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Shoutlet (Discontinued)

Shoutlet (Discontinued)


What is Shoutlet (Discontinued)?

Shoutlet is a cloud-based social relationship platform that enables marketers to publish, engage and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, and YouTube. The product’s focus is on quantifying return on…

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Shoutlet, a social media management tool, has proven to be invaluable for small companies with limited resources looking to manage their …
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Powerful and easy to use

9 out of 10
April 08, 2015
We use Shoutlet for our social media team. It's great for scheduling posts, monitoring what people are saying about us, our industries and …
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Shoutlet Love

8 out of 10
August 20, 2014
We use Shoutlet a few different ways across our organization depending on each individual brand and it's goals. Overall, it is used to …
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What is Shoutlet (Discontinued)?

Shoutlet is a cloud-based social relationship platform that enables marketers to publish, engage and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, and YouTube. The product’s focus is on quantifying return on…

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What is Shoutlet (Discontinued)?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shoutlet is a cloud-based social relationship platform that enables marketers to publish, engage and measure social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, and YouTube. The product’s focus is on quantifying return on social, integrating social data into business and scaling social across the enterprise. Features include tools for social CRM, creative design, social listening, ads, workflow management, contest design and execution, and analytics with integration with recognized web analytics tools from Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture and Webtrends. Shoutlet was acquired by Spredfast in August 2015.

Adobe Social and Oracle Social Cloud (legacy) are common alternatives for Shoutlet (Discontinued).

Reviewers rate Usability highest, with a score of 7.7.

The most common users of Shoutlet (Discontinued) are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Shoutlet, a social media management tool, has proven to be invaluable for small companies with limited resources looking to manage their social media outreach. With Shoutlet, users can create and schedule social media posts across multiple platforms, saving time and effort. According to Lindt Canada, this software has helped them streamline their social media management and consumer promotions, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Additionally, Shoutlet's ability to quickly and efficiently post to multiple social networks simultaneously, along with its shortened URL publishing feature, has made it easier for businesses to reach their target audience effectively.

Moreover, Shoutlet offers various features that cater to the unique needs of different organizations. For instance, Proof Interactive utilizes Shoutlet's contest section to manage quarterly sweepstakes for clients, while many businesses use the software for time and cost-efficient in-house Facebook tab and contest building. The ability to manage multiple Facebook targets without creating new target groups constantly is another significant advantage highlighted by users. The platform also provides community management across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in one dashboard, allowing businesses to maintain a cohesive online presence across multiple social platforms.

Furthermore, Shoutlet plays a crucial role in customer service management. It helps address customer questions and complaints promptly while providing valuable insights into audience engagement. Businesses can also utilize the software to run giveaways and contests, further engaging their audience and bolstering their social media presence. Additionally, Shoutlet's reporting capabilities enable users to generate monthly reports on social media activities and analyze critical business decisions based on analytics. Overall, Shoutlet serves as a comprehensive tool for managing social media content distribution, streamlining workflows, improving engagement with customers, and driving growth in online communities.

User-Friendly Contest/Everywhere Page Feature: Several users have praised Shoutlet's contest/everywhere page feature, describing it as fantastic and user-friendly. They appreciate how easy it is to create clean and professional end products using this feature.

Easy-to-Use Shoutbox for Post Creation and Scheduling: Many reviewers have highlighted the ease of use of Shoutlet's Shoutbox feature. They find it incredibly easy to create, preview, and schedule posts. The flexibility it offers in terms of post types, scheduling, and targeting fan segments based on various inputs is also highly appreciated.

Efficient Content Distribution for Multiple Brands and Social Channels: Users have commended Shoutlet for its effectiveness in planning and organizing content distribution across multiple brands and social channels. The ability to efficiently post to multiple platforms simultaneously is seen as a significant advantage. Additionally, users like that they can create contests and Facebook tabs in-house without requiring additional development resources.

  1. Limited social media coverage: Some users have expressed frustration with the limited social media coverage provided by Shoutlet, particularly regarding Facebook restrictions that prevent them from tagging other Facebook pages within the Shoutbox. They believe that Shoutlet should work on covering a wider social media landscape.

  2. Usability issues: Several reviewers have mentioned usability issues with certain features of Shoutlet. For example, users have suggested improvements to the Social Contest 'Canvas' functions to enhance participant usability, such as showing notifications in a modal window. Users also desire more robust and integrated reporting capabilities and find that modules like 'Shoutlet Profiles' need improvement in terms of usability.

