Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio
Formerly Radian6 + Buddy Media

Score 6.8 out of 10
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio


What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio?

Radian6 was acquired by in 2011 and - along with Buddy Media - is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce now supplies social media management capabilities through Social Studio, the product built by combining Radian6 with Buddy...
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Using complex keyword searches to surface insights from social media conversations.

10Avg 7.9


Scheduling posts to various social media channels and profiles from one interface.

8.7Avg 8.1


Engaging with customers and responding to comments and inquiries via social media channels.

9.7Avg 8.4


Using the software to increase customer engagement and grow customer base via social media channels.

5.5Avg 7.9

Channel coverage/integration

Effective integration with social media networks, including the ability to monitor, publish and respond.

8.1Avg 8.4


10Avg 8.0

Account management

Users can manage access to multiple social media accounts.

8Avg 8.2
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Product Details

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio?

Social Studio (formerly Radian6) enables users to listen, engage, and publish within a social media marketing and management suite — and connect enriched social data to marketing with sales and service. Social Studio is the result of Salesforce' combining of Radian6 with the capabilities of Buddy Media, a social media publishing tool acquired by Salesforce in 2012. Social Studio is available on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The product supports:

Social Listening
Gather market intelligence. Gain relevant feedback across your marketing, service, and sales campaigns with reporting tied to your social accounts from the office or via mobile app. Search for any topic or brand. Watch for fresh topics and trends from convenient customizable dashboards.

Community Engagement
Deploy a single platform for social media engagement and social reviews across every department in a company. Securely manage access and roles with user and team workspaces. With machine learning, gauge brand sentiment and prioritize posts — then automatically route customer activity to the appropriate role in either marketing, sales, or service. Route social posts to your CRM platform to complete the picture of the customer across social, email, and other digital channels.

Social Publishing
Manage company’s entire social presence across teams. Create workspaces and access based on role or group to ensure brand consistency.
Collaborate on campaigns. Draft, share, schedule, review, and approve content. Access stock photos, trending topics, and more — on a desktop or in a mobile app. Reporting gives a real-time snapshot on content, channel, and creative performance.

Monitoring Performance
Track customer interactions, brand health, and campaign results as they unfold. Depict real-time customer feedback with on-screen imagery.
Highlight the customer voice. Keep a close eye on conversations to develop insights around real-time customer discussions. Display insights based on region, post popularity, and words commonly associated with a product. Get comprehensive multichannel views of every customer relationship — plus in-depth explorations of email campaigns, social care, and every brand journey.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Radian6 was acquired by in 2011 and - along with Buddy Media - is now part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce now supplies social media management capabilities through Social Studio, the product built by combining Radian6 with Buddy Media, available on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Bottlenose, Brandwatch, and Verint Messaging are common alternatives for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio.

Reviewers rate Boolean keyword searches and Filtering out noise/spam and Sentiment analysis highest, with a score of 10.

The most common users of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Juan Pablo De Sabato | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio to interact with customers in social media. The Digital Marketing team also uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud social Studio as a post schedule and monitoring tool, as well as tracking different KPI's regarding brand reputation, benchamrking with other competitors, influencers performance, etc.
  • Filter relevant content so you can priorize those that are more relevant and resolve it first
  • Measure the traffic in the different social networks, as well as the response rate, average response time and other relevant metrics
  • Configure automation rules to order the work of those who must interact with the customer
  • Better reports on the performance of agents in charge of customer interaction
  • Improve some instagram features, i.e., tags on stories, reels, etc.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio is a very good option for publishing administration, following digital marketing campaings performance and results, social listening an monitoring your brand image in social media and other digital media. It has good features for engagement, but falls a little short for customer service. I'm surre it would work much better integrated with Salesforce as a CRM, but we use another CRM platform and it was not possible to integrate.
Support is english only, so it was very difficult to resolve some of our needs.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Radian6 has been our social media monitoring platform of choice for more than 10 years across the whole digital communications business unit. It is used to monitor social conversation, for crisis detection and management. It allows us to cut through the noise very efficiently, discover the most meaningful conversations and interactions for the brand, detect endorsers and trolls, and manage the brand reputation online.
  • Depth of results.
  • Fast indexing.
  • Real-time detection.
  • Automatic sentiment tagging is not always accurate.
  • Complex setup, requires training.
  • Some of the user permissions lack flexibility. More options would be appreciated.
If you have to manage a great volume of mentions and you don't require a specific model of dashboard, or if you don't have the budget for a AI based platform, this is a very good option that could cover your needs. Also great if you have to manage a great volume of users and projects, to have the flexibility and agility to setup your own monitoring.
November 18, 2019

