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Score 8 out of 10
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Used primarily by me, but extending soon to the whole team. It allowed me to build a streamlined CRM that suited our needs. It's a great alternative to Airtable - has a very similar UI and is very simple to use. Perfect for setting up straightforward online relational databases. Amazing value for money compared with Airtable.

There are the occasional few kinks - can be fussy with data formatting and we had a few issues when straying from the beaten path of Zapier / Mailchimp, etc to more unusual competitors, but overall it's just difficult to beat the value for money and the development team seems pretty onto it.
  • Relational databases
  • Custom spreadsheet-like data storage
  • Import and export
  • You can back it up!!
  • Integration with PabblyConnect could be better
Great for simple relational databases that you can custom build for a small business, or a large business with not too many requirements to handshake with other systems. It's very quick and easy to build interlinked business systems with just Stackby.

If you're a corporate and can afford it, Airtable is still the leader. But Stackby is exceptionally good value for money and pretty useful for our little company!
Daniel Städeli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We have shared lists for website access, email settings and product keys.

It's very convenient, more functionality than Excel, easy to use drop-down lists to structure data, etc.
  • Is always on in the browser tab, no need to login every day
  • Easy to setup field types
  • Auto assigns colors to values
  • Can link cells to external data sources
  • Context actions should be easier to access
  • Deleting a row is too cumbersome
  • Make top row hideable for more screen estate
If you need to access a spreadsheet from everywhere without any sync issues, this is the solution! You have database and other advanced features included.
Jorge Edel Aguilar Avendaño | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Stackby really shines when it comes to organized rows and sheets. You have lots of formatting options to personalize how you view your sheets. Like the type of formatted row ( dropdown, numbers, emails, links, colors, and autofill). You can't accomplish this with a traditional sheet.
  • Grab data from YouTube and add it to Stackby
  • Organize sheet views
  • Speed
  • Formulas to update fields
As a small business owner, it's important to be able to organize your data sheet in a way that makes sense to you. This is where a visualization sheet comes in handy. Visualization tools provide an easy way to see data visually in rows and columns that might not have been seen otherwise when looking at numbers or letters like traditional sheets.
September 15, 2021

Stackby: The Queen!

Aliakbar Fakhri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Highly recommended to anyone looking to streamline data in a clean responsive spreadsheet. Easy to get data in via API for those who do not want to get dirty with code, yet the roadmap will eventually allow for integration of custom API's.
  • Manage content marketing and writing
  • Manage finance and income records
  • Manage expenses and upload expense bills
  • Track our YouTube channel metrics with API's
  • Track website ranking using ahrefs API with Stackby
  • More templates needed
  • More API connections
An excellent product, very versatile and useful. The ability to create ad hoc solutions for my company is the reason why I chose it. I am using it to organize the work with my team. Helpful one.
James E. Heyward | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Stackby to organize client demographics and other internal databases that we keep. Stackby allows us to create these resources without coding and using spreadsheets.
  • No Code Database
  • Native Integrations
  • Flexibility
  • Increase the number of native integrations
  • Open API
  • Offer more one-on-one training
Stackby is an excellent application for storing data or managing a product. This app is a good database replacement because you don't need to know database lingo to create dynamic databases.
Score 9 out of 10
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As a sole trader with one employee, I am using Stackby predominantly for myself. I use it across marketing, managing sales and as a CRM. I use it so that I can use and manipulate data in a variety of ways - much more effectively than I was using spreadsheets previously. The key frustration is around the number of sheets that I can have and is the only reason I keep going back to other database software.
  • Referencing data from other tables
  • Being easy to use and understand
  • Easy user interface
  • Good customer support
  • More sheets/tables per account and more lines per sheet.
  • Modernising the graphic interface.
  • I am signed out often - It'd be great to force a longer sign in.
This is great for running challenges as you can hold and manipulate the data however needed. I use it as an advertising CRM very effectively. Displaying info where a calendar is involved is very useful as it means I can see the dates in date format rather than text.

The scenario where it's less suited is where you need two sheets or ways of displaying a sheet next to each other (as far as I've found) - Such as the way Grist displays widgets.
Score 7 out of 10
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Being used across the entire business to structure a CRM and garner business intelligence in the form of business insights via the ability to view, organise and structure data in customisable ways.
  • Customisable data structuring
  • Ability to view data in different views (grid, calendar etc.) on desktop.
  • Ability to fetch data via API's i.e. YouTube
  • Implement the same views available on desktop into the mobile app
  • Internal automations (like Airtable)
  • Ability to implement and display info as a dashboard (like Airtable)
  • Polish up the formatting of formulas, inputting them causes user frustration due to the formula input cursor jumping around
  • Better intelligence and ease of inputting data in bulk i.e have the fields automatically identify what data is being input and format appropriately (like Airtable does)
Stackby without question can be used in multiple ways, that is the beauty of using a relational database. I use it for a business CRM, person journal, software tracker, etc. It has many, many uses and benefits. The user is only limited by their willingness to set it up (or use a template and modify accordingly).