  3. Lack of integration and development for certain platforms: Some users have noted that while Instagram and Google+ are integrated into Shoutlet, they are not as developed as the APIs for Facebook and Twitter due to API restrictions. Additionally, users hope for future integration with Pinterest but understand that it depends on Pinterest's permission.

Attribute Ratings


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Meg Ruggieri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet was utilized for social posting and reporting across our entire company. It was ideal in keeping track of client goals as well as creating professional reporting to present to our clients. It's easy to use and learn, was constantly being updated with the ever changing industry and created aesthetically pleasing work for both our account managers as well as content strategists.
  • It's easy to use and pick up new updates.
  • It was constantly being updated with the ever changing industry.
  • Created aesthetically pleasing reporting and posting on behalf of my clients.
  • Couldn't tag other pages directly from Shoutlet (ie: posting a Mashable post and tagging Mashable).
  • Had to manually set the best time for it go out when a lot of other platforms have the capability to set the best posting time for you.
  • No guarantee on quality of photo size.
I would not recommend if you're doing basic posting and not reporting. It's an expensive platform to use if you aren't utilizing all the components and benefits available. I would ask - how deep you are going on behalf of your clients? Do they have click goals or do they just want a presence on social media?
September 30, 2015

We Shout for Shoutlet

Alissa Calomino | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet is used in our organization to automate posting, simplify the creation of landing pages as they are associated with promotions and campaigns, interfacing with our creative services team and on some level for approval of content. It is used heavily in our social media department and sporadically across the company with key members in creative services, PR and Marketing Communications. It addresses challenges in automating social media posts as well as posting different versions across brands or profiles.
  • Ease of use/Intuitive - Training was relatively easy and basic functions are simple to figure out.
  • Creative ideation - Shoutlet teams are great at being on hand to share best practices from other clients and their own experience
  • Great employees - The Shoutlet team is always very friendly and easy to talk to
  • Functionality - We have a complex company and run into a lot of bugs with Shoutlet. They are fond of providing work arounds but a lot of what they are fixing, we thought was agreed upon functionality.
  • Work Flow - The work flow capabilities were slightly exaggerated between our tool review to actual implementation. The biggest gap is that if you are using workflow for a post approval, it does not track who makes changes or notify approvers when changes are made.
  • Hierarchy - Our companies unique set up has provided a challenge in sharing content down though our profiles.
  • Analytics - We've been challenged with pulling analytics (Twitter) based on tags which means even if we tag an entire campaign, we cannot get comprehensive analytics for it.
I think it would be great for a CPG or Retail company. Companies that are complex in their needs/set up or sell services may want to dig in. The most important part in the process was getting them to understand our needs and processes so they could help us use the tool effectively.
Troy Sympson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Shoutlet for our social media team. It's great for scheduling posts, monitoring what people are saying about us, our industries and our competitors and the canvas tool is great for building promotions and pages.
  • The Canvas is the best tool I've used for building a landing page or promotion
  • Monitoring social channels is a breeze
  • Waiting for a bookmarklet to share stories found on the web moreeasily, but it is in the works
If you have a lot of different channels to manage, or if you want to get a better grasp of what people are saying about you and your brand, then Shoutlet is for you.
Lisa Adams | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet is currently being used to create and schedule social media posts for us. We also utilize the contest section to manage our quarterly sweepstakes.
  • The contest/everywhere page feature on Shoutlet is fantastic. It is user-friendly to set up and manage. The end product looks clean and professional
  • The Shoutbox feature is incredibly easy to use to create, preview and schedule posts. I love the flexibility it gives in types of posts, ease of scheduling and ability to target your fan segments based on a large variety of inputs.
  • The calendar makes it incredibly easy to keep track of what is being posted where and when.
  • Honestly, every time I've had a technical issue with Shoutlet, their Tech Therapy team has been quicky, friendly and very helpful.
  • My one big "complaint" about Shoutlet is that you can't tag other Facebook pages within the Shoutbox, but that's due to Facebook restrictions.