Radian6 Delivers

Alexis Ramsey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, Radian6 is used across our military recruitment department to identify opportunities where our brand can become a part of the larger conversation. Using broad keywords, we’re looking for conversations surrounding enlistment, thinking about joining, and stories of extraordinary Soldiers. We have a team of six, in the system at multiple points during the day between 8 am - 12 am EST.
  • First time setup is easy to do. Keyword and dashboard creation are walked through, and results flow in quickly tell you if your set is working or not.
  • Technical support is responsive. If technical support is not fast enough for an emergency issue, our rep is quick at getting things escalated.
  • Dashboard widget options are simple to implement and easy to drill down into.
  • If you open multiple widgets and drill down, each one has to be closed separately. It would be nice to have a “reset” button.
  • The look of Radian6 has not changed in years. I think there’s room to introduced a new aesthetic, create new features, etc.
  • Choosing what columns to export for listening results would be helpful. There are unnecessary columns that need to be deleted each time an export occurs.
Radian6 is well suited to retrieve public listening topics from all major sources, including Reddit. The system also makes reporting easy with ready to go topic trend charts, medium breakdowns, and more. The system could use a facelift in terms of the looks of graphs, color scheme for the system, and general functionality. However, the system does responsive technical support and training setup.
Our rep was incredibly quick to respond, not pushy, and patient with our decision making process. For technical support, we had free one on one training for our six team members, and they followed up individually a week after each session. They’ve been available and attentive, even when questions came up after training.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Radian6 was used for one of my prior jobs to have an organized dashboard of our brand social media handles - set up to respond to customers, brand engagement, social listening, etc. It was being used by the customer service team and also by the marketing / social media team.
  • Very easy to use
  • Friendly interface
  • Little errors / bugs
  • Heavier analytics abilities
  • Ability to look at platforms that are review sites, amazon, etc rather than just social sites
  • Updated interface
I would say that Radian6 is a fine tool for a company or organization that needs a cohesive platform for their social media handles and how to respond to customer/consumers in an efficient matter. I think that Radian6 training time does not take too long as the tool itself is not as complex as others.
I don't remember having to reach out to support quite often when working with Radian6. However, before I started in that position working with the platform, my manager relayed to me that the customer support for Radian6 and Salesforce overall was quick and efficient, and that they usually got back to him within a day or so.
Adam Keys | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social Studio was used by ScS for Social Listening, scheduling and content creation. The platform did everything it advertised, and I had no issues during my time using the platform, allowing us seamless posting to social when out of the office, and first class competitor monitoring, without breaking the bank.
  • Social listening / competitor monitoring
  • Scheduling
  • Instagram integration
  • Reliability
  • Usability - clunky to use
Social listening/competitor monitoring. Social Studio allows you to track competitor keywords within the cost of the package. Other platforms, including Hootsuite, charge a large sum for this. This is very useful for continuous improvement. Scheduling - plan ahead, knowing your posts will publish without error when you're out of the office.
Mahesh Aluvala | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Radian6 product software for one of the world leading organization who are in Fortune 500, we helped them implement the product. In the current time, social media has become one of the important aspects of any business success. To understand the social buzz and the social trends better, the radian6 was a great choice. Over the course of implementation, we loved the product and the results it has yielded us. The primary focus was to understand where are we stand and how to improve the brand.
  • The amount of the information that radian6 can pull from multiple social platforms is absolutely phenomenal. Its just not only the pull but the way the information can be presented in dashboards was way good. It helped us understand in various aspects of our social presence.
  • Multiple profiles helped us to break down the Big/Huge social buzz cloud to smaller and more manageable pieces. This helped us concentrate on the lows and helped us to plan better on turning them to highs.
  • Radian6 allowed us to follow thru the crowd trends with the latest information presented in a single view. This also helped us to collect the social opinion on the product releases.
  • The ease of use, one need not be an expert to start using this platform. The interface is easily understandable by anyone.
  • A keyword can be edited quickly to tailor the needs and the results were quick.
  • The initial setup was difficult to make it live. Despite the fact that the radian6 is a great tool, there is still a lot to improve upon with regard to the setup process.
  • Narrowing down the search sometimes produces glitches. I have experienced some glitches when looking up for the period time like 90 days with fewer keywords.
  • There is room to improve the export data functionality.
Radian6 has good capabilities for social monitoring and measuring. Any Org who wants to listen the real facts stated directly out from the crowd, this is a great tool.
Jeremy Cowles | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As Social Studio has capabilities for scheduling and publishing as well as analysis, it is being used by both the marketing department (for monitoring mentions of the company in the media and scheduling of organic brand posting) and the insight team who primarily use the analysis functionality. For the marketing team it appears to be a good solution for ticking multiple boxes in-one, particularly publishing and engaging, while for the insight team the analytics piece helps us keep tabs on multiple brand searches in the media in order to evaluate marketing performance.
  • One stop shop: if you are looking for a tool that combines multiple facets found in individual tools then this could be for you
  • Scheduling posts is a breeze across platform. So this is clearly geared towards marketers or community managers who need a quick and simple way to manage communications output
  • Salesforce is a ubiquitous platform these days - social studio is a natural extension of this (the engage and CRM functionality plays to this strength) so for businesses of any size that subscribe to the Salesforce suite, adding this tool would make total sense
  • The user interface is rather simplistic which can be seen as a pro - intuitive and easy to navigate, and more quickly accessible for newbies over rival platforms which can have steep learning curves and layers of detailed functionality which take time to get familiar with
  • Jack of all trades, master of none: OK so this might sound a bit harsh, but while the tool accomplished three similar functions competently, and all under one bonnet, the fact that none of them are outstanding in functionality and capability in my book that also counts as a weakness, regardless of the fact they are all combined in one software suite. It would seem that Salesforce needs to think more carefully about who the target user audience is here - publishers, sellers and marketers, or insight types who work with the content - it's a bit lacklustre in all three areas
  • Simplicity vs total control: I mentioned previously that it has a very intuitive, accessible and 'simplistic' (in a good way) UI which makes getting to grips with the tool great for early adopters. BUT with this comes the downfall that it is rather simplistic, and the rich functionality that is available in other platforms is just not seen here. For example, the engagement scores for competitor brands (not client / owned brands) are not available, meaning you can't do deeper dive analysis on content performance for rival organizations. The ability to only export content in 90 day chunks is also frustrating
  • For such a large organisation, think about how much support you're going to need from Salesforce. You might have to be prepared to wing it on your own
If you're tasked with publishing content to social on behalf of your organization then this tool is certainly worth considering. You have quick and easy capability to schedule across multiple platforms with drag-and-drop simplicity. It ties into Salesforce's real strength of its CRM platform so you can quickly tie social activity and leads to those already in your database. And it does a good job at monitoring and analyzing brand and competitor content across multiple media types.

Having said that, if you're into deep-dive and full functionality SaaS tools then this might not be for you as it covers three areas adequately, but not in enough detail or strength to make it a star performer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social Studio is being used by the marketing organization to manage social media channels, including for scheduling posts and analysis. It simplifies social media management.
  • Scheduling posts
  • Tracking social media metrics
  • Analysis
  • Doesn't allow you to tag other users/accounts in scheduled posts.
Social studio is well-suited for environments where multiple social media channels are being managed by more than one individual, allowing for shared access and collaboration. There's no reason it wouldn't work equally as well for an individual user without a team needing shared access.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Radian6 to monitor the social media buzz of our brands in the local market. It's very important for us to keep monitoring what's been said about us in general and specifically when we run local campaigns to know the social media impact and reach of our actions. Also in critical scenarios, it helps us to spot when and where we need to act.
  • Easy end-user graphical interface, create powerful dashboards in minutes.
  • Can be integrated with other tools like Salesforce.
  • Fast, refreshes and retrieves your queries in seconds; you can have several dashboards with your key metrics, keywords, tag cloud, etc.
  • Some networks are out of the tool: i.e. only Facebook open public API but not all of it, other social networks are missing as well.
  • Having 2 separate consoles: Engagement console and the Radian6 dashboard console (one is web-based and the other is via desktop app).
  • The engagement console is very powerful but difficult to set up.
Well suited: Keep tracking of your social media brand presence, social media buzz, monitor hundred of bloggs, monitor PR mentions online, etc,
Less appropiate: small business and profesionall due to cost model.
Andrea Casano | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social Studio, AKA Radian6, was initially implemented and used in our company for a big data project; also connected to the decoupling of the social profiles of our customers. After the project was closed, it was mainly used by ICT and commercial communication department to monitor some social indicators and to support the [marketing] plan.
  • Easy to use
  • Post Calendar
  • Collaboration Module
  • Nice Workflow
  • Learning curve
  • Maybe too much information to be analyzed together
  • Some features, that initially were available, are missing with last releases
Social Studio would be great for studying all the metrics associated with your social and digital properties. It can be a valid help to schedule your posts and to evaluate their impact on your followers or on your customers. Obviously, [being] associated with the Salesforce family products, it will allow you to integrate insights across different platforms. If you need specific information related to your property on Facebook, the platform offered by the same book would be more useful.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social Studio is being used by the organization I work for. It is being used by each property's marketing department so that social boosts are individualized for all properties while still being reviewed by corporate for quality assurance purposes.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Easy to Use
  • Sharing Ability
  • Only seeing posts for one property after post is scheduled would be ideal
  • Live Chat would be ideal
I feel as if social studio is well suited for scheduling posts; however, it would be more beneficial if it chose when to schedule posts (i.e. general weekly postings) based on when you had the most followers online for all social media. SMART technology should be added to the program.
Jimmy Mack | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Social Studio to monitor our brand presence on social media, as well as benchmark our social presence against our main competitors. We also used it to determine trending topics, discover what pieces of our content were resonating with our audience and generate high level reports for our executives, from VPs up to the president of the company.
  • Social listening - pulling in mass amounts of data.
  • Publishing - creating a content calendar and publishing to multiple platforms.
  • User interface - it has a fairly intuitive UI.
  • Analytics - the analytics are very surface level and leave something to be desired. It lags behind other tools like Sprinklr or crimson hexagon.
  • Topic profiles - the idea of "topic profiles" to power searches can be confusing and is inefficient.
  • Reporting - The auto-generated reports weren't very good. I generally exported raw data to Excel and created my own reports after scrubbing the data.
If you need some very basic analytics from a fairly good listening tool that has publishing capabilities to multiple platforms, Social Studio is a good tool for you. The publishing capabilities are probably the strongest aspect of the tool, while the analytics within the tool are certainly the weakest aspect of Social Studio. For the lack of advanced analytics, I think Social Studio is priced a bit too high, comparatively speaking.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use social studio in the client services department of our organization - in some cases, we are the account holder and in others we are simply users. For a payroll brand, we utilize both social studio and its counter-part, Radian 6. It allows us to do advanced social listening and modify the boolean searches to our liking - ensuring that we're only getting relevant chatter. This content pulls into streams, creating an efficient checklist and workflow for the social teams on the front line.
  • Social Listening - boolean search queries that can be narrowed down by source and language, as well as location, to ensure it's relevant to the brand.
  • Owned Channel Monitoring - pulling owned content/comments into streams for moderation, engagement and review.
  • Publishing - scheduling, drafting, tracking brand owned social posts.
  • Instagram Social Listening - it currently does not offer much social listening in terms of Instagram.
  • Instagram Owned - It currently stops pulling once an update is "old" by their standards, even if it receives recent comments. They can force pull, but you have to work with their tech team to do so.
