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SocialHP (Social HorsePower)

SocialHP (Social HorsePower)


What is SocialHP (Social HorsePower)?

SocialHP (or Social HorsePower) offers software to help create a successful advocacy program and suppot social media marketing.

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Social HorsePower has been highly effective in managing social media and employee advocacy, leading to increased interaction and sales. …
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What is SocialHP (Social HorsePower)?

SocialHP (or Social HorsePower) offers software to help create a successful advocacy program and suppot social media marketing.

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Product Details

What is SocialHP (Social HorsePower)?

Social Horse Power is a software solution designed to enable the user to create and manage hundreds of thousands of social media brand ambassadors from one central location.

Using Social Horse Power, users can:

Attract New Customers – Implement social selling techniques to attract new customers.

Amplify a Message – Give customer the information they need to make a purchase, through a voice they trust.

Influence Their Audience – Transform employees into industry thought leaders in the eyes of friends and family, driving sales.

Control the Message – Control the messaging, frequency and network.

Identify Top Performers – Analytics show who the most influential brand ambassadors are.

Get More Results – The vendor states Social Horse Power is proven to increase customer retention, referrals and revenue.

SocialHP (Social HorsePower) Integrations

  • Zapier
  • Hubspot Social
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Xing
  • Instagram

SocialHP (Social HorsePower) Competitors

SocialHP (Social HorsePower) Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Social HorsePower has been highly effective in managing social media and employee advocacy, leading to increased interaction and sales. According to users, the software simplifies the process of tracking active employees across multiple social media platforms and measuring their reach and engagement on brand promotions and marketing campaigns. It empowers team members to confidently participate on LinkedIn and other social platforms, amplifying messaging and increasing visibility. Users appreciate how Social HorsePower enables them to easily schedule content, saving time and effort. The software also aids in brand awareness on LinkedIn, particularly for businesses new to social platforms, generating more job applications from social media and reducing the need for paid social media ads. Additionally, it helps employees who are not tech-savvy or unsure about what to post by providing pre-outlined content that accurately represents the company and its brand. Social HorsePower is also used by agencies to post on multiple clients' Facebook pages, streamlining the process and improving client engagement. Overall, this platform transforms the way organizations manage their social media presence, boosting employee engagement, extending content reach, and increasing brand visibility.

Increased Online Presence: Many users have found Social HorsePower to be a handy tool for increasing their online presence on business social media pages. They appreciate that the platform makes page management and monitoring easy, allowing them to target their customers effectively and increase their reach organically.

AutoPilot Feature: The AutoPilot feature of Social HorsePower has received high praise from many users who don't want to log in regularly. It allows them to automate social posts and choose which posts to push, with the ability to edit and change as needed. This feature saves time and effort for users while ensuring consistent posting on their social media platforms.

Employee Engagement: Users consider Social HorsePower a great tool for getting employees engaged with company social content. They highly appreciate the calendar function, which allows them to plan content in advance, saving time compared to manual posting. By making it easy for teams to share and react to social posts, Social HorsePower amplifies messages and increases website traffic.

Lack of Full YouTube Integration: Several users have expressed disappointment that Social Horse Power does not have full integration with YouTube, limiting their ability to effectively manage and schedule video content on the platform.

Limited Mobile Support: Users have found that the mobile app of Social Horse Power does not meet all of their needs in terms of functionality and ease of use, hindering their ability to efficiently manage their social media accounts on the go.

Ineffective Gamification Offerings: Some users have felt that the gamification offerings in Social Horse Power do not incentivize them to continue posting regularly, resulting in a lack of engagement and motivation to actively utilize the platform.

Users highly recommend consulting with one of the product's specialists before purchasing to ensure it meets specific needs. They also suggest working closely with support during setup. Users assure that purchasing the product won't be regretted, especially for agencies working with franchises, organizations, and teams. It has become a key piece of their digital sales and marketing strategy, providing valuable results in these areas. Taking advantage of specialist advice and support contributes to a successful implementation and utilization of the product.


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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Social HorsePower is being used to create and manage multiple social media accounts from one central location. That helps to save time and good reporting and tracking features with KPIs.
  • Amplify the message to reach at large audience.
  • Control the frequency and schedule option for message.
  • Multiple social account connection.
  • Mobile Application UI.
  • Free trail version access.
  • YouTube video based clips sharing content.
To outreach, a broad audience like marketing products, news, and upcoming event details can be shared and reached to a broad level. It helps to get more voice advocacy in social media successfully.
  • Calendar feature.
  • Content tagging feature.
  • Broadcast newsletter content.
  • It drive more potential as a business.
  • Enhances business outreach globally.
Jude Nickson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SocialHP is used to manage and create reputable social content on different social platforms, which attracts new clients, and ensures the existing consumers get information and are maintained. Besides, SocialHP enhances the organic reach to clients through content sharing, and the right business impression is shared to allow a positive impact on the market. Further, SocialHP supports the controlling of messages, which foster audience influence, by portraying the actual business picture.
  • SocialHP sufficiently amplifies a message, by providing clients with the exact content they require.
  • Content gets managed on different social sites, which allows universal audience coverage.
  • Finally, SocialHP acts as a brand ambassador, a formal social method through the monitored content flow.
  • The YouTube integration from SocialHP is not fully initiated.
  • SocialHP lacks defined social media analytics, which would supplement the digital market controls.
  • No mobile support application for SocialHP.
SocialHP is the solution for outlining any digital content or message, with the aim to influence clients positively. Besides, SocialHP takes different social sites and post or create content that is informative and concerns the products issued. Again, SocialHP is concerned with social media marketing, a digital way to control consumers and keep them updated. Finally, top brand ambassadors are identified by SocialHP, a significant step in making the company understand the performance of the business promoters.
  • The top performance (Brand ambassadors) identification and enhance the marketers to work hard.
  • Further, SocialHP generates the social change required by conveying the content that suits the market.
  • Finally, SocialHP has the capacity of controlling the messaging frequency and the cloud in a positive approach.
  • Positive customer influence through the substantial cloud improves the market share.
  • Performance analysis of the marketing or brand ambassador improves efficiency and sales revenue.
  • Lastly, the content posting creates organic traffic, which improves the customer reach.
SocialHP helps in coordinating different social sites, by creating posts that are influential and competent. SocialHP also makes the identification of high performance, which makes them conduct the marketing role efficiently. Again, SocialHP focuses on improving the marketing reach, through organic posting and content creation. Finally, SocialHP ensures that all social media channels are included and content marketing conducted.
Mike Lester Rosales | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I currently use SocialHP for my own personal brands - enabling colleagues to quickly and easily share content on their own personal social media accounts to increase organic reach and impressions. We are still in the process of introducing SocialHP to all employees pending the draft of an employee incentive program to encourage staff to share company content on their own social media accounts. We are targeting to increase the organic reach of posts in social media as it has been an all time low because of the changes introduced in the social media channels. SocialHP perfectly addresses that problem in a structured and legitimate way.
  • Managing of content from multiple sources like Facebook, RSS feeds, etc.
  • Rewards incentives program inside SocialHP.
  • HubSpot Integration.
  • YouTube integration.
  • Instagram Integration.
  • Pinterest Integration.
SocialHP is best for content marketing teams who do not want to rely on paid ads and want to increase organic reach as an investment for a more engaged and authentic audience. It works very well for agencies and small to large size content marketing teams who are in charge of specific brands inside an enterprise. Best to implement this organization-wide but would required having a formal rewards and incentives program already approved and in place before doing so.
  • Social content pooling (curation).
  • Social account sharing.
  • HubSpot integration.
  • Brand awareness increase.
  • Organic reach increase.
  • Employee engagement.
We had a different use case for SocialHP which is to increase the brands' organic reach. We chose SocialHP as it was the best platform to handle such + increasing employee engagement and awareness for all the company's campaigns and being rewarded / incentivized in doing so. It was a win-win for all parties.
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