I think Shoutlet is well suited for businesses with multiple social media platforms and multiple pages/accounts on various platforms. For a company with just one or two pages/accounts Shoutlet can feel almost too big, but for a company with multiple accounts and multiple platforms, Shoutlet makes cross-posting a breeze.
Christopher Graham | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Shoutlet to manage over 14 different social profiles across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The amazing calendar tool allows us to easily schedule and see the different posts going out daily, weekly or monthly. This has been a great time-management tool, freeing up more time for our team to come up with great content.
  • Scheduling posts across multiple social accounts
  • Easy implementation of contests (set-up and tracking entries)
  • Amazing reporting for all social channels in one tool
  • Good Social CRM to track conversations on different platforms from one easy-to-navigate dashboard
  • For contests, adding Facebook authentication for entries/voting is a bit hidden. It's possible, but you have to know where to look.
Perfect for one person to use to over see multiple accounts at once. Their Tech Therapy team is amazing. Just pick up the phone and explain the issue to them. They can answer it in a flash, or get back to you very quickly with a solution. Plus, they are able to speak to the customer so they are able to understand the solution, but have the technical knowledge to give an intelligent answer.
Adam Hubka | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
My company (Paramount Communication Group) uses Shoutlet to manage out social media efforts and support our online marketing strategies. We also resell Shoutlet accounts to our existing Email Marketing clients and provide full support and consulting for how to use Shoutlet to the fullest extent. It has been a valuable tool for managing social media campaigns for our business and for our clients.
  • Shoutlet connects to all of the major social networks. They continually look to add compatibility and engagement options for new social networks as they grow in popularity. The social media world moves fast, so keeping up with new trends and features is greatly welcomed.
  • Excellent customer service. They have a great support staff that provides valuable, clearly written tutorials that are quick and easy to understand. Their whitepapers, webinars, and training sessions are also very helpful.
  • Social Canvas. Shoutlet makes it easy to build Facebook apps, microsites, or landing pages through their Social Canvas tool. Whether you're trying to build an email collection app for Facebook, create a contest/giveaway to drive engagement, or create a landing page on your website that showcases videos, social links, or blog posts, Shoutlet can make it happen.
  • Social Switchboard is a great tool, but it might not be as useful for businesses with smaller social media followings.
  • I would like to see more features in Shoutlet that emphasize the value of Email data. More features that pull emails, support email marketing efforts, and easily transfer to other platforms would be a welcome addition.
  • I really like the Poll feature in canvas, but it lets you vote more than once and that can skew the results. I would like to see more features built into the Poll design functionality.
Shoutlet is a wonderful tool for businesses looking to expand their online marketing efforts with social media. Shoutlet provides a wide array of opportunities to drive engagement, build your following, and develop your brand. While companies with less resources dedicated to social media might not find value in all that Shoutlet offers, they would still find it to be beneficial, user-friendly, and highly adaptable as their business grows.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet is being used by the Social Media Department. It is used to schedule content across our social media platform and for creating and maintaining canvas pages for contests and/or events. It also aids in measuring ROI. Generally, it saves time by allowing content to be pre scheduled and due to the integration of canvas pages when a landing page is required for a contest/event.
  • Shouts (posts) can be created for multiple platforms at once. Very useful when needing to share a message across multiple platforms.
  • Reporting is robust.
  • The CRM tool is very useful, overall, despite some issues.
  • When submitting Tech Therapy tickets, some are escalated to developers as it is an issue beyond the Therapist's ability to troubleshoot. You will never hear from them again.
  • Some SCRM features are buggy and have yet to be addressed by the development team. For example, Twitter mentions do not all load into the corresponding stack.
  • The mobile app does not integrate many of the features. Some of the options available in SCRM are not present on this platform, though it is supposed to be a mobile version of SCRM.
For scheduling content and reporting on that content, the platform is fantastic. The ability to easily create landing pages is also awesome! For day-to-day management of your social media accounts, you might run into frustration due to buggy, incomplete features. You will most definitely be relying on the native versions of those platforms until those issues are eventually addressed.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet is being used by our social media team to distribute content across multiple platforms on a scheduled basis. We also use Shoutlet to monitor crisis posts, competition, etc. At this time the tool is being used by our web marketing team alongside our shared services team that monitors daily conversation.
  • Scheduling posts out in a calendar format that is easily reviewed and can track our analytics
  • Customer service is excellent - immediate response on a variety of issues.
  • Task team is very willing and open to accepting outside ideas and customer opinions/recommendations.
  • The Linkedin connection for analytics could be improved. We need to have ways to track individual tags vs just filters.
  • The ability to save posts. They do offer the ability to copy a post and use it again but a system to file and save posts depending on their campaigns would be a great addition.
  • Tagging is something that needs an immediate fix. Once a tag is added there is no way to regroup this tag under another name if the company decides to head a different direction with the tool. Spelling errors or Capitol Letters play a role in this as well where we have multiple tags that are the same tag, just typed in differently. No way to combine these tags under one uniform Tag moving forward. Also, no way to go back and consolidate past post tagging.
I think Shoutlet is an excellent tool for any mid-sized to larger company looking to improve their social strategy. While it does have some minor improvements that can be made, it's overall an impressive way to mass post to multiple networks and interact and engage with your followers in the social space. I feel at this time that a smaller company could probably benefit from a lesser in-depth version of this tool at this time.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As my former company was in the early stages of establishing a social media presence through channels like Facebook and Twitter, we were looking for a cost-effective and comprehensive way to manage new social media accounts in a way that would maximize our social exposure while minimizing the number of man hours required. Shoutlet was that solution for us. It offered a seamless and user-friendly platform for us to manage multiple accounts, pre-schedule posts, upload and manage lists, target based upon certain demographic parameters, and track social activity through detailed analytics reports. It also allowed us to build and customize social media contests and custom landing pages while tracking activity from these special promotions. At the time, we were under particular pressure from our executive leadership to justify the need for a social media presence and its associated hard and soft costs. Shoulet helped us put a professional face on our social efforts and helped provide us with the data we needed to show meaningful lead generation and potential ROI. We used Shoutlet across multiple departments and one of the things we heard regularly from our admins was that, after they'd received their training, it was easy to use and very broad in scope.
  • The ability to manage and publish to various social accounts from one platform. This feature helped us to have a cohesive social strategy and saved us a lot of time having to go back and forth between accounts.
  • The module that allowed us to build contests and custom landing pages was perhaps my favorite part. For the contests, it proved to be ultra convenient to be able to build, host and run social promotions through the same platform that housed our social accounts and lists. From a landing-page-design standpoint, it was also wonderful and time-effective for each individual department to be able to build professional and dynamic pages themselves rather than tasking it to our web designers who really didn't have the time.
  • I was also very pleased with the customer service we received from the Shoulet team. From the original demo, to the training sessions, all the way through to back-end service maintenance, everyone we dealt with was available, accommodating and friendly. Not entirely common in this day in age.
  • At the time we didn't have the Shoutlet mobile app (at least not that I was aware of). But this seems to not be the case anymore.
Shoutlet has potential benefit for everyone, from small start-ups to large organizations. Whether you're just starting out establishing a social media presence or are a seasoned veteran, it just makes sense to run your social media strategy through a tool this comprehensive and that offers as many special features as Shoutlet does.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet was used across the whole organization to manage the social media channels. It helped to streamline the management of content and push of content to our sales reps.
  • Customer Service - very professional
  • Customization of the application to meet the organizations model
  • Attentive to details
  • Very professional
  • Documentation of the application
  • Proactive around application issues instead of being reactive

Overview of application - no sales pitch

Customer referral or request to speak to other customers around implementation of product

Ability to speak to implementation specialist, or developer to get into the weeds of the application

August 20, 2014

Shoutlet Love

Cailey Pickett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Shoutlet a few different ways across our organization depending on each individual brand and it's goals. Overall, it is used to implement social media promotions, and sweepstakes across multiple channels. It is also used to handle customer service issues that surface across our brand's social media platforms and to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We actively use Shoutlet's "Canvas" and "Everywhere Page" modules to quickly develop informational pages that can change quickly without the use of additional internal resources.
  • Shoutlet's Account Management team has always been extremely helpful in providing feedback on tool updates and taking our recommendations to the Shoutlet development team.
  • We use Shoultet to manage social media customer service responses. Shoutlet makes it easy to have seperate log-ins for our customer service team members and to manage those different log-ins and permissions.
  • Shoutlet has been really good about updating and growing with our organization's needs. They have been very receptive to feedback and recommendations on how we can see Shoutlet improving and becoming even more easily integrated into our efforts.
  • I would like to see Shoutlet improve the usability of their "Shoutlet Profiles" module. It has improved over time, but I would like to see more individual user metrics such as affinity, time spent engaged per user, and monthly interactions by user.
  • I would also like to see Shoutlet redesign their "manage urls" module and URL shortener. The shortener works well, but I would like the interface to be more user friendly, and be able to access it throughout the rest of the tool. Perhaps in a slide out drawer.
  • Unfortunately, Shoutlet does not offer a Pin scheduling tool at this time. This would be a HUGE asset for them to have.
Shoutlet is a versatile tool that can be used for a wide variety of social media solutions. If you are simply looking for a URL shortener, I would recommend looking into the tool a little further and evaluating how else you can simplify your social media and web marketing efforts using Shoutlet.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet was being used as the marketing team's social media management tool. This was a helpful dashboard that helped us manage our customer service issues, create engaging contests, and deliver analytics for a monthly social media report. The information gleaned from our social media analytics guided critical business decisions from product promotions to event sponsorships.
  • The marketing team loved utilizing Shoutlet's Canvas tool which allows you to design and manage multi-channel social contests. These contests significantly increased our brand's engagement.
  • The customer support is great. Your account manager hosts monthly calls to update you of product enhancements and to suggest ways to enhance your social strategy for upcoming campaigns. The support team is helpful in teaching how to use the tool. They also have a library of resources to help you walk through each function of the tool.
  • Shoutlet provides frequent webinars on social media best practices. They are the best webinars out there.
  • The cost of the product is steep and business leaders aren't totally convinced of social media's value so it's a hard to sell to leadership.
  • There's a lot of competition. There are some social media management tools that integrate much more with sales platforms that help show ROI better.
Shoutlet is appropriate for a team looking for a one-stop shop for managing social media. It's also appropriate for a team that has a big enough budget to afford the tool and has buy in from the executive team. I found it was a great tool for B2C but I am looking for more functionality now that I am working in B2B.
Shannon Loritz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet was used for our social media purposes. It helped us know who our audience was and the engagement we were receiving. Also, we used it to create tabs on our Facebook profile and run giveaways and contests.
  • Contests - easy to understand and run once built
  • Insights - good insights for Twitter at the time
  • Creating the tabs could have been a smoother process, Shoutlet IT had to be involved numerous times to connect tabs and it was not an easy process.
It was well suited for scheduling posts and creating tabs, it is less appropriate for monitoring what is being said about your brand/company in the social landscape.
Emma McCann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet is used in multiple ways by Fanatics. My experience is mainly with managing social accounts for customer service needs. This program enables us to have multiple users between departments working together to ensure we are reaching our key audiences and proactively responding to customer concerns. Because Fanatics is the largest retailer of online sports goods, we manage hundreds of online retail stores and their social accounts. As a business Shoutlet allows us to address all of our customers' direct questions and complaints and stay active with our social users linking them to a direct source of resolution.
  • I particularly favor the capability to archive comments per customer and attach privately viewed contact information for that person.
  • The ability to like, delete, and retweet within the system with the click of a button!
  • 'Assign task' is convenient to delegate issues of importance to be worked immediately.
  • Many times upgrades caused bugs that stopped our teams from being able to respond to comments or view what was coming through as feedback.
  • At the height of our peak season I found it difficult to delegate work to multiple agents in the same account due to the way feeds are run and the max results per page and the system duplicating results because multiple accounts are being pulled into one feed.
  • Being able to pull all comments or 'tweets' made by one user for Twitter accounts mirroring Facebook functionality.
All in all Shoutlet has unique benefits, but its fair share of negative aspects. The support received from our contact when we had any questions or concerns was always great. When it comes to Social Customer Service Management, I feel like this system is geared towards the management of smaller accounts being used between a low amount of people. Things start to get somewhat difficult when attempting to have multiple users working with a large number of accounts.

Erika Ferguson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently are using Shoutlet as a tool to build applications and contests. It is being used in 2 locations by 5 people. It's a great tool for us all to stay on the same page and on top of every day tasks.
  • Building contests and Facebook tabs is extremely easy and user friendly.
  • Shoutlet's Social CRM is a great for keeping an eye on all of our Social Media sites. The mobile app works great for work on the fly!
  • Shoutlet's reporting and analytics help us see what areas are performing the best and which areas need some help.
  • We are hoping that in the near future there will be an area for Pinterest. However, we do understand that Pinterest is the one that needs to allow that.
We previously purchased Shoutlet through a triangular model. We didn't receive the customer support or tech therapy. When looking to renew, go with the direct Shoutlet model, or find a new tool. We realized having customer support was really important. Going directly through Shoutlet has been wonderful. We get a phone call or email within the hour to address our questions.
Dan Geary | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Proof Interactive is an independent advertising agency working exclusively in the digital space. We act as the creative or full-service digital services team for traditional advertising agencies and serve numerous clients directly. Two years ago, we began researching Social Media management systems at the request of a few of our clients. They recognized that our core focus has been cutting-edge creative development and online advertising and direct marketing; however, the trust and close relationships we have developed over the years led a few clients who desired to get serious about their presence along social media channels to ask us to join them in developing this line of business and communication together. We utilize Shoutlet for our own minimal social presence and work closely with Shoutlet and our clients to promote our clients' best interests.
  • Quick execution of social contests that easily adapt to mobile and can be launched on social channels and brand-channel websites simultaneously.
  • Identifying key influencers within a social community.
  • Planning and organizing effective content distribution for multiple brands and multiple social channels.
  • The Social Contest "Canvas" functions have some room for improvement in terms of usability for participants in a social contest. Simple changes such as being able to show notifications in a modal window centered on the user's browser, rather than a notification pinned to the top of mobile and "anywhere" pages would make the platform more usable. Shoutlet is making constant improvements and really listens to its customers like us. We've had thoughtful conversations about usability that we believe are taken seriously, not filed away.
Simply put, without the depth and comprehensive set of tools contained within Shoutlet it would have been extremely difficult for a firm of our size to enter this vital area. As a firm devoted to creative design and production, Shoutlet's tools to execute contests and develop applications of use to our clients has been a lifesaver. Additionally, we were able to provide one client in particular real data and very specific conversation examples that led them to completely rethink their target markets for a multi-million dollar night club venue. We learned that they were targeting the absolutely wrong audience. Today, their presence and participation with the right audience has led the night club to become very successful.

Just as important as the constantly evolving set of tools within Shoutlet is the opportunities for constant learning and training provided by the Shoutlet team. New opportunities to learn and become more immersed in the social space are available every day, and our own experience and skill sets with Proof's team has really expanded our ability to be an adviser and partner with our clients' social media programs.

I couldn't be more pleased with Shoutlet as a platform, and the friendly dedicated team of professionals they've assembled. I urge you to meet with them, get to know Shoutlet and take your social media efforts to the next level.

Tiffany Strobel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I initially worked with Shoutlet while at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International as an enterprise social solution, and loved the tool so much I brought the relationship to Lindt Canada.

At Lindt Canada we use Shoutlet to help us manage our social media presence, as well as create and host consumer promotions. In a nut shell, the main problems that Shoutlet addresses for us are:

Community Management:

- Quick and efficient posting to multiple social networks at the same time
- Ability to manage multiple Facebook targets at once, such as geo- and language-targeting allowing us to reach multiple targets without constantly building new target groups
- Community management across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in one convenient dashboard
- Custom shortened URL publishing

Consumer Promotions:

- Time and cost efficient in-house Facebook tab and contest building. This has saved us countless dollars and hours by allowing us to create and deploy robust applications in house


- Reporting on Facebook and Twitter - both channel level and post level
- Shortened URL publishing and click tracking, with google analytics tracking codes automatically appended

And much much more!
  • Community Management - efficiently post to multiple platforms and targets at the same time
  • Contest and Facebook tab creation in-house, no development resources required
  • Amazing and proactive client support - the whole team at Shoutlet will go out of their way to find solutions and fix problems
  • I'd like to see more robust and integrated reporting, and the functionality to custom build reports on the fly.
Shoutlet is great for small and large organizations alike. At Fairmont Hotels I worked with them to implement the platform at an enterprise level to three hotel brands and over 100 properties. Their enterprise support and solution is wonderful.
Christine Lawrence | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics is a small company with big ambitions, and we usually don't let on that we're smaller than we look! Of course, this means our "Social Media Team" is comprised of... one person. One person to do ALL of our social media outreach! Thanks to Shoutlet, I'm able to do the work of 3-4 people and make it look like we've got a much larger dedicated team putting out content!
  • Scheduling posts to Facebook/Twitter is a breeze, and makes our social marketing calendar much easier to manage.
  • Contest implementation is one of our favorite things about Shoutlet. We're able to collect much more meaningful information about our fan base and provide more engaging sweepstakes for them!
  • Shoutlet doesn't cover our entire social media landscape - yet. While there's some decent integration with Pinterest (and I believe a growing integration with Instagram), there's still room for improvement here!
We probably don't use as many of the features available to us, because again I am just one person. But we've got a great resource in our Account Director at Shoutlet, who is always available to provide examples of great campaigns that other clients have done, and answer some questions about how to make better use of the product!
Carie Schelfhaudt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Shoutlet is used to enhance our agency's social media marketing and provide our progressive clients with advanced social media technology that falls within compliance regulation. It allows us to manage all of our clients within one master account.
  • Shoutlet makes it extremely easy to create custom Facebook tabs and run Facebook contests through the Social Canvas. No other program gives you as much ease and flexibility as Shoutlet.
  • Since we have multiple clients utilizing Shoutlet sub-accounts, it makes it seamless for us as an agency to control the social media marketing efforts of all of our clients within one dashboard.
  • Our clients rely heavily on reports, and Shoutlet has consistently make improvements to the reporting platform to allow us to track the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  • If possible, it'd be great to be able to create different word filters on Facebook and on Twitter. For our bank clients, they want to control negative comments on Facebook, while on Twitter, they prefer using the word filters to be able to "jump into" conversations related to their products/services.
  • Some of our clients have requested that they can post directly to Google+. I have heard this is in the works, though.
  • We sometimes send our clients 3 post ideas at a time via email for certain campaigns. They select the one that they want us to post and then we post it on their behalf. It'd be great if there was a way to set up "idea' posts in Shoutlet.
The only time I haven't recommended Shoutlet was when a particular client needed to monitor any mentions of their bank on social media even through their bank wasn't currently active on social media. For compliance purposes, banks are now required to monitor mentions even if they don't use social media to promote the bank.
Tim Demeter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Shoutlet is being used by the Marketing and PR departments to streamline our social strategy and to track engagement. We are also making frequent use of contesting. Our ultimate goal is to slowly it out to the entire organization and allow specific departments to address their own social needs with marketing retaining admin control.
  • The content calendar greatly simplifies the production and approval process.
  • Contests are easy to launch and run.
  • Makes cross department social projects easier to coordinate.
  • Edits to posts do not always save properly.
  • Edit pop up can be slow to load.
Excellent social dashboard that makes managing a large number of channels much easier than working with the individual accounts. Probably more power than needed for a small organization but for companies with a wide array of social needs it makes life much easier.Also useful for tracking conversations and identifying key influences.
Kimberly Fletcher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Shoutlet is currently being used by two members of our E-Business team. Social media responsibilities fall to two people on that team, myself being one of them. It allows me to manage and measure our more than ten global social media presences from one location. With the Social CRM tool and the calendar alone, I'm able to do the work of a small social media team when it comes to scheduling content and engaging with customers. I'm also able to easily grab metrics on any or all of our social media presences.
  • Analytics – I'm able to pull any report on any (or all) of our social media presences with little effort. This makes it easy to analyze trends and keep an eye on the overall health of our social media activities.
  • Content Scheduling – Shoutlet's calendar feature has been of great value to us. Being able to draft and schedule content for all our Pages well in advance helps us save time and avoid having to comb our resources last minute to come up with content.
  • URL Shortener and QR Codes – I love the click metrics I get from Shoutlet on all shortened URL. Whether it was a URL shortened through posting content on our social Pages, or a URL shortened that was distributed elsewhere, I can easily get the click data I need. We don't use too many QR codes, but it's nice to able to manage them in the same place as well.
  • Contests – With limited resources, it's great to be able to build Facebook-friendly contests so easily. Without a dedicated designer on our team, we're still able to produce, distribute and easily manage contests. On top of that, the contests don't need to live on Facebook. We can put them on our blog of another landing page – definitely a value point for us.
  • Social Profiles – I'm not sure I'm utilizing this feature as best I could be. I'd like to be able to edit, tag, and manage our Social Profiles from the CRM dashboard. So, if I see something posted by an influencer, it would be nice to tag that person as well as the post as influential.
  • Instagram & Google+ – I'm happy that these two platforms are now integrated into Shoutlet, but I wish they could be as developed as the API's for Facebook and Twitter. I understand these are API restrictions and not necessarily Shoutlet restrictions, though.
  • Social Calendar – It would be helpful to be able to change the time or day of a scheduled post after you select 'post' rather than only being able to do that while it is draft form.
I think Shoutlet is a great tool for small social media teams. We don't use this feature, but review and approval workflows would make it easy to manage small teams or multiple departments that use the tool. One of the reasons we selected Shoutlet is that it is very user-friendly. If you have limited resources, including limited design resources, Shoutlet makes it easy to put out professional designs and contests as well. During the selection process, you need to have a clear vision of what your social media goals are and look for a solution that helps you meet those goals. It turns out that Shoutlet's solution best aligned with our social media goals.
April 16, 2014

Shoutlet Rocks

Score 8 out of 10
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Shoutlet is used by the Digital Marketing/Social Media teams to distribute content across many social media profiles, as well as create custom content and host social media contests on various branch Facebook pages. It is an amazing time-saver for myself and is a one-stop-shop for my social distributing needs.
  • Facebook Contests
  • Custom content distribution across many channels
  • Customer Service and service desk help
  • Better social listening functions (could be a product of my contract)
  • Slight updates to the "shout box" to help people who post to multiple pages
Shoutlet has been a great resource to me and my team and its functions allow us to perform our content distribution with ease.
Laura Vanderbilt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Shoutlet was used by one department in the city, the Health Department, and was purchased to help manage and grow social engagement with people it served in the city.
  • Excellent support staff, based in Madison - a real person always answered the phone!
  • Deep, robust system that can handle a lot of the details of social media management while making sense of it for you.
  • Reps assigned to each account are very friendly and ready to help with social campaign ideas and ways to integrate Shoutlet into communication plans.
  • The user interface for developing Shoutlet content has become less user friendly over the years. It used to have a node-style editor that was easy to pick up and use without much training, making it simple to create the widgets I needed at the time. The new 'Canvas' tool is less intuitive, and there were items I was trying to create with it that failed to come to fruition, even after calling the support line and getting help with it.
  • I never remember it being easy to access my Shoutlet files, with it usually requiring 3 to 5 clicks to get to them.
  • Buyer beware - this is not a tool for a small, understaffed communications / IT departments. It is a very robust social media management tool, and priced that way. You will likely need to have at least one staff person dedicated to social media in order to get your money's worth with Shoutlet.
Shoutlet is a robust system and better suited to companies large enough to be able to afford at least one person dedicated to social media.
January 13, 2014

Shoutlet Review

Score 9 out of 10
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Shoutlet is used as a content distribution platform throughout the corporate communications department within my organization. Each of the business units within corporate communications is utilizing the tool. I personally use the platform to schedule social media content as well as to track social metrics and shorten URLs which I post on social. We utilize the platform as a social media management tool.
  • Metric Tracking - I am able to pull metrics for all of the accounts I have linked through Shoutlet. It is a quick and easy way to pull all of my social metrics at once.
  • Content Scheduling - I am able to schedule content through Shoutlet and track metrics after the content has been published.
  • Custom URL Shortener - I prefer to use this tool to a tool like for shortening URLs.
  • I'd like to see Instagram and Pinterest integrated into the platform.
I think Shoutlet is a great tool for a social media team to utilize. The tool may apply best to larger organizations however, I'm not sure after using Shoutlet how I would function in another organization without the tool. It is a good one stop shop for social media management. If looking to purchase the tool I'd look at how frequently your associates would be using the tool. I use it each day so it is of high value to myself and my colleagues. If you are not going to utilizing the tool to its full potential it may not be a good fit for your organization.
January 13, 2014

Shoutlet Review

Kaity Fischer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For us, we used Shoutlet by department (by each account team) although I am hopeful that it will be a constant throughout thr company. The tool is incredibly helpful for our monitoring seamlessly... otherwise it is easy for items to fall through the cracks. When it comes to logistics, Shoutlet has been critical for integrating platforms.
  • Integrating platforms - nothing "falls through the cracks"
  • FULL coverage at a glance
  • Organization - time saving on logging in, out, and the risk of any "mistakes" in the process
  • Easier way to customize the color/ look and feel of charts for easy export custom to each company
  • A way to search hashtags that are similar to an exact match (i.e. for those who made a typo)
I can honestly say I recommend Shoutlet on a regular basis - I think the site is intuitive, easy to use and very straightforward.... simplicity is one of the most difficult things to acheive when looking at so many metrics, but Shoutlet acheives it.
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