Social Studio is great for owned channels and social listening - its Boolean queries allow for true personalization. Social Studio does not work well for Instagram, or if you're looking to track social influencers easily. This would work well for brands who are looking to do web-wide searches of related content - such as auto brands etc. But would not work well for small owned businesses looking for content on a lower-profile basis.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used to Social Studio to schedule all of our social media content on Facebook and Twitter. It was only used by our marketing department. It helped me, as the social media manager, keep track of our social calendar and our engagement. It also allowed my managers to keep an eye on our calendar.
  • It helps you visualize your social calendar on a daily, weekly, and monthly level. I liked seeing the days posts not just listed out, but listed in hourly blocks. It helped me make sure everything was spaced out nicely.
  • It lets you preview the way your content will look on each social platform.
  • Duplicating content was fairly easy.
  • I would have loved a library function for all the images I continually post on social.
  • I wish I could have dragged content on the calendar. For instance, if I had a post scheduled at 3:00 but I needed to move it to 5:00, I wish I could have just dragged the post on the calendar to the 5:00 slot, rather than opening the post and editing the scheduled time.
  • When too many posts were on the calendar, it looked very cluttered.
Social Studio is great for an organization that manages many social media accounts. Not just one Facebook and one Twitter, but several Twitter accounts and several Facebook accounts. It is not as well suited for organization with a large media library they would like integrated into their social media scheduling platform.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
When I used Radian6 it was being used by one department/division. It addressed our need for measuring analytics on our social media and digital efforts. We used it to see how we measured up to competitors, and how we could better utilize content to reach our audiences. Radian6 helped us see who was talking about us, and where and when they were talking about us.
  • I liked that Radian6 measured multiple social media platforms.
  • I liked the easy-to-use interface of Radian6.
  • I liked the fact that Radian6 allowed for the export of information, charts and results to easily compile into a document that could be shared with upper leadership.
  • I frequently wished I could see a share of voice a little easier - how a company compares with competitors.
  • I had trouble setting up keywords to monitor certain companies or industry trends.
  • When I used Radian6, I wanted to be able to monitor in real time more effectively.
I think Radian6 is great if you need a platform that will create reports for your business and allow you to export and share those reports. It's a little pricey so it's best for larger companies that can afford the robust tool. It's less appropriate for monitoring social or other online efforts.
Sharon Suchoval | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Radian6 is used across the company to provide research to enterprise clients. The companies we monitor have thousands of mentions daily on social media and blogs. It allows us to identify trends (both positive and negative) before they become too big to manage.
  • It is hands-down, the best tool for monitoring brand mentions at an enterprise level.
  • It provides profiles for multiple users.
  • It allows you to identify and address conversations rapidly.
  • It is difficult to use if your brand has a very common name. For example, if your company name is "Ignite" there could be many different reasons why someone would use that word and the results can be useless. If you have a very unique name like "Starbucks" most of the results will be relevant.
  • It isn't a cost effective tool for smaller brands. There are cheaper, more basic tools for those businesses.
Radian6 is extraordinary for companies that have a lot of mentions in multiple places. It takes a large amount of information and consolidates it into a usable form. It is less appropriate for smaller businesses that don't have a lot of conversations happening.
Nicole Swanson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social Studio allows us to manage publishing, moderations and enquiries on our social media channels. We are also able to listen to conversations about our brand on other public social media channels. The reporting features allow us to analyse our efforts on our own channels and keep track of conversations on external channels. The ability to create numerous user accounts with different access levels and assign engage or publish access, along with approval rules for publishing really helps share the load for social media content creation. The ability to assign enquiries to other users and follow up on workflow through the system is also extremely useful in managing customer service workflow.
  • Superior publishing platform with the ability to share workspaces and content calendars between users
  • Seamless integration with external tools like Google Analytics and allow for content creation in one place
  • Engagement of all channels in one place with he ability to assign enquiries to other team members and follow up on progress
  • Superior data collection from major social channels, as well as blogs, forums and mainstream news sites
  • Performance alanysis for own channels and the ability to create dashboards for reporting
  • Some channels not supported yet (Instagram for example) and content from Facebook events is not captured
  • Customisable, and exportable reports still not available in the analyze component of Social Studio - some reporting still needs to be done in Radian6
  • Can't tag people in responses, or tag people/pages in posts for Facebook yet (this means we still schedule some content direct to FB if this is needed)
If there is only one person managing social media within the organisation, then the features of social studio would be under-utilised and therefor the cost may be unwarranted. But if you have anyone else supporting customer service or content creation, this is a great platform.
I am able to contact support directly via email rather than through an account manager. I get a support auto response immediately with a case number. I usually get an initial response from a support person via email within a 24 hour period and then if it's not resolved quickly I get further phone of email support until the matter resolved. I always get an email asking if I am happy with the resolution before the case is closed.
March 18, 2015

Review of Radian6

Derrick Lane | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Radian6 allows us insight into identifying potential brand evangelists for our business by targeting relevant keywords. Our strategy was to use these brand evangelists to help build the brand.
  • Radian6 is definitely proficient in twitter search
  • General keyword search
  • The only real issue with Radian6 is the pricing for the product. It's a little high.
I would not recommend Radian6 if the colleague was on a limited budget.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Social Studio for posting all of our content to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. I collaborate with two agencies and having a single interface to work from has increased efficiency and improved the coordination of our efforts. Our support team from SFDC is very strong and they work with us weekly to address any issues and demonstrate best uses and any new features.
  • Single interface to our three main platforms; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Aggregated calendar showing when posts and tweets are scheduled.
  • Dashboard access to performance reporting.
  • Shared workspace allows coordination with Agencies and others that are working remote.
  • Images do not always show up in posts, API issues.
  • Cannot toggle between calendar and posts easily.
  • More in-tool resources for researching topics and #s to use in posts.
For me, this is best suited for scheduling out all posts and tweets so there is a single source for tracking, reporting and the event calendar. When selecting a tool like Social Studio, you need to be clear on the use and expected outcomes. Currently, Paid social activity cannot be managed through Social Studio, so if that is a big part of what you need to schedule and track you need to decide if Social Studio is the right solution for you.
November 04, 2014