Although it is no doubt versatile and great to use (on desktop), if the user is reliant on using Stackby on mobile, they will become frustrated as the functionality is stripped [down] on mobile in comparison to the desktop app (i.e no landscape view, no alternate views, hard to see and review data, etc.). I for one am hoping that the mobile app is developed further for those that use Stackby on a mobile [device].

Score 10 out of 10
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It was familiar and easy to jump into. The support has been great. When I needed extra help, they gave it! Really above and beyond. This team cares about the customer and the product and I appreciate that as someone who buys hundreds of pieces of software a year. If you take a chance, you won't be sorry. I believe they are going to be around for the long haul, and I have already used the service to build an incredible database for one of my businesses and used it to drive my mobile application. The documentation is good, the product is good, the team is good, what else can we ask for! All in all, this is a great product and one of my best purchases.
  • No Code Platform
  • Familiar Interface
  • Great Feature Set
  • Great Support
  • Just keep growing
If you have ever built complex spreadsheets to handle a task that should have been done with a database, this is perfect. It is familiar like a spreadsheet for those types of users, and it has all the power of a database. I use it to build all my tables and relational data then use the API to interact with it on my app I built.
Score 10 out of 10
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Stackby has so many uses cases. Since Stackby is a spreadsheet tool powered by a database, we are able to quickly put together systems that are needed to help our team stay organized and efficient. For example, a CRM system can be put together with client information automatically imported through integration. Then, a team member fills in relevant data using a predetermined drop-down list for each field, ensuring information remains uniform regardless of who is working on it. From there, we can send messages or SMS to any client using Stackby's integration with Twillio or Whatsapp. I am sure we can also find many more ways Stackby can be utilized in our office since the list of integrations is growing and the team looks to be passionate about their product.
  • Ability to collaborate with team members on the same spreadsheet
  • Ability to integrate multiple tools for centralized utilization (i.e. Facebook, Google Analytics, project management, etc.)
  • Ability to send SMS and messages using integration with Twillio and Whatsapp
  • All spreadsheets/databases securely saved in the cloud instead of on local hard drive(s)
  • How a stack is displayed after embedding into another page using their provided script. Currently, it shows the rows in a completely different layout.
  • Currently, no support for custom domains.
  • Cannot customize cell colors. Currently, can only change colors for predefined texts within a cell.
  • Lack of integration with Google ads or YouTube ads. Currently, only integration with Facebook ads exists (although I believe more will be added later).
Stackby is very versatile with many uses cases. Once we started using this tool in our office, we were able to replace all our Excel-related procedures, which I never thought would be possible. Would recommend to any person or business that uses Excel heavily.
Extremely responsive, helpful, and friendly support (unlike many other SAAS teams out there).

Stackby Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Project Management (5)
Task Management (9)
Scheduling (6)
Workflow Automation (6)
Mobile Access (6)
Search (8)
Communication (1)
Notifications (7)
File Sharing & Management (4)
Video files (5)
Audio files (4)
Document collaboration (8)
Access control (6)

What is Stackby?

Stackby is designed to bring together the simplicity of spreadsheets, the functionality of databases and integrations with best business APIs to let anyone build their own tools, the way they want. No coding needed.

Users can build a database from scratch, import data from pre-existing sources like spreadsheets or Google Sheets, or choose from over 100 pre-built templates across multiple categories.

Choose from over 25 unique column types like text, number, date/time, collaborators, dropdowns, ratings, add formulas for automated computation, bring in attachments from a computer or cloud storage, or link records between tables to define relationships, reference data from a different table altogether via lookup or aggregation.

Users can also connect columns to popular third-party APIs like YouTube, Facebook, MailChimp, SerpStat,, Clearbit, GitHub, etc., and let Stackby pull the desired information automatically via pre-built API functions.

Users can select specific data from the API response using a built-in JSON data explorer and configure the column(s). Once set, refresh to get data in real-time.

Visualize data in multiple data layouts - Table, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, Custom Forms and Internal updatable forms.

All updates are synced automatically to enable collaboration in real-time by also adding checklists, setting reminders, even sending slack notifications for individual rows.

Stackby Features

Project Management Features

  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Scheduling
  • Supported: Workflow Automation
  • Supported: Mobile Access
  • Supported: Search
  • Supported: Integrates with other Project Management Tools

Communication Features

  • Supported: Notifications
  • Supported: Comments and feedback

File Sharing & Management Features

  • Supported: Document files
  • Supported: Image files
  • Supported: Video files
  • Supported: Audio files
  • Supported: Document collaboration
  • Supported: Access control

Stackby Screenshots

Grid ScreenChoose from 25 column typesCalendar ViewKanban ViewCustom Forms

Stackby Video

Welcome to Stackby, a fully customizable platform that brings easy to use spreadsheet-style databases and best business APIs in a single place. Not only you can plan and manage but also automate your work. No coding or training needed. You can also collaborate with your team in real-time and stay in sync from anywhere. Track your marketing campaigns, enrich your sales and leads data, manage your projects, automate your keyword research, plan your product launches and more. You can get started in minutes with choosing from 100+ templates, importing your spreadsheets or building from scratch. Stack---by anything.

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Reviewers rate Audio files highest, with a score of 8.8.

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The most common users of Stackby are from Small Businesses and the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry.