensive to list their jobs in Comparatively, there are sites like Indeed offering free postings. So if there is any support that can be extended here, it would be helpful.
There are separate helplines for job seekers and employers. The response time is less compared to other customer support organizations that are out there. There are multiple offices in multiple locations so that it will improve the connectivity thereby helping the users in a better way possible. It provides a high standard of service and they also look into feedback seriously and work on it.
Score 9 out of 10
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I have been recruiting for the past 5 years and almost all the time if there is one job portal that I go to it is Monster. No recruitment team is complete without the services of Monster. I have been utilizing it for all my recruitment needs. Monster is the best job portal that a recruiter would require when they hire for any needs within the business zone. The database of job seekers keeps improving and the quality is also impressive. Hiring is the business problem that Monster caters to and it does it really well.
  • The database search is very strong in Monster. You can add even the basic of skills and you can be rest assured that any resume which has the keyword being searched will be brought out in the search result. You need to know what you are searching for and the correct profiles will be populated for you.
  • The whole software is snappy and quite fast when you use it. It does not take time to download resumes, to showcase the search results, to populate the results, and also to add them into your own personal folders within Monster. The whole experience is very fast which is very important for a fast-paced recruiter.
  • I wish that they had more filters in the resume search option. For example, there are not filters which would help me bring out candidates on their projects or their domain experience. If I need someone from the aerospace domain, I am left with just keywords again. Also there is no filter for their authorization to work in a specific location. There is also no option given to find how many hours are students allowed to work while studying. Adding these filters could have helped leaps and bounds.
  • Monster does lack in the area of non-software resumes that they have to display. The number of resumes for blue collar jobs takes a nose dive as well when you start hiring for such roles. The database just is not big enough as compared to the other competitors. The number of resumes also is dependent on some locations. For example in Las Vegas, you really don't have many software candidates.
Monster is a great option if you are hiring for technology related positions and in an area which is proliferated with the software crowd. You can find a plethora of candidates all across your salary range and also the experience levels. You can also find candidates based on their level of experience in certain domains too.

Monster lacks the database for blue-collar jobs or non-software jobs and the result is the same irrespective of the location. All across the locations, the database is just not rich enough for such jobs. The candidates are just not present.
Monster is a job portal with rich features and a great depth of database in candidates. They also have a good search option that is able to display the right candidates when you search for them.
The only gripe that I have about Monster is that they need to improve their database of candidates when it comes to blue-collar jobs or non-software jobs.

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Monster in Weston offers their job board for finding the right candidates, boasting resume analysis and role fit scoring, available at

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What is Monster?

Monster in Weston offers their job board for finding the right candidates, boasting resume analysis and role fit scoring, available at

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