Radian6 Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • The ability to dive into data various ways and bring user directly to source of mention. I love the ability to look at data and dig into the data. For example, looking at Topic Trends and then being able to dive into the River of News from a specific point in the Topic Trends. Another way would be to look at the keyword groups, dive into media type and then dive into a specific media type for more detailed data about Twitter or Forums specifically.
  • I really like the art of the Keyword Configuration and ability to filter noise.
  • Number of sources covered. One of the things I love about the tool is the ability to crawl so many sources including social media sites, blogs, mainstream news, forums, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more. The tool covers over 650 million sources of data the last rep I talked to in late July, 2013.
  • Ability to train multiple users across the organization.
  • I really like the Engagement Console workflow and use the feature to delegate mentions to the appropriate stakeholders. I also like to flag and prioritize mentions among team members. We can also respond to mentions from the tool specifically if we need to.
  • Provide insights based on data.
  • Customize Reports. Many times, I would like to see data a specific way. Currently, this tool does not allow me to custom build a report in the tool to send to my managers. I will need to export data and create my own dashboard based on the data I would like to see. The Summary Dashboard does not provide me the reporting I need.
  • Sentiment could be improved.
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
I really love the overall support process for Radian6; however have had some communication issues with some reps to clarify understanding at times.. I find the overall process of this tool's support great. I would like the Account Reps and Customer Service Reps to be more knowledgeable once I get to them. Sometimes, it takes a few times to connect before an issue is solved.
Nolan Perry | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
While Salesforce SRM/CRM tools are being implemented across my organization for use in various departments for customer-facing roles, my review will focus on our use for social media monitoring and engagement. We have a team of seven community managers currently using Radian6 to monitor three Twitter accounts. Also note that this review covers the Radian6 Engagement Console, not their new web version, Social Studio, which is currently in development and launch.
  • Social media monitoring: Radian6 excels in pulling in mentions of our brand as well as a detailed assortment of key words. Topic Profiles allow an incredible amount of filtering and let create separate stacks or queues for different topics. It also allows "Does Not include" key words in the Topic Profiles. Different profiles can be designed for different teams, also.
  • Categorization of posts: Radian6 offers more categorization of posts than any tool I've used. This includes post tags, source tags, sentiment, priority, engagement level, classification level, and assign to user. Users can create their own system for how they want to use these, but it's not required.
  • Macros: One of my team's favorite things about Radian6 is that we can create macros. These are shortcut buttons within the engagement console that we can program to do multiple actions. For example, a macro for "Alumni Association" may mark a post positive, add a post tag of Alumni, add a high priority flag, and assign the post to a specific user. Multiple workflow actions taken care of with one click.
  • Analytics: This is still emerging but Radian6 does a pretty good job once you know what you're doing. only down side is that you have to open and log into a separate window to access it, which happens to be the Radian6 Dashboard. This is the same place you create and design your Topic Profiles and keyword groups, etc. The Analysis Widgets, Rivers of News, etc. provide a lot of flexibility for viewing things like mentions per time period, pie charts by post tag, and word clouds. It's also easy to export all posts from a chart.
  • Assigning and managing posts: User assignment is easy and flexible within Radian6. Users can quickly create their own My Tasks stack, as well as other stacks to monitor effectively.
  • Setup: Radian6 is incredibly difficult to get up and running. I'm the only one on my team that took the time to learn it. Two years later, there are still things I have to have our account rep walk me through. Once set up correctly though, it functions great.
  • Fragmentation: Because of all the companies and tools they've acquired and incorporated, the Salesforce ecosystem is quite fragmented. Use the Engagement Console for monitoring and engaging, use the dashboard website for setup, filtering, and analytics, use the Social Hub site for more details filtering and automated rules, use the Summary Dashboard site for other broad view analytics. I just want it all to be in one system. Fortunately, this is exactly what they're working on.
  • Managed Accounts: I still don't entirely understand what these are and why they need to be set up this way. The execution could definitely be better.
I think Radian6 is best suited to large organizations with multiple social accounts to monitor. Also, if you don't need a lot of categorization for tracking social data yet, it's overkill.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Radian6 has been used for social listening. It is used by the Analytics Department and Consumer Insight Department as well. It address the topics around the brand that raise attention. It also tells us the effect of our social and TV campaigns.
  • Friendly user interface. Easy to navigate and easy to set up the account based on keyword
  • Stability - almost never had problem with logging in or getting kicked out of the program unexpectedly during the 3 years of use.
  • Certain features. I really like the keyword cloud as well as the topic trend.
  • Export limit. 500 mentions is too little. Any topic could easily gather over 2000 mentions in my experience.
  • Keyword sentiment. This is the major turn-off but it is not unique only to Radian 6.The keyword-based analysis cannot properly interpret human emotions. The sentiment we received is not accurate but we just don't have the time to go through these mentions manually to get a favorability ratio.
  • Level of noise. Often times there are quite a few automated and duplicated message/advertising that should have been noticed, captured and filtered out automatically by the system.
How accurate is the result? How user friendly is the interface? And the cost of course.
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used Radian6 as a social media manager at a mid-sized company (250-300 employees). Radian6 comes with two key features: a listening platform and an engagement console. The engagement console was only available on a desktop and could not be accessed online, which I found strange and inconvenient. Configuring the listening platform isn't intuitive and several of my coworkers found it confusing to understand. Radian6 allows you to build your own pages with widgets which could have been great, except the widgets didn't fit properly on the screen so things end up looking unorganized and chaotic. I suggest attending their five part webinar series if you're struggling with setting up your account. It especially helped me understand the reporting and analytics portion. The largest hurdle we faced as a company using this software was identifying the right keywords to track, other than our company name, products, and competitors. If your keywords are too broad you will bring in too many search results and exceed your data limit. Radian6 may be a good solution for a bigger company, but it was not the right fit for ours.
  • Radian6 integrates with other enterprise applications like and analytics like Webtrends, Omniture and Google Analytics.
  • Radian6 does not pull data from a handful of major sites that provide extremely useful content, such as LinkedIn groups, Amazon reviews, and Google+.
  • Radian6 also does not capture comments made in response to Facebook fan page post or pick up posts proactively made by fans to pages unless the fans make all their content public.
  • The query search for Radian6 basically consists of "and" "or" and "not" as filtering tools but doesn't provide other valuable filtering options such as narrowing your search to specific sites or links.
  • Radian6's website is entirely in Flash, which makes your computer slow down quite a bit.
  • The collaboration process has some glitches. For example, when a user creates a campaign or keyword to track, everyone on the team can see it but will not have the ability to modify anything.
  • In addition to the license fee, there is a per-topic profile fee, which is where you tell it what data you want to pull in. If you want to separate data, there is only so much you can do within one topic profile. If you go over your data limit, you'll be charged!
  • It's very expensive. If you're a small - mid-sized company you can probably get the same results with a much more affordable software.
Radian6 is a pricey software that is also almost too comprehensive. It could be a considerable option for an enterprise-level organization, but definitely overkill for small to mid- sized companies.
May 06, 2014

Radian6 review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Radian6 for a social media monitoring engine. It is primarily used within our department, though in addition to cross department projects, we will get one off requests. Our department is the only in the company that does have direct access to the tool. Because we are the insights group (research), Radian6, along with other monitoring agents, serve as the base for our report. We use third party aggregators, like Radian6, to capture the universe of conversation pertaining to a set of keywords and then analyze and report on the data.
  • I think Radian6 have one of the best data crawls out of the Social Monitoring tools that I have used. The tool consistently returns the largest volume numbers.
  • Radian6 is great at getting a read on what is being said about your brand and most importantly, doing so quickly. It only takes a minute or two to set up a keyword group and the pull can run in a matter of seconds.
  • The tool's AI behind the data crawl is smart. When searching for certain keywords like Pepsi, social mentions that include Pepsi in a hashtag are also pulled back. So not only posts including #Pepsi, but also #ILovePepsi would be pulled back as well.
  • The export or raw data can be tedious. Currently, the tool exports a 10,000 mention bulk CSV file. When dealing with larger brands like Nike, you are looking at well over 300K posts for a year. Parallel to this, is the lack of an exportable sample of data.
  • Each widget can only showcase 3 months worth of data. So creating a trend line of volume of mentions must be done in 3 separate widgets and requires the user to manually piece them together.
  • Though the tool consistently brings back the most volume, the data is not always clean. Within the data crawl, twitter user names are also scraped for your kewords, so going back to the above example, if your keyword is nike, and someone's twitter handle is @IhateNike, the post is often irrelevant to the brand.
  • Though I find the tool quite easy to use, new users often tell me that the tool is incredibly confusing and not an intuitive process.
  • Lack of Facebook posts, though this is a limitation of all social monitoring tools given the privacy settings of the social network
  • Lacking the ability to input Boolean Syntax limits the depth of the keyword queries.
Radian6 in my opinion is a very no-nonsense type of tool. I know what I am going to get. So in a sense of where it is best suited, I feel as though it is best suited for clients that need a basic read on volume for their brand as well as spikes in conversation over the last 3 months. Radian lacks an automated analysis that is usable. As with other tools, automated sentiment tends to be crap. When comparing to Sysomos, I tend to lead on Radian more because I see them as similar tools though Radian gives me more information. Sysomos has an influencer/'authoritative' portion that the basic Radian tool seems to lack, however, from prior vendor conversations (Im not sure if they have changed it since), Sysomos' was primarily based on twitter followers.
March 31, 2014

Apps made easy

Paul Theunis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • It makes creating Facebook applets really easy, it takes away the the hassle of doing all that work on Facebook itself.
  • Customizing is a pain, or I should say used to be. The support team is great and tried to help me with whatever issue I had but some features were just missing back then
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